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The Elder Scrolls Online: New information on guilds, ranks and locks

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Dec 01 - 20:20, by John​

The Elder Scrolls Online: New information on guilds, ranks and locks Just before the release of "The Elder Scrolls Online" at the beginning of next year, it couldn't be more convenient, publisher ZeniMax answers a variety of questions which you could submit using either social networks or e-mail in its biweekly "Ask Us Anything"-format. In the most recent edition, you'll learn more about guilds, lockpicking, the achieving of different ranks and more.

When entering a Campaign with your guild, is there a number of members that are allowed to join after the limit of players within the Campaign has been reached?
Yes, campaigns feature a soft cap to limit the number of participants from one alliance. There’s room for overflow that will allow you to join your friends or guild members in an otherwise full campaign, but eventually there is a hard limit to that. You’ll be able to join campaigns with your friends, but we want to ensure that an alliance can’t bring too many additional combatants in and hurt the overall balance.

I have a question about guilds. Can a character in any alliance join any NPC guild? For example, do you have to be in the Aldmeri Dominion to join the Mages Guild, or do the alliances have their own guilds?
You don’t have to be an Altmer to join the Mages Guild. Characters from all three alliances can join the Fighters and Mages Guilds. Neither of these guilds take sides in the ongoing conflict in Cyrodiil. They prefer to focus their resources towards solving problems that are, in their eyes, more important, such as fighting Daedra and recovering lore on the brink of destruction.

I've played many multi-player games, and 99% of them are eventually plagued with the same enjoyment-killing problem. What is this problem?*Kill-stealing.*You know, jerks who like to go into areas where people are farming or trying to level and kill-steal them relentlessly. Does ESO have a plan to implement something to prevent this?
Fighting the enemies of your alliance—NPCs as well as PCs—should be something every aspiring hero jumps at the opportunity to do. We don’t intend to limit helpful behavior in Tamriel by lowering the experience or loot you can take away from a hard-fought victory. If you help someone kill an enemy he is already engaged with, all you can do is take away some of the pride he might have felt by winning the fight on his own. He’ll still receive the full amount of experience and loot. If you did enough damage (or provided enough support), you might get some experience and loot of your own, too. And if the two of you decide to group together, both of you will get even more…

How does the lockpicking in ESO work, exactly? Please elaborate.
When trying to pick locks in ESO, you’ll see a set of tumblers. Using lockpicks that you carry in your backpack, you’ll need to force them down into the correct position. If you pay close attention, the game will give you visual and audio hints as to where the right position for each tumbler is. But you’ll also have to fight against the clock and open the lock within a given time. And then there’s the hostile environment you might be in (see above). For a quick glimpse at lockpicking watch the "Exploration and Gathering" video at 1:15 min.

Apart from being the emperor (for a short time) are there any other ranks one can gain in PvP? For example, can I become a Captain or General of my alliance or get recognition for the amount of enemies I have slain? Will friends and enemy players be able to see how successful I have been in PvP?
You can gain many military-themed titles from the PvP ranking system.*There are also lots of achievements to earn and leaderboards that show how many Alliance Points you’ve earned in a campaign. The leaderboards update every 10 minutes or so and are filterable by class, alliance, and overall rankings.

You can find more answers to questions on the official TESO-Homepage. If there's something unclear to you, you can submit your own questions using either Twitter, Facebook or Google+. The MMORPG "The Elder Scrolls Online" is currently in its beta phase and will be released as a pay-to-play game for PC, Mac, Xbox One and Playstation 4 at the beginning of next year.

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