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Black Prophecy E3 2010 Trailer - Ship Customization, PvP Footage

Gamigo and Reakktor Media have released the E3 2010 trailer for the upcoming free-to-play sci-fi space faring MMO Black Prophecy. The trailer is packed with gameplay footage, including that of the game's robust ship customization options, cutscenes, mission types, PvP,... more »
0 Comments - Jun 17 - 12:54 - Tag: BP

SWTOR Bounty Hunter Armor Progression Video

Bioware gave us a look at the armor progression in Star Wars: The Old Republic at this year's E3. Check out this latest video to see the Bounty Hunter's armor progression for yourself. YouTube - SWTOR - Bounty Hunter Armor Progression (E3 2010) more »
0 Comments - Jun 17 - 12:52 - Tag: SWTOR

Warhammer 40K: Dark Millennium Online Trailer

Warhammer fans have been looking forward to Vigil Games' full unveil of the Warhammer 40K MMO at this year's E3 for some time now. Well guys, the wait is over, today we bring to you the official debut trailer for Warhammer 40K: Dark Millennium Online. YouTube - Warhammer... more »
2 Comments - Jun 16 - 10:58 - Tag: WAR40K

DC Universe E3 Trailer

SOE's DC Universe Online allows the player to become an iconic superhero in their own right and fight side by side with some of the most recognizable heroes this world has ever seen. With their new MMOG due out this coming November fans are begging to get a glimpse of the... more »
1 Comment - Jun 16 - 10:56 - Tag: DCU

BioWare Releases E3 Cinematic Trailer for SW:TOR

Alderaan is alive and well, just as glorious as it should be, and the backdrop for the latest Star Wars: The Old Republic cinematic trailer to be release by BioWare. The game is making quite the splash at this week's E3 and this trailer is a big part of it. Watch as what... more »
7 Comments - Jun 15 - 09:28 - Tag: SWTOR

TERA E3 2010 Trailer Now Available

One thing that is great about the pre-E3 period is the fact that so much new content starts to slip out just before the big event. And this week is no different as IGN has gotten their hands on the new TERA E3 2010 trailer. Many of you have expressed an interest in this... more »
0 Comments - Jun 15 - 09:25 - Tag: TERA

Wemade buys over Silkroad Online developer

Just 2 days back, Wemade signed an agreement to buy over Joymax CEO's and 3 other important board members' shares, which is around 25.8%. With this, Wemade has taken control of a company best known for its multi-language MMO hit, Silkroad Online. With this, Wemade hopes... more »
2 Comments - Jun 15 - 09:23 - Tag: SRO

Guild Wars 2 Warrior Overview

Today ArenaNet has revealed new information about the upcoming Warrior profession. The profession is summed up expertly with this quote: The warrior is a master of weapons who relies on speed, strength, toughness, and heavy armor to survive in battle. A warrior can shrug... more »
11 Comments - Jun 11 - 10:43 - Tag: GW2

BOI:The Terror Wheel

BOI:The Terror Wheel

The developers of Battle of the Immortals have released their latest mount; The Terror Wheel. At the moment the Terror Wheel is the biggest mount available. The developers say that the Terror Wheel's image is based on the fact that many items and gears in BoI have a... more »
0 Comments - Jun 11 - 00:18 - Tag: BOI



All Points Bulletin Lead Designer EJ Moreland writes this new Developer-Diary to inform the players about what's different between APB and other games and to give APB a chance because the release date is soon to be. Hello,
My name is EJ Moreland and I've been the Lead... more »
8 Comments - Jun 10 - 23:08 - Tag: ABP

LOTR: Free to Play online?

LOTR: Free to Play online?

For all of you who'd like to play Lord of the Rings Online but don't want to spend any money may hope to get lucky soon. Micheal Bitton had the opportunity to have a little talk with Turbines Director of Communications Adam Mersky and the executive producer Kate Paiz.... more »
12 Comments - Jun 10 - 22:58 - Tag: LOTRO

Launch Day Arrives for Mortal Online

After several delays and a few updates to the game, Mortal Online has finally arrived. Today marks the official launch of Star Vault's MMORPG and launch day brings with it a new update that fixes a few last minute bugs and adjusts some other aspects of the game. Mortal... more »
3 Comments - Jun 09 - 21:14 - Tag: MO

Aion releases 1.9 Introduction Video : Goin' Legit

NCsoft has just released a new video for Aion and serves as an introduction to Aion v1.9. Papa Lou and his boys discover that being out of the power-levelling business isn't such a bad deal after all! In fact, they’re having so much fun in Aion, they seek out their... more »
3 Comments - Jun 07 - 12:03 - Tag: AION

DC Universe Online Release Date Announced

DC Universe Online Release Date Announced

For the longest time, there has been talk about a mmo based on the comics of DC.
There is now a release date for DC Universe Online! This game is to be released for Playstation 3 and PC.
In this game you will create your own super hero or villain and prove to the senior... more »
0 Comments - Jun 03 - 10:18 - Tag: DCU

BoI: Prometheus Soul Gear Dev Diary

BoI: Prometheus Soul Gear Dev Diary

Listen up BoI fans!
In the new Battle of the Immortals video the developers start a diary series called Battle of the Immortals Blueprints. This video diary gives us a glimpse behind the scenes of the progression from concept to finished product. The first entry of the... more »
6 Comments - May 31 - 11:49 - Tag: BOI

EverQuest II: New Cash Mounts

EverQuest II: New Cash Mounts

EverQuest II players can now look foward to buy new mounts which Sony Entertainment added to the market. They will be available for 2500 Cash or 25$. YouTube - EverQuest II : Station Cash Mounts Trailer *HD* If you're shocked by the price, you'll also find this stuff on... more »
2 Comments - May 26 - 17:43 - Tag: EQ2

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