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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Nov 07 - 17:25, by Jed7

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 The hour is grave. Iranian but Arabic-speaking terrorists, aided by Mexican drug traffickers, have taken control of the port of Amsterdam to smuggle American missiles into the United States. A situation we should have seen coming, Captain Price, a fine geopolitologist, tells me: "The terrorists are clinging to the past while the cartel has its eyes on the future." I have a feeling it's not going to be easy.

Even more confusing than the scenario of Modern Warfare 2 is its title: it is not a remake of the game of the same name released in 2009, but the sequel to Modern Warfare of 2019, which itself was a reboot of the one from 2007. It doesn't matter: if you've already played a Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 2 won't make you feel out of place. You'll find all your favorite characters (in a manner of speaking, I hope they're not really your favorite characters) together in an eight-hour campaign.

This time, the missions sometimes try to vaguely offer two or three possible paths instead of one: how do you clear these warehouses of the enemies inside? By throwing tear gas into the ventilation system to get them out? By breaking down the doors? By attacking through the roof windows? The whole thing is still horribly scripted, however, and doesn't offer a quarter of a tenth of the freedom of approach of a camp attack in Far Cry, for example. It's also funny to see how the missions of this campaign offer both a best-of of the series and of what the video game has recently produced most popular.

Kotick! I know where you are hiding! In addition to the inevitable AC-130 assault and ducking missions, there's also an infiltration mission in a sub-Hitman style, a crafting/survival sequence worthy of a poor man's Dying Light and another where you jump from car to car like in a linear Just Cause. These are vulgar samples, without a quarter of the originality of Call of Duty: Cold War's tribute to Stanley Parable, where the total lack of attachment to the characters and the story neutralizes any form of tension even during the most tense scenes. Not everyone is Kathryn Bigelow (or even Rockstar Games).

Luckily for us, Activision, who obviously didn't pay too much attention to the localization, gave us a very nerdish voice-over that will make you laugh a lot. Everything is there, from the sloppy translations to the actors who all overplay their virility with the voice of a cancerous glottis, to the lame remarks ("he broke his pipe" after killing an enemy) declaimed with the enthusiasm of a guy who wonders when he'll get his check. Doubled like this, the war is still not beautiful, no, but at least it is funny.

Nothing new since 2007: Call of still offers an inept campaign and an efficient multiplayer on which, at the time of writing these superfluous lines, the fans will have already thrown themselves.

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by Jed7 Dec 06 - 08:42

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