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Professions [ENG]

Discussion on Professions [ENG] within the WoW Guides & Templates forum part of the World of Warcraft category.

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Basic Guide to Professions

Want a job? Great, you got one, well in WoW at least. There are several Primary professions as well as a couple secondary. You can only have two Primaries and all the secondary you want, let?s take a look at each one-

Primary Professions

? Alchemy- This allows you to make all sorts of potions from healing potions to ones that go boom and even change Iron to gold. The needed materials are some herbs, vial and a recipe, pretty easy to get. You local Alchemy train will sell recipes and vials and some herbs but this profession is best used when matched with the profession Herbalist. You can be an alchemist and not be an herbalist, you that means you will have to buy a lot of your herbs off players when you could just pick them yourself.

This profession works well for almost any class as you can create potions to heal your life and mana. The real nice thing is being able to create potions that alter your physical state, like upping your strength or intellect.

? Herbalism- Very basic, you pick plants to use with alchemy or to sell to alchemists. As you pick the plants your skill goes up so you can pick higher plants. Simple. Here is a list of some plants and their skill cost plus where you are most likely to find them.

1. Peechbloom ? 1
2. Silverleaf- 1
3. Snakeroot- 15
4. Mageroyal- 50
5. Briarthorn- 70
6. Swiftthistle- found off ones above
7. Stranglekelp- 85
8. Bruiseweed- 100
9. Wild steelbloom- 115
10. Grave Moss- 120

? Where to find them-
1. Found in open meadows: Peacebloom, Mageroyal, King's Blood
2. Found under trees: Silverleaf, Briarthorn
3. Found on cliffs: Bruiseweed, Snakeroot, Wild Steelbloom
4. Found near buildings: Bruiseweed
5. Found on gravestones: Grave moss
6. Found in watery areas: Stranglekelp

? Mining- This is pretty easy to understand, go out, with you pick, and mine a vein. To find a vein, just click the find minerals button in your spell book and away you go. You will encounter better mineral veins as you go, the more dangerous the area the better the mineral is. You have a chance of find gems as well, to find the just dig, skill amount doesn?t affect this, and they are there when you start mining or they?re not.

After you have mined you can take you materials to the local big town and smelt them into bars at a forge, then you can sell them to a vendor or to players or use them yourself in conjunction with Blacksmithing or engineering.

? Enchanting- What you do here is disenchant an item, it has to add a skill or attribute, then you take what get from the item and enchant anther item. It?s nice to know an enchanter, better to be one because you can charge a pretty penny for enchanting items.

You can also buy the ingredients from vendors, sometimes rare ones will before sale so check often.

? Blacksmithing- You can make your own armor and weapon plus those used for enchanting and even create stones you can use on your items to imbue them for a short time. If you get this you should have Mining as well because they go hand in hand. You learn recipes from certain blacksmiths and you can also buy them so keep your eyes open at new towns for blacksmiths and their recipes.

? Tailoring- This is a awesome profession to have because you can make your own bags, but its better to be friends with someone who is one so you can do another profession. In short you make clothing and bags, this isn?t hard to do as you just need to get the types of cloth, runecloth, wool, linen, silk and mageweave. Most cloths drop off of humanoid monsters so it is best to camp those to raise your tailoring skill and also check the auctions as many people sell them. Then you make the cloth into bolts and the make them into the cloths or bags you what, simple as that.

For more complicated recipes you may need gems, potions, leather, or any number of things. If you need another ingredient such as a gem, look to other professions, such as miners, rogues and fishermen, they will has some since they can find them easier then most.

? Engineering- This profession is a tricky one because it requires you to gather a lot of things to make what you want, but it can be worth it with such things to be made as mechanical dragons and exploding sheep. You can also make explosives and scopes which can be traded or sold to other players. Items and some recipes are sold at your local trainer while others you will have to find or buy from players.

It?s best to have mining with this profession as a lot of what you are going to make will require ores and gems. After you master engineering you will have to decide if you want to learn gnome or goblin engineering, choose one then find someone who knows the other so you can trade gadgets so you can have the tools from both sides.

? Leather worker- He is where you should be a skinner, because what you need for leather working is attained through skinning. What you do here is work leather and other similar materials into armors for the classes that can only wear leather. You don?t need anything special aside from the materials and the skill level to make everything.

Leather workers can also apply armor kits which are similar to enchanting and item. Later, when you get higher level you will have to decide whether you want to specialize in Tribal leather work, Dragon scale leather work or Elemental leather work. This will allow you to create valuable items that other players will pay big bucks to get their hands on.

Well, that is all the Primary Professions, remember you can have two of those, and you should choose carefully. That is to say, if you are going to be a leather worker, be a skinner, you don?t really want to have to pay for all your leather, do you? Alchemist, be into Herbalism, you can pick your own plants that way.

Secondary Professions

Now onto the secondary, which everyone should get simply because they are all great skills. Here are what they are-

? Fishing- This allows you to fish in the many bodies of water in WoW. You simply cast and watch the bobber, when it moves click on it! A loot box will open if you have caught the fish or, if you failed, a message will say the fish escaped. While the bobber is in the water there will be a bar, like when you cast a spell, when this bar runs out you need to cast again.

Many items can be found through fishing such as gems, treasure chests, bones, parts for engineering and even fish! Fishing is a great skill to have since you can use it with cooking to make things to eat which will heal you. Watch out as you go for new fishing poles as they will increase your skill and keep your eyes open for isolated bodies of water, who knows what is there.

? First Aid- Simple, this heals you. This will allow you to make bandages for healing yourself and team mates out of battle. You can do it when in battle, but it isn?t recommended if you are the target, because when you get hit the healing stops and you have to wait sixty seconds to try again.

You will need things like linen cloth or silk cloth to make the bandages so keep your eyes open when you kill those humanoid monsters.

? Cooking- Always wanted to know how to cook your grandmothers cinnamon rolls? Well, you?ll just have to keep asking your grandmother because she wouldn?t tell Blizzard either, but she did tell them how to make those tasty beer basted ribs! All you need to do is pick up the skill, talk to the cook and get some recipes, you can get others through missions and find them off monsters.

Basically you just cook things that will regenerate your health faster as you sit and will add a boost to your attributes for a short time, very nice skill.

Well, that wraps it up for Professions. I hope you enjoy your new jobs and don?t forget that the auction house is a great place to look for the items you will need.


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