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[Exploit] Message Trick..[Revived!]

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Post [Exploit] Message Trick..[Revived!]

It was not too long ago (lol) that the message trick where you where you can make it look like other people have said what you said swept though the World of Warcraft community. However, it was very much looked down upon, and it soon fell out of fashion, with all the idiots using it incredibly obviously and getting banned for doing things like making popular level 70's talk about sucking things :/. I am here to revive this great little trick, and with some very easy to use tactics, I believe that it can still be used very effectively, if not sparingly. So here is the guide as of now; (Only in English, as I do not speak German, I wish I did, but I don't)
  • What it is
    -In other Blizzard games (Wc3), the text of a persons name when they send a message is usually different then the text that is written. Part of the reason for this is so that people cannot use spaces to skip lines to make it look like another person has said something. For some reason, Blizzard has left this out of WoW, and it is possible to do this; (I am using underscores (_) to emulate spaces throughout the guide!)

    -This was all written by player named "Kartay", all at once;
    /g Hello!____________________________________________ ______________
    [Guild]_[Spary]:_So_yeah_i_joined_this_lame_guild_to_steal_goldXD _________
    What people see however in the chat is this:
    [Guild] [Kartay]: Hello!
    [Guild] [Spary]: So yeah i joined this lame guild to steal goldXD
    [Guild] [Spary]: Oops..Wrong chat..
    -It is hard to tell that it was all written by "Kartay" unless they notice it appear all at once, or they notice you cannot 'right click' on the name of "Spary".
    -Essentially this can be used for a number of reasons, both fun and serious.

  • How to do it
    -This is a guide on how to best perform this spoofing exploit. As this is quite well known by many in the World of Warcraft community, you will have to be very sneaky and witty when you use this. Here is how to perform this trick to someone in your guild:

    1) Type in "/g" then a normal message, something pointless like "Ack! Barrens chat, lol"
    2) After that, press the space bar and fill up the line with spaces, until the text bar resets the cursor to the middle:

    3) You then must type in the template for the persons message, so it looks just like they said it, like this:

    Guild Chat:
    Party Chat:
    ..............-[1._General]_[<Name>]:_<Message> ((This one is different for different areas))
    ..............-[<Channel Number>._<Channel Name>_[<Name>]:_<Message>

    -After your message is written, with everything included, it should look somewhat like this:

    -You can now post the message by pressing "Enter", and view the results

  • How to abuse it
    -So now that you know how to use this trick, you may (Should) be wondering "what the hell is the point! ppl will jus see meh using it omg its stupid!!". Well, if you go about saying that [<Popular player>] "OMG I SUCK HEHEHEHEH", yeah, you will get the crap flamed out of you and will probably be reported multiple times. You must use this trick sparingly and with caution. Here is a good list of ways that you can use this, feel free to come up with your own, the more creative, the better;

    Advertising in Trade Chat:

    -You can use this trick to promote your own item/generate interest in it in the trade chat, by using it VERY sparingly. For example, once per day you could put:

    /2 WTS[Eight of Storms]*100g!*______________________________________
    [2._Trade]_[<Made up, legitimate sounding, name>]:_Eek, thats a crazy deal on that [Eight of Storms]
    -This should promote your item by generating more interest over it. Be sure to create a made up name, and make it a post that people will not be likely to try to 'right click' on to whisper (As that will give it away).

    Getting Someone in Trouble:

    -This can be a great tool for getting people that you are annoyed at/people who have wronged you back. You can, while talking to another freind/guild member who also knows them, make it look like they said something mean to them. Like this: (Player named "Spary" using it to make "Larry" look bad in front of "Kartay")
    /w Kartay Heya, want to do some heriocs this weeknd or someting??________
    [Larry]:_Ugh, stop being a noob.

    What will probably happen after this, is "Kartay" will whisper "Larry" back with something like "What do you mean I am a noob! Your the fing arms warrior! ((I , OblivionMage, don't have anything against them just using it as an example)) to which "Larry" would respond like "Wow, dude, wtf you mean I called you a noob!". This can simply create tension and while it is not very nice to use, it can be useful for getting some revenge.

    -The first example with the guild shows how this trick can also be used very effectively in Guild, Party, Battleground, and Raid chats.

    Messing Around:

    -Using this trick with friends jokingly without any malicious intent can actually be quite fun, even when they know you are doing it. Make sure that it is either in whispers or a non-public chat, and that nobody is going to report you for it.
    For example doing this: (Player "Kartay" whispering jokingly to "Spary")

    /w Spary Heh, can you toss me some cash for my epic mounts ___________
    [To]_[Kartay]:_Certainly! You have been really nice to me lately, so I can give you a good 2k to start you off

    This will make it look like to "Spary" that he/she just agreed to giving "Kartay" the 2k gold, lol.

-NOTE::As Asdurio has pointed out below, if you are playing on a Server where many people have different language versions of WoW, this may not work very well. I would suggest trying to pick the one that most people are using and typing in that translation. As explained:

-If I played on an english verion of WoW on a German Server, I would see all 'Blizzard text' as English ('Trade' in 'Trade chat', 'General' in 'General Chat', and 'Guild' in 'Guild Chat'), wheras people with German WoW clients would see 'Gilde', and so on. Now, these clients don't translate any of the text that a player inputs, so when I did the exploit above, if I were on the english client and typed:
/g Hi XD________________________________________________ _________________________
[Guild]_[Karrte]:_lol my guild kinda sucsk
[Guild]_[Karrte]:_AKC! wrong chat jus dun listen to htaht lool!!

People with the English client would see:
[Guild] [<Name>]: Hi!
[Guild] [Karrte]: lol my guild kinda susck
[Guild] [Karrte]: AKC! wrong chat jus dun listen to htaht lool!!
Wheras someone with the German client would see:
[Gilde] [<Name>]: Hi!
[Guild] [Karrte]: lol my guild kinda susck
[Guild] [Karrte]: AKC! wrong chat jus dun listen to htaht lool!!
This is a problem because it is rather obvious to the people with the German client that something odd is happening. Of course, it is possible that they will overlook the difference in the letters, but perhaps not. This just adds a whole other teir of thought that must go through using this trick on servers where many different language clients of WoW are used.

-I know that alot of people know about this, or it is 'obvious', but that doesn't make it any less fun, and it can still trick people when used sparingly and without warning.
-If anything needs clarification, please don't hesitate to say so.
-I am still adding this to this post! Mostly in the ways that it can be used.
((This is not directly against Blizzard rules, but if you use it to emulate other people talking, or pretend to be someone else, or scam, or harrass, you could be warned/banned. Use at your own risk.))

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There is also a problem with the Language.
I play the engish version of WoW but i'm playing on a german server.
When i write /g Hi Guys it looks like that:

[Guild][Asdurio]: Hi Guys

But a player with the German Version will see:

[Gilde][Asdurio]: Hi Guys

Thats something you must keep in mind.
Some players will see the abuse and the rest wont realize it.
Just wanted to announce it

sry for my bad english i tryed it

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Ohh, I had no idea about how it worked with servers in different languages. Thats kinda cool actually, with different versions of WoW that all co-exist. Ok, I will add a note for it, and try to find out a little bit more about that.

ps. Your English is really good, you don't even want to hear my German ;P
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ja wenn einer den chat aber in einer anderen größe hat funzt das nicht oder? ;f

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Originally Posted by poison0815 View Post
ja wenn einer den chat aber in einer anderen größe hat funzt das nicht oder? ;f
Can't figure out what that says >.<
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Most of the World of Warcraft players do use addons and there are addons like prat, which allow you to see timestamps in your chat >: so you can mostly forget this
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all players have another chat size so it will not work ;f
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all players have another chat size so it will not work ;f
Only those who have the game set at different resolutions
Most of the World of Warcraft players do use addons and there are addons like prat, which allow you to see timestamps in your chat >: so you can mostly forget this
Some WoW players use addons that modify the chat, but not that many at all. For example 'chat mod' only got 700 hits today on Curse:
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das is doch mal so alt wie wow selbst auserdem gibts auch chat-zeit addons die das ebenso vermasseln

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