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23:42 - aioriadleo mentioned blapanda in post Issue with a avatar's *HAT*
Thank you guys will check your answers! #HB & blapanda
21:20 - NagySandor96 mentioned blapanda in post No items received (Add item with create Char)
Is there a way to keep level lv1 ? change the lvl requirement of d5 gear to lv1... btw blapanda explaineed well
10:07 - doreminimum mentioned blapanda in post High lvl tablets required low lvl elements
blapanda thank you so much, i will try :)
05:47 - gofik123 mentioned blapanda in post Monsters attack damage is reallly high
blapanda I will have a look again but i am pretty sure the lines its the same as 120 cap I am putting these here because i can't see it :\ maybe you will 130 cap (Client side) 1 149...
04:59 - tubeo mentioned blapanda in post Remove Fortress Teleport Gate
Well i've done with it. Thank for all the help guys leo2111 janicka blapanda
17:05 - tubeo mentioned blapanda in post Remove Fortress Teleport Gate
... the one you also going to need. Keep searching, isn't that old. I guess he didn't mean visual removal, he is asking how to remove it from database Thank for replied bros. blapanda: Well i can remove it in Mini Map (M). But i cant find out how to remove it in-game, i mean totally delete it. leo2111: I can remove it in Database, disable it and we cant cli...
16:11 - Deleted Posts
15:50 - ExtraSause mentioned blapanda in post Launchers Transparency
...u like, but simply fill the first layer with black/white or whatever you see fit. Anything else on top of that layer can have different levels of opacity and alphas. blapanda I kind of got what you mean now but this do still limit me to use square/rectangular launchers ... Its like I can't have custom edges to the launcher in no way without getting...
15:33 - ExtraSause mentioned blapanda in post Launchers Transparency
...So, I don't see a possibility than making smaller .bmp images in big sized launcher grids and placing them weirdly to cause an "opacity" illusion of modern launcher formats. blapanda I just mentioned the Alpha channel thingy because i've seen a fail youtube tutorial of it and didn't want anyone to mention that video up here . I didn't get the part you are...
08:41 - leo2111 mentioned blapanda in post Max Plus
Yeah, up... blapanda
15:55 - leo2111 mentioned blapanda in post Help Crash with pets fellow
...the table name is called RefObjChar I remember when I've added fellow pets I had the same problem , I thought the real problem is the .bsr , .bmt files, but I was wrong, then blapanda gave me a hint, to check the pet skills, I checked, modified and everything worked fine. Your problem can be or the pet files ( .bsr, .bms, .bmt etc etc ) or the skill lines, ...
18:31 - NagySandor96 mentioned blapanda in post Client crash
blapanda, could you tell me where can I (DB inside or pk2) check if the jg, ht structures are midding,or wrong declared? a few rows were slipped through to the next row in the ItemDat...
16:25 - EdwardTeach+- mentioned blapanda in post Adding Items In Magic Pop
your welcome and blapanda explain that to me his really kind. i think GachaID is random ID for the line
03:43 - Mivo mentioned blapanda in post Adding Items In Magic Pop
...Pop ... I hope maybe someone can Explain in detail what to do with it .. maybe also what is GachaID and how to get it ? Thanks Everyone, @哈野浅哈 blapanda
09:37 - EdwardTeach+- mentioned blapanda in post Magic pop item add can't see it [not visible]
...rks now :) " You just add the item and enable the group for it, and it will go there direct :) thx again blapanda ". #Request to close #Solved
05:40 - [P2933]Step29 mentioned blapanda in post Looking for out of game type of bot.
...ings. I'd pull an all nighter if I can, unfortunately 2 part time jobs is taking over my life atm. I was actually praying that someone would take my advice that I mentioned blapanda 's thread and hope that someone else can look into it. I am still praying to this day, I haven't fully lost hope to this community


04:13 - kotsh quoted blapanda in post how to inject DLL file to Sro_client
3 seconds ... here please can you do it for me ?
13:15 - Mr.AlerO quoted blapanda in post [Q] How to change Server name.
Dahell? what , iam trying to help
23:31 - alydandy quoted blapanda in post How to add a teleport choise ?
By linking them to each other, like Jangan with Downhang and Alexandria. thanks for your answer i really apprecaite it, can you please explain how can i link the MEdusa Teleport t...
21:39 - alydandy quoted blapanda in post problem with background
iSRO has updated vector calculation. updated silkroad clients (source code wise) are even rendering more than 5 shadows (can be easily hacked at vSRO via cheat engine, but it crashes t...
11:28 - legendworld quoted blapanda in post Item mall
What the hell? Don't necropost with this kind of nonsense. Open a new thread for it on the help section. also it's not silkroad :D
15:44 - Bench quoted blapanda in post Rainbow Six - Siege: Ubisoft verschärft Strafen gegen Cheater
Das hätte wohl eher "vor Hackern schützen." heißen sollen, wenn ich mich nicht irre? Alles schön und gut, aber wie möchte Ubisoft jene, die keine Ahnung haben, wer hackt, cheated un...
12:45 - SilkroadEditorJay quoted blapanda in post how change title name color
That is only a solution to yourself. No one else in the server will see the different coloring triggered by that console command. It is like just editing the media.pk2 and removing in...
16:01 - #HB quoted blapanda in post Skill pages
Which will be a pain in the arse finding such a low hex or dec value in a client. It probably is even a limitation of a vector calculation and therefore impossible to expand without th...
17:28 - #HB quoted blapanda in post offline silkroad
florian0 is more the guy for inspiration, imo. florian isn't the guy for inspiration, he's a god.
02:53 - Deleted Posts
02:53 - #HB quoted blapanda in post offline silkroad
If you wanna learn how to code, then I recommend your best friends. Since the current pServer files are not source files, you cannot reprogram/modify such things atm. As he said....
18:48 - meeposama quoted blapanda in post offline silkroad
This game is not supposed to be played or seen as a "singleplayer" game. The mechanics are specifically programmed, scripted and made just for the MMORPG aspect of the game. If you...
10:21 - NorseGodTyr quoted blapanda in post New Area Shambhala Shore
Looks horrible ... how is this dark themed place supposed to fit to the Taklamakan schema? Takla is sandy, bright, hot, mystical. Shambhala looks like dusky, plain boring, cold, anci...
00:46 - multiuses quoted blapanda in post [Question] how to know a current coordinates region ID ?
You can only figure that out at your databank, not via client. There is no ingame command which shows the world ID. i already searched and no success can u tell me which tab ? t...
22:06 - Mc-Diesel quoted blapanda in post Drops
Seems like you are lacking some basic php skills. Just go for the failsafe methode. If this is your code USE Database_XYZ INSERT INTO _Table_ABC VALUES (1, 1337, 100) wh...
14:54 - B1Q quoted blapanda in post Advice on CHN class choice
Bow has a superior advantage (if skills are not nerfed by the Pserver hosters): pretty good crit chance and mostly handy, the knock back at the arrow combo series. Combine it with forc...
06:10 - *Dentist* quoted blapanda in post Any Suggestions / Ideas for a Pve 120 Server
Do cap 119, much better! 👌 amazing :) Okay. Here's the thing. There exist three types of servers nowadays that you've accept their existence on the overall. Cap 140 s...
09:18 - B1Q quoted blapanda in post Expanding party member to be 10-12 player?
Emulating should open even more possibilities than regular vanilla modules would allow to (even people do have every single bit of the opcodes to manipulate it as they want it to). Mig...
02:11 - B1Q quoted blapanda in post Expanding party member to be 10-12 player?
Just a question about the source code. It should be more than easy to expand the array function for the class structure. But ASM/packet wise, I don't think so. Nearly everything in s...
17:34 - Max151515I quoted blapanda in post The Elder Scrolls 6 offiziell angekündigt!
Es ist immer noch Bethesda, von dem wir hier sprechen. Skyrim ist meiner Meinung nach auch gut geworden, aber in vielen Hinsichten, im vergleich zu Oblivion, einige Mechaniken wegradie...

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