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Account Related

  • My account got hacked
  • I have forgotten my password
  • I no longer have access to the email address that I used for my account
  • I am using 2FA on my account and have locked myself out
  • I have been banned by mistake
  • I have received an infraction/warning that I believe is unjustified
  • I am having trouble confirming my email address
  • My sibling/roommate has also registered an elitepvpers account and I would like to let you guys know as specified in the rules
  • Could you please change my nickname?
  • My nickname is already taken!
  • Special characters in nicknames?

The Black Market

  • I have been scammed!
  • I have received an unjustified negative rating
  • I need the IP address of a user to file a report at the police
  • Some of my ratings are not displayed properly
  • Please ban this scammer!
  • I have been trade restricted by mistake


  • I have forgotten my PIN
  • Someone scammed my elite*gold!
  • I would like to escalate/report a dispute
  • There has been a problem with my name change
  • I've bought elite*gold from the system, but haven't received anything
  • My elite*gold got locked


  • I would like to report a multi account
  • I would like to report a user pushing thanks/TBM ratings
  • I am feeling offended by another member
  • There is a problem with a moderator
  • I would like to report a post
  • My post/thread has been deleted/closed for no apparent reason
  • I was asked to request an audit
  • The forum that I am active in needs more moderators
  • I would like to see a new forum on elitepvpers
  • I am having trouble accessing elitepvpers
  • My links/images aren't working
  • I would like to report a bug
  • My problem is not listed here


You need a registered account to contact our support. If you don't have access to your account, you are allowed to create a new one, but please make sure to use that account only for contacting our support.

Reply Times

The reply times may vary depending on your problem and the workload of the staff. Please do not private message an admin if your problem is listed here, you'll get no answer. However, you are allowed to push your ticket every 24 hours.

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