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Realm Defender

Discussion on Realm Defender within the WoW Exploits, Hacks, Tools & Macros forum part of the World of Warcraft category.

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Zu Allererst: Vieleicht könnte ich einen punkt Karma kriegen wenn du den bot benutzt.
First of all: May I have a point Karma if you use the bot, thx

What is Realm Defender? RD is a bot designed for 2 computers, and 2 accounts. It is a client/server bot that will follow/heal/assist/buff both automatically and on demand.

Realm Defender is Low-Risk. Far less risk than AFK botting. RD has no memory injection whatsoever, meaning its detectability is extremely low. And any players that see you, will also be seen by you....with RD you will not look bottish, nothing to be afraid of with RD.

How good is Realm Defender? On April 26th, in a heavy test, which I considered the ultimate test that RD must pass, I used Realm Defender on a second Character and joined a party to do an instance. On one computer I controlled, completely, 2 characters. Both characters were low 50's in level. 'We' joined a party with three other players to do an instance run. The other 3 people in the party had no idea that one of their members was a 'bot'. We completed the entire instance, and killed the boss. Total wipes = 0. RD was a critical member of the team, a primary tank. Had RD failed to perform or even looked 'bottish' these experienced players would have not only wiped several times, they would have noticed. The only time I ever needed to go to the second computer was, about every 10 minutes or so during a manna break, I would say something in the /party channel from the 'bot'. Just to be personable and human. They had no idea that their tank was a 'bot'. The test was highly successful.

The above example is for RD controlling a hunter. While RD is perfect to be a healbot - to follow around your main and keep you healed, it does not need to be. It can be a tank unto itself. You can use RD to control a character similar in level to your main and both of you go on quests. You can take RD into an instance with another party. Whatever you want to do, RD is there to serve you.
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Phase One: Installation

STEP ONE Download the Server Package. The server is the computer that Realm Defender will control.

server version 1.03 realm_defender/ This is the current standard version.
Choose which computer you, the human, will control, and which system Realm Defender will control. It is advisable that you give Realm Defender the better of your two computers, since it will need extra computing resources in addition to WoW running on the machine. Save the server package to the computer Realm Defender will be controlling.

STEP TWO Download the Client. The client is the computer that you, the human, will control.

Client version 1.0: realm_defender/
Save this client package to the computer that you, the human, will be controlling.

STEP THREE Ensure you have the .NET 1.1 SP 1 Framework installed on BOTH computers. This is easy to find out if you have it. Simply try to run the programs. If you get an error about missing .DLL files, then you need to go to and select custom, and under 'optional updates' you should see the .NET Framework. Once you install the .NET framework, you will need to reboot your system, go back to microsoft updates, and install the service pack for .NET.


Now that you have the .NET framework, and can run the programs, you need to authenticate the server. The client program does not require authentication, only the server. You will only need to do this once. If you get an error message about "data access components" then go to this link and install MDAC 2.8. Enter your restrictedrealm account credentials and you will enter the main program area. If you can't authenticate, make sure your firewall allows the program access to the internet. You can disable your firewall just for a few seconds in order to clear the program (last resort). If all fails, please let me know on the forums.

Once you are 'in' the program, and can authenticate, you have successfully completed the installation phase. Now we need to configure WoW.

STEP FIVE: Server/Client Connectivity

You need to make sure that the client and server versions of RD can 'talk' to each other. Go to the server. Launch the program. From the TOOLS menu, click "Connection Test" and follow the instructions. When you have a good connection, you have completed the installation.
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Diese Dateien brauchen noch ein Passwort. Ich würde euch bitten mal zu probieren das irgendwie zu cracken.
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Phase Two: WoW Setup

Configure WoW to run in windowed mode on BOTH computers. Edit the World of Warcraft shortcut on your desktop. RIGHT-CLICK-->PROPERTIES.

add -windowed after the end like this

"C:\mygames\World of Warcraft\WoW.exe" -windowed

STEP TWO - Build your SERVER toolbar. This is what RD will use to control your toon. You do not need to do this on the client computer, only the SERVER computer. The first slot, which is the '1' key MUST be set for the default attack.

Now configure the other slots to be whatever you wish. Only the #1 slot is required by RD server.

STEP THREE - Now we need to create three in-game macros. RD will use all of these macros. Determine the in-game character name of your client. Lets say that you, the human, will be controlling the client computer and your WoW character name on the client "Uglytroll". Then on the server computer, you will need to create three WoW macros that reference "Uglytroll"

The three macros must be the following, you can give them any name you wish, but the commands must look like the following, and they must be created on the Server.

/Follow Uglytroll

/Assist Uglytroll

/Target Uglytroll

Of course, you will substitute your client character name for 'Uglytroll'. Create these three macros on your server WoW game and assign them 3 keys. I recommend using "[", "]", "\"

You must bind each one of these macros to a key on your keyboard...any key except "1" or a function key. Function keys (F1-F12) are reserved by RD. To bind a macro to a key, drop it in any empty slot and inside WoW, press escape, then click 'Key Bindings'. Assign these macros the key of your choice.

You have now successfully configured your WoW game for use with RD. Next we need to configure the server.
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Phase Three: Server Config
Toon Locations

* Launch the server. In the main screen, under 'Controlling' type 'World of Warcraft'
* Now start your WoW game and login to your character.
* From the Setup menu, click 'Configure Bot'
* Under 'This Server's Toon Locations' configure, at minimum, the first 2 items- "Health Bar: Right Edge" and "Facing the Wrong Way". ('Target Too Close' is for hunters)
o Click 'Health Bar' and click 'Set Now', you will be taken in game
o Move the mouse to the far right of your helath bar and click.

# You want to make sure that you click in the 'green' area. Leave yourself a bit of green to the right of where you click, but not much. When you click, the Bot window should come up automatically. If it doesn't, just click on your toolbar.
# Once you set your health bar, now set the 'Facing the Wrong Way' message.

# You need to attack a creature, and turn your back on it to generate a "You are facing the wrong way!" message. You will see multiple messages spamming on your screen. On the TOP message, click in the RED part of the 'Y' as shown above. Once you click, go back to the Bot Setup screen and it will show you a box with the color that you clicked. IT MUST BE RED, if it is not the RD will fail to fight properly.
# You may also (optional) configure 'Target needs to be in front of you' (casting a spell the wrong way) and 'Target too Close' (when hunters try to fire bows/guns on something in melee range). Also, if you want RD to use bandages, set your bandage location as well.

Incoming Command List & RD Command Functions

This is the heart of RD. On the client, while you are playing WoW, you will press a Function key. That key will be sent to the server. When the server receives an incomming FKEY from the client, it will execute the commands that you specify. For example, on the client you press F2. The server receives 'F2' and then depending upon what you configure for F2, the server will do. For now, there is a default list of incomming commands. All of them are preconfigured and ready to go except F3, F9, and F10.

F3, F9, F10 need configuring before you can use them. If you will not be using a healer, dont worry, you can put ANYTHING into any of the commands, the default list is just there to help, and if you ever need to get the default list back, just load Template 0 on the setup screen.

So, click F3 Heal Me. You will see that it says "Friendly Name" and then "Heal Me". You can change the name if you want.

In the commands to perform area, you need to tell RD Server what to do when it receives F3. You may either enter in a SINGLE COMMAND or a SEQUENCE. Please note that single commands cannot be used in sequences. For RD to recognize a single command, it needs to be the only thing entered in the text field.

RDServer recognizes the following single commands

* BANDAGE - will use bandages at the location you set in the toon location settings (this could also be drinks/potions...whatever you want)
* ASSIST - will 'grab' the clients target and attack using the 'Ranged' Sequence once, and then dropping to Fight Sequence A. If there is no ranged sequence configured, it will attack with Fight Sequence A only.
* FOLLOW - start following the client again
* TURNAROUND - Turn a 180
* AGGRESSION - toggle aggression. Aggression is where RD server will actively scan for targets and attack
* REST - Sit down / Stand Up
* HALT - stop everything....stop following, stop fighting....etc.

RDServer also recognizes SEQUENCE commands. These are strings of commands that RD will execute. Each 'command' you tell the bot to send, you seperate it with a comma. There are five special commands you can give the bot: the % sign, the ^ key, the # sign, the B key, the F key, and w

% cast a spell on yourself, the server (presses the ALT key).

# cast a spell on the client

w will wait for X amount of seconds.

^ presses CTRL

B walk back X amount of steps

F walk forward X amount of steps

Here are some examples of these commands:

%5 = cast toolbar slot #5 on myself, the server

#6 = cast toolbar slot #6 on the client

w5 = wait 5 seconds

^1 = press ctrl 1 (great if you have a pet)

B3 = take 3 steps backwards

From these commands, you build a sequence. Here are some examples:

%5,w5,3 = cast slot #5 on myself, wait 5 seconds, press toolbar slot #3

2,w5,4,w6,%8,w3,#5,w2,F3 = press #2, wait 5 seconds, press #4, wait 6 seconds, cast #8 on myself, wait 3 seconds, cast #5 on the client, wait 2 seconds, go forward 3 steps

NOTE: DONT USE THE #1 IN ANY SEQUENCE! It could cause a complete failure for RD to attack. #1 is your default attack and RD uses it, so you will never need to use it in any sequence unless you know what you are doing.

Once you have configured and are happy with your incoming command list, its time to setup your constant loops.

Constant Loops

There are up to 5 loops you can configure to do X after Y seconds. These are where you put in 'buffs'. For example, every 29 minutes, my preist will need to cast his 30 minute buff. Additionally, every 180 seconds, he needs to cast his inner fire, 3 minute buff. And every 10 minutes, cast Shadow Protection on the client, etc. To cast a spell on yourself, you use the % sign, to cast on the client use the # sign.

EXAMPLE: Say my Shadow Resistance buff is mapped to key# 8 inside WoW on the server. This is a 10 minute buff. So I select LOOP1...Friendly Name = Shadow Resistance. Action To perform: %8,w2,#8. Interval: 600

%8,w2,#8 = cast #8 on myself....wait 2 seconds....cast #8 on the client.

Ranged Sequence

This is a sequence for ranged attack commands. Spells, arrows, guns....anything that lets you hit a mob from a distance, put here. Can also include heals, shields, spells, whatever.


Say the server is a hunter. You have MARK mapped to #4, Aimed Shot is #5, Concussion is #6, and your pet attack is CTRL+1

So we want to do this: 4,w1,^1,w1,5,w4,6,w10

What this does: Marks, waits 1 second, sends in pet, waits 1 second, presses #5 AIMED SHOT, waits 4 seconds for the shot to go off, press 6 CONCUSSION SHOT, wait 10 seconds. Why wait 10 seconds? So I can spend some time auto-firing. IN 10 seconds another 3-4 shots will go off. If the mob comes into melee range, and I have 'target too close' configured, then I will automatically drop to Fight Sequence B (an all melee sequence).

Fight Sequence A

This is your main sequence for fighting. It can include anything

Fight Sequence B

Melee combat only. This sequence is reserved for the 'Target Too Close' message, usually encountered by a hunter when a mob is on him.

Location of <NAME> macro

This is where you tell the server what keys you chose to bind your in-game macros to.

Template # and Name

You can save your configuration to multiple templates for use later. You can create a warlock template, a warrior template, etc. Template 0 cannot be overwritten and will always load the defaults.

Advanced Settings:

If this is your first time using RD, skip this area. Once you get the hang of how it works, you may want to unlock more power of RD by setting up some custom triggers, discussed at the end of this tutorial.

Click DONE WITH SETUP and Go back to the main page and set your loot

Click SETUP-->configure looting and follow the instructions.


This is the last thing to do before you go AFK. Its very important. Without it, RB would never know if you 'had a target'. So go in game and click on the RED area of a hostile target and a YELLOW area of a neutral target. A Hostile target is shown below:

You should reset your targets each time you load WoW as the colors do change.

You are all done with the server!
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Phase Four: Client Setup
Fortunately, this is a very easy setup. Once you save your RD Server config, you will get a message about a commandlist.txt file. This file is created and saved to the folder that you ran the Server from. Simply copy this file and save it to the folder on the client machine that contains the client program.

When you are ready to bot, start WoW and login to your characters on both machines. launch the RD server by clicking 'RUN BOT'

then on the client computer enter the server IP, then "World of Warcraft" and click GO. Thats all there is to it.

Pixel Triggers: These will do X whenever a pixel color equals or does not equal Y.

For example, whenever health reaches a certain level (color does NOT equal green), shield then heal! Say the server is a priest. Heal is mapped to number 6. Power word Shield is mapped to number 5. So you want to create a trigger that will auto-heal yourself whenever health falls beneath a minimum. Create a new trigger, set it to 'Activate when NOT a match'. Click Set Location, click somewhere in the left edge of your health bar. This pixel is currently GREEN. Whenever it does NOT equal green, that means your health has fallen beneath that level. The trigger will activate. %5 = SHIELD the server. Wait 2 seconds, %6 = HEAL the server.

Do the same for the client, excep the action will be: #5,w2,#6 (remember that # means 'cast on client')

REQUIRE COMBAT: If this box is checked a trigger will ONLY activate if RD Server is in combat.


Cosmos has a feature that varies the color gradient of your health bar. This should be turned off (or disable cosmos). You do not want a color-changing health bar if you plan on auto-monitoring health with RD.

If you want RD server to 'monitor' the health of the client, the easiest way is to be in a party. But if you do not want to be in a party with the client (i.e. you want the client, which is what the human plays, to get all the XP), then select the option "Heal Bot: Not in Party"

What this will do is cause the heal bot to always have the client targeted. The heal bot will NOT defend itself, it will watch the client 24/7. This way, RD will constantly have the client targeted. Then create your pixel triggers to activate heal spells when colors do not match.

Other Uses of Advanced Settings:

Warrior/Rage detection. Click on a certain RAGE LEVEL. Colors must match, and must be in combat. Execute your rage attacks.

You can do the same with rogue energy, manna, etc. Pretty much whatever you want.

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Wow, viel mühe!
Großes Lob!
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yeah pinnend.

das ist mal ein bot nach meinem geschmack.

gibt so etwas in der art auch von Forceshock etc.???

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leider versteh ich nichts..
is english -."
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aber sieht mega geil aus=)
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Wär schön wenn sich jemand finden lässt der das teil Crack.

Ich bin leider nicht wirklich begabt darin.

aber ich hab gesehn das mit dem Realmbot schon gute erfahrung gemacht wurde.

ich glaub der war von Lowfry (glaub ich), wär super wenn er sich an das ding ransetzten könnten..

Super arbeit hier...

und greetz an allle
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man muss auf der seite registriert sein, forglich geh ich davon aus das die ne MySQL DB mit den acc's haben, die ip kann ich auf localhost hacken, mit nem bissl zeit *könnte* ich vielleicht! die db nachbauen. Würde aber vorraussetzen das beim gebrauch ne Mysql db laufen muss, vllt. krigt mans auch ohne hin, versprechen tu ich nix
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das ist cool.
egal wenn ne DB laufen muss, hauptsache das prog ist for free

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Kann man den Client und Server Part auf ein und dem selben PC mit 2 x WOW geöffnet laufen lassen. Also Account 1 auf PC 1 öffnen, dann Account 2, auf PC 1 öffnen und Client und Server am selben PC laufen lassen?
Hasts einer probiert oder brauche ich echt 2 PCs?

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Wie sagte schon Konfuzius:

A Programm worth Using is a Program worth buying. Wenn man halt professionelle Software supported auf einen längeren Zeitpunkt will, dann muß man den Codern einen Anreiz geben.

Naja man könnte Ihnen auch die Freundin für ein paar Stunden leihen (wenn Sie gut aussieht) - aber einfacher ist es doch mit Geld.

Ansonsten halt die Freeware-Produkte nehmen, die sind ja auch super!

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