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The Debate on ScriptVessel

Discussion on The Debate on ScriptVessel within the Conquer Online 2 forum part of the MMORPGs category.

Old 01/02/2007, 13:06   #61
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Well...considering this takes time and effort, unless people know how to code, they should stop complaining. I too am a coder, I'm not the best i mostely code vb and sites, but i can still read it....and I've seen how the unpacked looks, and it's not simple. People need to realize they did spend their time and mr.rattlez can choose what he the flying monkey he feels like...

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Old 01/02/2007, 13:50   #62
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I believe enough has been said on this topic. Everyone is going to believe what they want but ppl must remember that they were once beginners and they too asked questions. Questions are never stupid just the ppl how ppl reply to them. If you don't like someones suggestion then move on to the next topic.

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Old 01/02/2007, 15:04   #63
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Controlling The Disty of SV is only so far a temp solution, DM and the rest are commin up with what they feel is best for all the progz and leachers. if we liked it or not we STILL have to wait. Regards to the people out there who can only leach because they do not know any C++ nor Java. You are not at fault. This is no matter what a hack/cracking commity. It would be an honour to be praised for hardwork for being a freelance progz.

P.S: Do not comdem the noobs too much. even when they flame, instead just dun give it to them.

P.S.2: Older Silent members could like start helpin to close the extra treads

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Old 01/02/2007, 15:24   #64
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ScriptVessel... i think it shouldnt be given 2 public.

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Old 01/02/2007, 15:47   #65
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I feel ScriptVessel should have never been released. Not even to a select few. I'm sorry but if you want people to help the community, you must help them develop skills to write their own bots. Cracking someone else's bots is like mr.rattlz cracking the hard work chocoman4k put into Cotobot (even though chocoman4k gives to everyone in the community). See were I am going with this? I would like to see people working together to program bots like chocoman4k. I think if we were to work together on writing our own leveling bot, then the fear of leeching falls to the waist side.

mr.rattlz says he doesn't like leechers yet he is still giving away someone else's work. Seems more and more this site is turning into a "hack others bot" site. I feel we need to head back to what this community use to mean to me, a place to learn how to get the most out of Conquer Online. Tips and tricks to learning to write your own bot for conquer.

If you want people to donate to this community, then you should include everyone. If you want people to donate to scriptvessel, then quit cracking it and donate.

This is my opinion anyways, flame away.
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Old 01/02/2007, 16:05   #66
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Originally posted by d0wnload@Dec 24 2006, 04:28
Guys, I understand why some feel the script shouldn't be released, but there needs to be more detail to it, in my opinion I feel that copartner/scriptvessel should be released to the public because this is what some people would call a community, and I do see why some people say it should only be used by the people who put the work into cracking it, and I don't disagree with that either. I'm not a programmer or cracker myself, and no I'm not a new member of this forum either - I just never feel the need to post, but, in this situation I just want a better view of what could / should happen in the future.

Leave your thoughts and opinions, and please don't flame.
You never needed to post because you got all u need from this forum without any colaboration from you. Now the people who cracked are just giving it to the people they think they must have it, and u open a debate about what they should do?
Ok I think we must open a new debate here:

Who think that dOwnload must give us all of his money Since this is a community?

I do.
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Old 01/02/2007, 16:11   #67
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ScriptVesse shouldnt and wont be released
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Old 01/02/2007, 16:28   #68
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THis kind of work should be be keep semi-private... what i mean is that what mr. rattlz did is right. You can acquire the cracked version if you have contributed in this forum or community.
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Old 01/02/2007, 17:02   #69
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Originally posted by GraveDigger@Jan 2 2007, 15:47
mr.rattlz says he doesn't like leechers yet he is still giving away someone else's work.
Waiiiit, right there, stop !!!
If you quote me, please tell me where i said that
I can't remember ever taking this l-word into my mouth.
Its not even in my vocabulary.
mr.rattlz is offline  
Old 01/02/2007, 17:19   #70
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I'd prefer he release it, as he has yet to send me a message after a post on his thread :-/
It IS a community.
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Old 01/02/2007, 18:15   #71
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Originally posted by mondominus@Dec 24 2006, 04:59
i programed code for many years, before visual and c++ and all this java implemented crap came out, and sql integrated crap, but in my opinion the people that have the source code and have taken time to adjust the code dont release it for multiple reasons..example: noobs take the code spam it everywere including here taking up server space and within minutes of its release tq is implemented a code by about 20 people to conteract this proggie that took maybe an hour or a day or maybe a week by more then likely 1-3 people depending on the depth tq made it detectable. Second, with the source release that give tq's little spies the ability to completely make sure they dont miss holes on there detection system, and creates the problem that the WHOLE script and source code will have to be rewritten from scratch, which in my opinion and more then likely most of the progr4mers on here, a very nasty thing to happen. Also if it was release there WOULD be those that would implement keylogger and such into the code make it work for 10 min then quit and BLAM your accounts gone, and you know anyways if they release on thats fine but the big thing is it got abused, cotobo, copartner, and countless other contributions to these forums as the other forums on other sites that deal with such get abuse beyond the tolorence of programmers that make these programs to better their game and make it less mind racking, anyways, if you dont mess with the code or know how to extract such, then the people that would like to see it just to "see" it can extract it, read a book, its out there if your willing to learn it, and its not all that difficult, anyways the bottom line is the programmers, crackers, haxors, and those who do the server part who might as well be call neo-phreakers dont wont people that are going to twist such in a manner were tq will be able to get a full grasp on what someone who might of just "read" a book did to their precious game. Well i said my part, but really i'm pretty sure that covers it, but take what you will from the following and just know the knowledge is there its just if you decied to get it, then at least when you have it you know whats at risk with tq and other game companys seeing it.
Ok i was not gonna sit there and read a whole book you just read, but i read a few lines, one said something about keylogging... well the people that have recently cracked it well is a lvl 3, and he gave the script pretty much to DM2000 to determine who gets it, so if a lvl 3 and a mod put a keylogger in something, i deserve to be shot

EDIT: PS- No i do not want to hear all the f'in noobs come in here saying "it should be released thats what this sites about!" NO, god you noobs please go, leave and spend time lvling yourself, or spend time making a bot to maybe make you worthy of having Scriptvessel.
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Old 01/02/2007, 18:23   #72
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If you want script vessel go buy it
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Old 01/03/2007, 05:12   #73
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Very nice, i make boom boom in pants over script vessel discussion.
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Old 01/03/2007, 05:26   #74
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On a more serious note, Back when i used to play CS-CS2 i was in 2 cheat clans and there were select scripters (before the time of tutorials on how to make your basic cheat using ____ hook) Anywho, we use to sell our hacks to the general public for $5usd and $10usd if they wanted future updates as well. This never hurt anyone, except for those select cheaters who were willing to pay the extra money to fulfill there need of cheats. Those who were to young to paypal, couldnt get ahold of mommys credit card or what have you simply whined and moaned. Much like is going on here, the only reasonable solution is for the creator/cracker of Script Vessel to keep doing what they are doing, selling it. If you release it to the public, your once loyal customers will no long hold you up on a pedestal but will probably feel cheated. It's like paying for water from McDonalds in America; And that concludes my outlook on this discussion, Thank you.
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Old 01/03/2007, 06:00   #75
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Every forum has newbie .its part of it .Pogramming langauage is so diffcult .it could take newbies like 1 whole year to learn basic C+.Thats why they come to these forums to leech off cheats to make our lifes easier.

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