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Contest: epvp Artwork of the Month

Hey Picassos and van Goghs! In order to bring some spice into our artist section, we decided to give you the opportunity to prove your graphic skills! You face up with your competitors and show what you got. We created a contest which will be held each month in our epvp... more »
14 Comments - Apr 04 - 19:29

Statement/Open letter concerning the latest incidents

Dear readers! Dear players! Today, we as representatives of elitepvpers, want to express our view on the latest incidents and the statement Frogster published. We direct this open letter to every concerned reader and to the persons in charge of Frogster. Every episode of... more »
16 Comments - Mar 18 - 22:09

News in the case of Frogster vs. elitepvpers

News in the case of Frogster vs. elitepvpers

Our partner in the matter of law & order, the Wisotzki Group, got to reveal some interesting information during researching for our lawsuit. Wisotzki has been contacted by an informant who agreed providing incriminating documents. A German newsportal already covered the... more »
37 Comments - Mar 10 - 15:08 - Tag: FROGSTER

Frogster sues elitepvpers

Dear members! Today we adress a, for us, sad matter and an appeal to you. Open criticism towards game-developers, enhanced comfort for players, innovation and improved game experience. These are the values elitepvpers stands for and for which we created a platform for you... more »
182 Comments - Mar 03 - 19:11

Rift Head Start Begins Today

Trion Worlds has announced that the pre-order head start program for Rift will commence at 10:00 a.m. PST today and that over a million accounts have been created for the game prior to the official worldwide launch on March 1, 2011. You can buy a head start key at the... more »
6 Comments - Feb 25 - 13:08 - Tag: RIFT

elitepvpers goes Level 3 - 3 Million Members

Hey elitepvpers! The time has really come! A few years ago, when elitepvpers was in its infancy, who would have thought we would be standing at this point now? Today, on February 22nd 2011, we have the pleasure to give a warm welcome to our member #3 million! That's a... more »
49 Comments - Feb 22 - 17:31

TBM rating change

As some of you have already noticed we've removed all transaction ratings below 26 elite*gold to prevent TBM stat pushing. Don't worry about the lost ratings, your overall trust shouldn't be decreased if you haven't been rated with too many low e*g trades. more »
8 Comments - Feb 22 - 00:09 - Tag: TBM

Are Gamedevelopers Gods?

In advance I want to make clear that this is a very abstract mindgame which is why I don't want to start a "possible-impossible" discussion. Still I had the nearly fractious impulse to write down and publish my thoughts concerning this. I also want to highlight that it is... more »
14 Comments - Feb 15 - 17:28

HWID System for developers

Some may have noticed already - on the profile page there is a new panel titled "Hardware ID". Here I want to explain to you how it's supposed to be used and what the possibilities are. The HWID system is an e*pvp-intern system which can be used by developers who want to... more »
39 Comments - Feb 15 - 15:16

Shop update and starlevel!

Hello dear fellows of e*pvp, today i've got two news for you the first is about the shop we have and the second ist about your star level.

The new shop and why we have a new vendor.
As you can see we have a new shop which should provide a better and faster service... more »
23 Comments - Feb 08 - 17:18

SOE Releases New DCUO Cinematic Trailer

The latest cinematic trailer for DC Universe Online is available for all to enjoy. Delving into the rich storyline of the game, the video features Lex Luthor and Batman working together to fight against Brainiac's forces and deliver the exobytes to Earth in order to give... more »
0 Comments - Feb 03 - 07:43 - Tag: DCU

Merry Christmas from the elitepvpers-team

Today is christmas and we would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the support in 2010 and to wish you guys and gals and your friends and families a merry christmas and a wonderful 2011 full of adventure and surprises and joy. Despite being Christmas... more »
10 Comments - Dec 24 - 17:21

Dragon's Call Sacred Wings Starter Kit Giveaway

Dragon's Call Sacred Wings Starter Kit Giveaway

Event Time: 12-20-2010 – 1-5-2011 The starter kit includes : - 2 days free VIP membership
- 20 Dragon Stone
- 20000 HP Pack
- 2 Splinter of Lucky Gem Guide on how to use Starter kit Dragon’s Call Server 3 has launched with enchanting new expansion –... more »
6 Comments - Dec 20 - 13:49 - Tag: DC

Christmasevent: Discountoffer! + ipod shuffle!

Christmasevent: Discountoffer! + ipod shuffle!

Ho Ho Ho, e*Santa Clause is coming to town and he's got some nice stuff in his virtual sack! Rejoice and listen what the big man in red has to say: The good kids among you (and I know you all are) get some nice christmas bonus on elite*gold and Premium to celebrate this... more »
17 Comments - Dec 19 - 18:43

[The Black Market] New Trade System

[The Black Market] New Trade System

Hey Hobby- and Pro-Traders! Good news for you! After quite some time we reacted to a big problem which gave the traders and the team of elitepvpers a really tough time. The Complaint Area has been crowded with complaints concerning fake iTraders. But that's over now! Now... more »
87 Comments - Dec 06 - 20:13 - Tag: TBM

SWTOR releases info on crafting via crew skills

Crafting is a legit form of gameplay for many MMOG players and the guys over at BioWare know this! The last Friday update covers Star Wars: The Old Republic crafting and other tasks that your crew will be able to perform. To get more info on the crew skills and to check... more »
1 Comment - Nov 15 - 12:13 - Tag: SWTOR

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