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The Excavation of Hob’s Barrow

Nov 09 - 08:23, by Jed7

The Excavation of Hob’s Barrow Beware of clichés. Victorian England should not be reduced to its industrial cities full of misery, alcohol and sordid deaths. No! Because this wonderful era of progress was also rich in its agricultural countryside, full of misery, alcohol and sordid deaths.

Thomasina Bateman is an archaeologist. In this 19th century, her colleagues are busy cutting up the pyramids of Egypt with a disk saw. The young woman prefers the ancient burial mounds of the British moors. When she was informed of a burial mound in the village of Bewlay, she left London by the first locomotive, armed with a chisel, pants with suspenders and a suitcase full of "Bullshit!" to counter every local superstition. For a wind of mystery hovers over the plains of armed Brittany... of England.

The adventurers of the lost arsouille Alone on the platform of the station, she discovers point & click mechanics dry as a day laborer during the threshing: an inventory, a fast travel map. She pushes the door of the only inn, an opportunity to taste the horse piss they serve and the inhospitality of the native drunken meat. The crows caw, the peppers chatter. Like in an alternative French West, where sheep have replaced pigs.

Why talk about this handcrafted game, my god, you may ask? Because its atmosphere is unexpectedly thick, for a 12-bullet point and click. The dubbing in particular surprises by its quality, regaling our ears with a real ASMR of local accents. All it takes is for a maid to send her housekeeper into a tizzy, or for an old widow to vent her feelings, for us to forget about the staining pixels. The close-ups of the faces give a little flesh to this vocal cast, which really carries the whole.

One progresses in this rural-mystical atmosphere in a fluid way, even without being the best remolded sickle of the workshop. Thanks to associations of objects that remain within the scope of good peasant sense, and to a narration that guides us, like a brave and fragrant Border Collie. It's a pity that a final puzzle sequence breaks this pleasant rhythm. But, for all that, there is no reason to throw away these 6 rainy hours spent with the penetrating voice of Miss Bateman.

The Excavation of Hob's Barrow is a local legend that you listen to while sitting on a straw bale. Concentrated on the voices, one forgets the tingling in the buttocks.

Genre: Point and click
Developer: Cloak and Dagger Game (UK)
Publisher: Wadjet Eye Games
Available Platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux
Test platform : Windows
Download: 2 GB
Release Date: 09/28/2022
Language : English
Price : 12€ for the software

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by Jed7 Dec 06 - 08:42

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