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D2NT bot problem!

Closed Thread
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D2NT bot problem!

Hey, hab vorhin mal d2nt eingerichtet, läuft eigentlich auch ganz gut, jedoch:

Wenn er n item findet, das gut ist und er es stashen will, klatscht der meine ganzen skiller + torch + anni erstmal in die truhe...

ich will das jedoch nicht^^
Was ist verkehrt?

Hier meine config!


var NTConfig_CastStatic;

function NT_LoadConfig()
// Boss configuration
NTConfig_PublicMode = false;
me.quitonhostile = false;

//NTConfig_Script.push("NTPindleskin.ntj"); NTConfig_NihlathakExtension = true;
//NTConfig_Script.push("NTNihlathak.ntj"); NTConfig_PindleskinExtension = true;
NTConfig_Script.push("NTEldritch.ntj"); NTConfig_ShenkExtension = true;
//NTConfig_Script.push("NTFrozenRiver.ntj"); NTConfig_ClearFrozenRiver = true;
//NTConfig_Script.push("NTGlacialTrail.ntj"); NTConfig_ClearGlacialTrail = false;
//NTConfig_Script.push("NTIcyCellar.ntj"); NTConfig_ClearIcyCellar = false;
//NTConfig_Script.push("NTBaal.ntj"); NTConfig_KillBaal = false;
NTConfig_Script.push("NTPit.ntj"); NTConfig_ClearPitLevel1 = 1; // 0 : don't clear, 1 : clear path only, 2 : clear all

me.maxgametime = 600; // time in seconds, maximum game length (0 is infinite)
NTConfig_StartDelay = 0; // Delay time in milliseconds to start;
NTConfig_AreaDelay = 500; // Delay time in milliseconds to change area;
NTConfig_SnagDelay = 500; // Delay time in milliseconds to wait before starting picking items

NTConfig_SkipHealLife = 90; // If you have more than this percent of life, you won't go to a healer
NTConfig_SkipHealMana = 70; // If you have more than this percent of mana, you won't go to a healer
NTConfig_SkipHealCurses = false;// If you want to skip curses, set to true
NTConfig_UseMerc = true; // Set to true if you use a mercenary, will revive merc at a reviver npc.
NTConfig_ResetWeapon = false; // Set to true to reset weapon when reviving merc

NTConfig_LifeThresh = 60; // Drink a normal potion if under this percent of life.
NTConfig_LifeRejuvThresh = 40; // Drink a rejuvenation potion if under this percent of life.
NTConfig_ManaThresh = 30; // Drink a normal potion if under this percent of mana.
NTConfig_ManaRejuvThresh = 10; // Drink a rejuvenation potion if under this percent of mana.
NTConfig_LifeChicken = 30; // This is your chicken life percent. If you go below this life total, exit game.
NTConfig_ManaChicken = 0; // This is your chicken mana percent. If you go below this mana total, exit game.

NTConfig_MercLifeThresh = 60; // This is the threshold to use a life potion on your merc in percent.
NTConfig_MercRejuvThresh = 40; // This is the threshold to use a rejuv potion on your merc in percent.
NTConfig_MercChicken = 20; // This is your mercs chicken life percent. If he goes below this, exit game.

NTConfig_FreeSpace = 2; // Number of free columns. If less full columns are free stashing is set.

// The numbers correspond to your inventory. Set 0 to keep whatever is there, 1 to stash it.
NTConfig_Columns[0] = [1,0,0,0,0,1,1,1,1,1];
NTConfig_Columns[1] = [1,0,0,1,1,1,1,1,1,1];
NTConfig_Columns[2] = [1,0,0,1,1,1,1,1,1,1];
NTConfig_Columns[3] = [1,0,0,1,1,1,1,1,1,1];

NTConfig_MinGoldToStash = 100000; // Maximum gold amount carried before going to stash

// Type of potion used in each belt column
// Available types : "hp" = health | "mp" = mana | "rv" = rejuv. Can use other potion types too.
// Keep equal types at adjacent columns. First HP then MP and then HP again is a bad choice.
// Keep HP and MP at the beginning of the belt (in case you want to use rejuv and other types).
// Rejuvenations MUST, I REPEAT MUST be at the end of the belt (last x columns).
// To use rejuvenations only, put "rv" in all columns.
NTConfig_BeltColType[0] = "hp";
NTConfig_BeltColType[1] = "mp";
NTConfig_BeltColType[2] = "rv";
NTConfig_BeltColType[3] = "rv";

// Minimum amount of potions in each column before needing refilling
// If there's less potions then this number in the column we go and shop.
// Set to 4 to go shopping as soon as there's a potion missing.
// Recommend leaving columns set to "rv" at 0. Since shops won't carry rejuvs.
NTConfig_BeltColMin[0] = 4;
NTConfig_BeltColMin[1] = 4;
NTConfig_BeltColMin[2] = 0;
NTConfig_BeltColMin[3] = 0;

// SnagIt configuration
// Here is a list of preset nip files assuming you use nip package.
// If you want to add your own .nip files, just copy any line and enter the
// To disable a .nip file, just add "//" at the start of the line or delete the line.

NTConfig_SnagRange = 40; // Radius to check for dropped items. 40 is a good number here

// Cubing configuration
// Supported gems and runes recipe only
NTConfig_Cubing = false; // Enable cubing

//NTConfig_CubingItem.push(["gcw",0,3]); //Chipped Diamond gcw
//NTConfig_CubingItem.push(["gcv",0,3]); //Chipped Amethyst gcv
//NTConfig_CubingItem.push(["gcb",0,3]); //Chipped Saphire gcb
//NTConfig_CubingItem.push(["gcy",0,3]); //Chipped Topaz gcy
//NTConfig_CubingItem.push(["gcr",0,3]); //Chipped Ruby gcr
//NTConfig_CubingItem.push(["gcg",0,3]); //Chipped Emerald gcg
//NTConfig_CubingItem.push(["skc",0,3]); //Chipped Skull skc

//NTConfig_CubingItem.push(["gfw",0,3]); //Flawed Diamond gfw
//NTConfig_CubingItem.push(["gfv",0,3]); //Flawed Amethyst gfv
//NTConfig_CubingItem.push(["gfb",0,3]); //Flawed Saphire gfb
//NTConfig_CubingItem.push(["gfy",0,3]); //Flawed Topaz gfy
//NTConfig_CubingItem.push(["gfr",0,3]); //Flawed Ruby gfr
//NTConfig_CubingItem.push(["gfg",0,3]); //Flawed Emerald gfg
//NTConfig_CubingItem.push(["skf",0,3]); //Flawed Skull skf

//NTConfig_CubingItem.push(["gsw",0,3]); //Normal Diamond gsw
//NTConfig_CubingItem.push(["gsv",0,3]); //Normal Amethyst gsv
//NTConfig_CubingItem.push(["gsb",0,3]); //Normal Saphire gsb
//NTConfig_CubingItem.push(["gsy",0,3]); //Normal Topaz gsy
//NTConfig_CubingItem.push(["gsr",0,3]); //Normal Ruby gsr
//NTConfig_CubingItem.push(["gsg",0,3]); //Normal Emerald gsg
//NTConfig_CubingItem.push(["sku",0,3]); //Normal Skull sku

//NTConfig_CubingItem.push(["glw",0,3]); //Flawless Diamond glw
//NTConfig_CubingItem.push(["gzv",0,3]); //Flawless Amethyst gzv
//NTConfig_CubingItem.push(["glb",0,3]); //Flawless Saphire glb
//NTConfig_CubingItem.push(["gly",0,3]); //Flawless Topaz gly
//NTConfig_CubingItem.push(["glr",0,3]); //Flawless Ruby glr
//NTConfig_CubingItem.push(["glg",0,3]); //Flawless Emerald glg
//NTConfig_CubingItem.push(["skl",0,3]); //Flawless Skull skl

//NTConfig_CubingItem.push(["r01",0,3]); //El Rune r01
//NTConfig_CubingItem.push(["r02",0,3]); //Eld Rune r02
//NTConfig_CubingItem.push(["r03",0,3]); //Tir Rune r03
//NTConfig_CubingItem.push(["r04",0,3]); //Nef Rune r04
//NTConfig_CubingItem.push(["r05",0,3]); //Eth Rune r05
//NTConfig_CubingItem.push(["r06",0,3]); //Ith Rune r06
//NTConfig_CubingItem.push(["r07",0,3]); //Tal Rune r07
//NTConfig_CubingItem.push(["r08",0,3]); //Ral Rune r08
//NTConfig_CubingItem.push(["r09",0,3]); //Ort Rune r09

//NTConfig_CubingItem.push(["r10",0,3,"gcy",0,1]); //Thul Rune + chipped Topaz r10 + gcy
//NTConfig_CubingItem.push(["r11",0,3,"gcv",0,1]); //Amn Rune + chipped Amethyst r11 + gcv
//NTConfig_CubingItem.push(["r12",0,3,"gcb",0,1]); //Sol Rune + chipped Saphire r12 + gcb
//NTConfig_CubingItem.push(["r13",0,3,"gcr",0,1]); //Shael Rune + chipped Ruby r13 + gcr
//NTConfig_CubingItem.push(["r14",0,3,"gcg",0,1]); //Dol Rune + chipped Emerald r14 + gcg
//NTConfig_CubingItem.push(["r15",0,3,"gcw",0,1]); //Hel Rune + chipped Diamond r15 + gcw

NTConfig_CubingItem.push(["r16",0,3,"gfy",0,1]); //Io Rune + flawed Topaz r16 + gfy
NTConfig_CubingItem.push(["r17",0,3,"gfv",0,1]); //Lum Rune + flawed Amethyst r17 + gfv
NTConfig_CubingItem.push(["r18",0,3,"gfb",0,1]); //Ko Rune + flawed Saphire r18 + gfb
NTConfig_CubingItem.push(["r19",0,3,"gfr",0,1]); //Fal Rune + flawed Ruby r19 + gfr
NTConfig_CubingItem.push(["r20",0,3,"gfg",0,1]); //Lem Rune + flawed Emerald r20 + gfg
NTConfig_CubingItem.push(["r21",0,2,"gfw",0,1]); //Pul Rune + flawed Diamond r21 + gfw

NTConfig_CubingItem.push(["r22",0,2,"gsy",0,1]); //Um Rune + Topaz r22 + gsy
NTConfig_CubingItem.push(["r23",0,2,"gsv",0,1]); //Mal Rune + Amethyst r23 + gsv
//NTConfig_CubingItem.push(["r24",0,2,"gsb",0,1]); //Ist Rune + Saphire r24 + gsb
//NTConfig_CubingItem.push(["r25",0,2,"gsr",0,1]); //Gul Rune + Ruby r25 + gsr
//NTConfig_CubingItem.push(["r26",0,2,"gsg",0,1]); //Vex Rune + Emerald r26 + gsg
//NTConfig_CubingItem.push(["r27",0,2,"gsw",0,1]); //Ohm Rune + Diamond r27 + gsw

//NTConfig_CubingItem.push(["r28",0,2,"gly",0,1]); //Lo Rune + flawless Topaz r28 + gly
//NTConfig_CubingItem.push(["r29",0,2,"gzv",0,1]); //Sur Rune + flawless Amethyst r29 + gzv
//NTConfig_CubingItem.push(["r30",0,2,"glb",0,1]); //Ber Rune + flawless Saphire r30 + glb
//NTConfig_CubingItem.push(["r31",0,2,"glr",0,1]); //Jah Rune + flawless Ruby r31 + gll
//NTConfig_CubingItem.push(["r32",0,2,"glg",0,1]); //Cham Rune + flawless Emerald r32 + glg

// Gamble configuration
// To specify what items to gamble, adjust the array with the desired item codes
NTConfig_Gamble = true; // Enable gambling
NTConfig_GambleStopGold = 300000; // Gold amount to stop the gambling

NTConfig_GambleItem.push("rin"); // Rings
NTConfig_GambleItem.push("amu"); // Amulets
NTConfig_GambleItem.push("ci0"); // Circlets
NTConfig_GambleItem.push("ci1"); // Coronets
//NTConfig_GambleItem.push("lgl"); // Leather Gloves
//NTConfig_GambleItem.push("vgl"); // Heavy Gloves
//NTConfig_GambleItem.push("mgl"); // Chain Gloves
//NTConfig_GambleItem.push("tgl"); // Light Gauntlets
//NTConfig_GambleItem.push("hgl"); // Gauntlets

NTConfig_OpenChest = true; // Set to true to open chest

// Attack configuration
NTConfig_AttackSkill[0] = 49; // Cast your first spell once. Set to 0 if you won't
NTConfig_AttackSkill[1] = 49; // Cast your primary spell to boss.
NTConfig_AttackSkill[2] = 53; // Cast your primary spell to others.
NTConfig_AttackSkill[3] = 0; // Cast your primary untimed spell if primary spell is timed spell. Set to 0 if you won't
NTConfig_AttackSkill[4] = 0; // Cast your secondary spell if monster is immune to your primary spell. Set to 0 if you won't
NTConfig_AttackSkill[5] = 0; // Cast your secondary untimed spell if secondary spell is timed spell. Set to 0 if you won't
NTConfig_ClearPosition = false; // Set to true if you want to clear area after killing boss.
NTConfig_CheckSafe = true; // Set to true to check for curses, merc and potion (go to town if needed)

NTConfig_CastStatic = 60; // Cast Static Field until monster's HP lower less than this percent. Set to 100 if you won't

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NTConfig_Columns[0] = [1,0,0,0,0,1,1,1,1,1];
NTConfig_Columns[1] = [1,0,0,1,1,1,1,1,1,1];
NTConfig_Columns[2] = [1,0,0,1,1,1,1,1,1,1];
NTConfig_Columns[3] = [1,0,0,1,1,1,1,1,1,1];

hast du das richtig eingestellt ??
0 steht für sachen die du im inventar drin lassen willst wie zb anni torch usw.
achja und falls du es nicht weiss das soll dien inventar darstellen

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dafür gibts schon ein Therad

zum problem:

// The numbers correspond to your inventory. Set 0 to keep whatever is there, 1 to stash it.
NTConfig_Columns[0] = [1,0,0,0,0,1,1,1,1,1];
NTConfig_Columns[1] = [1,0,0,1,1,1,1,1,1,1];
NTConfig_Columns[2] = [1,0,0,1,1,1,1,1,1,1];
NTConfig_Columns[3] = [1,0,0,1,1,1,1,1,1,1];

anpassen wie es sein soll. 0 = belegt 1 = frei
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das nächste mal in den richtigen thread posten pls


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achso ^^ dachte 0 = frei 1 = belegt!!
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Originally Posted by Blechbixn View Post
achso ^^ dachte 0 = frei 1 = belegt!!
Set 0 to keep whatever is there, 1 to stash it.

alles gesagt

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Closed Thread

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