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Create server from v3.2.2 to 3.3.3 and later, modding, server, etc. ..

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Create server from v3.2.2 to 3.3.3 and later, modding, server, etc. ..

Create server from v3.2.2 to 3.3.3 and later, modding, server, etc. ..

Given that the moderator asked me to make the English version here; D

Create server from v3.2.2 to 3.3.3 and later, modding, server, etc. ..

Hello everyone, this guide made by me (i don't have copy), I will explain how to create a PPS of WOW in 3.2.2, 3.3.0 and 3.3.2 please to the moderators to put this debate highlights. all rights reserved, guide created by IceBob Today I will explain how to create server wow with repack ArcEmu Now, first of all download one of these repack ...

Repack 3.3 .5A genuine entered!! (you download here: )

You'll find all repack downloadable on this page: WoW-K create your retroserver!

You will find repack version 3.0.9 to 3.3.5, download what you want to repack 3.3.3 corvered by MaLolAsdXd-modded by IceBob to see the version of your clients go to the client folder and click on the text document *.txt, patch them it says.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ well, once downloaded, extract the contents to c:/

Now, before you start you have to download two things that are essential for the proper functioning of the server: Microsoft Customob 3.5: Click to Download Microsoft visual C++: Click to download if you wish to play alone after extracting the contents, please click on the folder, and you'll find 3 ...
-Arcemu-Server-Tools Take Server, open it and then run the bat that there are inside, are the two bat: Mysql Apache build.bat. bat caution: before you start the bat sure these programs are closed:-Skype-Google desktop-Teamviewer-Various FTP programs (like filezilla) Launched the .bat go back a folder, and again you will see these three folders, now take Arcemu, and click on Arcemun_world .exe and Arcemu_longonserver .exe if everything goes well, in the two exe that you just started will not appear any written red.
If you have problems in this please contact me or write under.

To login to your server there is no simpler procedure!

Go to the folder of your client, click on the data folder, and then click enGB, you will find a file called realmlist.WTF, open it with Notepad, erase everything and write: HTML code: set realmlist localhost Saved, start the client, careful not to start it from the launcher but directly from WOW.exe, and as default ID and password there is a normal account admin (or test) That would be: ID: PSD: admin admin create other accounts? easy! Then I'll explain later how to do it, meanwhile sorbitevi this part of the Guide Startare with hamachi and fielding friends of course for this serves download first hamachi from here: Download Register and create a network where your friends can access.

Therefore ...

For the hamachi ip just open hamachi written and you will find a large over your nick hamachi, you recognize why is like this: (always begins with 5) after extracting the contents to c:/, open the folder, and you'll find Arcemu, though this time open the config folder (which is inside Arcemu), and after: Open arcemu-logonserver. conf or thermodynamics SMB.conf (depends on repack) with Notepad go at the bottom and change this < LogonServer RemotePassword = "ascent" AllowedIPs = " AllowedModIPs =" "/24" > with this < LogonServer RemotePassword = "ascent" AllowedIPs = "your HAMACHI IP/24" AllowedModIPs = "your HAMACHI IP/24" > Then open SSO.conf arcemu-realms or realms SMB.conf (depends on repack) try: < LogonServer Address = "", Port = "8093" Name = "Default Logon" RealmCount = "1" > and edit it with <% logonserver Address = "your HAMACHI IP" Port = "8093" Name = "Default Logon" RealmCount = "1" > always in the same file try < Realm1 Name = "NE 6.0-3.0.9" Address = " 8129" Icon = "PVP" Population = "0" TimeZone = "8" > and edit it with < Realm1 Name = "NE 6.0-3.0.9" Address = "your HAMACHI IP: 8129" Icon = "PVP" Population = "0" TimeZone = "8" > well, after changing the ip server connection please do leave as I explained before, then you start the first two bat (apache and MySQL) and then the exe (longonserver and arcemu world).

Now, in order to play your friends, you have to tell him your hamachi ip, so that they can put in realmlist.WTF ... namely by changing what is written with this: set realmlist your HAMACHI IP Do save and do start, now you have prepared your personal private server (PPS) to be published, now that I will explain how to put gm account or set rate, lower prices for item etc. ..

Create accounts, and make them gm (with screen) well! First, we need to download a little program that will serve us precisely to modify the database of our server.
The program in question is called Navicat for mySQL: download page Now, once installed the program then please do leave, make sure that Mysql is open the bat!
Open the program, make new connection, and leave everything as is.

You should write only password that changes from repack to repack then to see it you have to go to the folder where you put the server, open the folder and then the config Arcemu, open SSO.conf thermodynamics (changes depending on repack always). You slide the file until you see this: < LogonDatabase Hostname = "localhost" Username = "root" Password = "ascent" Name = "logon" Port = "3306" Type = "1" > the one highlighted in red is your password, in this case is ascent. but may change.
Now enter your password in navicat, in the password field, and click on connect, do not forget to name the connection.

Once you have connected the things will appear under the name of the connection (in the left column), click on logon, there will appear alongside tables, choose the one calling account and open it, you will see a table in another window, at this point you will see the first account, which will be to test the admin, you can create new accounts from Li, just select any row of the table and rewarded the down arrow, in doing this, you create a new space where to insert the new account, the ID is the password are among the first columns that you will find (the 2 and 3), from there you can change access data to the client.

To create a new account you will need to compile the first 3 fields: numeric (first column) you need to write a number greater than what was before, can be any, then the ID field, that it choose you and the password field.

Always in the same table you can do in fact GM account, by iterating through later, you will find the column GM, if you want to keep this account only normal write 0 or anything, if instead write to GM, if admin write az (between gm and admin does not make much difference, belonging to some commands, change only the written) do not need to save, you save yourself simply by closing the table.

For GM commands you can download my guide here: Download-MEGAUPLOAD Set to 0 the cost of the item it's very easy to do so, you need to, as I said earlier, connect with navicat to your server.
This time you should choose world instead of logon.

You will find lots of tables, but what interests us is the item table, open it, you'll notice that there are different item IDs and other things, are more than a thousand items, you won't want to get them all a time right? ... Nah for carita!!!!

We will use commands that mathematicians call qwery keyboard in table click on Ctrl + Q. There will be another table, delete all, and write this command: HTML code: update items set buyprice = "0";

Doing setterete an entire column in a Flash!
The command explained: Update: selects the table column or Set: the line number = "value": the value to set; : ends the command with this command you can do various things, then set entire columns, for more than 1000 rows it takes at least 1.4 seconds, and then wait (so much so that I know 2 seconds…).

Same thing goes for the column and the first sellprice requiredlevel indicates at what price you sell an object, the other the level to use (if you put 0 to required level you will be able to use weapons from liv 80 also by Liv 1).

Now that we know as Modding, A1A and create the accounts I will explain how to change rate.

Change rate per server Now you no longer need to navicat, close it, and even open Server (that it will open up later).

Make sure the bat mysql is closed. And also both the exe.

Now, go to the location of world SMB.conf and option/al. conf, open them (remember that changes for each repack), take world and scroll down to find this: HTML code: < Rates Health = "2" Power1 = "2" Power2 = "2" Power3 = "2" Power4 = "2" QuestReputation = "10" KillReputation = "10" Honor = "5" PvPTimer = "15000" ArenaQueueDiff = "150" Compression = "1" XP = "50" QuestXP = "50" RestXP = "42" ExploreXP = "42" DropGrey = "1" = "1" DropWhite DropGreen = "1" DropBlue = "10" DropPurple = "8" DropOrange = "10" DropArtifact = "10" DropMoney = "50" Save = "300,000" SkillChance = "2" = "2" SkillRate ArenaMultiplier2x = "1" = "1" ArenaMultiplier3x ArenaMultiplier5x = "1" > these which I have made are the optimal values that should be how to rate a server, if you want, copy and paste them, but if you want to know how they work please read below.

Usually the rates of change are few ... also because I don't even know what serve some The General change are (besides the normal value and the optimal):-This reputation: reputation that you take at each end quest (3-10)-Kill reputation: reputation that takes each monster killed (5-10)-Honor: rate of honor you receive (2-5)-XP: experience that takes each monster killed (5-50)-QuestXP: experience that you take every time you end a quest (5-50)-Rest XP; extra experience that takes type by visiting a territory, same thing ExploreXP (2-42) the other are not important, leave them as they are.

You have changed your rate! Now close the file and saved.

Now we take option. conf/optional PPP.conf try: HTML code: < Optional StartingLevel = "20" LevelCap = "500" GenLevelCap = "500" AllowTBC = "1" = "0" AntiMasterLootNinja AdditionalFun = "0" DKStartingTalents = "300" Unstuck = "0" UnstuckCooldown = "60" UnstuckToBind = "0" MaxProfessions = "20" > now, this is the start new user cap, namely that each user has just start playing on the server.

The main rate (same as above, normal and optimal in parentheses):-Starting level: tells you part that minimum level (1-20)-LevelCap & GenlevelCap: instructs that maximum level you can reach, it's usually 80 but I put 500 ... do you here…-Max profession: indicates how many professions maximum a character can learn (6-20) here is the normal rate, but it doesn't end here!!! muhahahhahahahaha ... O.O scherzavo ^ _ ^.

Missing one last thing, and your PPS is ready!!!

Now lacks regular money! In the same file you are looking for: HTML code: < GoldSettings EnableGoldCap = "1" StartingGold = "50000" MaximumGold = "999999999" > as usual, I set my maximum levels! With this you will leave with 50,000 gold coins, mica bad eh? The maximum is 1 billion ... enjoy!

But obviously lacks the final part. ...

Enjoy yourselves scared huh?

Below, I have left some FAQs so think before you post ...

FAQ 1-Apache from error Problem: you can see if apache will fail if apache will ask you to press any button to restartare and not stop to say only that it is started, then that is the error.

Solution: the first problem was found in the MySQL database and then remember to open that bat before opening apache, the second problem consists in ports, indeed there are some programs that use the same connection ports, and then leave to apache do his job, then remember to close the following programs: Skype, VoipWise, Google Desktop, TeamViewer and various FTP programs.

2-Client and realmlist Problem: when you try to connect to the server exits immediately a list of characters, but makes you choose the realm, but unfortunately, in the list of realm does not leave any written, then problem of cake.

Solution: Close the client, and since it is a problem of cake, go to the client folder and open the folder WTF, you'll find the account folder, open it, and erase all contents, the problem is that you have visited multiple servers and facts, so the cookie cake accumulated each time be erased, so whenever you reproduce the same problem, do the same thing.

3-Arcemu_longon error 1 Problem: thermodynamics and .exe from problems in realmlist. conf why says that is spoiled or blocked, in this case you restart infinitely, and doesn't finish give the error, yet the realmlist wasn't touched, however 5 seconds it worked but now no more.

Solution: Simply copy the realmlist original, not modified, but the original downloaded, the reason is still unknown why the realmlist will ruin but simply recopy the original, and modify the ip without touching each other.

4-Arcemu_world error 1 Problem: released "Unterminated Block", and you restart and as usual he .... well, very simple, as usual for reasons as yet unknown world .conf was ruined.

Solution: Recopy the original world .conf then what you downloaded, unmodified, and change the rate, only those that are written above, listed, then those explained and not copied the code immediately, why it is very likely that changes to repack to repack, modificatevi alone payments, save and reboot.

5-Arcemu_world error 2-solution by Epix Problem: released always to stramaledetto "Unterminated Block", but this time not Center anything world. conf! The problem is your operating system, indeed stramaledetto arcemu is not compatible with Windows 7!!!

Solution: right-click on arcemu_world and click Properties, go to Compatibility tab and put windows xp SP3 or an older operating system. Reboot, and it will work.

Order FAQ ... for now .... uuahauauhauahua ATTENTION: guide created by IceBob, woe to those who Copy xD, and don't say that I rippata somewhere, why do na step-by-step guide like this (obviously handy noob) it took me 2 hours.

Last thing: I accept a thanks

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Hey, thanks for making this Tut, some screenshot would be nicean would it make more understandable

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Phenomenal work. Thank you.
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Thanks =)
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