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PKing Guide: From Avoiding It to Owning

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Talking PKing Guide: From Avoiding It to Owning

~Player Killing Guide: How to avoid pkers and how to pk successfully~
+k is welcome!!!
__________________________________________________ _______________
Table of Contents:
1. Table of contents (wow you found it)
2. Intro (what this guide is about)
3. PKing Classes (what classes are best for pk)
4. RB PKing Classes (what you should RB to be the best at pking)
5. How to avoid pkers (what steps you can take to avoid dieing)
6. How to get REVENGE (I got pked and lost ____!)
7. Credits and conclusion

First, I would like to thank you for reading this guide! If you want to kill people (PVP), keep getting pked, or you simply want some tips, then read on! This guide will have all kinds of tips and tricks to pking and how to avoid getting pked by others. Hopefully this guide can help you out, even if only in a small way.
~Pking Classes~
These are classes that DON'T get reborn. Read this if you only plan on having a temporary character, or if you don't plan on staying in conquer long enough to RB, but you still want to PK.
Archer: Not too great for pk. You can kill Taoists and other archers, and Trojans or warriors if you can fly long enough and they don't have any potions on them. Primarily archers are only used for water farming and hunting, not really for PVP.
Water Taoist: Mostly a basis for PVP, to reborn into other classes. Obviously though, they aren't that great when they're not reborn compared to other classes. If you're going to make one, plan on either reborning to another class or healing and reviving in guild wars.
Fire Taoist: These guys are really good at PVP. They even stand a chance against Trojans! Just zap, jump, zap, jump, etc....maybe throw a fire met in there....Trojans have very poor magic defense, so they don't do good against fire Taos. Plus, if you are good, you'll never even get hit by a melee. Fire Taoists are recommended for non-RB PVP.
Warrior: Lack of power due to the fact they can't carry two weapons. They have high defence, though. If you level a warrior, it's usually to RB it into something else. They can still do quite good against other players though, just not as good against Trojans.
Trojans: The gods of non-RB PVP. Heck, they're even good Reborn! The only problem you will really have is archers who fly and Taoists who are good at jumping. If you can aim SS or FB, though, then that shouldn't be too much of a problem...

~RB PKing Classes~
If you plan on staying in conquer a while and having this character as a main, then read this section. This will tell you what class-class-class reborns are good at PVP. (meaning first chosen class-1st reborn-2nd reborn)
____-Warrior-Trojan: I've seen this quite often. Basically, it's a trojan that has incredible defence and high HP, basically indestructible. If you do this, you will own in guild wars. Recommended for the blank slot is either a Warrior (for more defense and Reflect skill), Trojan (for higher HP etc...) or water Tao. (for their buffing skills)
____-Warrior-Fire Taoist: Same as above, only as a fire Taoist. A bit less HP. Same recommended as the one above.
____-Trojan-Archer: I've actually seen this before, and this is quite good for PVP. Even though you're an archer, you still own. Plus, you can use cyclone while at a big spawn, meaning you'll probably get on the site's most XP kill list. Recommended for the blank slot: Warrior or water Taos tend to have the best results.
____-Water-Fire: This is pretty good as well, but ____-Warrior-Fire tends to work better. Anyway, this way you get most buffing skills, plus the PKing power of a fire taoist. Enjoy. Recommended for the blank slot: Either Water, Fire, or maybe even a Warrior.
If you have another suggestion for these, feel free to email me. My email is in the credits
~How to avoid pkers~
So, you just spent half an hour plvling newbs, 3 different high level archers stole your spawn, and after all that you FINALLY get those well earned 2000 virtue points. You go to the archer spawn, and some trojan runs up and kills you. You now just wasted all that effort. You're probably pretty pissed off. You want revenge. Well, my friend, revenge is pretty easy if you have a guild. However, if you want to avoid pkers at all costs, read these tips.
1. NEVER, and I mean NEVER walk near a melee person unless you can take them. Otherwise you're a goner.
2. If somebody is following you, go faster. If they ask for a trade, decline. This will take up your screen and while you're looking at the trade screen they have a big chance to kill you.
3. If you get attacked once from a person over 5 levels above you and you live, run. Don't attack. Don't yell "WTF WHY YOU PK". Just run and pray you don't die.
4. When you're in a city where most of the high level guilds hang out and are pking 24/7, you should probably get in and out as quick as you can to avoid dieing. One simple joke can lead to an innocent newbie lying on the floor, and you don't want that to be you.
5. Don't whisper your friend if a high level is approaching you. You need to be cautious. Jump away, see if they follow, and if they don't, continue on. If they follow, run. You don't want to be in the middle of a conversation and then get killed.
6. Remember to have a sense of humour. People pk because they think it's funny. (I do! XD) If you get pked, unless it's in lab or you lose a bunch of money/good items, don't get pissed off. Don't spam them. Just laugh it off and delete them, as you'll probably never see them again.
If you follow these simple tips you should be able to have a more enjoyable time playing.

~How to get REVENGE~
So, that Trojan that pked you in lab is now laughing it up. You whisper him every threat and bad name in the book, and he just calls you a noob and continues with whatever he was doing. You want him dead. So, here are a few tips on how to get revenge on somebody who killed you.
1. Ask your guild. If it's an active guild, some high level is bound to be bored and come help.
2. Ask your friends to help. Even if they can't help kill him, they can still make you feel better. Sometimes they'll even help you re-earn your stuff that was lost. (Such as virtue points or mets/gems, etc.)
3. If you find the person but you are both alone, don't kill him. Trust me, if he/she killed you once and you died that fast, you won't stand much of a chance.
4. When you're guild, friend, or whoever decides to come help you dispose of the jerk, you must first find him. You may want to have a random person whisper him asking where he is and offer them a free item. If they're enough of a noob, they'll fall for it. If you find out they're in TC or market, then tough luck, wait until later. If they're in a PK zone, FIND THEM. As soon as you see them, kill them. Now laugh it up in his ghost face. ^^
5. If nobody can help you at the moment, just give it up. Heck, even try to make friends with the person if they speak your language. Sometimes I've whispered them "Hey nice job lol." and keep doing small talk until they friend me. Sometimes they'll even get you back what you lost.
~Credits and conclusion~
I hope this guide has helped you in whatever way, even if it was small. Have a fun time playing conquer and killing anybody who gets in your way!
This entire guide was made by me. DO NOT steal anything within it without asking. Even though I know most of you will anyway. Meh, go ahead.
Both are still kind of weak haha. Here's my email if you want to give suggestions/compliments:

Any spam will be deleted. If you want me to read your email, label it something like "Your guide rocked!" or "A suggestion on your PK guide..." or whatever. Thanks!
And remember to always have a fun time playing conquer, as that is what games are for. Bye!
+k is welcome!!!


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4 taos + 1 archer 120lvl in lab1 standby just to level my 2nd rb archer to 110lvl....
works quite a lot of times even with strong guild pkers
seriously, they either pk u for fun or the spawn is too crowded or u did something bad
if u keep rev-ing your dead tao or archer, they wont find it too much fun and leave quite fast after they turn red
o yes, and the 120lvl archer is quite annoying to them
even 2nd rb around 100lvl tro gets 200damage per hit, its not that fun get shooting for 60seconds at that rate...
and btw, the reason i always get pk (only at the beginning, now everyone knows i got many taos there) is i refuse to stig people that does not know how my tao auto stig works.

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the best way to get REVENGE if the man really hurt you is to trying to scam hm even by +1 items or anything scams
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seriously your guide is ******* stupid. tros are not gods fire taos pwn the hec out of them id say fire taos are the ***. so what if tros have alot of hp fire taos cant be hit,and warriors are *** idoit even tho the 1 handed there still good and a water/wter try posting somthing right

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Ever seen a high lvl tro whit earrings ? (Obviously not)

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