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Reality-The Entire Division l Cap 100 l CH Only l Long Term Jobbing l New Features

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Closed Thread
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Reality-The Entire Division l Cap 100 l CH Only l Long Term Jobbing l New Features

We are glad to introduce to you, our new project which we worked on for months to bring it
Reality is a mix of professional players & developers trying to achieve the best experience from the
years of playing and developing.
Yes this is our first project , that's why we have been working, the last 2 months focusing on the bugs
and improving the game play.
However we still can code your suggestions since it would not affect our main game play. We believe
that each and every idea is able to be coded it's all about your effort as a community.
Reality team offers you comfortable game play , lag free , long term support and stability.
We are a totally free server you do not have to pay even 1 cent! As we just saw that many servers their
Majority is Pay to Win.
Now we Need Your Help here to Update and make Reality Grow!
Since we believe that updating the game play is the most important part of the game for the players ,
we are going to have an update every two to three weeks.
Applying new patches , new system and new items to ensure that our loyal players will not get bored
by the same things over time.
Also players should respect us and our effort to make Reality one the best servers ever.

Please note that some of our events already have been applied before on other private servers , so
please do not flame or spam the thread without reason. We just found the ideas easy to be coded so why
not implement them to improve the server features?

Instead of flaming , hating or spamming, you can just hit us with new ideas and we will be able to
apply them whenever we can.

[ Register & Download will be available on 9th July ]

Beta Release Date

10th July 2015

Official Launching Date

17th July 2015 (16.00 GMT )

Reality Official Trailer

Reality Crew

Basic Features

Cap | 100.
(Yes we noticed that it's the most beloved, entertainment & adventured cap)

Race | Chin ONLY.
(Why? No one has been able to balance Euros and Chin characters ever)

Exp - SP Rate | 40x. 60x
Pretty good exp rates. there is no need for gaping.

Alchemy Rate | 1x using normal materials,
but while using Special Elixir and lucky magic powder it's going to be 2x rates.

Job Rate | 80x.
Note that Special Trader Kaella NPC has a high trade loot profit.

Sox Drop Rate | 2x.

Max Plus | +12.
(However you wont achieve that easy ; ) )

HWID Limit | 2 accounts per PC.
(Plain and simple you will not be able to log in with more than 2 accounts per PC.)

Auto Equipment
the auto equipment system necessary for private servers , the game play more easier and smother.
the equipment will be SOS +5 Full Blue set [D1 ~ D9]
our system coded well , therefore you will not get any issue with that.

Securing Game Play & Support

♦Anti Cheat

Since there are always bugs , we know loyal players will report them and make our lives easier , but
still there are always abusers who want to ruin the game play. Yes, we will try our best to block those abusers. so i can say the [ Abusers] definitely get zero chance to abuse our game play.

1- [Thief] Do not try to pick loots inside town , you'll get a warning pm and then your free
to decide your fate. But if you insist to continue then once your in thief town your loots will just
disappear , however you'll be punished with Cheater tags and you will not be able to use your power
zerk till the reset time.

[Reset time will be Friday 00.00 GMT]

2- You will not be able to get Job Points by killing someone on the same PC.
2- preventing multiplying jobbers on the same PC.
Example Hunter/Trader, Trader/Thief.

From previous experiences we know that a lot of players have Hunter and Trader or Trader and Thief logged on same PC. This can cause a lot of abusing so we applied system which allows u to log only one account with Job status.

♦Auto Notice

To avoid trash talk about corruption, we applied auto notice system for +10 and higher. so you can just follow the notice system to check out every single high plus.


We believe supporting your project is a factor of success.
there were too many good edited projects and failed because they just neglected the support system , and listening to players community suggestions, as our main aim to build players base so we will provide you with extremely support options.

Forum you can reach us easily by posting on our forum.

Website Live Chat you can get us instantly on website live chat , you'll be talking directly to one of our Team and he will help you asap.

In-Game support Character where you will post your question and you'll be replied by one of our crew moderators, even each and every question will be stored on our database. which mean if the question been asked again by another player he'll get instant reply however if the the answer was not so clear the character will ask you if it was not the right answer please tell me so your question will be re-send to the moderator.

Worldwide Game ٍSupporters Since we would like to support all of our players nationality we got various Supporters with different language to manage players. those supporters connected 24 hours with the Crew via Trello. which means you do not need to wait up to 48 hours to get your issue fixed

Advanced Features

♦Different Sox items

Reality Crew noticed that the majority of private servers have neglected sos items , or the highest
was the moon.

Reality has applied all sox types to ensure valuable items and long term game play to keep more depth of the items and keep the game interesting.

♣SOS items

♣SOM items

♣SUN items

♦Long term jobbing

We increased the job level to 16 instead of 7 to increase the job activity. We applied different job suits with magic options for higher job levels

however, the player with most contribution points (weekly) will be rewarded in auto mode according to the contributions not the level.


♦Holy Water temple

Since it was fun having Holly Water Temple in SRO. We decided to bring it back.
We applied HWT Where you can get your moon equipment as Unique drops with a nice rate.

♦Forgotten World - Shipwreck

♣ Is the place where you will fight against strong monsters and uniques.
♣ Treasure BOX Drop Rates adjusted so that it's pretty fair and good one.
♣ Ghost Sereness The Only Unique where you can can get your sun shield.

♦Capture the flag [CTF]

Where you will get 1 victory point per kill, those victory points will help you to get some silk and advanced items.


Resurrection skill disabled while CTF running [ To avoid abusing ].

♦Alex temple job cave

Alex temple was the jobbing trade mark of Isro , ye it was cool to job there , searching for uniques and parties for pvping as well.
We applied alex temple but we edited the moobs to match the Cap , race Of reality.
Alex temple is the place where you can farm for silk scrolls via quests ( To be explained ).

You can kill uniques which will drop high amount of silk scrolls , astrals and immortals.
Alex temple is the place Where you can get your Job point [JP] to buy your moon accessories.

[Job Point]

by killing Job enemies you will receive 2 JP.


♦ You can not kill same enemy 4x times per 24 hrs ( to avoid cheating ).

♦ Max 50 JP per 24hrs .

♦ JP counter only applied at Alex temple.

♦Fortress War

For now we got only Hotan fortress war. Later we will decide should we open Jangan or not. However we customized the fortress war reward. The occupying guild will gain Fortress war buff which includes some good options. The buff lasts till next fortress war. Once u lose fortress u will loose the buff as well.

[Hotan Fortress Owner] title will be granted to the guild leader.

♦ HWID will be 1 instead on 2 during fortress to avoid cheating.

♦Fortress War Tax

We applied a totally new tax which is going to change the whole meaning of fortress war tax.
From now tax will be set on Gold and Silk.
How does it work?
Silk shop NPC will be located only in Hotan and Jangan (if we decide to open JG FW)
The NPC will have same tax as FW does.
Example: Item x costs 100 silks. After applying FW Tax price will raise to 120 silks which means 20 silks will go to Fortress owners.

♦Bounty Guild War

According to our old experience among silkroad, one of the most beloved fights was the Guild Wars.
Joymax System was pretty Sux to handle that event, we did great job improving the system to be more easier and controlled by our system.
Let's explain how it works!
Guild Leader will Pm GuildWar with [ Opponent Guild Leader :Silk/Gold:Amount.
Example Reality guild will fight Uploader guild. so reality leader will ask uploader leader.
Please take care only guild leaders can use this functions otherwise, GuildWar will not pm you back.
So the PM Format will be like the following (consider Reality leader Pm GuildWar)
GuildWar [Uploader Leader ign ]:[Silk/Gold]:Amount
Actual PM For Gold
GuildWar(TO) Killer:Gold:100000000000
Killer is the Opponent Guild Leader Name.
Gold the reward currency.
100000000000 the amount 100 Billion Gold.
So the winner Guild will win 200 Billion Gold.
Actual PM For Silk
GuildWar(TO) Killer:Silk:1000
Killer is the Opponent Guild Leader Name.
Silk the reward currency.
1000 the amount 1000 Silk.
So the winner Guild will win 2000 Silk.

Instruction and Restriction

♦ Once the both leaders accepted the match and teleport to the fight arena then all guild members will be teleport.
♦ If there is members on Job suits after teleport they will lose the Job suit to be able to attend the war
♦ If you get killed you will be out and will teleport back to town.
♦ The War available only for 30 min ,if there were no winner then the bot will check the highest kill amount to set the winner .
♦ Once guild eliminated the other guild players [ All of them ] he Wins.
♦ There will be a global notice for the winner guild.

♦Bounty Pvp

yes it is the invented one by Elamidas ( akasch team ) since they have the credits.
we just edited & upgraded the system.
now you'll be able to ask someone for pvp for silks & gold , since some asked if we could add silks ( ye we did )
you need to pm PVP with the player name and the gold silk amount.
once the player confirm you'll both will be teleported to start your match.
the match will consist of 3 Pvp Rounds to ensure fair play , once you reach 2 kills your the winner.
if there is an existing match , you'll be in the waiting list and you will be informed when your match arrives.


PVP [Player name]:[Silk / Gold ]:[Amount]


♦ Gold

♦ Silk

To Cancel the match in the waiting list just pm PVP with [ Cancel ]


♦ Disconnect means you have lost the match

♦ Using Return Scroll will lead to Disconnect , which mean losing the match.

♦ the Match will be held for 15 min if the time over , he'll check the kills if it was a draw the match will be canceled and Gold / Silk will be back , if there was 1 - 0 then we have a winner.

♦ [ Cancel ] command working only if your in the waiting list.

Read Please

♦Special Trade Routs

There is special trade routs since we know that our players bored of normal routs even tho we applied a new routs to connect Alex area with Rock and taklamakan area.

♦Permanent Buff

a feature will make chin lifestyle easier you do not need to rebuff again and again after each teleportaion. once you have your buffs once. the system will stick with the current buffs.

Extra Edits

♦Class changer scroll

Bored of your build? Wanna change it? But then i gotta change set too!
We have found the solution! Class changer scroll!
Scroll which allows u to change from armor to protector - garment.
You can use it to change your weapon too!
We also applied a system which will prevent you in making mistakes.
If u use Glavie scroll on Glavie by mistake, you'll get the scroll back.
If u use Weapon scroll on Equipment by mistake, you'll get the scroll back.

♦Guild limit

Guild limited to be 32 members instead of 50.

♦Union limit

Union limited to be 3 guilds instead of 8 guilds.

♦Union chat limit

Increased to be 32 players able to use instead of 11.

♦Honor buffs

Honor buffs obtainable by killing enemies in Alex temple ONLY.


Nerf to 15%.

♦Damage&Defense scrolls

Nerf to 15%.

♦Resurrection scrolls

Disabled. to avoid spamming on job mode.

♦Stones & Elixirs

Added To Grocery NPC to activate gold currency.


Global Restriction to be level 40, however there is 1 Min delay.

♦ Reverse Scroll

There is 30 Sec delay on Reverse scrolls

♦ Map Reverse Points

Decreased the reverse points.

♦Immortal Stone

To avoid scam we applied only D10 immortal stones as well we change the icon.

Balanced Skills


♦ Celestial Ground Bicheon Force : Physical attack power 200 instead of 133.


♦ Soul spear - Emperor Lv 9 : Stun probability decreased to 10%.
♦ Soul spear - Soul Lv 9 : Stun probability decreased to 25%.


♦ Force - Piercing Force Lv 3 increased to 20% instead of 18%.
♦ Grass Walk - Walk increased to 110% instead of 77%.


♦ Debuffs probability decreased to 65% instead of 80%.


♦Basic unique

( TG , URU, ISY , IVY , Creb , Lord , Demon )


Silk ruffles 1-50 [ just follow SYSTEM instructions ]

♦Advanced Unique

Death Bone [ Alex Desert ]
Neith , Anubis [ Alex King Valley ]


1- Silk ruffles 1-100 [ just follow SYSTEM instructions ].
2- D10 immortal stones.
3- Shipwreck Talismans.

♦Job Unique

Cow King , Mr Shinmo [ Alex Job Temple ]


1- Silk ruffles 1-100 [ just follow SYSTEM instructions ].
2- D10 immortal stones.
3- Rare Shipwreck Talismans.

Titles System

1# Jobber: Once you are the best jobber depending on your Job-Level

Trader| Leader Job #1

Hunter| Guardian Job #1

Thief | Robber Job #1

King Of Alchemy: This title going to be for the highest Plus on our server.

Banker: Describe itself, once you got the highest amount of gold.

♦ Around 60 titles available in Silk shop NPC.

Automatic Events

All our event are in the auto mode, however some of them already known for every one . but we are going to explain as well so it's is clear for every one. all of our events rewards you with silks.

Automatic Betting Event

Yes it's true Betting system , welcome to the Reality Casino
The event will help enhance gold to be the main currency , this will help lessen the want to buy items
with silk, making the game less pay to win.
How it works ?
A bot will announce that the even will start and he'll announce an item to start betting on.
Example : we are offering Commander patch.
you will start betting by using the following commands

the event will last for 30 min and highest offer win the item.
we got more than 1000 item on the system.


Automatic Trivia

Trivia is a question and answers, puzzle game , there will be a random question and you will need to
PM the Trivia bot with the right answer.

Silk reward : 10 Silk each round.

Automatic Hide & Seek

H&S is a very well known event and people know most hiding spots. But don't worry, we put over 200 point on each town , so it wont be that easier any more.

Silk reward : 20 Silk each round

Automatic Search & Destroy

A white knight level 40 Unique will spawn somewhere and if you should be the first kill it you will be
rewarded with silk.

Silk reward : 20 Silk each round

Automatic Last man standing event

One of the beloved events for the players on SRO Private servers. How does it work?
It will be announced that the event will start in 10 minuets. You will have 5 minuets to register. Then
pm LMS : "Reg" , you will get a message with successful registration.
You cannot reg if you are in job mode.
Once you have been teleported to the event area, you will be in PK mode and last man to live will win the event.

LMS winner reward : 100 Silk

Automatic Hunting seasonal

We are not saying that we just invented this, it's almost the same as LMS event, we just added a little
feature where you can take more risk & reward making it more exciting.
You will PM HS: "reg". You will be inform that you succeeded with your registration, you' will be
teleported to the event area , if you kill some one an equipped item will move to the killer.
Example Alex killed wintor an equipped item from wintor set will move to Alex , and wintor will be
teleported out.
so you have to be sure before join the HS event
so you have to be sure before join the HS event.

Seasonal Hunter Reward : 100 Silk + the items he'll gain by killing opponents.

Automatic Defeat Mr_Eliminator

Mr_Eliminator will spawn at Jangan south gate and you have to kill him.
Be noted that last hit counts as the winning blow so anyone can join and win!
Also every consecutive round will be higher than the previous one since players will be stronger as

Killer reward : 50 Silk

Automatic Alchemy Event

Bot will announce the event and start to drop D1 items. To win the event you'll need to achieve +10
within 15 min.
If none one gets +10 within the 15 minutes , the bot will check the highest plus to win the event , if
more than one got the highest plus , the first one to achieve the highest plus will be the winner.

Automatic Job War Event

once bot announce about the event you'll need to pm War: reg to apply for the event.

[Thieves = Hunters + Traders ]
That means if 10 Thieves applied then the bot will join only 5 hunters and 5 traders. according to
what ?
according to item point. Okay what if there 10x equal to same item points? The bot will check who registered first.
This way we ensure it's fair for every one.

Event reward : each kill inside will grant you 2 silk.
also the winner team will get 20 JP each one.

Automatic Lottery Event

every one already knew about that one but let's explain once more.
Lottery will announce about the event either for xx Gold or xx Silk, you'll need to pm Lottery with Reg within 5 minutes.
once the registration time over loteery will choose random player to win all the Silk Or Gold.

First 100 Player

Reality Gallery


Credits goes to

Upcoming Update

Daily Guild operation

it's an operation where each guild should destroy the Base to win. there is 4 difficulty stages , each stage got it's own reward.
each player got only 1 trial to join the operation
the aim of the this operation is to bring back the meaning of the guild , leader will check the operation and he'll set the plane how to take it down, guild members should stick with the plan

a- destroying is the Base means you done with the OP and you'll get the reward.
b- killing all the elites but the but still alive. means you lost and no reward.
c- the operation will be available only for 24 hours then it'll be canceled.
d- there is a fee's ( hardcore one ) to apply on the OP.

Note that the higher difficulty stage means the higher fee's , the higher gold / silk / items reward.

Official In-Game Helpers

iT Spanish Helper
Seith French Helper
♣ [ Still missing English , German , Turkish Helpers ] and i'll hire only from . . the current players.

Beta Testers

♦ All the Current players will be compensated with Silks according to their activity in bugs reporting.

If we fit your matches , and you want to support please use our signature.

PHP Code:

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Good Luck bro!

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Goodluck, you're a good guy
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Iam In

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Originally Posted by DizzySRO View Post
Good Luck bro!
Thanks mate

Originally Posted by magicanoo View Post
Goodluck, you're a good guy
thanks bro you did awesome job on the project as well
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Great Job...
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Originally Posted by •`-. BoyKa .-`• View Post
Great Job...
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CheeseBurger !!

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Heyo ! please check your website it seems down.
the thread looks pretty attractive
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Originally Posted by Spidy. View Post
Heyo ! please check your website it seems down.
the thread looks pretty attractive
Thanks going to fix
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looking very good i will give a try
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Good Luck ,
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Originally Posted by Aleჯco* View Post
Good Luck ,
Thanks Mate

Originally Posted by Spidy. View Post
Heyo ! please check your website it seems down.
the thread looks pretty attractive
Website online now
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Good luck mate , hope u get good amount of players .
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Originally Posted by Oxi1337 View Post
Good luck mate , hope u get good amount of players .
Thanks , we applied 3x dedicated servers to handle the highest players amount
atm we can host up to 2.5k players.
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1- if i'm selling goods i will get some job point or just gold ?
2-what i will do for CTF coins ?
Sorry For bad English but i think you can understand

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Closed Thread

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