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RF-ONLINE Starter-Guide

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Here a short but i think good guide for the beginners:
Hier ein kurzer aber ich denke guter guide für alle Anfänger - gehört Valo auch zu seit neuestem:

It seems it is my pleasure to do the first RF online guide, and im going to try and keep this one short so that anyone who just hopped in the beta (like i did) can go here and find all the basic info on characters, force, skills, weapons, races, classes, etc., that they need, without having to read for 2 hours (like i did). So here it goes.

1. Interface and Movement:
This is all explained very simply in the tutorial that i suggest you do, even though it's so dumbed down that it may possibly irritate you (they butchered it). There are a few things they left out that you might want to know, primarily so you dont look like a complete noob asking everyone how to chat.

A. How to talk in "Map": Put /Map (CAPITOL "M"&#33 before your sentence. The main chat channel is Map, and contacts everyone in the entire map (press m to see the extent) as long as they have it enabled.
B. How to PM: You can Private Message someone by using /"their name" (remember to use correct capitolisation) then type your message.
C. How to sit down: Press c, click the arrow tab, put the emote for sit down and stand up in your skill bar.
D. How to use the skill bar with just numbers and not F-keys: Press \. This will toggle between F1-10 and 1-0 for activation of skills on your toolbar. I like numbers, they activate faster for some reason.
(Will add more to this area as i run accross stuff people constantly ask about)

2. Race:
Race is more than just what it seems. The race you choose is the side of the war you are on. Think starcraft. Zerg, Terran, and Protoss were enemies. The 3 races are these:

Cora: Basicly the spellcasters. They are well versed in Force (no not THE force you swg nerds ) but RF Online leaves you open to any class and most weapons. They cannot use Mechs (think Mech Warrior). High level Cora can become Summoners, which allows them to summon compainions that are either close range fighters, ranged force spellcasters, healers, or support buffers. Naturally you would use these summons to compliment yourself or your team. For example, a Cora Spiritualist that uses lots of force would want a close range fighter to tank enemies, or a team with lots of warriors would need a healer and a buffer (or 5).

Accretia: (pulled most of this info off of another site, ive yet to play them.)
The Accretians are the android race and so they cannot use magic (apparently for their absence of spiritual power). One of the special features of Accretia is after lv15 where they can use rocket launchers to attack. (This is what i heard) Because the fire arrows that are used in rocket launchers are quite heavy so they only mainly get utilized later in the game and apparently only some classes can equip them. The fire power of rocket launcers excel those of normal firearms, which makes it accretia's speciality, however, the delay time is longer, but they look cool and you can equip different types of "bullets" (mainly different elements). And if you're worrying about the delay time of the rocket launchers, accretians have measures to counter that, you can attach a kind of "placement" device (i think) , but when you use it, you cant' move but it will decrease the delay time. So if you like long range rocket launchers then chose accretia (lol), i think they have increased HP compared to the other races too.

Bellato: Oh god the hybrid class, kill yourself now (j/k). Besides being able to use magic, bellato can use different types of "holy" magic as buffs and support (ie. the increase HP/MP regen spell), bellato is the only race amongst the 3 than utilizes both machinery and magic. After level 30, bellato can job change into the pilot class and pilot a mech and use it for battle. Most mech have about 110,000 HP, however, you can't replenish this HP in battle, the only thing you can do is return to the city after the battle and repair it, 110,000 HP is a lot so expect it to take a bit of money, another problem with mechs is they they move really really slow.

3. Classes:
The main difference between classes is the HP and MP gained per level up. There may or may not be slight differences in damages from types of weapons, but if there are we cant tell. =\

Warriors : rely on vitality as their basis for fighting, they mainly use close ranged weapons for their attack. The weapons they can use are only closed range and they can use armour/sheilds with high defense. Also, they are more specialized in close ranged attacks (ie. their attack power may be greater), another speciality of warriors is they can use all of the close ranged attack skills.

Rangers : They have improved concentration and agility to have the power to attack from a distance. They are mainly equipped with long ranged weapons, and they use their high attack speed to attack enemies. They mainly use light armours, and apart from being able to use all the long ranged skills, another speciality of rangers is they can use various arrows and ranged weapons as the means for their attack.

Spiritualists : they use their high intelligence as the basis for their attack. Besides the Accretian Empire, ther other races (Cora, Bellato) can use magic. Compared to other jobs/builds, they have greater skill/ability power, they use their magic staffs/rods for weapons to increase their magic power, the equipment they wear has the same ability to increase their magic power as well.

Specialists : they are catagorized as warriors, however there are specialized skills that come with this class/job/build. They are a mining, crafting, creating kind of class, the type of specialist varys within each race and each specialist has his/her different areas/levels of ability.

4. Leveling System:
RF has a very unique leveling system. It consists of two parts, the regular level of your character and the more complex leveling of skills, abilities and force spells (as well as any race specific stuff such as summons.)

A. Character level is fairly straight foreward. You get 1 exp per damage you deal to a creature and a moderate ammount (usually about 1/3rd the monsters total hp) for the deathblow. So a 1000 hp monster will give you around 1300 exp. The damage part of the exp is personal, so if you're in a group and you do 150 damage, you get 150 exp and no one else. The deathblow, however, is given to the whole team, so if you're in a group and you do no damage you'll still get the 300 exp.

B. Skill and ability level is very strange, and im not sure if i even fully understand it myself. When you use skills (say, i cast Lightning Ball on a stinkbug) it gives you 1 skill point exp in that skill. If you press f you'll see how much % exp your skill has gained. It also gives a percent to your basic force ability level (press c, it's under the second list). This works the same for just about everything else. There seems to be no way to tell how much exp each skill has left till next level, only the % is availible.

To level up your skills, just keep on using them. Some skills will only gain experience in combat. Support skills/buffs will usually gain experience when you're allow to use it again.

To learn new skills: For melee and range skills, you gotta keep on using your melee/range skills until you reach 30pts total. This will unlock the 2nd column skills. For Magic/Mage skills, you can buy Force Orbs from the mage npc in town. The price varies from 52k to 60k for the weaker spells.

5. Weapons:
Weapons are fairly straight foreward. All melee weapons do melee damage and the skills usuable with them are listed on the skill info page. I find 2h Swords and Spears to do the best damage. You HAVE to use a staff when you cast Force abilties. I tend to have a high magic damage staff and a high regular damage sword in my toolbar and switch between them when i need to cast. Ranged weapons do medium damage, and require arrows/bullets. I suggest not using them unless you're a ranger.

Here's some misc questions and answers that might be helpful (they were for me)

What are the "stars" on the monsters?
When players click on a monster, they will see a kind of ranking next to the monsters name. This ranking represents the relationship between the player's level and the monster's level. For example, if the player is level 15, if he/she sees a monster that is also level 15, the ranking will show two stars or lights. If he/she sees a level 16 monster, it will show 3 stars. The higher the number of stars, the higher the level of the monster, it can help the player to choose which monsters to level on.

1 star monster is -1~-3 levels from the player
2 stars monster is the same level
3 stars 1 level above the player
4 stars 2 levels above the player
5 stars 3 " "
6 stars 4 " "
7 stars 5+ " "

What is the green line near where it shows the level of my character and its exp?
Many players ask what the green under the set of yellow exp bars is. That line shows the percentage of 1/10 of your exp. The yellow bars above represent your exp in total (100%) each bar shows 10%. The green line shows the percentage of one yellow bar.

Just how strong are those guard towers?
The guard towers are the things that protect cities, 60s mining area and other places which belong to your own race. To be frank, the are not strong at all. Players that are lv35-40 can just absorb their attacks and run past them. These towers only serve as protectors in the early stages of the game, but against players that have high defense, or are high in level or against mechs, they are pretty useless.

Do guard towers automatically attack monsters?
If the monster is standing next to the player and not being agressive towards the player, the guard tower will not attack it. It will only attack monsters that are on "agressive" mode.

When guard towers kill monsters, will the monsters still drop items?
This depends on the case and the answer is pretty much unknown. Most players that hit the monster until it has 1/2 of its HP left say that it does drop items, however, some players that only hit the monster past 1/3 of its Hp are also seen to get monster drops. So the answer is pretty much unknown, however it is certain that if the guard tower attacks the monster without the monster being hit once by players, then no items will drop.

How come when i die i lose 2X%? How much exp is supposed to be lost?
When a player gets killed by a monster, exp will be lost as a penalty for dying. The specific amount is pretty much unknown too, sometimes you lose a lot, sometimes you lose none at all, there has been a rumour that once, some guy lost 40% in 1 go, so all i can tell you is to becareful =__=. Some say that the higher level the monster you attempt to kill, but die, the higher the penalty is (but i disagree). Another weird thing is when i lag and i am just getting hit by a monster but not intiating any commands to hit it or to drink pots, i don't lost any exp, or nothing noticable at least. weird eh?

About Pvp, RvRvR

Pvp is hard in RF, it is not really a 1 on 1 game, in other words, it is not on the micro level, it is more focused on the macro level, working as a race, not as individuals, i say this because 1 on 1 is kinda pointless, the differences between the level is great so the only "fair" chance of a fight would be if you are the same class and level and it usually takes about 5 guys to take down one guy. It is more focused on the Race vs. Race vs Race concept, taking over the core mine (which is very essential), because it affects your money gain, potions later in the game become really expensive, so you'll need funding to level, without it you cant' really level, so i can't stress how important being able to mine in the core is (especially for bellato, if you can't core mine, where are you going to find all that money for your mech!?!, lol).

Gaining money/weapons

MINE, just MINE. its the best method of income in the game, it best monster drops by far. So i will stress again the importance of core mining. About weaponry and equipment, you can purchase them from NPCs up until you are level 30, then you will have to rely on finding weapons from monsters, so keep this in mind. Spells are not gained as you level up, they have to be bought, so having enough money is crucial to the strenght of your character (sounds obvious, i know). The earlier you get them, the better, because the more you use them the more they level up.

Good Luck allen - viel Glück allen !

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Good guide, ty

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nice,, very very helped for me,,,
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haha nc guide good for begginers
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Cool asking

ser how can i create another layer of skil bar?????

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