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14:13 - Deleted Posts
20:10 - Blowa mentioned Bejine in post Question about Sources
...settings only, they keep using the same code) - Broken Quests system since NosWings brought the Quests system to OpenNos, we know that we have done it the wrong way thanks to Bejine knowledge - Broken timespace system and raid system, even thought people think it's "ok", it's far away from being a high quality gameplay, all the features are still the same...
00:16 - iArtrix mentioned Bejine in post [GER/EN] NosTale Chit-Chat Map (All 3D Models) exported with script made by Bejine and rendered by me
20:35 - WalrossGreat mentioned Bejine in post [BOT] NosBota by WarlossGreat
15:26 - Cryless~ mentioned Bejine in post [GER/EN] NosTale Chit-Chat
... people saying 'I can leak it' or 'He leeched from ernilos' when ernilos was using a pattern scan to figure out the vertices position. The only person who helped me was Bejine as said here . I do not have to justify with anyone so feel free believing what you want.
15:04 - FI0w mentioned Bejine in post [GER/EN] Client Modding
...99FF 12 - #00A8B6FF 13 - #0099D0FF 14 - #2897F1FF 15 - #329DFFFF 16 - #689AFFFF 17 - #819EFFFF 18 - #9788FFFF 19 - #B07EFFFF 20 - #C874FFFF Thanks Bejine Go to miniland Open CheatEngine Put "Value Type" = Byte Put Value 0, First Scan Click Miniland Install, Put Value 1, Next Scan Click Miniland Install (so no install), Pu...
23:41 - Pumba98 mentioned Bejine in post OnexExplorer - Client Modding Tool It's not my project, but i'll try to extend and improve it in my fork Big Thanks to WalrossGreat, Bejine and the rest of the OnexTale Team (dont know who you are on epvp, sorry :handsdown: ) who started the project and already implemented a huge amount of the Nostale Archives! ...
17:26 - Cryless~ mentioned Bejine in post Is it risky to record the cursor and repeat that pattern?
...oc_53146F, &savedregs); __writefsdword(0, v18); sub_4777D4(); } v16 = v23; __writefsdword(0, v21); v23 = (int *)&loc_5314A0; return sub_405128(v16, 3); } Bejine It is not always +60. It does depend by v6 which a time was increased by input. I have no reason to lie. *(_DWORD *)(v30 + 12) += 60000 * v6; *(_DWORD *)(v30 + 8) += 60 * v6...
17:25 - Deleted Posts
18:18 - NT Z0ltar mentioned Bejine in post Monsters parsing and stat calculations
...lues of petinfo go into the calculation only if the monster is a pet/partner, I do not have all the information yet so I will not give them for the moment. ETCVal1 (thanks Bejine): if ETCVal1 < 0 : Monsters don't show their information if (ETCVal1 & 1) > 0 : Monsters can't move if (ETCVal1 & 2) > 0 : Monsters can collect (like Ice flower) if (ETCV...
13:28 - Cryless~ mentioned Bejine in post [OpenNos] Blowa/NosWings source code
...e widely used examples. GPL was the first copyleft license for general use. File dropper -SNIP- The package also contains few tools from Ciapa1, some public tools from Bejine and maybe someone else but both the Launcher and the OpenNos source are guaranteed to be from NosWings (October 2017). I take this opportunity to say that the files come from ...
21:30 - CapitanoKidd mentioned Bejine in post [Release][v2.0] NosUnpack
Hey, any news ? hoping that everything is going well :) Bejine
12:31 - @LRevolution mentioned Bejine in post Was the quest loop patched on all servers?
Dude, that exploit was fixed like 6 months ago. Bejine any news on that client modding software you're working on ?
18:17 - @LRevolution mentioned Bejine in post [Help]Import Files to a .NOS file
..., modify the images with Nimage and repack with NosPack but it takes an awful lot of time. (About 3 hours to make a berserker recolor, not counting photoshop time) Hopefully Bejine said he/she is working on something..
19:37 - Pumba98 mentioned Bejine in post [NoC] NosTale Clientless Bot ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ein großes Dankeschön geht an dieser Stelle an Bejine: File Unpack SystemX64™: Client Cryptography ゆうじ: Ausführliches Testen und Unterstützen und natürlich an alle anderen die f...
10:09 - @LRevolution mentioned Bejine in post [Release][v2.0] NosUnpack
Bejine any update on this ? or is this dead ?
14:22 - TheWarrior01 mentioned Bejine in post [Release][v2.0] NosUnpack
Does somebody know the filename for Emojis, like the profilpicture of Bejine
18:48 - iArtrix mentioned Bejine in post [GER/EN] NosTale Chit-Chat Simple 'map editor', right now only with existing NosTale objects. Sometimes it doesn't read rotation well Cinema4D sucks... Bejine made .fnm->bin->client and I made cinema4d xml->.fnm. .fnm is simple map configuration text file. [map]=25005 //map id^ [bg]=2bbcef //color of the sky^ [0][id]=1677765...
14:51 - Dracula# mentioned Bejine in post [Release][v2.0] NosUnpack
Bejine tell me your skype
19:23 - Bombasticx3 mentioned Bejine in post Decompile NStcData.NOS
Frag mal Bejine Vielleicht kann er dir mit NosUnpack da weiterhelfen :)


14:13 - Deleted Posts
08:02 - Zarion' quoted Bejine in post [How To] What files are being used?
NStu - map changes, like placing snowmen NStp - for texture changes, even if snow textures are reused from other parts, map shadows still have to be changed NStc - grid for walkabl...
01:44 - XV50 quoted Bejine in post [NosTale] DynZen - Non Emu Private Server Now Live!
I can - it's definitely official files. Yup, just tested it. World Server is stuck atm i suppose, cannot connect to it. Login Server works fine. Edit: Please add a "Remember me" Bu...
07:54 - sd5986 quoted Bejine in post [Release] NosPlacer - A NosTale Map Editor
Because it's not used since end of 2010. And actually I have, but as a compile time condition and I'm not even sure it still works. Pumba's fork of OnexExplorer has a functional...
19:57 - Apourtartt quoted Bejine in post How to manage Nostale map
that's not true, ID can be anything (as long as its unique, and i think it also needs to be sorted), it doesn't have to be continuous from 0. You are right, but if I go into detai...
20:40 - VSalu quoted Bejine in post [Official] Eastmile Server
It's not bad client optimization, you're literally telling the client to work as hard as it possibly can and render as many frames as it can with that "unlock FPS" option. I'm talki...
17:19 - FI0w quoted Bejine in post [GER/EN] NosTale Chit-Chat
21:52 - ManuLeLe quoted Bejine in post How to turn off rendering
Client less bots. Bots dont use nostale.ece to connect to server. Make own client Clearly you did not understand what I asked for. Make TGameRootWidget not visible. Find a byt...
20:32 - [Ahri] quoted Bejine in post [Official International] NosAdvanced Open!
I'm not judging your server or anything, but that argument is invalid. People who like the server will stay on the discord and praise it, while people who did not like it, will simpl...
15:55 - romdrak quoted Bejine in post How to turn off rendering
Make TGameRootWidget not visible. Find a byte value of on/off for P window widget, get the address, subtract 0x10, enter that new address and add 0x18, and here you go, you have the...
10:05 - Hatz~ quoted Bejine in post Old windows gui
you have to have /platforms/qwindows.dll and /styles/qwindowsvistastyle.dll and they have to be where the executable is (so .exe and 2 folders in the same place, and the 2 dlls in th...
13:34 - Deleted Posts
02:13 - Pepsiscopezz quoted Bejine in post ¿Join the same instant combat whit all my accounts?
Stay in the same map, X and Y to even further increase the chances. This doesnt increase your chances but it does make every character spawn in the same x/y of the IC
14:30 - g3stapo quoted Bejine in post Rift
It is a new map. The fact I didn't import custom models doesn't mean it's not a new map made from scratch. I can say the same about you, you just replaced the floor object with a who...
10:09 - g3stapo quoted Bejine in post Rift
First? 2016
00:12 - Limoo quoted Bejine in post How to know the faction of the players on the map
There actually is a value in `in` packet. OpenNos is a shitty source of information, just go into a4 and take packets of angels and demons and compare them. It's more of "is in your ...
12:53 - Blomex quoted Bejine in post [Release] DPS Counter
It's based on your level, so it's not like that always. Unless they changed something, it should be more or less this: activationPoints = dmgDealt/(lvl*2) (idk if the dmg is reset af...
17:43 - Roxeez quoted Bejine in post [OPEN SOURCE] Moonlight
Why the name "Moonlight"? Idk :lul:
13:58 - Kravos quoted Bejine in post [OPEN SOURCE] Moonlight
Why the name "Moonlight"? French Romance.
19:46 - bubskixd quoted Bejine in post Damage meter?
This meter you showed is my DMG Meter that got leaked (stolen, actually) from a person that was permitted to use it (or the screenshot comes from the authorized person, idk). Just so...

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