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  1. Jamashi
    09/16/2019 00:50 - permalink
    meld dich mal , danke
  2. ToniDerBOSS93
    08/11/2019 16:38 - permalink
    Heyho wollt mal fragen ob's deinen Server noch gibt ?
  3. bladeslaying
    04/12/2019 03:38 - permalink
    hey Ink, i had a Few questions about applying some of your textures to monsters/pets could u add my discord Pharaun#7971
  4. yeetyagga6
    03/08/2019 22:40 - permalink
    Hello, I would like to ask you a few questions regarding rappelz pserver, please add my discord: Rias#6903 thanks!
  5. Holmi555
    03/05/2019 19:27 - permalink
  6. RedHuge
    01/20/2019 01:02 - permalink
    Hey Ink , Ive heard you know how to fix a Game crash when you open the map Rappelz 9.4 Private Server ? I was wandering if you could tell me how to fix it... annoying not being able to use the map.
  7. Skolko
    04/06/2018 16:20 - permalink
    Hey. problem in adding a dunge .no textures are displayed. how can I fix it?
  8. evozodiac
    02/06/2018 17:47 - permalink
    hi! can i have this model?
    Monster from One Piece :
  9. Starslayer Rappelz
    09/02/2017 17:53 - permalink
    Starslayer Rappelz
    the map ship, for load take 5 min... how i can fix this ?
  10. heisenberg28310
    09/01/2017 18:38 - permalink
    Bonjour, j'ai vu quelque poste sur lequel vous apparaissez et vos compétences m’intéresse , je cherche des logiciel mais je ne trouve pas pour ouvrir et recompiler les data , j'ai essayer grimoire ect , mais rien de fonctionne pour "RECOMPILER" , et avez vous un logiciel pour crée les ressources ? j'en ai un mais qui ne fonctionne pas :'(.

    cordialement , Heisenberg

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00:35 - アルカード mentioned InkDevil in post [RELEASE]Bat Loot Pet
UPDATE I check the sql query there was error with string and icon was updated and with help if InkDevil model size was reduced and cleaned up a bit. both links of rar file and google drive link has been updated,if you already fixed the issue u can just download the the icon. ...
00:30 - アルカード mentioned InkDevil in post [RELEASE]Bat Loot Pet
...074km/batsy.gif Again i am really thankful to these people,without them i would never know what i know today,they spare alot of time and nerves for my questions. InkDevil Anothers AziaMafia Files are in a thread and google link.
16:34 - アルカード mentioned InkDevil in post [Preview+(maybe release)]New models and new animations.
Firstly i would like to thank to people that helped me with learning making this stuff and listen to me retarded questions on a daily basis. InkDevil Anothers. Secondly, I would like to thank all the people who released files/tools and etc. SilentWisdom Ghost Informatics glandu2 Xijezu Here ...
12:59 - petirzero77 mentioned InkDevil in post [Lua]awaken weapons By Npc
... for the advice now currently learning of basic .lua to help me improve my understanding on .lua language. at the same time i'll keep following the guides given by InkDevil and fear511 thanks
18:52 - thefear511 mentioned InkDevil in post [Guide]How to Create 9.4 Server !
... screen, maybe we can find an explanation together?;) Unfortunately, I have the same problem, but I use the english client of thefear511. Does anyone know what I can do? InkDevil had a fix for this idk where it is really
18:52 - Deleted Posts
22:53 - SilentWisdom mentioned InkDevil in post [Help Thread] Please post your questions here. input (dbo.MonsterResource/db_monster.rdb) should produce identical results excepting the header (his and mine use different signatures in the 120 byte blank space. Like InkDevil said, never make changes to your table structures unless you're absolutely sure what you're doing. In many cases table reads use ordinal positions for columns instead of names...
02:29 - Anothers mentioned InkDevil in post [Fix]Epic 9.5.2 Medusa
Hello everyone This epic 9.5.2 medusa model Fixed version The person who found the error: InkDevil
23:29 - ThunderNikk mentioned InkDevil in post 9.5.2 Level Cap Increase?
...-1-commands-descriptions.html Thanks to mongreldogg and Thanks to InkDevil There is also this list of gameserver opt settings that InkDevil shared with me. game.loading game.server_version game.battle_arena_reconnect_wait_duration ...
19:23 - HasanKat mentioned InkDevil in post [Release] 9.5.2 Client (non-AR)
InkDevil , have you upgraded your server to Client 9.5 ?
20:48 - SilentWisdom mentioned InkDevil in post [Serverpresentation] Epicaria (DE/EN)
...s beyond your scope, so keep quiet kiddo. My original name was banned for fighting with an EPVP Admin lol, so.. Filipe2008 crybaby nonsense aside, as everyone else knows InkDevil is a artist with Rappelz and as with most visionaries he will attract some haters as above. But you have a good reputation to those here with actual skill InkDevil and you k...
19:49 - アルカード mentioned InkDevil in post Help with this problem
I cant help with that but maybe InkDevil knows few tricks about it. Please next time use help thread.tyvm
22:11 - アルカード mentioned InkDevil in post Any good server?
...ills the game...), and I want to play something like official ru server. Did somebody knows srver like that? Best regards) Well there are few "projects" around. 1.from InkDevil but at the moment is german only 2. One from me which is still in alpha stage untill i am sure it is quite balanced server
22:48 - waahaha mentioned InkDevil in post [Help Thread] Please post your questions here.
InkDevil tanks a lot.. but i found other problem...(Skeleton Summoning Scroll) item cant summon a monster in 9.4 files.. i used the add_npc(172812,49825,715) to respwan it,but also can...
13:45 - アルカード mentioned InkDevil in post Project Ouroboros 6.2 based on 9.4 Files.
... keep people updated here.Alpha is still going on and we need more testers and feedback. Changes made so far are: •NUI updated to new modern look Thanks to Gangor and InkDevil •All monsters reverted to 6.2 stats •All Kahuna/Healer/Magician buffs are Toggle party buffs •Level 5 Buff are added to npc •Fixed issue with Elite Fie...
01:49 - SilentWisdom mentioned InkDevil in post Map Kollision Problem
I am unaware/uninformed of the katan west issue InkDevil
20:04 - Wael™ mentioned InkDevil in post [Fix-Release] Fixes for 9.4
InkDevil hi there I just test the Katan West fix and the bug still working there is also a bug in Laksy idk if you can fix :...
14:13 - blackcs1 mentioned InkDevil in post [RELEASE] Redemption Repack EN (9.4)
Thank you guys SilentWisdom and InkDevil to continue in working and supporting this release I just have one request I’m not being lazy but could you please continue to edit the original post for the ongoing fix...
03:21 - Deleted Posts
03:21 - [email protected] mentioned InkDevil in post [RELEASE] Redemption Repack EN (9.4) (Thanks to Gangor for his Maptool here. that made it a lot easier for me to fix that.) Thank's for the Fix :3 , As always you Helping a lot :D. InkDevil thanks a lot... i have a question: twagod_sys() function missing....have the origin file? As InkDevil said it's a Custom script, So just run this Query and Use glandu2 ...


15:38 - FullSand quoted InkDevil in post [Help Thread] Please post your questions here.
Using current official client won't help you starting a private server if you are "new" to this. Because you'd get frustrating interface-issues which will need some more requests or w...
17:46 - vitalisse quoted InkDevil in post client font
If you launch with ascii, then try with localeinfo(ascii).ini . There's probably already a (ascii) version in client which results in not using your ini-file without suffix. there ...
17:39 - CiberGoD quoted InkDevil in post client font
this is my localeinfo.ini do i need to hash them (localinfo.ini + comic.ttf) first then put them in resource folder or not? InkDevil gave the right advice, check that there are no outsiders "localeinfo.ini" (in all folders and subfolders "/Resource"). "localeinfo (. *). ini" are higher priority than "locale...
16:15 - remy0852 quoted InkDevil in post [Release] Snow Map versions
Yes. on epicaria I had 3. normal epic 2/3 and snow. But the snow-one bugged a bit with worldlocation xD mmm, could you tell me how to do this? I’m just doing this not so long a...
17:59 - Rollk quoted InkDevil in post [Guide]How to Create 9.5.2 Server !
Question, which launcher do you mean? I know my "launcher" (more like Multibatch) made its round, but I can't remember I published it :D Sorry the CLIENT :D :D :handsdown: But I...
20:50 - Rollk quoted InkDevil in post [Guide]How to Create 9.5.2 Server !
My post works for 9.4 as well as for 9.5.2 . For getting stringresource working, use latest Rdb-Tool of Glandu, or Grimoire of SilentWisdom. I guess your server is 9.5.2? Yes my...
15:26 - Rollk quoted InkDevil in post [Release] New Map + some Instruction to implement
Hi there :D Now I reworked on my old map again...long time, really nostalgic xD I really hope you enjoy this version, too =) Seelenhort/Soulhort-Version V2:
02:13 - 12sky2Server quoted InkDevil in post [Release] Little Calculation Tool
Well, sure, can do that next days. If you really want to see that awful coding... :D i'm expecting you release code...:D
18:52 - shiuyh2 quoted InkDevil in post [Help Thread] Please post your questions here. hm.... :thinking: :rolleyes: And yes, it's in JobLevelBonus Okay so I was in...
23:25 - ilyaslord36 quoted InkDevil in post [Help Thread] Please post your questions here.
You will only find 9.6 sFrame with golden outline, sorry. For your music-problem: 1. Do you have files in your resource-folder? If not, download any retail and copy/paste these fro...
22:40 - ilyaslord36 quoted InkDevil in post [Help Thread] Please post your questions here.
The Frame around the minimap is crapped in 9.5.2 sFrame. They fixed it in 9.6, so you won't get a 9.5.2 sFrame with that golden outline. Where will I find sframe with golden outline ...
13:59 - アルカード quoted InkDevil in post Rappelz Official Arabic/English Server
Hm, Webseite-Design looks a lot like Shiva's. I remember we already had a discussion about this site some months ago. didn't we Audric123 ThunderNikk? Edit: Found old thread. T...
14:18 - sapir619 quoted InkDevil in post [Help Thread] Please post your questions here.
Can't check your SQL right now, but the motion-links are hardcoded into sframe in 9.5.2. So you can't add own motion-ids or exchange them. They are fix between 1 and...don't remem...
01:25 - xion0374 quoted InkDevil in post [DWL]Project Z V2
As far as I know only through Ursa-runs and maybe some quests. Well in that case this is a useless server since every cash shop item needs ursa points to acquire. It has good tas...
06:38 - xion0374 quoted InkDevil in post [DWL]Project Z V2
If it asks you for a password, use your normal accountpassword first. Ok, tried it and it work. But how do you get more gen points without having to run ursa.
00:38 - Sandro1029 quoted InkDevil in post Random coordinates
I only answered on your question how math.random works to select a random position. And I also said respawn_rare_mob won't call math.random again when the monster is respawning. ...
22:40 - Sandro1029 quoted InkDevil in post Random coordinates
Because math.random needs 2 numbers. Start and End. Use math.random(1,3) to create a first-time-random-spawn. I tried that too. But even with 2 numbers it does not work By the way...
00:01 - Diablo1110 quoted InkDevil in post [Help Thread] Please post your questions here.
function i_upgrade() for i = 0,9 do local i_handle = get_wear_item_handle(i) if i_handle ~= 0 then set_item_enhance(i_handle,25) set_item_level(i_handle,20) ...
09:06 - Marschall83 quoted InkDevil in post [Help Thread] Please post your questions here.
Thanks InkDevil and SilentWisdom. The link to the Daedalus usage was helpful. My situation is a little bit weird but I think it helps to understand my questions: I took the 6.2 server fi...
00:45 - Nove240 quoted InkDevil in post [How2] Create a Market [EASY]
It contains everything you need, yes. (Sort_id is btw the sequence of displayed items in market ingame, lowest number of market-name comes first, highest last slot) But it would be a...

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