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Vote: Article of the Month 01/2016

Vote: Article of the Month 01/2016

As throughout the whole year, the editors of have made great efforts in the past month in order to bring you the most interesting and exciting news from the world of computer games. And as if that were not enough, many non-editors in the user... more »
2 Comments - Feb 01 - 17:28 - Tag: ARTICLE OF THE MONTH

Star Wars: Battlefront - No >>The Force Awakens<< DLC

Star Wars: The Force Awakens surpassed the one billion euro mark just after two weeks and is very popular in the USA and in other countries. The movie had the most successful launch of all time in Germany. Therefore, it is not unreasonable to expect shooter Star Wars:... more »
2 Comments - Feb 01 - 15:32 - Tag: STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT

Dying Light: The Following gets a new mode!

Fans of open world spectacle Dying Light are looking forward to expansion "The Following" that will appear before long. The size of said DLC is even expected to overcome the extent of the main story. The zombie battlefield is said to be twice as big as the one of the main... more »
1 Comment - Jan 27 - 23:58 - Tag: DYING LIGHT

Far Cry Primal: First gameplay scenes

Far Cry Primal, successor of popular Far Cry series and announced in October, 2015, presents itself to a large audience for the first time. Ubisoft published first gameplay material of their in-house Stone Age shooter yesterday, going into details about the crafting and... more »
0 Comments - Jan 27 - 23:19 - Tag: FAR CRY, FAR CRY PRIMAL

Star Wars: Battlefront - 13 million copies sold

Since the middle of November, first- and third-person-shooter "Star Wars: Battlefront" being established in Star Wars universe has been available commercially: high time for company and analysts to strike balances in respect of economic aspects. Michael Pachter, analyst... more »
2 Comments - Jan 04 - 12:37 - Tag: EA, SWBF

Garry’s Mod: 10 million copies sold

Garry’s Mod: 10 million copies sold

Garry Newman, the developer of the famous source engine based game “Garry’s Mod”, has lately announced that his game reached the record of ten million sold copies. Garry’s Mod was released on the 24th of December 2004 and has never lost popularity;... more »
17 Comments - Jan 03 - 19:07

Final Fantasy 15: Release in Summer 2016?

Waiting for the newest spin-off of the popular Japanese role-playing game series will come to an end soon! The first of June, 2016 was listed as release date on the product page of the game, which yet was quickly postponed to November 30th of next year. Whether it is just... more »
5 Comments - Dec 28 - 19:13 - Tag: FINAL FANTASY 15, SQUARE ENIX

Assassin's Creed: Movie version intended to impress fans

French game developer Ubisoft carried on negotiations with different movie studios over years to organize a live-action adaptation of action-adventure series "Assassin's Creed" and to bring it into cinemas worldwide. However, said negotiations did not come to a noteworthy... more »
7 Comments - Dec 28 - 18:26 - Tag: AC, MOVIE

Elitepvpers Christmas Event 2015

Elitepvpers Christmas Event 2015

And the winners are...
1. Seekin
2. SorVArts
3. JimPanse87
4. Mrs.Chaos
5. Elenittaa
6. Pue
7. ThugzStyle

In addition to the winners listed above we have decided to also honor .Shun for his exceptionally creative artwork, although his entry was not nominated for the... more »
17 Comments - Dec 19 - 19:50

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Valve introduces huge update

Game developer Valve has published a massive update for its successful game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. A new secondary weapon, a new case and several changes on gameplay wait for numerous players. Apposite to Christmas time, Valve has adjusted UI and the interface... more »
2 Comments - Dec 09 - 22:20 - Tag: COUNTER-STRIKE, VALVE

Vote: Article of the Month 11/2015

Vote: Article of the Month 11/2015

Winner of the Article of the Month 11/2015 is Seekin with his article Christian Pfeiffer: Spiele als Trainingsplattform für Terroristen. Congratulations.
The Winner of the raffle is DerKleineDackel. Thanks to all voters for their participation. As throughout the whole... more »
0 Comments - Dec 02 - 16:33 - Tag: ARTICLE OF THE MONTH

Assassin's Creed: Syndicate - Sales figures stabilizing

Action adventure game "Assassin's Creed: Syndicate" has been on market for Sony's PlayStation 4 and Microsoft's Xbox One since October 23rd and grants players an inside into Victorian era from Jacob's and Evie Frye's point of view. While developer and publisher Ubisoft... more »
4 Comments - Nov 07 - 11:57 - Tag: ACS

Vote: Article of the Month 10/2015

Vote: Article of the Month 10/2015

Winner of the Article of the Month 10/2015 is Outlast 2: Entwickler zeigt ersten Teaser from Seekin. Congratulations.
The winner of the raffle is Atsukaro. Thanks to all users for their votes. As throughout the whole year, the editors of have made great... more »
1 Comment - Nov 01 - 15:04 - Tag: ARTICLE OF THE MONTH

[United Content] Star Wars: Episode VII – Advance sale breaks all records

[United Content] Star Wars: Episode VII – Advance sale breaks all records

The joyful anticipation of fans at the new Star Wars film is so enormous that booking systems could set a new record during the start of the pre-order for sold tickets. Just IMAX cinemas in the USA registered a $6.500.000 turnover. According to its own statements, never... more »
0 Comments - Nov 01 - 13:12

Steam: Halloween Sale 2015 opened

As in the past, big Halloween Sale has started on Steam this year again. Apposite to the scary feast, numerous horror games such as "Resident Evil 6", "Left 4 Dead 2", "Alien: Isolation", "DayZ" and "H1Z1" are available at a cheaper price on Steam. People thinking poorly... more »
0 Comments - Oct 31 - 11:31 - Tag: PROMO, STEAM

Mirror's Edge: Catalyst - Release postponed to May

Within the framework of Electronic Entertainment Expo last June, developer DICE announced action title "Mirror's Edge: Catalyst" for February 25th, 2016. As Senior Producer Sara Jansson informed in an official statement, the release date of upcoming successor of the game... more »
4 Comments - Oct 30 - 22:15 - Tag: DICE, MEC

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