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  1. valoboi
    11/29/2021 00:17 - permalink
    Hi! Quick question, do I need to spoof my mac address or anything else after configuring my hdd to Raid0 or is it not neccessary? Thanks in advance <3
  2. EPIC4
    10/28/2021 14:41 - permalink
    who can make bypass for pubg personal not for sell ?
  3. cskrma
    10/27/2021 07:30 - permalink
    thats a massive overstatement. The only thing that was detected on their cheat was an open source driver they used for rapidfire. negligent, sure. Does that justify putting literal pixel aimbots on a list before goldencheats? I'm aware of that, but dont understand how a cheat that has had one part of their vast cheat being detected makes you not want to even list them. Maybe even give them a low rating for negligence, but avoiding them. I'm not gonna argue with you about this because I have a lot of respect for the people over at phantomoverlay, but Whatever the reason you have for avoiding GG, ithink its a bit immature.
  4. MandingoOvaryBuster
    10/25/2021 05:15 - permalink
    Hey i noticed you do great work and have vas knowledge of best providers, would love if you could help me to find a reliable Divison 2, preferably one that isnt invite only unless you could secure me an invite
  5. cskrma
    10/25/2021 00:32 - permalink
    seems like you have a clear bias towards phantomoverlay since you gave it a ridiculously higher rating than other providers, while it still lacks basic features like customisable esp and no recoil. meanwhile, goldencheats, another competitor that has more features, an unlockall, uav, and things no one has like recoil sliders is absent. Is that because po and golden have never been detected, and golden is an objectively better cheat, so putting it on the list would mean you'd have less marketing for phantomoverlay? not objective
  6. nadeowner
    09/15/2021 16:23 - permalink
    quick questions.
    Do you know about something the speed hack in wz?

    your snarsa
  7. Genjustu1
    09/15/2021 13:40 - permalink
    My account was recently stolen. Email and password changed so I can’t get back into it. I know activision support is unreliable. Do you know of anyone that can get it back for me? Like some kind of coder/hacker?
  8. abubakrer
    09/08/2021 01:23 - permalink
    yo do you know what i have to change in my computer to get around this HWID ban, if i want to play legit from now on.
  9. CK2020
    08/31/2021 12:42 - permalink
    I purchased PO for 90 days Cold War, using on my main, do you think it is safe if I play low FOV around 2-3 and Smoothness round 18-19? I mean all cheats from what they say get detected eventually.
  10. pluto911
    08/14/2021 11:02 - permalink
    Hi . can u pleas answear ur Telegram

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00:17 - jmb195 mentioned 0x41^4 in post [Unofficial] List of Legit / Scam COD Cheat Providers
Added GG as UD again. For those who dont know: + They got detected + They confirmed that they copy paste public stuff That's good that they are now added to the list now...
02:14 - ilikebacon. mentioned 0x41^4 in post 💎Lab Demon | External | EFT Hack | UD | ESP & Aimbot | Slotted | DEMONWARE.TECH 💎 and Madara is cute. My account is level 60 ATM with 100m. Best eft cheat imo. Fuck the rest. LD ON TOP Edit: forgot to mention I did inducted our beloved cod fanboy -0x41^4- into the LD cult.
06:26 - alma5200 mentioned 0x41^4 in post INF + EO = CRASH
-0x41^4- Hello man Today I got banned on warzone because of using some detected providers. im not raging but after 2-3 month of gameplay. does not matter how did I play. and im usin...
19:00 - Deleted Posts
19:00 - eriasu mentioned 0x41^4 in post Gifting Service || Battle Pass || Bundles || 50% cheaper
Hello everyone I have 900k CP that I have farmed using the CP Clitch before it got patched now I have too much CP LOL Now that they added ...
07:13 - Deleted Posts
07:13 - zebleer mentioned 0x41^4 in post Possible Anti-Cheat Coming?
Exodiasgodwz DMUonaFFAR -0x41^4- about a kernel AC for COD trust me the more elite providers are hoping this happens as it will kill off the competitors. Activision is too proud to not do everything in hous...
06:15 - ilikebacon. mentioned 0x41^4 in post Best WZ chair provider that has LEAST amount of FPS drops
GG is pretty FIRE... better than anything listed here imo.. I haven't used GG, but I hear good things. Everyone should be more like -0x41^4- and be a massive cheat whore
01:00 - zebleer mentioned 0x41^4 in post Better cheats than EO, Aimex and GhostAim? (mini-review)
...d. I also saw they are a reseller apparently but I never confirmed that myself, and I'll be careful to say that as a "rumor" not a fact since I did not myself confirm it. -0x41^4- would know.
22:05 - Deleted Posts
22:05 - zebleer mentioned 0x41^4 in post 👻 COD CHEATS | VANGUARD | ESP AIM RADAR | WARZONE | BOCW | ZOMBIES at all, only got DMU from a provider and that was it. Since this doesnt apply to this thread you rather me just PM you if we carry on this convo? I vouch for anything -0x41^4- says. You won't need a spoofer with our cheats if you aren't already banned from a prior provider also. REVISTED EDIT: Just to clarify, both MW and CW had updates today. And...
18:26 - zebleer mentioned 0x41^4 in post [Unofficial] List of Legit / Scam COD Cheat Providers
I'm having trouble finding a good CW cheese provider with zombies included. Honey hacks aren't available are they? As -0x41^4- linked above, you can come to Phantom Overlay. We made our zombies menu on game release and are consistently adding to it, not that it needs anything more. Completely stream ...
06:18 - nomorals mentioned 0x41^4 in post Safest / Best COD:MW / COD:CW Cheat.
Honey hacks was in fact detected earlier this year Are you talking about the Cold War Zombie lobby XP wave? Afaik their Warzone has never been detected. -0x41^4- might know better though.
22:00 - Xenos mentioned 0x41^4 in post AHK scripts
As -0x41^4- wrote you can use any AHK script. Be sure that you use a compiled version (.exe) of the script because some ACs ban for the AHK editor / compiler.
03:24 - BotLife420666 mentioned 0x41^4 in post Infinite Spoofer Temporarily Suspended? I should look for another spoofer? Just got my first ban and read through the big thread on shadowbans and HWID bans. Any recommendations? I don't see another spoofer in -0x41^4-'s recommended list either.
03:14 - supersadboisupreme mentioned 0x41^4 in post External aim-assist cold war
...omething about the aim-assist/aimbot from shell which requires a Nvidia 1070 or higher? Like, any bans on that? since it does not inject it works with GPU Check out -0x41^4- 's blogpost on it, here: It'll be at the end of the Aimbot & ESP...
09:18 - Deleted Posts
09:18 - alma5200 mentioned 0x41^4 in post How is the Snaji spoofer&cleaner ?
...use i was using it long time ago. and it was working perfect as like cynical cleaner right now. I just wanna know Sanji cleaner also works for warzone or not ? i need proof -0x41^4- What do you think about ? Do you have ant review about this cleaner ? anybody has experience?
21:38 - Xenos mentioned 0x41^4 in post [Unofficial] List of Legit / Scam COD Cheat Providers
#Updated Changelog: -> Added backlinks, credits to -0x41^4- -> Added gcaimx, artificalaiming and ghostaim -> Removed ProjectChaos and VoidCheaters (HoneyHacks). Both are out of business.
19:25 - Deleted Posts


19:05 - Pose1993 quoted 0x41^4 in post [Unofficial] List of Legit/Scam Cheat Providers
Seeing a lot of issues coming out of Unleashed. Developer seems to not be fixing issues anymore leaving customers in the dark. While they're still an active and "legitimate" seller...
07:04 - fatty_is_back quoted 0x41^4 in post disable secure boot
If you have windows 11, it means you must leave it on or downgrade to windows 10. i have window 10 and it is saying i dont have requirement for window 11 does that mean secure boo...
04:12 - Spezz Exchange quoted 0x41^4 in post 💎✅ UNDETECTED 🎮 Halo Infinite Cheat + Halo MCC Cheat 🎮 Aimbot/ESP/EXPLOITS 💯
Who told you Halo Infinite has EAC, lol? Because that is not true. Additionally, what company does your developer provide for because this cheat is identical to a public one being s...
15:53 - Spezz Exchange quoted 0x41^4 in post 💎✅ UNDETECTED 🎮 Halo Infinite Cheat + Halo MCC Cheat 🎮 Aimbot/ESP/EXPLOITS 💯
Super confused. Why does a reseller have an application process? Hello, Not a reseller, but I partnered with the developers to sell and advertise their cheat. The reason for t...
07:19 - Deleted Posts
05:28 - skeleton man quoted 0x41^4 in post What you rocking?
EO is better than Interwebz i would like to disagree i tried eo and it doesnt even come close to interwebz interwebz is identical to engineowning when it comes to features but inte...
23:15 - GrawPoint quoted 0x41^4 in post fov tool
People use it to completely remove recoil without using a no-recoil tool. Yeah, that's true, I just don't like how it zooms out your screen, I prefer using a script for Recoil con...
23:12 - GrawPoint quoted 0x41^4 in post [Unofficial] List of Legit / Scam COD Cheat Providers
However, since they require ID verification, it keeps their userbase substantially smaller which in turn keeps them safer. I agree with this part, most people wouldn't submit IDs ...
21:21 - Xenos quoted 0x41^4 in post [Unofficial] List of Legit / Scam COD Cheat Providers
There is no way. All providers that use ID verification can easily be bypassed by a cheap fake. To be fair, with thousands of applications done by our Community Manager, i can assu...
22:12 - greenolives quoted 0x41^4 in post Infinite UAV Cheat Provider To Replace GG?
dont listen to others, you wont get honest answer. last time i sub applecheats they have infinite uav and other similar cheat features like GG. GCAIMX VIP looks identical to GG...
22:12 - Deleted Posts
16:34 - imherelol quoted 0x41^4 in post Shadow Ban VS Spoofer
Once your ban is lifted, you can play without cheats - but if you cheat again, you'll be insta SB. If you want to play on a new account, I recommend charging back the game, buying...
13:11 - Deleted Posts
13:10 - thotable quoted 0x41^4 in post My thoughts on Cheats (after x22 is gone)
So you're saying, you can't prove you used it? Big brain theory time. Maybe people just like my work. All I need with kernel anti-cheat coming in a week, friend. But you are ...
21:19 - GrawPoint quoted 0x41^4 in post Infinite UAV Cheat Provider To Replace GG?
Crooked is another. Lol, almost everything these guys sell is crack/stolen, I've used their cheat before and it was fucking terrible, worst I've tried.
21:09 - GrawPoint quoted 0x41^4 in post [Unofficial] List of Legit / Scam COD Cheat Providers
It was. Most Chinese providers use it. There's a source on UC for it. Oof. To be honest, the moment I saw their menu red flags started appearing in my head, it just screamed pa...
14:52 - Umbrus quoted 0x41^4 in post Warzone
Best aimbot, Engine Owning. Decent aimbot with the functions you're looking for + security - Aimex. Alright, I've been a long time customer kind of on and off with Aimex, guess the...
13:17 - darix1 quoted 0x41^4 in post Infinite UAV Cheat Provider To Replace GG?
RUT UAV is the best UAV on the market if that is all you're looking for. GG was using his. LMAO REALLY? I mean like they took license from Rivera or just able to steal it. And tru...
12:54 - badrhari97 quoted 0x41^4 in post NON INVITE ONLY, NOT DETECTED, NOT A SCAM: BF2042 ESP Where?
SlateHub for public. I wouldn't use Chods with someone else account let alone mine. He's really transparent with stuff, so there's no lying about detections and shit. Im allowed...
08:43 - thotable quoted 0x41^4 in post My thoughts on Cheats (after x22 is gone)
So you're saying, you can't prove you used it?


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