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  1. Thepunisher88
    10/11/2023 15:58 - permalink
    hi fear, I followed your entire procedure to create a personal back of rappelz, but captain herlock immediately closes abnormally, and if I enter the server there is nothing in the server list, can you help me?
  2. tanos77
    05/05/2023 20:20 - permalink
    Hello "Fear ", I request your help with something that is complicated for me and perhaps with your knowledge you can guide me to a solution. I have created my 9.5 lan server for offline use, since there are times when there is no internet in the area where I live.
    The problem I have is that there are certain items that I can't use, since I have the GM tools, to be able to insert items, buffs and other things. In this case I cannot use the inferno set, since it appears with an undefined error, how can I use this set, since there are several items, (example Reviac set) that are the same and I cannot use them. I attach an image. I must modify something in the DB; Oh and one last question, how do I take the time that certain items have for their use?[/IMG]
  3. thefear511
    03/18/2023 22:30 - permalink
    updated my discord if anyone want to add me.
  4. bigfoot129012
    08/27/2022 06:12 - permalink
    great job on everything you did man
  5. baptiste1717
    07/15/2021 17:20 - permalink
    hello I am looking for a person to help me create my server only for my friends, I do not know too much about computer science thanks to you have the server file I would like to thank youa
  6. iononline
    12/17/2020 10:37 - permalink
    your clip die
  7. ahmedpow
    10/29/2020 03:46 - permalink
    hey u can help me for my server pm me
  8. monnoisl
    06/18/2019 18:58 - permalink
    Hello the fear, can you help me please?

    just for this :

    i need somme help just for selling items type (red potions, consumables drop etc....) in a lua script.
    just work one by one item so i need to sell "the totality of the item (item list) i have in my inventory" in one fonction. If you can help me, thanks.

    i use this:

    potionseclats = { 602001, 602002, 602003, 602004, 602005, 602006, 602007, 602008, 602101, 602102,
    602106, 602201, 602202, 602203, 602204, 602205, 602206, 602207, 602208, 602301, 602302, 602303, 602304, 602305, 602306, 602401, 602402, 602403, 602501 }

    function venteautopotionseteclats()
    local handle = 0
    local vigor_list_count = table.getn( potionseclats )

    for i=1, vigor_list_count do
    handle = get_item_handle_list( potionseclats[i] )
    if handle ~= 0 then
    for y=1, table.getn( handle ) do
    if is_erasable_item( handle[y] ) == 1 then
    price = get_item_price(handle[y]) / 4
    insert_gold( price )
    delete_item(handle[y], 1)
  9. xgelberojamma
    06/09/2019 13:32 - permalink
    hi i have a special question. i like to run rappelz under linux but the problem is the GG. i have looked but i dont find the right PH client i find only a client from the as client. but he use not the GG he use the EasyCheatProtection and its looks thats work maybe for me. and my main question is how i can change inside of this ip adresses that i can run this? i have try it to find with a hexedit maybe a line inside the .exe with an ip or http but the changes dont work it will be nice when you can help me maybe.
  10. guanostarmie
    01/26/2018 22:55 - permalink
    Hi Light, mystogan here it has been long time since we payed together... I guess not good old school servers ATM xD anyway I was wondering in trying to learn how to create a server so I can have fun playing myself in a pve rappels server by changing like quests rewards and stuff making Ng hard but fun xD I just want to know your opinion on how feasible this would be for someone that has not background whatsoever on programming xD with this tutorial do you think I could do it ? XD thanks! Ty

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07:01 - whathappened mentioned thefear511 in post rappelz development-disaster
...dential information on discord again. if i hear someone doing that and i am beeing sent a proof i will start posting these things on your server thread, do i make this clear? thefear511 --going back to original topic: and yeh the game's actually pretty much dead, but people dont want advancement they just want a power creepsing run and then craves for repeata...
12:06 - whathappened mentioned thefear511 in post rappelz development-disaster own benefit --the change quickens the progression of actual project that it already is quick and server runs out of content in maybe 2weeks, as far it just happened in thefear511's castle server --GM's and admins abusing gm tools giving their exclusive buffs etc to support them for easier walkthrough and acting as if player just speculates for that to ...
11:58 - Deleted Posts
10:02 - whathappened mentioned thefear511 in post [Announcing] Castle Rappelz Server 7.2 + --
thefear511 i just find it hilarious seeing posts from people who are literally too lazy to play the class properly or choose illogical solutions as suggestions so they ask for the most i...
10:51 - whathappened mentioned thefear511 in post [Announcing] Castle Rappelz Server 7.2 + --
thefear511 the main thing i've noticed there been few people who wanted their "suggestions" based on just their personal oppinions of what they want to be accepted even though that would...
08:14 - whathappened mentioned thefear511 in post [Announcing] Castle Rappelz Server 7.2 + --
goodluck to your server, how ever this is not the reason i am writing right now thefear511 your discord already have received parasite that abuses RMT'ing everywhere he is going. i will let you find out who that is :) so be quick before he took over your server and ...
21:58 - lKylins mentioned thefear511 in post [Help] Level Pet
... I am new to rappelz emulation. I have never touched the CaptainHerlockServer and would like to increase the max level from 180 to 220. I am in version 9.5.2 ( File from thefear511 ). Ps: I'm French, sorry for my translation.
01:33 - Rozhyar45 mentioned thefear511 in post [Help Thread] Please post your questions here.
I suggest you watch this tutorial by thefear511 to make a fully function server
12:34 - wr4tes mentioned thefear511 in post [Collection Thread] Useful Links of this Section
Name Author Link 9.5.2 Clean Telecaster thefear511 Clean 9.5.2 Telecaster False Name Author Link 9.5.2 Clean Telecaster wr4tes Clean 9.5.2 Telecaster True
03:59 - InkDevil mentioned thefear511 in post [Tutorial] NPC-Contacts
18:53 - ThunderNikk mentioned thefear511 in post [Guide]How to Create 9.4 Server !
...e running on a different computer that is on the same LAN as the server then you should be able to use the LAN address of the server for the IO address in game server .opt thefear511 If this guide is not giving correct examples for the gameserver.opt settings to run local host please correct it. No reason we should have a guide and have the same repeat pro...
23:18 - waahaha mentioned thefear511 in post [for fun] double click to remove this buff ?
thefear511 thanks a lot..could you have the other description of state_time_type? and the how to add Superimposed buff ?
18:24 - Axurits mentioned thefear511 in post [Guide]How to Create 9.4 Server !
...e it on my own, but I didn't know there was such a flag. I didn't check all the table schemas in detail. So now I know that the local flag get this character back. thefear511 I don't know if that will have any impact, but there is a file in your LUAs that is misspelled, there is *hunaholic*, the T is missing. I don't recall which one exactly, I...
10:34 - Axurits mentioned thefear511 in post [Guide]How to Create 9.4 Server !
...and running !!! As usual in IT, the problem lies betweeen the chair and the keyboard.... If you follow the instruction specificly, everything should work. I wanted to thank thefear511 for his tutorial and his help.
20:24 - InkDevil mentioned thefear511 in post [Guide]How to Create 9.4 Server !
...added] Das ist alles, hoffe ich. Ich werde den Thread weiterhin updaten wenn es was neues gibt, und wünsche euch viel Glück! thefear511 Ich übernehme keine Verantwortung für den Inhalt dieses Guides! xD // I do not take responsibility for the content of this guide! xD
14:59 - InkDevil mentioned thefear511 in post [Collection Thread] Useful Links of this Section
...Setup 9.1 Setup 9.4 | thefear511 | [Guide]How to Create 9.4 Server ! Setup-Video 9.4 | ...
20:46 - Deleted Posts
18:49 - RappelzUnited mentioned thefear511 in post help me rdb 9.4
... dll could do that our lua engines can't replicate. Someone upload a 94 item rdb and any current file structure that's out and I will try to make a proper structure for rmod thefear511 fixed the structure in the .lua file but when you load item resource and save it and hash it breaks the character appearance, I didn't try yet so idk if its only some people o...
23:23 - Deleted Posts
10:28 - RappelzUnited mentioned thefear511 in post Mirage 7.2 server | dual language | Official launching
...reatened us yet , wr have strong security and lag immunity from the game . If lag happens it could be 2 things , 1-the host is having pressure 2-your internet is weak thefear511 we dont ask much back not even thanks , yes a small appreciation could be nice but nobody is forced.


22:24 - swordkilic quoted thefear511 in post Nemesis Private Server
[quote=Pagmat;39963086] In my opinion rappelz community has came down to few languages which are (EN&AR&RU) all other languages have no reason not to play in english, those 3 language...
20:36 - Pagmat quoted thefear511 in post Nemesis Private Server
[quote=Pagmat;39963086] In my opinion rappelz community has came down to few languages which are (EN&AR&RU) all other languages have no reason not to play in english, those 3 language...
12:07 - Deleted Posts
05:38 - Pagmat quoted thefear511 in post [Guide]How to Create 9.4 Server !
use Hamachi :-( use Hamachi How to fix this problem on a server? thx Joint attack does not TAB automatically fr Comment reparrer ce souci sur un serveur ? Attaqu...
00:17 - アルカード quoted thefear511 in post Rappelz , mobil rappelz
its called Rappelz the rift. the source code was released a few years ago
23:02 - NemesisEPVP quoted thefear511 in post Nemesis Private Server
Upgrade-able Buffs Blessing book, which will assist you in your journey is this obtained from game or cash shop? Its obtainable in-game via a questline from the starting dungeon. ...
06:46 - doctorxanny quoted thefear511 in post "7.3 " server " AL AKOOP " - publishing
only server with such description is "Tiamat" it was a good 7.2 server mobs drop coins and you can buy anything with that coin, no cash shop. Ist Ihnen aufgefallen, dass Sie immer über ...
14:14 - ThunderNikk quoted thefear511 in post Rappelz Legend 7.2 x1
can you like not expose our emails like that? Agree and removed.
19:44 - old school only quoted thefear511 in post "request" Vanilla 7.2 or 7.1
oh I remember you lmao i really dont remember the the video that you share. but however i do remember some one was flaming in the serve...
20:17 - アルカード quoted thefear511 in post [RELEASE]Super Bee Flying Mount
cool thanks :handsdown:
17:52 - syncallow quoted thefear511 in post [Share] Free Website with donation shop for Private Server
Thank you for your work, it looks nice. the database is pure 9.4 release by revo team. for what you need i suggest going to this thread it has everything you need. Thanks ! I will...
11:16 - al3css quoted thefear511 in post What kind of private server you search for?
allods doesn't need 5k players on it, its very convenient if there's only 100 players. there should be newer community to this game under a new good publisher, without some great chan...
14:29 - doctorxanny quoted thefear511 in post [Request] Rappelz original hard server from gPotato times
I think the reason people still play rappelz its quite simple, the achievement you reach is always recognizable, wither it was a pet or a new rank, r2 r3 r4 etc. one server I played h...
14:26 - Deleted Posts
07:36 - Rappelzianer quoted thefear511 in post [Opening] Viserion Rappelz 9.5.2
I mean what did you expect? tp to horizon field with full gear, potions, pets and all then go pvp? it's part of an mmo to make your own character and customize it to your fitting. good ...
19:33 - Sherock quoted thefear511 in post Proposal for the Future of Rappelz Private Server Community
if this community needed to choke those losers with 1 months servers, then I do support regulating the postings in this forum. LOL, says the one who opened a server scamming players...
10:36 - Sh4doxie quoted thefear511 in post Proposal for the Future of Rappelz Private Server Community
It's always the first few words that people tend to start repeating in their own style, the moment someone starts expressing his disregard, then everyone goes with the flow. All I saw...
21:03 - hassuny quoted thefear511 in post [Release]Animated Wing
you can make the wing animation "flapping" inside blender software and also position the wings height. thanks for your answer, however, would you mind explain the steps to me:confused...
15:34 - yosiemelo quoted thefear511 in post [Help] how to extract Rappelz character animations
yes thats the name stool, nice tool. maybe i understood his request wrong. ofc you do. btw, where server?
21:16 - YamatosDeath quoted thefear511 in post [Help] how to extract Rappelz character animations
Actually there is. Its a galalab tool I found In the source files. nfx something. It can upload the models/meshes/sound effects and animation seperately and you could play the animation...

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