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[Guide] Introduction to DLL Modding

Discussion on [Guide] Introduction to DLL Modding within the Mabinogi Hacks, Bots, Cheats & Exploits forum part of the Mabinogi category.

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[Guide] Introduction to DLL Modding

Now in order to successfully mod a dll file you need to understand
exactly how it is map'd out IDA Pro witch can be found on thepiratebay
is great for something like this because it has a graph view that shows all
subroutines that a specific line may call upon or transfer/read data to and from. it is important that when modding to only pay attention to an address when your switching from IDA Pro to OllyDBG, olydbg allows for quick modification. Pay attention to the name of the function your modding as searching for it will be required after a patch of the dll file and will make life alot more easier i suggest writing down the mapping of the specific thing your looking for. Also to know what and how to edit these dll's you need to become familliar with Intel X86 Assembly and OpCodes.
Here is an explanation of these as seen on

Name Comment Syntax
MOV Move (copy) MOV Dest,Source
XCHG Exchange XCHG Op1,Op2
STC Set Carry STC
CLC Clear Carry CLC
CMC Complement Carry CMC
STD Set Direction STD
CLD Clear Direction CLD
STI Set Interrupt STI
CLI Clear Interrupt CLI
PUSH Push onto stack PUSH Source
PUSHF Push flags PUSHF
PUSHA Push all general registers PUSHA
POP Pop from stack POP Dest
POPF Pop flags POPF
POPA Pop all general registers POPA
CBW Convert byte to word CBW
CWD Convert word to double CWD
CWDE Conv word extended double CWDE
IN Input IN Dest, Port
OUT Output OUT Port, Source

Name Comment Syntax
ADD Add ADD Dest,Source
ADC Add with Carry ADC Dest,Source
SUB Subtract SUB Dest,Source
SBB Subtract with borrow SBB Dest,Source
DIV Divide (unsigned) DIV Op
IDIV Signed Integer Divide IDIV Op
MUL Multiply (unsigned) MUL Op
IMUL Signed Integer Multiply IMUL Op
INC Increment INC Op
DEC Decrement DEC Op
CMP Compare CMP Op1,Op2
SAL Shift arithmetic left SAL Op,Quantity
SAR Shift arithmetic right SAR Op,Quantity
RCL Rotate left through Carry RCL Op,Quantity
RCR Rotate right through Carry RCR Op,Quantity
ROL Rotate left ROL Op,Quantity
ROR Rotate right ROR Op,Quantity

Name Comment Syntax
NEG Negate (two-complement) NEG Op
NOT Invert each bit NOT Op
AND Logical and AND Dest,Source
OR Logical or OR Dest,Source
XOR Logical exclusive or XOR Dest,Source
SHL Shift logical left SHL Op,Quantity
SHR Shift logical right SHR Op,Quantity

Name Comment Syntax
NOP No operation NOP
LEA Load effective adress LEA Dest,Source
INT Interrupt INT Nr

JUMPS (general)
Name Comment Syntax
CALL Call subroutine CALL Proc
JMP Jump JMP Dest
JE Jump if Equal JE Dest
JZ Jump if Zero JZ Dest
JCXZ Jump if CX Zero JCXZ Dest
JP Jump if Parity (Parity Even) JP Dest
JPE Jump if Parity Even JPE Dest
RET Return from subroutine RET
JNE Jump if not Equal JNE Dest
JNZ Jump if not Zero JNZ Dest
JECXZ Jump if ECX Zero JECXZ Dest
JNP Jump if no Parity (Parity Odd) JNP Dest
JPO Jump if Parity Odd JPO Dest

JUMPS unsigned (Cardinal)
JA Jump if Above JA Dest
JAE Jump if Above or Equal JAE Dest
JB Jump if Below JB Dest
JBE Jump if Below or Equal JBE Dest
JNA Jump if not Above JNA Dest
JNAE Jump if not Above or Equal JNAE Dest
JNB Jump if not Below JNB Dest
JNBE Jump if not Below or Equal JNBE Dest
JC Jump if Carry JC Dest
JNC Jump if no Carry JNC Dest

JUMPS signed (Integer)
JG Jump if Greater JG Dest
JGE Jump if Greater or Equal JGE Dest
JL Jump if Less JL Dest
JLE Jump if Less or Equal JLE Dest
JNG Jump if not Greater JNG Dest
JNGE Jump if not Greater or Equal JNGE Dest
JNL Jump if not Less JNL Dest
JNLE Jump if not Less or Equal JNLE Dest
JO Jump if Overflow JO Dest
JNO Jump if no Overflow JNO Dest
JS Jump if Sign (= negative) JS Dest
JNS Jump if no Sign (= positive) JNS Dest

Now the reason why everyone uses the fireball mod as a starting point is because it seems really easy to understand.
cmp, 5
compares the number of currently charged to 5
jnb, blah blah
jump if not below the comparrison of loaded charges to 5
you want to change the jnb to a jmp witch is a jump without
any requirements to be met. so even if you have lower than 5
you can release a fireball with 1,2,3,4 or 5 charges.
Although i dont know what would happen if cmp, 5 was changed to cmp, 1
i guess that would also work =\ in that case you would be able to leave it as a jnb, but thats just pure speculation witch you need to keep in mind modding has no definitive way theres no guarantee somethings going to work and theres not only 1 specific way to do it, it requires knowledge of what your doing and a hard set goal on what you want to accomplish and the understanding of how each function is carried out keep this in mind when attempting anything, also be sure to account for anything that calls upon the line your modifying as this has to be taken into account, because mod something and if another line calls upon it for another function may hold unwanted results or it may crash the client completely. I hope this helps alot of people, enjoy XD

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Here is an explanation of all mabinogis libraries that i pulled from somewhere on these forums credits to whoever the hell posted it lol

Part of the Bandi capture library () Used for video capture in game
Video codec
Windows Image Helper, Microsoft
Mabinogi Specific.
Mabinogi Specific.
Intel JPEG Library, Retail Version
Mabinogi Specific.
Miles Sound System
Microsoft C++ Runtime Library
Microsoft C++ Runtime Library
Microsoft C++ Runtime Library
Nexon-made. Also found in Combat Arms. Enables use of the in game instant messaging system.
Seems to be Nexon-Made. Also found in Maplestory, maybe War Rock from Google results. Powers the instant messaging system for nexon games.
Mabinogi Specific. Contains large portions of the game's code. Seems to contain many functions having to do with monster's AI and player-npc interactions. (And some functions having to do with skills)
Mabinogi Specific. Contains large portions of the game's code. The main focus of many mods. This DLL contains *tons* of the game's functions.
Mabinogi Specific. As the name implies, it seems to render much of the game's graphics.
Mabinogi Specific. Seems to contain most information regarding in-game skills. No functions. Much of the possible modification on this file are server-checked.
Mabinogi Specific. Contains large portions of the game's code. Mainly deal's with more rules for skills to follow, states (Deadly, poisoned, etc.), and provides exported race checks for other files to follow.
Microsoft Layer for Unicode on Win9x Systems (MSLU), Microsoft (R) Windows (R) 95, Windows (R) 98, and Windows (R) Millennium Operating Systems

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/request lock

All this has is stuff that other people put time into making. COPY PASTA DOES NOT MAKE YOU PRO.
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You can't just paste the OP codes and expect a normal person to understand, it's like pasting a bunch of math symbols, telling the person what that symbol is called and expect them to know how to use it.

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I found it somewhat useful even though this is cleaner.

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all it takes is a good understanding and comprehension thats how mathmatics work, so yeah anyone who has a brain can learn if they take time
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olykwon, you can first learn on spelling and grammer... Use firefox, it has built in spell check...
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YAY Firefox.
@OP thanks for the post. very insightful and thoughtful however most people want a quick fix. nice try tho
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Dll id a file through which the user can access o any fie by connect to the dll files you in your computer the dll must have be available, So you have to files and then keep your computer secure.

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