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DOFUS Starter Guide

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Well i collected all this informations from
I just wanted to get all usefull stuff together in one post so visit the forum! very useful

Well! It really all depends on what kind of character you like. Each account can have up to 5 characters. You can as many accounts as you have e-mail addresses.

A note:
Each class has 20 skills.
You get 1 skill point per level.
It is possible to "level" each skill up to 5 times.
It costs 1 point to get a skill from level 1 to level 2.
It costs 2 points to get a skill from level 2 to level 3.
It costs 3 points to get a skill from level 3 to level 4.
It costs 4 points to get a skill from level 4 to level 5.
You get new skills at levels: 3, 6, 9, 13, 17, 21, 26, 31, 36, 42, 48, 54, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100

Sadidas - Their skills primarily involve enfeebling your opponent or disallowing him from hitting you. They can lay trees down, trees that block movement as well as obstruct vision, so ranged attackers won't be able to see you for targetting. They can also lay plants down--plants that, while they don't block the enemy, will attack enemies. Some later plants can attack multiple enemies, too.

On the enfeeblement part, Sadidas can summon dolls. These dolls not only block enemies from attacking you, but they also can passively cast spells that enfeeble opponents, spells that lower enemy attack range/success percentages/movement range. Some dolls are somewhat like mobile "bombs;" they can move around and explode.

At lower levels, Sadidas can summon (uncontrollable) dolls that lower enemy AP. They also have very powerful direct damage skills. They do not get their blocking spells until later.

Osamoda - These hold true to the "Summoner" ethic. They can summon different units with different specialties, be it tanking, attacking, stalling, et cetera. In addition to this, Osamodas also get skills that increase their summons' abilities (adding HP/AP/damage/etc). They also get a unique ability--Whip--which deals MASSIVE damage to either their or other users' summons.

Each summon (and there are several) does different things. Because of how limited your total skill points are, you should go over them and specialize which ones you want to use as well as which buffs you want.

At lower levels, Osamodas can summon (very intelligent, but uncontrollable) Tofu and Gobballs and can buff them to a limited degree. Osamodas can both summon AND attack--this makes them completely dominate at lower levels. However, fighting midbie monsters they tend to be overmatched as midbie monsters can kill their summons in 1 hit.

Enutrof - These guys are a mixed bag. They have attack abilities with MASSIVE range, but don't deal much damage. They have enfeebling spells. They have summons. They have direct damage spells. They have buffs.

Enutrof spells are really odd. They have a spell that makes a unit lose a turn--but heals that same unit for lots of HP. They have attack spells that don't require line of sight. They can cloak themselves for a few rounds. They have a spell that deals incredible damage to summons. Think of Enutrofs as jacks of all trades, only their "jack" is really a "10," because their skills lack compared to others.

At lower levels, Enutrofs not only get more items and rarer drops than other classes do, they get a LOT more drops and rare items than other classes do. True, they aren't the best in combat, but if you're working with in a party, grouped, someone in your group may possibly want one of the drops you get (and you'll likely have spares). They have very few damaging spells at low level.

Sram - The only term for Sram is "Assassin." They specialize in traps--they can lay these traps to either harm or enfeeble an enemy, or both. But these traps aren't limited to just one square, no! Some traps have a few squares' worth of effect. And on top of that, they can even create doubles of themselves to trigger said traps. Deadly.

An ability that should be mentioned is the Sram's ability to cloak itself (and others). This is useful, yes. Srams also get "buffing" spells--spells that affect their strengths as well as their weaknesses; buffs that add Strength, buffs that add chance to Critical Hit. They can also knock an enemy backward, useful in fending enemies off/knocking them into traps. They have direct damage skills, but they aren't overly powerful. They have only one ranged skill and it's woefully weak.

At lower levels, Srams get limited traps (think Sapper mines), decent long-range attack and a spell that not only hurts the enemy but makes them stronger (adds STR/AGI) at the some time. However... Srams generally tend to be on the weak side, despite their abilities. I have yet to see a Sram that impresses me.

Xelor - Rather than fighting his enemy, the Xelor can make his enemy unable to fight him. Xelor abilities generally deal with ACTION POINTS. Their spells increase, decrease, extend AP. They also have spells that increase resistance toward AP-draining skills. As all classes do, Xelors also have direct damage skills.

Beyond AP-affecting abilities, the Xelor has 3 interesting abilities:
Teleportation--the ability to move further than their movement points
Counter--the ability to RETURN damage to enemies
Mummification--the ability to turn into a mummy, which increases melee damage as well as protects against enfeebling spells.

At lower levels, Xelors lack. Their -AP skills can be useful, but they're highly based on luck. Their attacks also tend to be a bit weak. They can't solo worth their lives, but they're decent in PVM. However, Cras also get -AP skills that can hurt the enemy as well... and they can do it from further.

Ecaflip - Like gambling? Ecaflip should be your class. Ecaflip abilities primarily revolve around chance--although they do have a few static abilities. I understand this isn't a great description, so I'll clarify: Most Ecaflip abilities both deal damage and heal HP. But their abilities don't just affect one target--their abilities can affect all targets. With abilities such as Roulette, which can deal AP USED * 4 HP damage to ALL players/monsters in the battle field as well as ALL OR NOTHING, which deals massive damage (or heals massive damage) to all players/monsters, Ecaflip skills are mostly unreliable.

Where Ecaflips shine is in their inherent abilities. The ability CLOVER adds a passive addition to your critical hit rate. The ability REFLEX adds a passive MASSIVE addition to your Agility. Feline's Leap (technically) adds movement range. They can also detect cloaked units/traps.

I have only partied with 1 Ecaflip: Loki, the GM. He had an amazing ability, All or Nothing, that affected all units on the map and dealt incredible damage--unfortunately to our side, too. It did kill off the enemies, but at a great price--half of our allies. Of course, you don't lose anything if you die so long as your party wins, but still...

Eniripsa - White Mages wouldn't describe these guys accurately--they're more Dungeons-and-Dragons esque Clerics. They can dispell maladies, use Words of Harm to attack enemies (as well as push back on the grid), cast limited PROTECT spells, increase AP of allies, lower the AP of enemies.

Eniripsa are USEFUL. They keep parties alive with their healing abilities. They can heal single, can heal en masse, whatever. They can even turn invisible, temporarily. They have an enfeebling skill worth noting: They can stop opponents from moving altogether (but not from acting&#33. But most of Eniripsa's skills revolve around healing, be it regenerating, temporarily adding max HP, draining HP from enemies, et cetera.

At lower levels, Eniripsa heal is vital. They can even solo to a limited degree, provided you have patience that would make God jealous. Later on, Eniripsa Heal becomes weaker and weaker relative to player HP, but they also get +AP skills. If you get lucky, you can get +2AP, allowing you to heal twice, so your heal is decent again.

Iop - You want something dead? Use an Iop. Their skills HURT. They're naturally strong abilities but they get even STRONGER with buffs they can cast. Iop skills revolve around increasing Strength and damage. But don't get confused, they're not entirely attack-based; they have a passive VITALITY boost skill, too.

Iops are more than capable than dealing the highest damage in Dofus. With skills like Power (adds up to 70% damage), Increase (adds up to 7 damage), Mutilation (adds 40 damage, costs 20 hp), Bravery (increases ally damage--including self--by up to 6), all of which are stackable, Iops are nothing if not to be feared. Their direct damage skills are also powerful as well, elemental based. If you enjoyed being an EDUer in SG, you should become an Iop in Dofus.

At lower levels, Iops dominate. At later levels, Iops dominate. Pair them with a healer and you'll have a gay old time. They can deal incredible damage and even tank decently well, too.

Cra - Picture Cras as little imps picking away at you from afar. While their skills aren't too harmful, they can fire at you from a long distance and wear you down. But they aren't limited to solely damaging attacks, no. Cras are resourceful. They keep their opponent where they want them--AWAY.

Cras have abilities that not only attack enemies but can push them back a tile or two, too. They have abilities that can keep a unit from moving. They have passives that increase their range, damage and critical rate. They have abilities that drain life from enemies.

In essence, Cras aren't really Archers, but are Rangers. They pick you off with bows and use their spells to eliminate you. If you can get your hands on one, defeat it quickly.

At lower levels, Cras are powerful. They can kite enemies to a limited degree. They also have skills that lower enemy AP, rendering Xelors almost obsolete. On top of that, they have an AoE line flame attack called BURNING ARROW. Tremendously useful, a great class to have.

Feca - While a defensive class, Fecas are NOT the best of tanks. Feca abilities are those which defend itself (and others). They don't defend by a few points here or there, no--they defend by a LOT. With passives that reduce total damage received, actives that reduce damage, actives that REPEL damage, Fecas require much to be taken down--but still aren't the best tanks.

The greatest Feca skill is called IMMUNITY. It allows the Feca (or anyone the spell is cast on) to become fully immune to any damage. This does not mean they can't be enfeebled, it just means they can't be harmed at all. Think of it as Neutron Shield. Another ability REFLECTS spells cast at the Feca.

Assuming all goes well, the Feca has plenty of AP and MP, Fecas are invincible. However, if one thing were to go wrong for them, if a spell were to fail... they'd be in for hell.

At lower levels, raising Fecas is punishment. It's so hard--why would you want to use a skill that takes LESS damage when an Eniripsa can use another skill that can heal all the damage dealt? It seems an exercise in futility. However, they really shine at lower levels. They do have a 6 range skill at low levels though, it's somewhat decent.

Sacrier - Only by accruing damage, by receiving pain can Sacrier excel. Sacrier abilities smartly assume that the Sacrier is going to be harmed. Their abilities trigger when attacked successfully--and they're passive. They can get boosts to Strength, Agility, Chance, you name it.

They're not total abuse whores, though. They can summon a sword to fly around and attack enemies and they even have a limited heal. They have abilities that can change place (&#33 with another party member and even have an ability that can pull an enemy toward them. A useful passive for them is Evasion--being able to dodge attacks by stepping back 1 tile.

At lower levels, Sacriers are meat shields. They get 2 points in Vitality for every point you put in it. So at level 10, Sacriers can have 100 Vitality. That's 142 life--which is amazing. They can't deal much damage unless they use their abuse skills, though... but at lower levels, a tank is truly needed and only Sacrier can suffice.

Stats in Dofus.
Keep in mind that, depending on your class, some stats may cost more per level to increase than other stats. You get stat points to distribute as you level.

Increases your weight capacity so you can carry more. This stat raises Earth and Neutral affinity.

Increases both Fire and Earth damage on spells and attack. Every class has an attack TYPE.

This boosts Water damage (well, Water is really only for Enutrof spells), but it also passively increases Prospection, which is what enables better drops.

Agility increases AIR affinity as well as increases your ability to dodge physical attacks.

This ability increases the amount of EXP you get at the end of battle (!&#33. Sounds useful, but it really isn't. It does allow you to dodge (mostly enfeebling) spells, though.

This only increases your HP. Sounds useless, but nothing else increases life, so everyone should have some lest you want to be paper.

Some people whore this stat and for good cause: It adds to all element affinities, your alignment, your turn in battle.

This stat determines the quality (and quantity) of your drops from monsters. Every 10 points in chance gives you 1 more Prospection point. Most everyone begins with 100 Prospection--but Enutrofs start with 120 Prospection.


How does Prospection (the drop system) work?
After a won battle, every character will get EXP/Spoils regardless of whether you lived or died.
Every monster has a set drop table.
You get spoils from every monster killed.
It doesn't matter who kills the mob last--all that matters is that the mob died.
What you get is based on a random roll.
With higher prospection, you not only get better drops but you get a higher quantity of them.
So, Enutrofs can not only get better drops, they get more of them.

What happens when you die?
When you die, you lose Energy. Normally, when you die you respawn at the exit of the tutorial place. Once your Energy gets low enough, though, you have to find a NPC/Special Spring who will regenerate you. Not much is known at this point 'cuz we don't die too often. Well, I do, but that's 'cuz I play for the team.

If you die in battle but your team wins, you don't lose any Energy.

How do I start a battle? How do I party?
To start a battle, find a mob wandering around the map and leftclick it.
To join a battle, leftclick on the sword marking where a started battle is. When you're close enough, click the sword and click Join.
When the battle begins, you have only 40 seconds for all persons join.
You also only have 40 seconds to kick those unwanted from your battle.
So, partying is kind of like filtering--kicking all those you don't want in your battle out.
Use the /kick NAME command to remove an unwanted person.


Collecting ressources :
- mining (ore + gems)( -1, 5)
- logger (wood) (4, 8)
- peasant ( cereal + flour) (5, 6)
- alchemist ( flowers & crafting also)
- fisher
- hunter ( meat)

Crafting food : (to restore life or energy)
- baker (bread)
- alchemist (potions)
- butcher (prepare meat)
- Fishmonger (prepare fish)

crafting weapons :
- swords
- hammers
- shovels
- daggers
- staves
- axes
- bows
- wands

others crafters :
- shoe-makers
- tailor
- jeweller (0, 2)

Magical Weapons crafter :
same list as weapons crafter but you must reach lvl 65 in hammer for ex, in oder to specialize in Magical hammer crafting.

GIULDALOGEM - this is what we need to make a guild.


Class Temples
Enripsa (7,1)
Osamoda (8,2)
Feca (12,5)
Sadida (-1,8)
Xelor (3,1)
Enutrof (-1,-4)
Ecaflip (1,-5)
Sram (-4,0)
Iop (1,3)
Cra (0,3)
Sacrier (-2,-8)

Job Locations
Mori Arty (9,-4) - Seems to be some sort of thief
Uba Tesse (7,2) - Alchemy Start See him to get Parchment of Recommendation for alchemy training. Then go see Boff Chalon
Boff Chalon (-2,-2) - See him to get Parchment of Recommendation for alchemy training. Then go see ???
Farle Ingalsse (5,6) - Farmer
Harrys Cob (4,13) - Baker
Abely Bobeule (3,12) - Carver (Bow, Wand, Staff)
Musa (1,18) - Hunter (by the tree in the middle of the map)
Mer (15,25) - Pay him 100k in order to get a Fishing Rod for Dink. It is temporary, but you need it to fish in the pond at (15,25).
Roupi Chipon (14,26) - See him to become a Fishmonger. (These are the guys who chop up fish.)

(-3,-4) - gold/bauxite
(-2,4) - iron/copper/bronze/tin/kobalite
(0,-3) - iron/tin
(2,17) - ??? (has a lvl requirement)
(1,32) - iron/copper/bronze/tin/kobalite
(4,28) - iron/silver
(5,19) - iron/copper/bronze/kobalite/manganese/silver
(10,11) - ??? (has a lvl requirement)

Hemp - (0,24), (2,23), (2,25), (3,24), (5,28)
Corn - (0,24), (1,23), (1,28), (2,23), (2,25)(3,23), (3,24), (11,6)
Hop - (0,24), (2,23), (2,24), (3,24), (3,28)
Flax - (0,24), (0,25), (1,25), (4,28), (4,26), (3,24)
Five Leaf Clover - (1,5), (2,6), (3,5), (1,16), (1,30), (2,11), (3,27), (5,10)
Barley - (1,24), (3,25), (3,24), (8,8), (9,8)
Oats - (3,26)
Malt - (3,27), (10,7)
Rye - (4,27)
Wild Mint - (-3,9), (-2,9), (1,16)
Edelweiss - (-3,9), (-2,9)

Yew - (-3,10), (-2,10), (1,32)
Charm - (0,33), (8,30)
Maple - (-1,32), (0,32), (3,23), (4,22), (5,29), (6,30), (8,31), (13,20)
Eboy - (-1,33), (8,30),
Oak - (2,31), (3,22), (5,18), (5,29), (6,29), (10,9)
Ash - (2,9), (4,29), (5,30), (5,29), (6,28), (8,29), (8,30), (9,29), (10,29), (13,20)
Walnut - (3,22), (4,30), (5,18), (5,29), (6,28), (6,29), (6,30), (7,30), (8,30), (9,30), (11,9)
Chestnut - (1,30), (2,30), (3,23), (3,30), (4,30), (5,29), (5,30), (6,30), (13,20), (14,19), (14,20)
Wild Cherry Tree - (2,15) (one in center, one in very top right corner), (6,15), (6,30), (9,21), (10,29)
Elm - 4,16 by way of 3,18

Remember, gatherers NEED to explore, since all the n00bs are farming the areas closeby. If u wanna lvl fast, u gotta find the places where no one is yet.

Oshimo (9,21) has some information about pets and a medicine for them.

Ely Woullack (2,1) - 100 Tofu Feathers for ???
Keck Auprune (2,0) - 100 Blue Larvae Skins for 1 Parchment of Strength
- 5 Diamonds for 1 Parchment of Spell
Ronsha (1,-2) - 80 Prespic Peaks for 1 Parchment of Strength
Ali Akelle (2,-2) - 80 Arachnee's Legs for ???
Heul Leise (8,-2) - 70 Prespic Peaks, 75 Crab Pincers, and 40 Ribs for 1 Great Parchment of Strength
Max (8,-2) - 70 Acorns and 70 Diabolic Dandelion Tongues for 1 Parchment of Agility
Hourax Hippie (12,-1) - 25 Mint Jellies for 1 Blue Precious Stone(sapphire?)
Zeurg (8,2) - 100 Horns of Gobballs for 1 Parchment of Wisdom (You can also buy a Hammer Smith Hammer here)
Elya Wood (7,1) - 100 Belts of Chance for 1 Parchment of Intelligence
- 1 Mushroom for 1 Wand Slasher(enables carving wands if that's your profession)
Lanseuft of Troille (-2,14) - 90 Mushrooms, 75 Sunflower Seeds, 60 Hemp Seeds and 200 Mosquito Wings (Also talk to him in order to go into a labryinth. I'm sure there are some good mobs/drops/xp in there)
Girl Pylote (-1,8) - No idea what she's for
Eowine Fiole (0,5) - 50 Blue Larvae Skins, 40 Orange Larvae Skins, and 40 Green Larvae Skins
Loopine (2,17) - 70 Acorns for 1 Parchment of Agility
Otho Laringo (-2,-3) - 70Prespic Peakcs and 70 Crab Pincers for 1 Parchment of Strenght
- 75Prespic Peakcs, 75 Crab Pincers, and 30 Flints for 1 Strong Parchment of Strenght
Jimmy Rasta (10,6) - 80 Mushrooms and 60 Sunflower Seeds for 1 Parchment of Wisdom

Resource Exchange
Charlotte (1,-1) - 1 Wheat Flour for 1 Linen String
Simgood le Marin (8,-4) - 3 Crab Pincers for 1 Poppy Seeds
Karim Katekit (10,1) - 5 Hazels for 1 Captain Chafer's Thighbone
(also, he says shout "Os Court" and Karim will show up. Haven't quite figured this out yet)
Correct order to answer for Karim is "of the crime? / The rescuer / Dive in to rescue you / His tactic is to attack? / Ranger of the risk" in that order
Harrys Cob (4,13) - 1 Carrot for 1 Salt Satchet
Epuop Tik (-1,8) - ? Goball Leather for 1 Staff Slasher (or you can buy it for 150k)
Allen Dechakal (0,-1) - 1 Mint Jelly for 1 White Flour
Kwaker Vans (0,-1) - 1Captain Chafer's Thighbone for 1 Wholemeal Flour
Also in the resource exchange column add Allen Dechekal at 0, -1 who give white flour for mint jelly. And Kwaker Vans in the same spot who give wholemeal flour for Captian Chafer's thighbone.

Zaap Locations (The blue circles on the map)
Amakana (Door of the Drageggs) - (-1,24)
Amakana (The Edge of Evil Forest) - (-1,13)
Amakana (The Forrest) - (5,7)
Amakana (The Mountain) - (-2,0)
Amakana (The Harbor) - (7,-4)
Amakana (Door of Suffokia) - (10,22)
Wabbit Land - (22,-7) (costs 500 kama to get here the first time. Talk to Lily in (9,-2) to get her to transport you here)

Random Stuff
Church (6,3)
Jail - (12,-7)
Bank - (2,-2) (VERY useful for when u start lvl'ing up your profession and you need to store all those resources you gathered. There is a 6k fee, though, for whenever you access your storage)

Last Note:

Black Tofu (-8, -6)
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Danke für den "kleinen" Guide. Habe letzte Woche das Game angetestet. Gefällt mir nicht so gut, die Grafik ist ziemlich schlecht aber dafür ist das Game ca. 40mb groß ^^

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sehr guter guide imho, auch wenn nur geklaut, sind zwar paar gramattik fehler drinne aber ok
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i know its still on beta... but what the heck xd it doesnt have packet encryption tho i cant find where do they keep the maps

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Danke für die Zusammenfassung und die Mühe + Zeit die du da reingesteckt hast, ist sehr nützlich das Teil.
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How Dofus Was Hacked By A French Team...
Ok, here are some technical details about what the french Dofus Hack Team has done.
Till the devs decided (not too early !!!&#33 to parse their logs and examine them, they patched most of what we could do.
But you'll find here some hints that can give you ideas...

I. The Tools we used

Macromedia Flash Loader
Light client to run the flash game. And no problem by pressing ALT+TAB.

WPE Pro Alpha 0.9a
Excellent Packet editor.

That's all !

II. How we hacked.

We had at min 2 accounts each. We were 3 in the team.
I'll explain what I did so that it is more simple. We were all doing it the same way.
Ok, here's the things. Most of our hacks were based on a enormous flaw that we discovered in their system. The server checked login and password then import on your client your characters. Each character has an ID, binded with your account login/pass. And that's all. This is the flaw. After that, the server didn't check if the IDs you were using were binded to your account.

You just needed to load the swf with the Flash Loader. Login and Password, then get access to your account.
Run WPE. Load the Flash Loader process. You just need recv packets.
You chose 1 of your char, then went to a place where there are many guys (maps around zaps are great for that).
Sniff something like 10-15 packets then stop it. You'll see many IDXXXXX (XXXXXX from on average 5 to 400000). Those are characters ID.
The first packet gives you (normally) YOUR OWN connection packet with the character ID you have chosen. Keep it somewhere where you can have it at any time.

Open a new Flash Loader and log with the second account. Click on New Character. Back to WPE, load the new Flash process. Sniff.
Go back on your 2nd client, and press Cancel or Back.
You'll notice that WPE has captured some packets. This is very important because it gives you the connection socket you needed. (You'll need a different connection socket for each "clone" -I explain the clone notion ahead- you wanna have)

Copy the packet of your own connection in WPE in Send tab.
Then just replace the ID of your character with the ID of the character you want to hack.
Use the socket ID you just had.
Send it and that was all ! You were connected with his character at his last position saved.
If he was on the map, he freezed and couldn't see the clone (so undetectable by him).

Now imagine you have a house or a mule (we had something like 50 houses and a mule with more than 400 000 pods -slots for items for those who don't know what is it).
We connected a first clone, take him to a map where we see few people (that was our "inventory savior" so that the real character won't loose all his inventory). Let's say South of Brakmar or Sufokia. Then made another clone, bring him to one of our houses, and dropped all kamas (money) and inventory in our keepers.
Another clone, made the same, another clone, etc...
Imagine the guy has only 500 000 kamas. With only 3 clones, 1 500 000 kamas !!
Then you can duplicate these 1 500 000 kamas... Connect a character from your account with your first loader, go to the house, get the whole kamas. Quit.
Reconnect. Now your character has 1 500 000 kamas. Go to the house. During this time connect 2 or 3 other clones and put them in different maps around the house. They each got 1 500 000 kamas.
You got it ?
Better : with 2 clones of your character, and your other account. Give the kamas from your first clone, disconnect, 2nd one gives the money too, disconnect. Reconnect with the first 1, get the money from your other account character, disconnect, reconnect, move to another map, connect the second clone, etc... you just had to think about the connection socket thing.
1 500 000 > 3 000 000 > 6 000 000 > 9 000 000 > 18 000 000, etc...
And that was only for kamas.
Now think about duplicating Dofus (for thos who don't know they were EXTREMELY RARE)
We had TONS of Dofus : yellow, emeraud, purple, etc...
We duplicated Raziel swords, we duplicated all what we needed : rings, amulets, clothes, even the scrolls which gave ya 2 to 10 000 exp points each !! Leveling up from 1 to 100 in something like 4 minutes ...
You'll find some screenies hereunder

Yeah, I know it's patched for now. They were totally in panic. As we began, we haven't noticed the trick with an inventory savior clone. We emptyed something like 800 characters inventory in less than 35 hours...
There are still some things that can be done, but they are minor hacks. See section III. for more details.

III. What can still be used.

- Zaaps, even if you never gone there
Have a look at the zaap system, just find the right coordinates for the others, and just enter them by sending the packets to the server.
- There is still a flaw in their system. The server is based on Oracle. That means that there is some latency between request and response. If you're quick enough you'll still be able to connect 2 clients and the server will not notice it (with the new version I'm not sure, but I would be surprised if they solved that pb, because it's a matter of time between request and response, not of any coding flaw). Now think about a macro that makes automatically logging to the game, you should be able to log with at minimum 4 or 5 clients... Based on that, duplication should be re-invented
- Other hacks you can dream of, that YOU can invent !!
Have fun hacking it, we had so much fun doing it too !!

IV. And what's with the Dofus Hacking Team ??

Nothing. We stopped playing Dofus.
We could have ruined their game, but there was no point doing it. Was just for fun and because devs are dumb. They claimed so loud that their game was, is and will NEVER be hacked.
They pissed in pants when they saw we had
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I heared of the site selling gold for Dofus from my friend who ever bought gold on the site. Maybe you can try.
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Ziemlich viel falsches dabei spiele schon seit 2 Jahren Dofus.
Naja und die Grafik ist halt Geschmackssache...
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