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  1. proskill556
    10/11/2022 16:11 - permalink
    hey, can you help me to create the database via visual studio 2022? Its just not working. I always get an error.
  2. linkcastle
    04/15/2020 17:21 - permalink
    hi please i want to talk with you in private please. telegram: @alessandronoss discord: AlessandroNos#1088
  3. francoo21
    09/10/2017 19:10 - permalink
    Hi, can you help me in one thing of my OpenNos server?
  4. randiel123
    08/17/2017 18:39 - permalink
    Hi, i have problem in powershell of nuget package :C
  5. Toornaxr1
    05/31/2017 12:09 - permalink
    Salut, je voulais savoir si tu pouvais m'ťclairer sur comment vous avez trouver le protocole de communication entre le client et le serveur de Nostale ? ^^"
  6. Kysha
    03/12/2017 05:40 - permalink
    ajoute mon skype pseudo Kysha urgent poto

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19:38 - XV50 mentioned 0Lucifer0 in post [Release] 180Ä worth Nosvanity 2.0
Oh yeah, never knew that NosCore was written in C. Pretty cool thing. 0Lucifer0 , when did this change happened?
01:55 - Deleted Posts
20:34 - Irelia<3 mentioned 0Lucifer0 in post Parser MapMonster
0Lucifer0 Whats for check? i mean the ForeignKey is false on this side i think is a complicate with a PrimaryKey another DBO Key
19:40 - Deleted Posts
19:36 - InnoTx mentioned 0Lucifer0 in post Copy paste Database ?
...f all that, so It's kinda easy to adjust the way I explained it to his knowledge, this makes it easier for him to understand it. finally someone who understands me ... ty 0Lucifer0 here is the promised video ill help everyone how i can... Write me on discord.
19:36 - Deleted Posts
10:29 - InnoTx mentioned 0Lucifer0 in post Copy paste Database ?
...actually know what they are talking about. So I gave him an answer I'd have expected to get when I asked the question. this is what i mean Ty for the better Explaining 0Lucifer0 you are Right searching on Google is better then asking here but like Saber none says there are only tutorials or tipps for ppl who knows what they are doing as a beginner you...
17:15 - Cryless~ mentioned 0Lucifer0 in post Selling NosTale Best Source Code (-50% Discount)
...ty :rolleyes: It is senseless posting in the Black Market section if noone see the thread. The rule is dumb af. The only thing (that I can remember) I complained about was 0Lucifer0 for moderating a user. It is exactly the same you are doing here and it is not allowed too.
20:43 - Cryless~ mentioned 0Lucifer0 in post [OPEN SOURCE PROJECT]
0Lucifer0 I wonder how you still have the desire to respond to certain people, let them speak for themselves. People have not understood the concept of 'donation' and will never underst...
20:23 - Cryless~ mentioned 0Lucifer0 in post [GER/EN] NosTale Chit-Chat
...ltyEmu with a team like that, Obviously you need to find something to laugh at because you are worthless. As 0Lucifer0 stated, and what everyone thinks of you, you are just a pathetic person who needs attention because in reality you are not worth anything and you have never completed a projec...
00:51 - Bull. mentioned 0Lucifer0 in post NosEternal PServer FR
0Lucifer0 didnt noticed that you are following such shit :reeee:
12:06 - NosRelax mentioned 0Lucifer0 in post NosMagic Site ERROR<< is already somewhere on the forum(remember word)... so you the research function. I had solved this mistake 9 months ago but now I do not remember anymore :thinking: 0Lucifer0
14:54 - @LRevolution mentioned 0Lucifer0 in post [OPEN SOURCE PROJECT]
...e. I'll quote your exact words : "You don't ask for people to pay you to develop it, you develop it and get rewarded if people wants to." Blowa, 2018 Now let's see when 0Lucifer0 asked for money : nowhere? I can only see : "We added a kofi on the github page for people wanting to give but not on a recurring way.[...]Development cost being a bit expen...
10:39 - @LRevolution mentioned 0Lucifer0 in post [OPEN SOURCE PROJECT]
val77 whatever you may say Blowa, 0Lucifer0 is the reason emulated servers are what they are today; he has done an immense service to this community, service which will never ever be repaid. He doesnt deserve the shit y...
08:25 - erixor mentioned 0Lucifer0 in post [OpenSource] OpenNos TimeSpace Generator
...a0bd91ed8082704583453.png image: image: Great thanks to 0Lucifer0 and the whole OpenNos Team, as well as val77 & Kraken for their previous work, that allowed us to make this project easier
13:25 - roxas9797 mentioned 0Lucifer0 in post Need help OpenNos
something exit form the matrix imho 0Lucifer0 can you help this kid?
18:18 - paradise54 mentioned 0Lucifer0 in post OpenNos "update-database" Command Doesn't Work -Server Start Errors- 0Lucifer0 EPvPAgen LRevolution Shidoę Kouko*
18:07 - FI0w mentioned 0Lucifer0 in post Boat act4 bug
1. Do you have a A4 Channel open? 2. Check MapTypesMap in your Database 3. Do you really think that you get a Good answer by Blowa? :c 4. 0Lucifer0 is right its hard to get what you want if not even you know what the problem is the Main Languages what you can use on this Forum is German and English so when you want to wri...
18:42 - FI0w mentioned 0Lucifer0 in post [Opennos] Need Help
Yes of course I want to get into programming, I told myself that it was by doing that I would learn, I'm wrong? Basicly you should read first a book. Then to all Others: 0Lucifer0 is full right if you can't even read a Fucking Message that's telling you all why it don't work don't use it! I mean C'mon, if for Example Blowa pull smth where only 2 people ...
13:41 - NT Z0ltar mentioned 0Lucifer0 in post [OPEN SOURCE PROJECT] NosOpen
Thank you for all your work 0Lucifer0, you have made a big contribution to the world of NosTale private servers, I use sometimes the informations in your parser for my server. Good luck for your future projects :...


18:17 - Rajmund1337 quoted 0Lucifer0 in post code page nostale
hello, i'm currently working on the multi culture system for noscore. Is there anyone who know code pages for other countries ? the only one i know for the moment is FR = windows-1252 ...
10:10 - saek13 quoted 0Lucifer0 in post Need Advice & Change Nosville
Just need to understand how it works. If you want something to happen when player walk in a place just check the walk packet and add events here Okey, just a last question to underst...
04:31 - saek13 quoted 0Lucifer0 in post Need Advice & Change Nosville
Donít use opennos to learn anything. Itís not objective C but C# and objects are created via reflection (which is super slow). Position is hardcoded on character creation Okey... But...
13:40 - NosRaible quoted 0Lucifer0 in post [Release] 180Ä worth Nosvanity 2.0
Technically the bad boy move is to sell 180 euros GPL2 licensed content without making it open source. Not sure however what is the link between NosCore and C You even don't know... B...
23:32 - XV50 quoted 0Lucifer0 in post [OPEN SOURCE PROJECT]
You still need it for shops for exemple (Except if they already have something to fix that) but yes itís planned. Would take less time if somebody had time to add the enum and replace u...
14:59 - XV50 quoted 0Lucifer0 in post [OPEN SOURCE PROJECT]
Some updates on NosCore: NosCore is now supporting docker :) NosCore finally got shops I18N (multilanguage) NosCore is now using client language as user language instead of multi l...
06:47 - InnoTx quoted 0Lucifer0 in post OpenNos.GameObject.dll
You just need to build the solution... Hi, is this problem solved? Can anyone help me? Discord: justrandomperson#9849 there it is like Lucifer said Build the solution
02:32 - XV50 quoted 0Lucifer0 in post [Public] CMNos Source Repo
Why not just PR on OpenNos repo... honestly I feel like your time would be better used on something else than OpenNos. I also honestly doubt that youíll get other people than you devel...
13:35 - Deleted Posts
10:57 - Akazamuix quoted 0Lucifer0 in post Opennos Eventraids
No I mean I wrote the raid system. I designed the raid contract (xml). Ah okay, understood. Then I'll see if I can add something to the code so that it works.
10:48 - Akazamuix quoted 0Lucifer0 in post Opennos Eventraids
I didnít thought about multi boss when I wrote this piece of code. I donít think itís possible to describe this raid in xml currently without changing the system. It means, you publi...
22:38 - XV50 quoted 0Lucifer0 in post eastmile error source
I havenít said to remove this line. I suggested to remove code he doesnít understand. That is maybe most of the project but still. It is a good way to learn part by part. But as you ...
15:53 - XV50 quoted 0Lucifer0 in post eastmile error source
I guess the message is explicit enough... another solution is to remove all the code you donít understand. Yeah, removing Code from the ImportFactory so he can't parse anything. Sto...
15:33 - Deleted Posts
17:45 - Akazamuix quoted 0Lucifer0 in post Opennos starting server error
Simple... look at the actual error it doesnít build for 2 of the project so obviously it canít be runned... for a guy who have c#,C++ & Java in his bio thatís a shame... Yea, that it...
10:32 - Deleted Posts
02:57 - InnoTx quoted 0Lucifer0 in post Copy paste Database ?
Best concept ever! sell the thing to people who already know how to do the things by themself... im going to stop this here as itís getting off topic just interesting to see how some pe...
02:45 - InnoTx quoted 0Lucifer0 in post Copy paste Database ?
Sure I’m waiting for this video: Will this show : step 1 go on epvpers step 2 start to write a question how to do x step 3 wait for someone to give a link to the doc step 4 read...
02:19 - InnoTx quoted 0Lucifer0 in post Copy paste Database ?
It take more time to write a message here than 5 words on google... also your message is just saying you just want to lose someone else time...but I guess this is the reason why you got...
21:21 - InnoTx quoted 0Lucifer0 in post Copy paste Database ?
Because your answer is literally ... read the manual... I am ok to help people but at least try to search on google... maybe ...

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