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  1. Loaysb
    01/12/2021 16:10 - permalink
    hello bro can u help me
  2. LordCraft
    10/22/2020 12:16 - permalink
    Hello , did you coding for money ? how i can contact you in private ?
  3. #HB
    08/25/2020 13:37 - permalink
    @amonfire112 I believe I answered any question that may come across your mind there, I also posted a patch for sro_client so you shouldn't really need a DLL.
  4. amonfire112
    08/25/2020 12:28 - permalink
    hello i need some help i really need the sro_client.exe for twsro with the dll injected thanks in advance.
  5. ntabkpro
    07/24/2019 03:54 - permalink
    Hi #HB. Can you help me fix button DC taiwan sro? I don't know how to use "tw_dcbtn_fix.rar".. Please reply me. Thanks you
  6. midoxevi71
    06/14/2019 03:14 - permalink
    [Release] Unknown Clientless | Unlimited Users, One Program
    please need link
  7. Jack_Fight
    02/23/2019 18:44 - permalink
    Deutsch ?
  8. Ghoultokyo19
    08/08/2018 03:01 - permalink
    HI CAN You Help me in Small Problem with my sr game server !!


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04:41 - sarkoplata mentioned #HB in post Creddy v-PvP | 110 | EU&CH | LONG TERM | AMAZING EVENTS | SINCE 9 YEARS | G.O 11.09
...cky Global 00:00|Roc| ----- |00:30|Drunk Arena Shoutout to florian0, DaxterSoul, #HB for their releases/helps for some of these features we dreamed becoming reality. Thanks to Destan Graphic for helping with graphics. We thank you for supporting Creddy...
22:33 - mudik mentioned #HB in post Visual Studio help me please
00:28 - Piskota mentioned #HB in post Show notifications via dll
...77B5B0)(this, msg); } void ShowPinkNotify(std::wstring* msg); void ShowBlueNotify(std::wstring* msg); void ShowGreenNotify(std::wstring* msg); sonzebi you may find #HB 's release interesting
09:59 - concucu mentioned #HB in post [WIP] Get SRO Source Code - by re-writing it
18:55 - concucu mentioned #HB in post [Mini-Release] Customizing New Console Commands
#HB on VC80 im got errors ------ Build started: Project: ClientLib, Configuration: Release Win32 ------ IFConsole.cpp ..\..\..\..\source\libs\ClientLib\src\IFConsole.cpp(83): ...
13:41 - sirout1 mentioned #HB in post GameServer Error Help
... end I have used others but still the error comes out who can help me solve it (Note: I have used others as the FGW remover and does not cause this error only in those two) #HB kanift
06:55 - sarkoplata mentioned #HB in post Real time gold updating
... about the other one. There are some really nice functions around there too, the next 2 functions in the vftable are exp/sp update functions. always thanks to: florian0 , #HB ;)
06:30 - khaleed2010 mentioned #HB in post [RE] Messing around with COS & Retrieving Item Data From Client
#HB I ask what tools provide you with this information _RefObjCommon USHORT TID; //0x0000 char pad_0002[2]; //0x0002 UINT ObjID; //0x0004 std::n_wstring ObjCodeName; //0x0008 ...
18:47 - florian0 mentioned #HB in post Calculating the Average of Numbers
...s is fun :). I really like playing CTF, but I'm not very good at it. The couple of issues I found might already be enough to solve it. At least it's enough to crash it ;D. #HB & th0rex & qqdev gogo
05:52 - Deleted Posts
01:09 - Deleted Posts
18:23 - Deleted Posts
18:10 - Deleted Posts
07:05 - Deleted Posts
20:57 - ntabkpro mentioned #HB in post I don't know how to change this message
...there: PicBG = "Media\interface\event\mayevent_window.ddj" PicButton = "Media\interface\\event\mayevent_close.ddj" Change it into .dds then open it with Paint.NET Hi #HB. How can i change the size of the *ddj display? I want to big more than :( I used photoshop to edit content. But when import to media.pk2 and join game. frame display is comp...
05:19 - ntabkpro mentioned #HB in post dll colors
Yeah, something just like: Hi #HB. Please check inbox. I send you message
11:32 - ntabkpro mentioned #HB in post Angel Spirit Stats
...agicOpt mg on mgopt.RefMagicOptID = mg.ID join _RefAbilityByItemOptLevel ab on mgopt.Link = ab.ID join _RefObjCommon roc on ab.RefItemID = roc.ID and roc.TypeID1 = 3 Hello #HB. Thank you the last time for helping me. This time I look for you and ask for your help. I have problems with green books. It has disappeared. Can you teach me how to get it b...
21:18 - sarkoplata mentioned #HB in post Change a zone to free PK zone.
You can use the func located at 0x004F0E90 in GameServer to change a player's pvp state instantly. You need a pointer to CGObjPC. Check out releases from #HB , he released pretty much everything that is required.
22:34 - nefta24 mentioned #HB in post Silkroad Maps Size
[Share] Customizable map size You can not find the file to edit, you could show me what it is, I could read some guides but without any success. #HB
23:42 - aioriadleo mentioned #HB in post Issue with a avatar's *HAT*
Thank you guys will check your answers! #HB & blapanda


14:45 - Reichien009 quoted #HB in post Adrenaline Online | Cap 110 | Long term PvP | No alchemy | 100% Play2Win
Don't wanna surprise you but all of these items are obtainable easily in-game, a few hours of botting and you'll get all of these. Items that are available in donation & not av...
15:59 - mtm567 quoted #HB in post Ollydbg Guild Limit ?
005B6039 | 52 | push edx | Maximum Guild Members Count 005B6047 | 50 | push eax ...
11:45 - Devsome quoted #HB in post Filter Inventory Problem
Probably wrong structure while parsing character data packet. Looks like you haven't parsed 0x3013 correctly. check spawn packets and character data packet maybe the struct...
18:10 - d4rk123 quoted #HB in post [Guide] Handling Client Networking @ Any State Process
Hey there, I've been hella busy lately, some guy asked me about handling messages in client-side like a week ago, I told 'em I'll make a guide and I totally got busy & forgot. ...
21:17 - Iwa13 quoted #HB in post My server is hacked: 0x0007 0x0003 Disconnecting players
I know about that, but that was an old exploit and is fixed in most servers rn, but I'm laughing at the fact that he's calling any new exploit as IWA's, just because IWA released ...
17:28 - 790312795 quoted #HB in post Problem about FGW
Try deleting the whole party condition line in the game world config. thx for ur reply, I tried , but still didnot work . maybe it's controlled by GS
17:10 - Devsome quoted #HB in post My server is hacked: 0x0007 0x0003 Disconnecting players
These messages are normal. New IWA exploit? xd who ever called it iwa exploit: maybe one of these
21:59 - florian0 quoted #HB in post Client crash problem
ASSERT("p"), 668, .\gwnd.cpp No clue what that specifically is, but it is a problem with some interface window. It means "type not found". The UI is loaded and each class is ins...
07:31 - thaidu0ngpr0 quoted #HB in post Live Update Gold By Packet suggest you to have a look at the game server code. I tried to use chathandling to give gold but when I do it the client...
19:38 - thaidu0ngpr0 quoted #HB in post Live Update Gold By Packet
Doesn't make sense, that error code is for character skin changer scroll. Why are you doing this anyways?update.WriteUInt8(0xED); update.WriteUInt8(0xC6);TID is in fact a usho...
17:33 - NorseGodTyr quoted #HB in post DPS Meter Problem
Oh no! Are you seriously updating SQL each hit done on a unique!! Never do that dude, that will exhaust both your SQL and tool and result errors on traffic. the dps source i...
23:07 - Deleted Posts
23:07 - waa2 quoted #HB in post 2H + Shield bug
I don't remember about that, or at least I don't know that method. Let's suppose in item mall there is a scroll that changes the skin of the weapon, if the scroll in the stored ...
18:48 - ganjacyde1337 quoted #HB in post Adrenaline Online | Cap 110 | Long term PvP | No alchemy | 100% Play2Win
Hey, We appreciate your experience with the game. We can't prevent people messing with each other and their friends, this is a PVP game just for fun, so people just have fun do...
07:39 - chipno0p quoted #HB in post client screen high quality -> crash
Yo, I've had the same error with the same map before, its your Map.pk2. Its either corrupted or missing files, so I advise you to try out another one from some original client ...
00:22 - Skedaddle! quoted #HB in post name the only badly located, help
Okay maybe I'm wrong, but its just the fact that if you add a monster without skilleffect, it'll have a visible name. So I think there has to be a part related to SRO Client. He...
22:26 - *Deadly quoted #HB in post name the only badly located, help
Okay maybe I'm wrong, but its just the fact that if you add a monster without skilleffect, it'll have a visible name. So I think there has to be a part related to SRO Client. ...
17:22 - Skedaddle! quoted #HB in post name the only badly located, help
Its not related to skilleffect, that should be something with the 3d obj files or its auto generated by the client dependent on object size and style. it's skilleffect related.
20:59 - chipno0p quoted #HB in post client screen high quality -> crash
Read the dump file, it may contain details. Well I have checked and look like it crashed because of: "m_pFMMap->CreateFile(ar,chFileName,GENERIC_READ)". But I don't know what i...
02:00 - Genoxid quoted #HB in post Multi Agent C10 Error / SMC Machine Server Status
Ensure to link your second agent with your first agent. like i wrote the linking is not the problem the parent is connected with the child ;)

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