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Comprehensive Red Mage Guide [ENG]

Discussion on Comprehensive Red Mage Guide [ENG] within the FFXI Guides & Templates forum part of the Final Fantasy XI category.

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PRE Synapsis
1.0 Choosing a Race
2.0 Choosing a Nation
3.0 Job Abilities
4.0 Job Traits
5.0 Spells
6.0 Macros
7.0 Sub job
8.0 Equipment
9.0 Advanced RDM

Red mage- At a distance:

PROS: Early in the game, one of the easiest jobs to solo, without the need for a pet. The RDM has the ability to handle swords and combat with medium-heavy armors, plus the advantages of healing/enhancing magic, damage/enfeebling magic, and some unique hybrid spells (gravity, refresh, and phalanx). The RDM is very rewarding experience at higher levels, allowing bragging rights. If properly handled, this job can be used effectively by any race, and can likely complement any and every job as a sub job, either for extra MP, extra physical damage, the spells, or a combination. If anything, Red mages can be effective backup mages for damage or protection, if not decent primary mages.

CONS: one of the most expensive jobs in the game, and designed (according to the game designers) to be more overall challenging than many base jobs in FFXI. Known to some as the "mutt job", it is a mix of strengths and weaknesses of the Warrior, Black mage, and White mage. Advancement will be almost as slow as white mages, and in some cases more painful, since Red Mage team popularity does not pick up until levels 38-40ish, when they can use Revive & Refresh.

The Beginning

Because of the high cost of equipment and spells, there are several "balancing rules" you will need to consider, before you start charging at a slobbering, rabid rarab...

Your Race can dramatically affect the result of your RDM, and this will be based on your preference of game play.

a: Taru-Taru: Hands down, the most effective magic user in FFXI, and my #1 recommendation if you plan to focus on magic skills. Limited HP means more healing and more death risk, but a skilled mage can heal themselves quickly, then turn around and keep the team alive, with their massive MP. Combat skills are very limited, but damage is damage.

b: Mithra: Not as effective as a Taru mage in the MP scheme of things, the Mithra is still impressive when it comes to high evasion, optimum attack balance for RDM, and enough MP to get by, when the going gets tough.

c: Hume: ALMOST tying second place with Mithra with their equally-excellent fighting power and amount of MP, they fall just short of the kitties, due to their significant drop in evasion skills...The lords of mediocrity.

d: Elvaan: Excellent in the physical attack category, even more so than humes & Mithra, plus the great Evasion, the Elves fall short in anything magical, except a couple heals/enfeebling spells every now and then. If you plan Elvaan, this will me very combat- oriented.

a: Galka: No race is better in combat than the Galkan, in survival regardless to low evasion & their high damage, but the extreme lack in mental & magical power can motivate many galka toward a more combat-oriented job. The least-preferred Race for Red mage, always remember to give a high level Galkan mage (if you ever find one) congratulations and respect, as they have likely lived through so many levels of job-race combination ridicule, and have come out proven as a hard-core player.

2.0- The Nation:

Determining the country you start in will greatly affect what you can do as a RDM, due to the limit of supplies, quests, and players. I will explain the differences to each nation, so you can decide what your best game play setting is. Note: it is recommended, if inexperienced, to simply begin in the city of your race.

a:Windurst: Home of Taru-Taru & Mithra
The center of magic study in Vana'Diel, choosing this nation means you will have easy access to not only a large supply of magic at relatively low costs or little effort, but also the same for lighter mage-type armor. Weapon availability is very limited, so their prices can skyrocket...for synthesizers, many supplies can be easily collected just outside town to help create decent mage gear.

b:SanDoria: Home of the Elvaans
An interesting balance of weaponry and mage-type gear, this nation is optimum for players who want to balance their attack & magic experience. This location has a limited synthesizing supplies, but a nice source for armor via quests, and weapons via the blacksmith guild.

c:Bastok: Home of the Humes & Galkans
The "the" place to go, if you want excellent prices on weapons and armor, but the magic supply is most unimpressive for a Red Mage. One great positive side of Bastok, however, is a higher level of RDM popularity, if you can afford the high spell prices, at least before inter-city travel is possible.

3.0- Job Abilities:

ChainspellLevel 1, Recast: 2 hours, Effect: 30 Seconds)
Truly only useful for Taru, Hume and Mithra Red mages due to the MP sink, this allows you to chain-cast several spells, with zero wait time between spells the ability itself lasts for 30 seconds only, and you must wait 2 hours to reuse it,so plan your spells wisely. This can come in very handy, in rough situations.
example: Your team trained 3 extra monsters into the battle, for a total of 4. if you run, the team will die before you can zone. Use Chainspell, cast gravity on all 4 monsters, one after the other, and get the f*%^% outta there. ^^ Another popular use is Chain-raise. Be a dead party?s best friend: raise raise raise convert raise raise raise ^^ they will be forever in your debt, and WHM?s will be jealous of your speed of casting! (note: also helpful to level those pesky low level skills, at least a bit every 2 hours, so long as there is no immediate or pending ?need? of the skill.)

ConvertLevel 40, Recast: 10 Minutes)
This ability completely swaps your current HP and current MP, the only limitations being if you have zero MP, and your HP/MP cannot become higher than its original maximum for your character. This is amazing, as you could quite literally have infinite HP & MP, if you can withstand hits as you cast this, and chain cast (even macro) cures on yourself. Considered by some as an unbalancing ability, this along with protectIV/refresh/regen/stoneskin/phalanx on a high level Red mage could feasibly allow him to do massive battle survival, example is a story I heard about one soloing a 2-hour battle (and winning) versus the Shadow Lord!

4.0- Job Traits:

Resist Pretification: (Levels:10,30,50)
Often confused with paralysis, prettification prevents you from doing ANYTHING, even if being hit by an enemy. (basically a more threatening version of sleep). Although a simple cure will remove this status effect, this resistance will greatly shorten the prettification effects, so your RDM can easily remove petrify from a party with some well-placed cures, and resume survival.

Fast-Cast: (Level 15)
Shortens the length of time a spell takes to cast. Until you have reached level 15, your RDM will actually cast slower than other mages, since the Red mage is a hybrid fighter-mage...but after level 15, the Red mage has a clear speed advantage in speed. This can make him as effective healer as a WHM in many cases, and gives them an advantage in pulling monsters faster than other players & teams, in a highly populated area.

Magic Attack Bonus: (Levels:20,40)
Simply enough, this makes your nukes more deadly, and your debuffs on the enemy more effective. Excellent to have, as a support class, and for soloing.

Magic Defense Bonus: (Levels:25,45)
Simply enough, this makes your heals more helpful, and your buffs on the team more effective. Excellent to have, as a support class, and for soloing. (whew, Deja vu ^^)

Clear Mind: (Level 31, 51)
Allows you to recover MP faster after battle, when you are healing. A shared Trait for most every mage, I love this. It allows your team to continue to battle, even chain experience points, because MP regeneration's downtime is dramatically reduced. This can be augmented further at higher levels, with certain items, like the level 51 Dark Staff (mana regen + 10 MP per tic)

5.0- Spells:

Even with the armor and sword, a Red Mage is nothing without magic. Being a hybrid of mages, the RDM can cast many, many spells, and choosing certain spells over others with such a small pocketbook can, effectively, slow down your leveling progress 10-fold.
I have organized the spells into six categories, based on the skills they improve, and then by types:

A: Healing
B: Enhancing
C: Enfeebling
D: Elemental
E: Dark
F: Divine

A: Healing
a.general heal magic
Cure,II,III,IV: (Levels:3,13,26,48, MP Cost:8,24,48,96)(Cure V: Nerfed) Significantly heal the target?s HP.
Raise: (Level 38, MP Cost:150) Revive a fallen comrade from death, to a weakened state. Player will gain back some of his/her lost experience points caused by the death.
b. heal-over-time magic
RegenLevel 21, MP Cost:15)Gradually regain HP over time.
RefreshLevel 41, MP Cost:40) Gradually regain MP over time.

B: Enhancing
a. resistance magic
BarStoneLevel 5, MP Cost:9) Reduces the Earth element damage taken.
BarSleepLevel 7, MP Cost:7) Reduces the chance of Sleep magic landing, and shortens the effect's time span
BarWaterLevel 9, MP Cost:9) Reduces the Water element damage taken.
BarPoisonLevel 10, MP Cost:9) Reduces the chance of Poison magic landing, Reduces the damage over time inflicted and shortens the DOT's time span
BarParalysisLevel 12, MP Cost:11) Reduces the chance of Paralyze magic & attacks landing, and shortens the effect's time span.
BarAeroLevel 13, MP Cost:9) Reduces the Wind element damage taken.
BarFireLevel 17, MP Cost:9) Reduces the Fire element damage taken.
BarIceLevel 21, MP Cost:9) Reduces the Ice element damage taken.
BarThunderLevel 25, MP Cost:9) Reduces the Thunder element damage taken.
BarPetrifyLevel 43, MP Cost:20)Reduces the chance of Petrify attacks landing, and shortens the effect's time span.
BarBioLevel 53, MP Cost:50) Reduces the chance of Bio magic landing, Reduces the damage over time inflicted and shortens the DOT's time span.

b. repetition magic
AquaveilLevel 12, MP Cost:12) Reduces the chance of an attack from interrupting a spell being casted.
HasteLevel 48, MP Cost:40) Massively increases the Red Mage's physical attack rate.

c. enchantment magic
EnThunderLevel 16, MP Cost:12) Enchants the Red mage's weapon with the element of Thunder.
EnStoneLevel 18, MP Cost:12) Enchants the Red mage's weapon with the element of Earth.
EnAeroLevel 20, MP Cost:12) Enchants the Red mage's weapon with the element of Wind.
EnBlizzardLevel 22, MP Cost:12) Enchants the Red mage's weapon with the element of Ice.
EnFireLevel 24, MP Cost:12) Enchants the Red mage's weapon with the element of Fire.
EnWaterLevel 27, MP Cost:12) Enchants the Red mage's weapon with the element of Water.

d. hide magic
DeodorizeLevel 15, MP Cost:10) Prevents the enemy from being able to smell you.
SneakLevel 20, MP Cost:12) Prevents the enemy from being able to hear you.
InvisibleLevel 25, MP Cost:15) Prevents the enemy from being able to see you.

e. reflect magic
Blaze SpikesLevel 20, MP Cost:8 )Red Mage emits flares of fire upon anything that physically attacks him/her.
Ice SpikesLevel 40, MP Cost:16) Red Mage emits spikes of ice upon anything that physically attacks him/her.
Shock SpikesLevel 60, MP Cost:24) Red Mage emits bolts of lightning upon anything that physically attacks him/her.

f. armor magic
Protect,II,III,IVLevel 7,27,47,67, MP Cost:9,28,46,65) Physical defense is significantly boosted.
Shell,II,III,IVLevel 17,37,57,68, MP Cost:18,37,56,75) Magical defense is significantly boosted.
BlinkLevel 23, MP Cost:20) Become immune to the damage from any attack or spell, for the next two hits.
PhalanxLevel 33, MP Cost:21)Reduces the "x" percentage of damage that actually hits the Red Mage. Results are temporary.
Stone SkinLevel 34, MP Cost:29)Absorbs all damage that hits the Red mage, up to a certain "y" amount.

C: Enfeebling
a.Damage over time magic
Dia,II,IIILevel 1,31,61 MP Cost:7,59,112) Reduces the target?s Defense level, and causes continuous Light-Holy damage within a set time.
DiagaLevel 15, MP Cost:12) Simultaneously reduces up to 16 targets? Defense levels, and causes continuous Light-Holy damage within a set time.
Poison,IILevel 5,46, MP Cost:5,38 ) Causes continuous Poison damage within a set time.

b. combat disability
ParalyzeLevel 6, MP Cost:6) Often interrupts the enemy?s attacks, special attacks and spells.
BlindLevel 8, MP Cost:5) Reduces the chance of an enemy?s physical attacks from landing.
SlowLevel 13, MP Cost:15) Reduces the overall rate of attack from the enemy.
DispelLevel 32, MP Cost:25) Removes one positive spell (at random) casted on the enemy.

c. movement limiter
BindLevel 11, MP Cost:8 ) Roots an enemy to the ground so they are neither able to run, nor able to get closer to you for physical attacks.
SleepLevel 25, MP Cost:19) Effective slumber is bestowed on the enemy. Can be lifted after a set period of time, or by being physically attacked, or by receiving a casting of Cure.

D: Elemental
Stone,II,IIILevel 4,35,65, MP Cost:9,47,92)Harness the strength of Titan to bury the target in Earth.
Water,II, IIILevel 9,40,67, MP Cost:13,55,98 )Harness the depth of Leviathan to deluge the target in water.
Aero,II,IIILevel 14,45,69, MP Cost:18,64,159)Harness the speed of Garuda to overtake the target in severe winds.
Fire,II,IIILevel 19,50,71, MP Cost:24,73,145)Harness the power of the Ifrit to engulf the target in flames.
Blizzard,II,IIILevel 24,55,73, MP Cost:30,83,158 )Harness the grace of Shiva to envelop the target in ice.
Thunder,II,IIILevel 29,60,75, MP Cost:37,86,172)Harness the wrath of Ramuh to strike the target with lightning.

E: Dark
Bio,II,III: (Level 10,36,62, MP Cost:22,66,110)Reduces the target?s Attack power, and causes continuous Dark-Viral damage within a set time.

F: Divine
(none at the moment, but there is potential for Divine magic)

6.0- Macros:

With all these spells and skills, often it can be difficult to figure out what to use, and when. Two things are for certain, and a third after level 41: A. You need to be prepared to be effective as possible in combat, with magic, reaction, and special skills. B. The massive need for Refresh, once learned. C. to be effective, you need a high magical skill level. In this section, I will cover these needs.

A: A Red Mage?s greatest team advantage is the ability to efficiently withstand hits, while healing others, nuking, debuffing, and refreshing all at once. To be effective, the time it takes to target your teammate, open your magic menu to find the spell?then casting? your party may have already lost someone.
So here are heal macro?s to save your (and your team?s) butt(s):

/ma ?Cure? <p0>

Same as <me>, this simple macro lets you cure yourself with a button press.

Casting Cure I on <p1>, please pull the aggro&#33;
/ma ?Cure? <p1>
Casting Cure I on <p2>, please pull the aggro&#33;
/ma ?Cure? <p2>
Casting Cure I on <p3>, please pull the aggro&#33;
/ma ?Cure? <p3>
Casting Cure I on <p4>, please pull the aggro&#33;
/ma ?Cure? <p4>
Casting Cure I on <p5>, please pull the aggro&#33;
/ma ?Cure? <p5>
These <px> #?s will represent every team member after you in your team menu this allows quick heals with little distraction.

/p See no ?hear no ? smell no ?
/ma ?Protect? <me>
/wait 8
/ma ?Shell? <me>
/wait 8
/ma ?Blaze Spikes? <me>
This useful macro will quickly boost your defenses to be ready for a battle.
See no Evil, Hear no Evil, Smell no Evil?
/ma ?Deodorize? <t>
/wait 7
/ma ?Sneak? <t>
/wait 7
/ma ?Invisible? <t>
This nifty ?triple-hide? macro will let your target (yes you must target someone for this macro to work, or f1 for yourself) be hidden from the senses of MOST (I stress most) monsters. Notorious Monsters tend to detect you no matter what. Also, in some cases, you can remove deodorize to conserve MP.
/assist <p1>
You?re goin? down, <t>&#33;
/ma ?Dia? <t>
/wait 2
One of my most-used macro?s, this will enfeeble your enemy and immediately run up to it, and attack. Change <p1> to <pwhatever>, depending on who is pulling.
Burning Blade in 3 seconds&#33; <call4>
/wait 3
Attacking <bt> with Burning Blade&#33;&#33;&#33;<call0>
/ws ?Burning Blade? <bt>
/wait 8
/ma ?Fire? <bt>
This is very useful, since Burning Blade is often the beginning of many popular skillchains. Plus, if your wait time is accurate for the last attack in the chain, you get a free magic burst, for extra damage&#33;
/p Converting in 2&#33;&#33;<call12>
/wait 2
/ja ?Convert? <me>
/wait 2
/ma ?Cure IV? <me>

Yummy?I am now blessed with the level to use this skill, and the results are astounding. Use when your MP is ALMOST zero, and all of a sudden, you?re back in the game&#33; (pulls huge amounts of aggro, similar to a mini-benediction?be careful.)
/ma Stoneskin <me>
/p MP low, <mpp>, prepping for Convert <call12>
/wait 9
/ma ?Phalanx? <me>
/wait 8
/ma ?Regen? <me>

I use this as a safety macro for convert, in case I am forced to convert in the heat of battle, and the enemy has AoE attacks. NOTE: 65 minimum MP required for this to work (somewhat less if you have refresh effects on ^^ )

My MP is <mpp>?consider this before you pull. <call5>
This one has saved my hide several times, as it ?reminds? the tanks that to keep them alive, mages need MP.^^

B. Once players reach level 41, parties are already struggling to get steady, fast exp/hour, and with tougher monsters comes more MP use per kill... which means tons of downtime and slow exp.
Enter Red Mage. ^^
If you invest 20k into the refresh spell, you will NEVER regret it. At this point in the game, if a team is without refesh, they level slowly, so RDM popularity is definitely a plus. Even better, the RDM can once again be an effective solo player again&#33;Quote:
/ma "Refresh" <me>
/wait 6.5
/ma "Regen" <p1>
/wait 20
/ma "Refresh" <p1>


/ma "Regen" <p2>
/wait 25
/ma "Refresh" <p2>
/wait 25
/ma "Refresh" <p3>
This is a useful macro to efficiently get 40 casts of refresh, and 2 shots of regen out to your team. I have tested this for heavy lag, it is very reliable. Once your own refresh wears off, you know it is time to reuse these 2 macros. make sure to specify who is who in this macro.

/ma "Refresh" <me>
/p Refresh --- Party
/wait 25
/ma "Refresh" <p1>
/wait 25
/ma "Refresh" <p2>


/ma "Haste" <p1>
/p Haste - Main DD&#33;
/wait 20
/ma "Refresh" <p2>
/wait 25
/ma "Refresh" <p3>

At higher levels, this becomes a common macro setup, if a WHM is in the party. They handle heals thanks to Regen II magic, and you keep the best Damage dealer at his/her best, with speed. You can adjust this to the magical needs/demands of the party.

C. One flaw in the magical system for the Red Mage is due to his great advantage: he has a whole #^@&#036;*&-load of spells. Because of this, it is difficult, at times it may even seem impossible, to keep their individual skills (6 in total, 5 realistic) up with your level. On the other hand, macros give you the ability to efficiently keep up. 3 of the 5 methods available require being in a battle environment, while the other 2 can be done anywhere you can cast spells.

a. Battle Magic Macro?sQuote:
/ma ?Bio? <bt>
/wait 8
/ma ?Bio? <bt>
/wait 8
/ma ?Bio? <bt>
This is a simple Dark skill booster. In teams, your party may question why you are casting it 3 times, since it cant be stacked with itself. Leave this to solo if they do. (Hint: Dia does not stack with Bio, either.)
/ma ?Dia? <bt>
/wait 8
/ma ?Paralyze? <bt>
/wait 8
/ma ?Slow? <bt>
This baby is pretty much accepted everywhere, as Red Mages are often relied upon exclusively as Enfeeblers, the name of the skill this boosts.
/ma ?Stone? <t>
/wait 10
/ma ?Water? <t>
/wait 10
/ma ?Aero? <t>
This Elemental skill booster macro is one that may raise some teammates? eyebrows. Sure, it damages the enemy, but it is both inefficient to hurt just any random monster, and it could be seen as a waste of MP? Exercise caution when using this one in a team, let them know what you are doing. (Note: You can always do a combination of these, if you wish)

b. Peaceful Macro?sQuote:
/ma ?Cure? <me>
/wait 8
/ma ?Cure? <me>
/wait 8
/ma ?Cure? <me>
Simple Healing skill boosting macro. &#39;Nuff said. (Note: Using these healing macro?s and entering/leaving a Moghouse will effectively restore all your MP. Use this strategy for easier skill boosting)
/ma ?Barstone? <me>
/wait 4
/ma ?Barwater? <me>
/wait 4
/ma ?Protect? <me>
This is the cheapest macro (MP-wise) to boost your Enhancing skill. Trust me on this.

7.0- Sub jobs:

A red mage is very versatile, and can be effective (with skill) as a sub job for basically every job out there? but deciding on a backup job for a Red Mage takes a little more thought:

Very popular combo for avid magic users, this not only gives you added MP and overall spell effectiveness, you also get the abilities and spells of your mage sub. This means Divine Seal for stronger heals plus auto-regen, or Elemental seal for stronger nukes plus randomly cheaper MP spells.

My personal setup, this is THE GOD of MP. Stacking skills like clear mind, MP max bonus, convert, refresh, auto-refresh, (and perhaps a refresh skill-inherent armor ^^), it is not bloody likely you will have a problem with mp conservation, which is great, with the huge spell arsenal at hand, plus the use of avatars as limited extra damage, after all it is still damage. Additionally, the use of special BCNM belts, rings, and level 51+ elemental staves, your avatars can still pack a considerable punch even at ½ level, and even reduced-to-zero MP cost&#33; This is a more unique mage configuration, but is becoming popular for those who like more MP, plus the additional support skills, especially at higher levels.

This combo is interesting, because both jobs used together will allow decent physical attack and defense, plus enhanced magic of a healing/enhancing or nuking/enfeebling nature, per your choice.

Unique combinations, they allow a great increase to Physical prowess and weapons damage, but still have the capability of spells. The extra skills like stacking weapon skills or jump can have a great effect in battles, but the downside is the drop in spell casting strength and Magic pool. Few parties will accept a player with these (or below) configurations, without proven effectiveness beforehand.

Purely battlemages, if done well these can be very effective, depending on the breed, (best being Hume or Mithra). Often frowned upon, because the Magic skills are worn so thin... This is one step down from subbing a DRG or SAM. Warning: Leveling will be nauseatingly slow with any of these, even more so with ranger.

Not recommended except for the pure purpose of Gil-farming. You need all the protection you can get, and neither sub jobs will supply much.
(note: if you do RDM/NIN after level 74, and your ninja sub is 37, you will have become an arguably perfect blink-tank, able to solo Hyper-Notorious monsters, and withstand most threats coming your way. Before this level, few appreciate the under-leveled skills of the ninja sub.)

A very controversial combination, most people will dismiss this as ?A useless combo. Period.? but being able to reduce elemental weaknesses before nuking A (I stress A, one at a time) monster can help success in combat. The Bard sub can also help the Red Mage become more efficient with HP and MP regeneration. It really depends on the skills, dedication, and PATIENCE of the player. If you have these traits, RDM/BRD could feasibly make you the ultimate party support player.

8.0- Equipment:
The worst thing about Red Mages is both the huge need for good spells, and the equally huge need for good equipment. The Red Mage is hands-down the most expensive job in FFXI. Because of this, good deals on equipment is crucial. One effective way to fund this is with synthesizing, possibly cloth craft, leatherwork, and blacksmithing, as effective build-your-own gear ideas. If you prefer playing the game over sitting in one place making stuff to sell, there are also many quests that reward useful gear, like Race Specific Equipment ( RSE ). At lower levels, one may find benefits in melee, prompting the need for STR, DEX, and AGI equipment. Although these are helpful early and later, the ?Mage? aspect starts profoundly picking up after the early & mid-30?s, and demand for superiority in these skills, especially enfeebling skills, becomes all-to crucial for true superiority.

9.0- Advanced RDM:
The Red Mage, again, is very versatile, and equally expensive. This can be both an advantage and a complication, due to the wide range of options a RDM can use. The 5 most important factors to determine the needs for a RDM to outperform his/her peers, can all be augmented with gear, if you have the gil to back it up: A: Melee/tank skills, B: Healing skills, C: Enfeebling Skills, D: Enhancing Skills, and E: Nuking Skills. Your 5 most effective tools for melee will be your neck equipment, melee (club, sword, etc.), shield, belt, and the foods you decide on.

A: Melee / Tank-
The biggest factors that improve melee: Defense for damage resistance, Vitality for how much damage you can take, Evasion to dodge attacks, Strength for hit damage, dexterity for critical hit chance, and agility for speed of hits there is also a hidden factor: accuracy. If you wish to damage, more agility, accuracy, dexterity and strength is important. As a more liberal tank, you will need all the vitality/HP you can get, and agility for evasive skills. Peacock charm or spectacles extremely useful, as are carapace parts, but not crucial.

B. Healing-
Mind, mind, and more mind. The more, the better. MND raises your ability to cure, more potent enhancing spells, and general magic defense. Also, light element bonuses will contribute to your overall healing skills. Healing torque is crucial past 65

C. Enfeebling-
A tough one. INT can help a great deal here, but so can MND. Equipping element bonuses can make enfeeble spells more effective if they match the spell?s element.
Enfeebling Torque is crucial past 65.

D Enhancing-
Not as commonly used, and again equally uses MND and INT, this can be better with e-spells in melee, as well as a white mage or summoner subjob, where enhancements effect the whole party. Enhancing torque is crucial past 65

E. Nuking-
Intelligence, intelligence, and more intelligence. The more, the better. MND raises your ability to cure, more potent enhancing spells, and general magic defense. Also, light element bonuses will contribute to your overall healing skills. Elemental torque is crucial past 65
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To follow up my brief getting started guide, here's a comprehensive list of slash commands available in Age of Conan. /afk /anon /bank /born /bugreport Opens up a GUI for reporting bugs
plz guide for mage lvl 1~100+
06/21/2008 - Dekaron - 4 Replies
plz Guide gor mage skills and stats plz plz tnx for the help

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