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CuteGrrl's Pro Ninja Guide

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Hello I am Lindzee. Ingame is CuteGrrl. I am a level 9 ninja who always wins TDM(usually golem too but not always. Sometimes enemy is to good but my team is to bad But in death teamI can do 5vs1 fine) and I will teach you how to play posibly best class~ Ninja!

Ninja is normally very weak. Weakest untill you learn. Once you learn it is best!
First basics:
Ninja has the weakest basic attack(maybe not weaker than archer but weaker than all others by far, yes).
Ninja has the lowest or second lowesest armor/energy(hp). Excpet maybe Mage is lower. I have not played mage but I know the Archer has more than Ninja.(energy/armor for ninja is 130/120, for archer it is 130/130).
Archer ninja star right clcik very strong for killing big creature(many hit&#33 but normal firing weakest range.
Ninja is fastest!
Ninja has the most powerful behind grip attack! Can kill in 3-4 of them!
While gripping you cannot be attacked! No one can attck you gripped enemy to steal your kill!
Ninja front grip is not the strongest.
Ninja chaos RMB+LMB can kill people in 1 hit. The swings ignore armor. To kill in 1 hit all must hit.
Ninja special (Hold right button) is quite powerful
Ninja has slide block which is good.

Okay here how to play Ninja to be the best! Just because you do this don't mean yo will be the best. I warn to all that Ninja hardest class to play. Once you do master it goes form worst class to best. So what I saying is Ninja is the class in Rakion which is the hard to master but once is master is far better than any other mastered class, okay?

Here is how to grip:
Both mouth buttons (it is the same as the teleport slash attack) is how to grip.
you will think 'hey tha tis jsut teleport slash thing' yes ti's that ti. It depends on when it's done!!
Okay so how to do that so you grip s you must be TOUCHING someone front or back. I mean by touching is being right against their front or back where you can't go any further. If you are not htis close it won't owrk.
IMPORTANT: THE GAME LAGS. There is a bad lag problem with thsi game. You cannot see it but often when you hit someone it's relaly not htiting and stuff! You might be in the perfect position to grip but you're not because of lag! This makes it difficult yes. This is a problem that makes Ninja not as good as it shoudl be. It becomes harder to grip wit hmore people in game because then it lags more.
How to get past this: Before you grip someone first slash them once with yoru weapon this stun shorttime also. It gives you a chance grip! Doign this is what Inromally do to grip/

IT is yoru best thing. Otherwise dodge them so you are not hit. Try to get behind them to do the more powerful backstab grip attack. Ninja is very weak so you must dodge.

Attribute points to use for ninja:
Put half your ointsin grip attack and half of them in movement speed. You do not need anything else!!!!!!
People oten ask me if htey shoudl raise attack speed. answere is no! You will get some attack speed bonus from items you buy. That is all you need.
Some items do no add movement or grip. If they don't you just go for movement one.

What to buy:For pes get panzers. Ninja has the lowest cell point and gets the least from items.
When people do an attack on your panzers and they get delay you have perfect opurtunity to grip attack them form behind! Adn panzers ake the most damage.
For items never get something that lowers movement. Also go for grip attack increase. And armor is better than energy for ninja.
The level 2 wepaon you can buy is the best untill level 20.
Niunja star is waste of money untill alter levle. Only the lattter ones add grip attack.
Armor is very expensive. Upgrade it later. Get panzer pets first, gauntlet, new weapon.

I use a panzer and 2 blazers. Blazers are okay too. I'd probly rather have 2 panzer and 1 blazer most of the time. Blazer die very easy and keep shooting at things that are already on the ground so they take no damage.

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hm..... des hab ich doch gestern schon auf gzp gesehn ......naja was auch immer ^^

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Turning German already. lmao
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Kann man sowas nicht auch auf Deutsch dazu schreiben? :hm:

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übersetz es doch -.- das is verdammt viel text und ich kann mir gut vorstellen das lwy kein bock hat das zu transen
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Naja ok, aber mit google is doof
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wow nice ninja guide&#33;&#33; <3 ill make sure ill try to grab from now on (sometimes i miss T_T they move around to much lol)
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this post is lame man... >
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Why is it lame? Cause u can&#39;t take the truth. Ninja&#39;s strongest points are the 9 shuriken attack and the gripattack PLUS that ninja got the strongest Chaos aswell. Don&#39;t take a ninja lightly. I saw a lvl 6 ninja bested a lvl 16 Blacksmith and trust me BS-es are WAY to overpowered.
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Originally posted by counterz@Aug 8 2006, 13:31
this post is lame man... >
shut up. If u dont like it just leave the post, dont say anything about it >
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Well i know this is a old post but im going to say my opinion.
Attack speed is good on a Ninja because you can stun grip them alot easier.
Put attack speed untill you can stun grip without missing.
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good guide but i think you need some armor to because as you said ninja armor is verry weak
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the guilde is good but when u are griping , usualy some1 com near u and use the special atk ,so u can die fast&#33;&#33;&#33;
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hmmmm... ever think of stun grip and ninjas dont have to grip they can glide/special or use range jump attk.......... gripping ninja's not always the best against 5 vs 1 also, because the other 4 players that aren't in your grip will automatically prepare their specials and as soon as ur uninvincible u'll be bombarded w/ 4 specials and die immediately....
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why add movespeed instead of attackspeed???

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