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Pumpkin Slasher - Halloween 2023

Oct 22 - 14:25, by Wolleballen

Pumpkin Slasher - Halloween 2023
In the cold glow of the monitors and the electric hum of the servers, a dark aura has settled over the virtual space. The ghosts of data loss and the phantoms of crashed websites roam the Internet like lost souls in search of redemption.

Welcome dear community to this dark corner of elitepvpers, where the boundaries between reality and virtuality are blurring and fading. We have opened the gates to darkness and summoned some tasks to accompany you again on Halloween.
Prepare for an adventure where the eerie will take shape on your screens and the bytes of horror will flow through your data lines.
On this night, the nightmares of the world will come to life. Be warned, as you enter the mysterious and terrifying world of our Halloween 2023 event!

This year we created 3 tasks for you, each of these tasks will have its own winner. A maximum of only one task can be won by the same person.

The event will take place from 23.10.2023 to 05.11.2023 inclusive.

It's dark, you wake up and suddenly a ghost is standing in front of your bed. So that you can continue to sleep in peace, the ghost wants to hear a scary story. Write your own scary story about a situation that has already scared you in real life. It should be authentic and not a story from the Internet.

You can submit your story in the following thread, once submitted you are not allowed to change it later.

Creativity and patience is required here, design us our pumpkin and take a screenshot of it.

The following link will take you to the page where you can design the pumpkin of your choice.

You can post the screenshot in the following thread.

Late at night there is a knock at the door, but far and wide there is no one to be seen. But what is it? An old book lying in front of the door! In the book the following is written: "We have expected you to put you to the test."

Here we have come up with 10 questions for you, answer them thoughtfully.

Please send the answers with the respective number to the eventbot via private message.

All winners of each task will receive 1 year of Premium as well as 1000 elite*gold.

In addition, the first participants are guaranteed 100 elite*gold regardless of whether that person wins a task or not. However, we only have a limited number for this, so be quick!

The event will take place from 23.10.2023 up to and including 05.11.2023.

The drawing of the winners will take place in the second week of November, the distribution of the winnings will take place shortly after the announcement of the winners.

The rules for participation in our events can be found here.

elitepvpers wishes all participants a lot of success and fun!

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