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ArkSolid | ONLY CH | EU RACE | ENTIRE NEW | 100 CAP | DUNGEON BASED | G.O. 10/08/2018

About ArkSolid
As you know, we are in the Silkroad Development Scene about 7 years -since emulators, way long time before the server files released-. With our all experiences and by your requests we designed and created ArkSolid. We are here to present you best gameplay ever by our innovative features! We brought you features that everyone wants to do but they cannot or fail. You are going to be introduced to great features that you’ve never ever seen. We are always on the player’s side. We care all ideas from players. We are always be the bridge between player groups which has different ideas. As ArkSolid Team, we invested our time observe the what players thinks and market search. We hope this investment of time will pay off for both sides. Let’s dig deep into the details!
The Crown
As ArkSolid Team, we promise you without bugs, lags or annoying delays. We don’t wanna annoy you, we want you have some f****** good time. We don’t want to bother you with useless pieces of informations, but our team really want meet you. Let us introduce ourselves! We, ArkSolid team (a.k.a. F8Filter team), contributed a lot to Silkroad community and market also served too much services to our customers(friends, we see our customers as frends, yes also you mate you are the best). Currently, we are running our filter service which most populated servers have used. I guess most of you guys will recognize us as F8Games team. We served filter service over 250 servers without any problems or downtimes caused by DDoS/Exploits since the October 2016. So here, in ArkSolid, you can feel as safe as your home.

Xia | 22 Y | Male | Owner, Founder & General Developer
I'm the guy who develops the server and client that you're going to enjoy while playing.

Shine (qoaway) | 22 Y | Male | Owner & Filter Developer
I will start by introducing myself, I started to code thanks to Silkroad, I soon started to love coding more than anything else, the love I have for these two things gave me the motivation to create something perfect called ArkSolid. I am here after 10 years of actively coding, as said earlier I have learned coding in order to do something for Silkroad. I am now studying Computer Engineering at one of the best universities in the world (top 100). I have a coding experience of 10 years and have been actively coding for other games too.

Nami | DontAsk | 24 Y | Male | Owner & General Administrator
I meet Silkroad at 2006, also I'm Developer since 2011. As you know, we hosted so many servers with our F8Filter, some of you guys know me as DontAsk and some of you know me with my elitepvpers nick which is ''axi55'' I'm 24Y and I'm living in Turkey. I'll work at background stage on ArkSolid. Luv ya.

Iwa | 20 Y | Male | Owner & Network Manager
Iwa was the guy I met thanks to Silkroad, he also started coding for Silkroad and I've helped him a lot by the years and now after 6 years I can say that hes almost better than me, his passion for this game and coding is admirable. Iwa is our network manager, he is very professional at what hes doing.

Apollon | Zetain | 24 Y | Male | General Administrator
I’m Apollon aka Zetain, I’m beautiful because I’m Apollon, don’t DM me unless you need to because I’m Apollon, don’t annoy me because I’m Apollon and because I will ban you, be kind to me because I’m Apollon. Hopefully you know that I’m Apollon, Owner and Manager of ArkSolid, cya later!

As you know, we got change to touch the lives of many silkroad players with F8Filter project. We have to thanks those players (above 30.000 since our establishment). Thank you with our best wishes for being with us and for your all supports!

We signed a lot of innovative features. We kept this philosophy while developing ArkSolid. Because why you have to play same scenario over and over again?
  • Active and continuous friendly community.
  • Long Term enjoyable gameplay.
  • Scenario which you don’t have to pay to win, you have to play to win.
  • Not even close to bugs, never seen lags/delays for ages, they have become myths for ArkSolid for a long time ago.




[14.07.2018] Closed Beta / Completed.
It's hard to launch a stable and successful server right from the beginning, it often requires active feedback on unknown bugs or issues of the server. Therefore, we hope that during this closed beta stage we can receive information regarding the issues that we may not know about. To apply for the closed beta you have to fill in the form that is available on our forum, please be careful with the information provided there and be sure to follow the guidelines that's available there. Note that only a handful of people can access the closed beta stage so be quick to apply before others take your place.

During this closed beta stage, we will represent new systems, new events and other new features that we hope you will like. Don't forget to check our thread for detailed information regarding the updates and changes done regularly on the server, there will be new features presented in the thread in the later stages. We will proceed to the open beta stage after solving the bugs and other types of issues that were provided to us by our players on the closed beta.

[15.07.2018] Phase I Open Beta
It's just like Closed Beta BUT everyone is able to register/join. Keep in mind, there will be so many restarts and updates. Do not PM Administrators about it. This is BETA as title said. Thank you.

[27.07.2018] Phase II Open Beta
We are finally at the end of the closed beta and the beginning of the open beta stage, we are very excited and happy to announce this stage to our players.

We have finally completed a difficult stage and one stage is remaining, therefore we are eager to meet every one of you at this new stage. We will now have the opportunity to talk in game and interact with each other, therefore live feedback and live responds will be appreciated and available at this stage. This is the pre-taste of what the game really will be like on the launch day, so be sure to participate on this stage to get a real taste on how the game will be like in the future.

[10.08.2018] Grand Opening
We are now ready to meet our players on our official launch day; the final day is here now. We have completed a long journey on the closed and open beta stages with our players. We would first like to thank everyone that participated and helped us during this stage, and the issues that may occur after this time will be fixed with the feedback that we will receive from our loyal players to ensure a stable and enjoyable server.

Starter Items
Everybody has good memories about Silkroad but most of them from 100 cap times. We could tell that 100 cap was the most balanced and most fun. With our team’s idea and with player’s feedbacks we decided to set cap to 100. We promise you, you will collect more good memories!
Every server has different ideas about Mastery cap but we agreed on 330. Everyone can make their build as they want because we got freedom in ArkSolid.
Here we are, the most difficult part of ArkSolid to explain. We know you REALLY love CH characters but on the other hand we are REALLY bored too. Same equipments, same characters over and over again. We will free you from this boredom. We want you to experience different race option. We brought you both CH and EU characters but stop here, slow down, take it easy, deep breath, neither close the page neither or throw your computer from the window. Details are really important, don’t worry the server is still only CH, we told you we brought you both CH and EU. Keep scrolling down and read the details below.
Server Rates
  • Exp: [20x]
  • Party Exp: [25x]
  • Alchemy: [1x]
  • Item Drop [3x]
  • Trade: [15x]
  • Gold: [5x]
HWID Limit
We don’t restrict your freedom but this restriction is required to make fair gameplay. In order to ensure balance and fairness on the gameplay first week of the ArkSolid; PC Limit will be 1, then PC Limit will be 2.
IP Limit
We restricted connection limit per IP address to 6.
Auto Equipment
ArkSolid does not have any Auto Equipment system but we added OP items to NPCs to help you while powerleveling.
Free Silk
ArkSolid does not have any Free Silk policy but this does not make the game pay2win. You can drop silk scrolls, silk item scrolls by joining automated events, doing quests, entering dungeons.
Main Town
Guild & Union Limits
As you know, its required to set lower limits than original limits to Guild/Union. In order to balance the gameplay we set max. number member of Guild to 24 and max. number of member Union to 3. (Those limit may changed by poll)
Union Chat
We removed the Union Chat limit. You can freely chat. We told you, your freedom is our number one priority. We hope this will increase communication between players.
HWID Limit Restrictions
  • General PC Limit: 1 character per HWID on first week, then 2 characters per HWID.
  • While Jobbing Mode: 1 character per HWID.
  • At Battle Arena Maps: 1 character per HWID.
  • At Capture the Flag Map: 1 character per HWID.
  • At Fortress War: 1 character per HWID.
Ark Point & Weekly Limits
Each time limits get reset, your collected point will be transferred to your characters as Gems. You can get SoM equipment and accessories by spending Gems. Required Gem prices per item will be added by next update.
  1. Jobbing: 350 points.
  2. Survival Arena Kills: 160 points.
  3. Job Kills: 150 points.
  4. Unique Hunting: 160 points.
  5. FW Kills: 30 points.
  6. Alchemy: 50 points.
  7. Battle Arena: 60 points.
  8. CTF: 40 points.
Sum of above 1000 points but weekly limit is 500 points!
  • Each Ark Point you gained will be added to your Honor Point.
  • You can get max. 110 Ark Points daily.
  • Ark Points transferred to your character after you relog.
  • Each relog you can get max. 55 Ark Points.

Job Kills
  • Each kill equals to +2 Points.

Survival Arena Kills
  • Each kill while Survival Arena equals to +1 Point.
  • You can’t get points from the character which you have killed before.

Unique Hunting
  • Giant Demon: 14.
  • Mustafa: 14.
  • Karkadann: 14.
  • Luanatune: 30.
  • Geenie: 14.
  • Medusa: 50.
  • Roc: 100.
  • Tiger Girl: 3.
  • Uruchi: 4.
  • Isyutaru: 5.
  • Lord Yarkan: 8.
  • Demon Shaitan: 10.
  • Cerberus: 3.
  • Captain Ivy: 4.
  • Anubis: 16.
  • Isis: 16.
Fortress War Kills
  • Each kill while Fortress War equals to +1 Point.
  • You can’t get points from the character which you have killed before.

  • Each time you fuse +7 you gain 2 points.
  • Each time you fuse +8 you gain 6 points.
  • Each time you fuse +9 you gain 12 points.
  • Each time you fuse +10 you gain 18 points.
  • Each time you fuse +11 you gain 24 points.
  • Each time you fuse +12 you gain 30 points.

Battle Arena
  • Each time you win a Battle Arena, you get 7 points.

Capture the Flag
  • Each time you win a CTF, you get 7 points.
Job Rewards
Your Gold and Ark Point rewards will be transferred to your character after your relog. You can’t get more reward if you have reached your limits. So don’t push the limits
Special Trade Route for Ark Point & Extra Gold Rewards
  • Trader: 15 AP225M Gold
  • Hunter: 4 AP40M Gold (Per Trader)
  • Thief: 5 AP25M Gold (Per 5*)

Town To Town Trade Route
  • Trader: 6 AP – 90M Gold
  • Hunter: 2 AP20M Gold (Per Trader)
  • Thief: 5 AP25M Gold (Per 5*)

Wanted System
A lot of player loves this system so we added it for you. You can get Wanted Buff if you have killed 10 player while job mode. You can upgrade your buff with more blood!
  • 10 Kills = Wanted Buff 1 Lv.
  • 20 Kills = Wanted Buff 2 Lv.
  • 30 Kills = Wanted Buff 3 Lv.
  • 40 Kills = Wanted Buff 4 Lv.
  • 50 Kills = Wanted Buff 5 Lv.
Honor Buff System
The Activities which you can get Honor Points are;

Survival Arena.
Each kill while Survival Arena equals to +1 Honor Point.

Job Kills.
Each kill while Jobbing equals to +1 Honor Point.

Unique Hunting.
You will get Honor Points equal to Ark Point value of killed unique.

Fortress War Kills.
Each kill while Fortress War equals to +1 Honor Point.

Survival Arena
  • Wings Character Effect, Random Pathos Gloves, Elektra ArkSolid Box, 100 Silk, 25 Arena Coin.
  • Random Pathos Gloves, Portia ArkSolid Box, 20 Arena Coin.
  • Random Pathos Gloves, Lyra ArkSolid Box, 15 Arena Coin.
  • A counter window appears at Survival Arena map. You can see Top 5 killer and his kill count while event.

Custom Sets
Seal of Larissa (Armor / Heavy Armor)
HP 1400 Increase / Critical 3 Increase

Seal of Carina (Armor / Heavy Armor)
STR 8 / INT 8

Seal of Ophelia (Protector / Light Armor)
STR 5 / INT 5

Seal of Amalthea (Protector / Light Armor)
Attack Rate 12 Increase / Blocking Rate 2 Increase

Seal of Astra (Garment / Robe)
Ignore Monster Defence 2

Seal of Divina (Garment / Robe)
Critical Reduce 15 Increase

SOX System
Weapons / Shields
  • Seal Of Star: Equal to 98+1 (All Values)
  • Seal Of Leviathan: Equal to 98+3 (All Values)
  • Seal Of Moon: Equal to last 98+5 (All Values)

  • Seal Of Star: Equal to 98+1 (All Values)
  • Seal Of Leviathan: Equal to 98+3.2 (All Values)
  • Seal Of Moon: Equal to last 98+5 (All Values)

  • Seal Of Star: Equal to 98+1 (All Values)
  • Seal Of Leviathan: Equal to 98+3 (All Values)
  • Seal Of Moon: Equal to last 98+5 (All Values)
Star Gem: Well, easy: You can easily farm them from Battle Arena, Survival Arena, Capture the Flag and Battle Royale Event.

Ark Gem: Weekly Limit? dafuQ? Go and waste your POINTS for Ark Gem's. You need them for Seal of Moon Gears/Accs.

Monster Gem: Easy. Hunt Uniques(All of them) and Dungeon Uniques. Easy peasy baby.

Solid Gem: Jobbing. Each. Trade. Lifeless. Caravans. Thanks. To. Xia.
  • Star Gem: BA, Survival, CTF, Battle Royale.
  • Ark Gem: Weekly Limit.
  • Monster Gem: All Uniques & Dungeon Uniques.
  • Solid Gem: Jobbing(Each Trade).
Pathos Gloves
Only obtainable from events or boxes such as Survival Arena, etc.

*Pathos Gloves(Blue).
+500 MP
+5 INT

*Pathos Gloves(Purple).
%3*Phy/Mag Damage Inc

*Pathos Gloves (Flame).
+500 HP
+5 STR

*Pathos Gloves (Green).
%3*Phy/Mag Damage Absorb
ArkSolid Boxes
In ArkSolid, there are 5 different type boxes. You can open these boxes by yourself and pump some adrenalin or you can trade them.

Let’s see which box contains what;

Lyra ArkSolid Box (65% Success Rate)
  • Golden Dragon Flag.
  • 1DG Lucky Powder.
  • 10DG Lucky Magic Powder (2% Probability Increase).
  • Random Grap Pet.
  • Random Attack Pet.
  • Random Fellow Pet.
  • STR/INT Scroll.
  • Global Pack (5x).
  • Reverse Pack (5x).
  • S Grade Devil Spirit (1 Weeks).
  • Model Switcher.
  • Astral Stone.

Portia ArkSolid Box (37% Success Rate)
  • Seal Of Star Random Equipment (Weapon/Shield/Accessory/Equipment).

Elektra ArkSolid Box (5% Success Rate)
  • Seal Of Leviathan Random Equipment (Weapon).

Norma Ark Box (5% Success Rate)
  • Seal Of Leviathan Random Equipment (Weapon/Shield/Accessory/Equipment).

So How to Get Them?

Lyra ArkSolid Box.
  • Daily Job Cave Quests.

Portia ArkSolid Box
  • Job Cave Monsters.
  • Unique Kill Quest.

Elektra ArkSolid Box
  • Unique Drop: Giant Demon.
  • Unique Drop: Mustafa.
  • Unique Drop: Karkadann.
  • Unique Drop: Luanatune (2x).
  • Unique Drop: Geenie.
  • Unique Drop: Medusa (3x).

Norma Ark Box.
  • Unique Drop: Medusa (2x).
  • Sereness Kill Quest.
Daily Job Quests
In ArkSolid, we have enabled old trijob system which does not require any job registration. Because of you are not registering any job you will be using your original character name while jobbing and by the same reason you can get triple reward from Job Quests.

Monster Kill (1000x).
Once per day / 1x Immortal.

Monster Kill (1500x).
Once Per Day / Lyra ArkSolid Box.

Job Kill (30x).
Once Per Day / 1x Immortal.
OX Event
TL;DR: This is a knowledge competition.

The event will continue until all other participants are eliminated. There is no question limit. Its brand-new and we think its a really, but really really, good and enjoyable event. You must enroll the event after the notice announced.

After the event started, players will automaticly teleported to OX map. You will see 2 different circle. One means 'True/O' another means 'Wrong/X. If you think the question is true, you must stay in "O" area, otherwise if you think wrong you must stay in "X" area.

If you stayed on wrong circle you will be automaticly teleported to your town.
For each true guess you will get 1 Silk. As we said above, there is no question limit. It's up to you how much to earn.

Battle Royale Event
To players who can't stop playing Silkroad but also want to taste the new games but does not find a chance. We are proud to announce Battle Royale Event. Battle Royale Event will be placed on our Grand Opening without any bugs.

Let's check the details:
  • You must enroll the event after the registration period announced.
  • When event started, you will be teleported a Battle Royale Map.
  • You will start 1 level and you can reach 64 level by killing mobs and players. Of course the CIRCLE always be on your back. Only the circle? I don't think so.
  • Be ready to re-explore the Roc Mt. We thought you will love this new experience.
ArkSolid Battle Royale.
DPS Meter
And here is one of our brand-new features. DPS meter allows all players to see top 8 damage to hunted unique monster. Unlike the other servers, this meter is fully works live, accurate and appears after the unique monster killed with the blue message and disappears automatically.

TL;DR: You will be able to see how much damage have dealt to unique monsters.
Global Item Link
Impossible? Huh? Of course, it is not. We are ArkSolid Team. Anything you have read, heard or seen is true. We don’t hype you for nothing or we won’t give false promises. You will be able to link your items to Global Chatting and send to whole server. Selling items never been easier.
ArkSolid Global Item Link.
Dungeon System
Bored getting equipments by only jobbing 7/24? Don’t worry guys, we love you, we won’t bore you. We designed Dungeon Gameplays just for you (sshhh between us, don’t tell anybody). You can get SoM weapons from Dungeons. ArkSolid has 4 different dungeons.

Cathedral of Eternal Night
  • Obtaining Key: This Dungeon’s key is dropped from unique called the Luanatune which spawns whole world map randomly. In order to enter all party members have to have the key.
  • Join Limit: Minimum 2, Maximum 8 players are able to enter. (a Party for short)
  • Rewards After Completing the Dungeon:
  • 1 ArkSolid Box
  • 2 FGW Talisman
  • Key to Eye of Azshara (2nd Dungeon)

Eye of Azshara

  • Obtaining Key: You have to complete Cathedral of Eternal Night (1st Dungeon) to get this Dungeon’s key
  • Join Limit: Minimum 2, Maximum 8 players are able to enter. (a Party for short)
  • Rewards After Completing the Dungeon:
  • 1 ArkSolid Box
  • 2 FGW Talisman
  • Key to Black Rook Hold (3rd Dungeon)

Black Rook Hold
  • Obtaining Key: You have to complete Eye of Azshara (2nd Dungeon) to get this Dungeon’s key.
  • Join Limit: Minimum 2, Maximum 8 players are able to enter. (a Party for short)
  • Rewards After Completing the Dungeon:
  • 3 ArkSolid Box
  • 2 FGW Talisman
  • Key to Halls of Valor (4th Dungeon)

Halls of Valor
  • Obtaining Key: You have to complete Black Rook Hold (3rd Dungeon) to get this Dungeon’s key.
  • Join Limit: Minimum 2, Maximum 8 players are able to enter. (a Party for short)
  • Rewards After Completing the Dungeon:
  • 4 ArkSolid Box
  • Whole FGW Talisman Collection(Seal of Leviathan Weapon)
  • Moon Weapon

Plus Notifier Item Link
If you fuse +8 or more to an item it will be announced (notice) whole server. But we thought it is not enough for such a success. You fused +8 (or even more) and we can’t fudge this. All server must see your item! After you fused +8 or more a notice appears (classic) but your item can be seen by others just by moving mouse over the notice, same as Global Item Link.
ArkSolid Notice Item Linking.
A new Race (Hybrid tbh)
We told you, there will be both CH & EU but this server will be only CH. It is so confusing, right? Let’s clear your question marks flashing around your head. We know that you can’t balance EU characters. They will be always OP. We also know that only CH is boring, actually it is not but all servers only CH and it gets more and more boring every next day. We modified EU characters and they will be able to use CH equipment, weapons and even skills.

To be clear; there won’t be any difference between EU and CH neither damage & skills neither or equipment & weapons.
ArkSolid EU Race.
Rank Window
A Brand-new Rank UI is waiting for you. This window will appear areas like Survival Arena, Fortress War etc. in order to calculate and show rankings to players. You can see where you are and try hard to be the top of list! Its totally live updated and accurate. Unlike other servers, we promise it won’t end like disaster. We have seen other servers trying to create something like this but tbh it make us laugh
Attendance Event
Same daily login event as Joymax did before. You can login daily, check the attendance and get rewards. More you login the game consecutive, you get better rewards. IMPORTANT: You can only check attendance on 1 character/day, there is PC Limit for attendance.

Two-Factor Authentication
You account security is important for us. We bury all character hackings to the ground. In ArkSolid we have added 2FA security to your account.

You will be see a new UI on first login to your account. This UI will show you a QR Code(and secret key if you can't scan the QR). You simply open your favorite 2FA application (we recommend GAuth) <GAuth for Android Phones> <GAuth for iOS Phones> and scan the QR Code.

After you completed this operation click "OK. I did." button and Authentication window will appear. Enter the 6 digit password from the 2FA application and 2FA will be successfuly setupped to your account.

Don't worry, it won't always ask for 2FA code. Server will ask for your 2FA code whenever your account logged from another computer(different HardwareID). Once you login on a computer, we won't ask you 2FA code again. This feature won't effect the bot autologin.

If you don't want 2FA you can click "I'll do it later." button and can skip this part. You can enable 2FA whenever you want on our website.

2FA is designed to increase your account's security. We recommend to use 2FA.

2FA does not require any Wi-Fi connection or Cellular data and available on all Android & iOS devices
ArkSolid 2FA System.
General F8 Features
Of course, some of those cool features are included too, why not? Let’s check them out.

Afk Bubbles
When you are AFK for 5 minutes or more other players will see a bubble animation on your head.

Unique Target
When a player gets targeted by an Unique monster, an animation appears on his head.

Wheel of Fortune
An In-Game interface and gameplay system where you can spin a roulette and win randomly one of 12 items.

Player Icon
Honor Ranking players will be rewarded with special icon next to the their character names. Cool, isn’t it?

Hwan Color
Have you bored this annoying yellow color of your Title? So we are! We added 11 different title color and +1 for back to yellow again. Be different!

Title Window
Your bought titles won’t be removed after you changed anymore. You can change your title anytime you want free of charge. And the good news its real time, you don’t have to teleport or relog.

Old School Features.
Old PvP Capes
We are proud to announce this feature, we brought back the old PvP system with capes, you have to wear capes to PvP like the old times!

Old Item Mall
We changed the Item Mall to It's old version, coolest Item Mall ever!

Old Login Screen
We changed the Login Screen to the old one!

Old Exchange
We changed the Exchange to its old version, simple and beautiful.

Old Alchemy
We changed the Alchemy to its old version.

Old Item Tooltip

Automated Events
Automated events will be available in our game. It's almost enjoyable thing in the game. Also, this feature will help you to gain more silks without donating so we can call it play2win feature. We wrote about every automatic event down below. There are 6 automatic events available right now and there will be more but in upcoming updates.

Automatic Trivia event
Trivia is a question and answers so we can call it a puzzle game. There will be a random question and for getting the reward, you will have to PM the Trivia bot with the right answer.
Reward: 10 silk units.

Automatic Hide & Seek event
Hide & Seek is a very well known event and people know most hiding spots. We put over 150 point on each town so it won't be easy!
Reward: 20 silk units.

Automatic Search & Destroy event
A princess miyene level 40 Unique will spawn somewhere and you have to be the first finder for it and killing it to get the reward.
Reward: 20 silk units.

Automatic Last Man Standing event.
We think this is one of the most fun events, are we wrong? It will be announced that the event will start in 10 minuets. You will have 5 minutes to register. PM LMS: ''Register'' and you will get a message with successful. Let the hunger games begin!
Reward: 100 silk units.

Automatic Defeat Game Master event
Game Master will spawn at Karakoram and you have to kill him. Last hit counts as the winning blow so anyone can join and win! It will not be easy!
Reward: 50 silk units.

Automatic Free for All event
Wait for it.

Well, that's it guys. Thank you for your patience........... Oh, wait there have some retarted events too.

Offline Events
For sure there will be a good reward for the players who supporting us. All know that there are a lot of servers that fail because of lacking support from players but as we said before there will be rewards to encourage players to support us.
Signature Event
By using our forum signature, there will be a chance to win 50 silk units. All you need to do to win the silks is copying this code down below and putting it in your forum signature.

[IMG=expandable: 0][/IMG] 
[IMG=expandable: 0, float: left][/IMG] [URL=""][IMG=expandable: 0, float: left][/IMG][/URL] 
[B]ArkSolid Discord.[/B] 
[SIZE="1"]Join our Discord server for updates![/SIZE]
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Finally, definitely in xD
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borde of CH only races GL

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discord invitation link is expired
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discord invitation link is expired
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epvpImg: *nomnomnom*, we eat your images.
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Just copy + paste please.
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any chance to switch it to pvp server instead of pve, saves time on hunting and leveling up which will leads eventually to reach lvl 100 to collect items and play pvp, so buy us time and make it a pvp server where u start lvl 100 and start collecting items for pvp and jobbing.
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Good Job and Good Luck <3
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Sexy Thread! Good luck brothers!
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Good luck
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Hopefully this Battle Royal Event is working to 100% at the GO, looks dope asf

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