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Discord on Xbox: how to set it up and use it?

If you have an Xbox, you can now use the Discord messaging service natively. How do you do it? Any gamer who plays online games needs a top-notch text and voice messaging system. In this field, we can't do any better than Discord, which has become a reference for anyone... more »
0 Comments - Sep 20 - 10:38

The Halo franchise gets a new head

It's a change of era for the Halo saga: the boss of the franchise's development studio, 343 Industries, has indeed announced his departure. Bonnie Ross, the founder and boss of the studio 343 Industries, has announced his departure from the studio and Microsoft. He... more »
0 Comments - Sep 19 - 13:13

Street Fighter 6 gets an explosive new trailer and a beta

The cult fighting game took center stage at Capcom's presentation at the Tokyo Game Show. The more Street Fighter 6 continues to be revealed, the more this one looks like a surprising evolution of the franchise. The title just got a new amazing trailer as part of the... more »
0 Comments - Sep 18 - 13:18

We tell you all about the battle pass of Overwatch 2 that makes controversy

As the game's release approaches, Blizzard has finally detailed the much-talked-about battle pass, and not for the right reasons. Blizzard's team shooter has been in the news for the past few months. After the announcement of its move to free-to-play, players were... more »
0 Comments - Sep 18 - 13:15

Call of Duty Mobile is a real golden goose for Activision

The statistics of the mobile version of the cult FPS are reaching astronomical heights and earning a fortune for its studio. Call of Duty is one of those franchises that no longer needs to prove its popularity. While the long-awaited reboot of Modern Warfare II is about... more »
2 Comments - Sep 15 - 16:05

Overwatch 2 unveils the content of its first season (it's heavy stuff!)

The sequel to the team shooter arrives in early access in a few weeks and the studio takes the opportunity to unveil a new character. The Overwatch revolution is underway. The game is about to go free-to-play with its new version scheduled for October 4th. Two years... more »
0 Comments - Sep 15 - 16:00

PSVR 2: these 4 games promise to be a killer

Sony takes in hand 4 upcoming games on its PSVR 2 and it all looks more than promising. In the still niche world of virtual reality, Sony is creating quite a buzz with a new device that isn't revolutionary but remains at the cutting edge of technology. Its PSVR 2, which... more »
0 Comments - Sep 14 - 21:46

GoldenEye 007 comes to Nintendo Switch 25 years after its release

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of GoldenEye 007, James Bond makes an unexpected return on Nintendo Switch and Xbox. James Bond est de retour Britain's most famous secret agent is back in action, with an unexpected remaster, 15 years after the first rumors. For the... more »
1 Comment - Sep 14 - 21:43

EA takes on cheaters with its own revolutionary anti-cheat

Online play of EA games will be much safer from cheating thanks to a new high-performance protection. In addition to being the next soccer game that soccer fans have been waiting for, FIFA 23 will serve as the first test of EA's new in-house anti-cheating system. For... more »
0 Comments - Sep 14 - 17:23

Nintendo Direct: Zelda, Pikmin... Here are the announcements not to be missed!

The Kyoto firm has just spoiled its fans with a bunch of announcements during a memorable Nintendo Direct. This Nintendo Direct was long overdue, but better late than never, especially after such a presentation. This year, the summer conferences were done in dribs and... more »
0 Comments - Sep 13 - 18:57

Artemis 1: leaks fixed, new critical test coming soon

An important checkbox on the engineers' roadmap, but several variables still make it impossible to predict the launch date. NASA announced that its engineers have replaced two of the failed seals that led to hydrogen leaks on the Space Launch System, the NASA launch... more »
0 Comments - Sep 13 - 07:33

Assassin's Creed returns in force with five games and a Netflix series

Ubisoft made its E3 a few months late but not without a big wave of promising announcements. Last Saturday, Ubisoft finally presented its video game program for the coming months and years in a conference that was long overdue. Unfortunately for Yves Guillemot's studio,... more »
0 Comments - Sep 13 - 07:15

Call of Duty : the future of the franchise will be decided in a few days

This September 15, Activision will reveal the future of its Call of Duty franchise during a special broadcast. Activision has announced a special event in honor of one of its flagship franchises. During the broadcast, called Call of Duty Next, the company will talk about... more »
0 Comments - Sep 12 - 20:34

Netflix is working on social features for its games

Even though its video game selection has not yet met with success, Netflix continues to expand its video game offerings on iOS and Android. Social features may be coming soon. Available since last November, the catalog of mobile games for Netflix subscribers continues to... more »
6 Comments - Sep 10 - 17:12

Overwatch 2: players furious about Battle Pass that is already causing controversy

The move to free-to-play for Blizzard's FPS is not all good news and the first details of the battle pass are not reassuring. Overwatch agents are slowly preparing for the return of hostilities as we now enter the final stretch before the release of Overwatch 2. After... more »
0 Comments - Sep 10 - 10:43

Battlefield 2042: EA changes its mind about the lack of a campaign?

When it was released, Battlefield 2042 was one of the worst disappointments of the year 2021. A game riddled with bugs, unable to find real players, very badly optimized and above all far too incomplete to be enjoyable. After weeks of hard start, we had to face the... more »
0 Comments - Sep 10 - 10:37

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