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Wow Glider Guide

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Ok First of all, You need to pay for wow glider (I WON'T GIVE YOU MY GLIDER KEY) the only reason i wont its because you can only be one using the key at the same time alright?. Heres lets make math! Wow account At AMAZONE.COM 19.99$ USD ... bot cost ? 25$ USD.

BOT: 25$
WOW: 19.99$
TOTAL: 44,99$

Ok so it cost you 44.99$ for your first glider account .... to up one single level 60 you have to allow 20 - 30day depending on how you are using the bot and if you are gliding 24/24(WICH IS RISKY) you wow account activation come with a free month of play (PERFECT). So lets say you level up your 60 in 30Days /played time, you then have 2 choice ! Either you farm gols with it (wich will use your glider key all the time and wont let you levelup another char) OR you sell it to any gold farming website! (EX: ) they give you around 100$ USD for a single 60 naked with a level 40 mount!. Now you probably want to know what i did right?, ok i leveled a first 60 i bought another glider key, farmed gold with my first 60 and level another 60 and i sold it! So i keep my first 60 to farm and sell the other!.

GliderX2 : 50
AccountX2: 39,98
TOTAL: 89,98
It would cost you 89.98 over 2 month BUT don't forget you sold a 60 and farmed some gold!!! SO

TO PAY: 89.98$
GOLD: -150$
SOLD: -100$
TOTAL: -160,02
Thats right you made 160.02$ over 2 month keeping your computer up and running wich cost you (IF YOU CLOSE YOUR SCREEN [Screen is the part that takes the most "power"] WHILE GLIDING) your 2 running computer should have costed you around 10 - 30$ depending on the price of your country! (I'm in quebec so electricity is almost free )

Now lets calculate the amount of money you would have made using the first method (selling the single 60)
Glider: 25
Accountx2: 39,98 (lets use 2 acounts)[1 per month]
TOTAL: 64,98

TO PAY: 64.98$
SOLD: 200.00$
TOTAL: -135,02$
Yup thats right you made 135.02$ over 2 month minus maye the 30$ fee of electricity!

(No i ear people saying yeah but you have to have at least 2 computer .... dude you can basicly run wow on any shit if you are using a bot .. the bot does not care if you have grafical lags ... it only care if your network sucks, youll ned around 25K/sDL 25K/sUP to have a green ping on wow.

Ok now you know that ... lets say you bought a glider cuz you want to have a lot of 60 or just to make some money for free without working for it!
Want a copy of what youll receive by email when selling gold?

Chat Start Time: **/11/2006 22:29:12
Chat End Time: **/11/2006 23:07:40
Chat URL:
Referer URL:
Name: Jean-Ph****** *******
Email: **.****.*
Phone: +1450*******
Initial Question: ******* I am willing to sell you guys 300WOW US Gold on Kalecgos Horde, can we fix the time or a way to deliver the gold ?

[Jean-Philippe Lemieux] ******* I am willing to sell you guys 300WOW US Gold on Kalecgos Horde, can we fix the time or a way to deliver the gold ?
[Joe] welcome to Offgamers
[Joe] will check on your order now
[Jean-Ph****** ******* ] o alright srry i was afk
[Joe] we will provide you the character name shortly
[Jean-Ph****** ******* ] alright
[Jean-Ph****** ******* ] will you need my paypal information ?
[Joe] yes, please do provide me your paypal email address
[Jean-Ph****** ******* ] ****_**
[Joe] thank you
World of Warcraft US > WOW Gold - US > Kalecgos - H > 1 Gold - whoamme

[Joe] you may send the gold to this character
[Jean-Ph****** ******* ] sent
[Joe] thank you
[Joe] will check on it now
[Jean-Ph****** ******* ] alright
[Joe] the payments will be issued to you within 24-48 hours time
[Jean-Ph****** ******* ] its all good
[Joe] is there anything else that i can help for you today?
[Jean-Ph****** ******* ] no its cool thanks
[Joe] thank you

Thats what youll get when confirming that you are willing to sell them XXX gold on X server! jsut follow the instruction!

Lets install the beast.

Ok heres what i did i first tryed the demo ... wich you should do ... theres a 15minute working time limit when "Attach" to wow. BEFORE INSTALLING GLIDER YOU NEED TO HAVE .Now lets download the demo "Launchpad.exe" @T After dowloading it ... create a new folder on your C:/ NEVER name one glider!!! NEVER and create a long path like c:/Folder1/Folder3/Folder3/Folder4/Launchpad.exe, then run the exe (now it wil lcreate a glider folder do NOT rename it or anything!!!!. To start glider always execute Launchpad.exe it can take some time to load... for me it takes 1 - 2 minutes first time then it only take a few second! (strange but who cares) On its instaleld correcly and loaded you should see something like this!

Look at the Check case do the same !!! Invisible is the best mode CANT be detected ... eccept if you are browsing some WOWGLIDER forum ... with the title in its name cause warden scan the windows name .. so NEVER open something related to glider on your computer while botting!.

youll have this opened!!!

So we said you bought glider right! lets enter our registred key then

After entering your key youll have to se up your class settings ... let say you want to levelup an hunter!!
SELECT HUNTER then press options

Use the SAME settings as i am .. they are the best.
Do not enable remote control ... its only to be able to remotely monitor your bot from web or any application ... not recommanded!
now clikc on LIMITS tab

Use the exact same settings as me! remember

now clikc on detection tab

so heres the paranoids options ... some may ask should i be that paranoid ... YES ... blizztard hate bot/hack user and i do hate them so i am doing everything i can to srap their game or at least make money over it!.

Use same settings!
Note: I do NOT use the avoid same faction settings ... its jsut TOO much paranoid and it makes your bot useless ... stopping everything everytime someone get close to you ... worst thing ever! (anyway if someone really wants ot report you .. sitting and /afk will not save your ass).

The keys i use have been posted by Rathskellar youll find the list at the end of the post

After downloading the key upload then in the same folder as glider.exe!
And press the LOAD button on KEYS Tab and load them!.

Nothing really important here.
Note: After 25 death you should jsut stop gliding (average is 1-5death) so someone is camping you hehe.


DO NOT ENABLE AUTO REPLY TO GM!!! NEVER IT IS TOOOO MUCH SUSPICIOUS TO REPLY WITHIN A SEC WITH A WORD... anyway if a gm pm you, you are probably fucked up anyway so. Do not try to reply in chinese it will piss them off ... trust me!


DO NOT USE ... its a waste of time ECCEPT if you actualy have 2 bot and a 60 priest wich can REALLLY improve your farming overall if using a healbot and a melee class.


If you are using skinning! use ninja always usefull + do NOT sit when bored .... thats gay and bad!


This will prevent you from being scanned! while using CTRL + CTRL + G (do not hold the strl jsut press them then press g) and it will activate the boat loading thep rofile youll set on over this window!.

Press SET for initial profile (don't use the other eccept if you know what you are doing ... )

Select the profile you want to use ...
To see Exacly WHERE your profile will bot .. open is using Pmap


download those 2 things then overwrite the first exe with the second to patch it
Pmap can be used for 2 thing, see what profile are and MAKE profile! wich youll have to do cause not all profile are good! I think you can figure out how to use it .. its pretty simple .. if yopu cant REFER to the original post @T

Now clikc ok then ok agian you should now see the MAIN launchpad.exe window!
clikc on SEC CHECK and woull see

... now look at mine it say HIGH player blablabla is disabled ... this is not saying ill get couaght it only says that the risk is higher to get REPORTED because ap layter could follow me for a long time ... anyway!
Yours should be the same eccept for the profile ... normaly you should name you profile with a damn long name containing a bunch of letters in it ... but i don't its your choice to do or not.

Now we are all set up!
NOTE: If your too paranoid ... you can still stop your wow is stille "virgin" ...

Pess LAUNCH!!!
Wow will open .. log int (this is not a key logger people around the world use it and pay for it if you downlaod a craked version IT MAY REALLY BE A KEY LOGGER I WOULD NOT BE SURPRISED.
Pick your char ... a hunter (since we set up the profile options for a Hunter ... now log on the hunter. once logged in minimise your wow .. and open Keys.xml with Iexplorer!! youll see a big list With General.ACTIONS

Heres what those shit means!
Bar State = Action is bar (Shift+1)
Bar State = Rest is bar (Shift+2)
... not hard ot figure out yet ?
now check the list At HUNTER and fill all the require hotkey and thing .. so example it say Autoshot 4 ... put autoshot in slot 4 of Combat bar!... Hard?? .. lol
Once this is set up youll need to set up the macro to feed your pet (macro that will goes in Slot 7 of Rest bar (Bar2) In game write /macro click on new and in it enter

/script for b=0,4 do for s=1,GetContainerNumSlots(b) do if (string.find(GetContainerItemLink(b,s) or " ", "Mulgore Spice Bread")) then PickupContainerItem(b,s) DropItemOnUnit("pet") b=4 break end end end

Ok i feed my pet with Mulgore Spiced Bread... so write EXACLY the name of the food you want to feed your pet with!.

Now you should be all set up ...
Press ctrl ctrl g do not hold ctrl jsut press them.

your bot should start but you have to be where your profile start ... or at least on his way!!! if your not at the right place i will face the direction you should go .... thats it

If something is not clear just ask me!

Ok a lot of addons can be used with your bot ... the best is loot filter ... to automaticly delete white and gray items ... this same place for blue greens purples. It can be download at>

additional addons can be found on forum ...

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<Key KeyName="Common.ApplyBandage" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="3" />
<Key KeyName="Common.Back" BarState="Indifferent" ShiftState="None" VK="Down" />
<Key KeyName="Common.BarCombat" BarState="Indifferent" ShiftState="Shift" Char="1" />
<Key KeyName="Common.BarRest" BarState="Indifferent" ShiftState="Shift" Char="2" />
<Key KeyName="Common.ClearTargetMacro" BarState="Indifferent" ShiftState="None" VK="F6" />
<Key KeyName="Common.Drink" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="2" />
<Key KeyName="Common.Eat" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="1" />
<Key KeyName="Common.Fish" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="-" />
<Key KeyName="Common.Forward" BarState="Indifferent" ShiftState="None" VK="Up" />
<Key KeyName="Common.Hearth" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="=" />
<Key KeyName="Common.Jump" BarState="Indifferent" ShiftState="None" Char=" " />
<Key KeyName="Common.LureSlot" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="9" />
<Key KeyName="Common.PetAttack" BarState="Indifferent" ShiftState="Ctrl" Char="1" />
<Key KeyName="Common.PetFollow" BarState="Indifferent" ShiftState="Ctrl" Char="2" />
<Key KeyName="Common.PostCombat" BarState="Indifferent" ShiftState="None" Char="Undefined" />
<Key KeyName="Common.PostLoot" BarState="Indifferent" ShiftState="None" Char="Undefined" />
<Key KeyName="Common.Potion" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="4" />
<Key KeyName="Common.PreCombat" BarState="Indifferent" ShiftState="None" Char="Undefined" />
<Key KeyName="Common.RotateLeft" BarState="Indifferent" ShiftState="None" VK="Left" />
<Key KeyName="Common.RotateRight" BarState="Indifferent" ShiftState="None" VK="Right" />
<Key KeyName="Common.Sit" BarState="Indifferent" ShiftState="None" Char="X" />
<Key KeyName="Common.StrafeLeft" BarState="Indifferent" ShiftState="None" Char="Q" />
<Key KeyName="Common.StrafeRight" BarState="Indifferent" ShiftState="None" Char="E" />
<Key KeyName="Common.Target" BarState="Indifferent" ShiftState="None" VK="Tab" />
<Key KeyName="Common.TargetLastHostile" BarState="Indifferent" ShiftState="None" Char="G" />
<Key KeyName="Common.TargetParty1" BarState="Indifferent" ShiftState="None" VK="F2" />
<Key KeyName="Common.TargetParty2" BarState="Indifferent" ShiftState="None" VK="F3" />
<Key KeyName="Common.TargetParty3" BarState="Indifferent" ShiftState="None" VK="F4" />
<Key KeyName="Common.TargetParty4" BarState="Indifferent" ShiftState="None" VK="F5" />
<Key KeyName="Common.TargetSelf" BarState="Indifferent" ShiftState="None" VK="F1" />
<Key KeyName="Common.Time1" BarState="Indifferent" ShiftState="None" Char="Undefined" />
<Key KeyName="Common.Time30" BarState="Indifferent" ShiftState="None" Char="Undefined" />
<Key KeyName="Common.Time5" BarState="Indifferent" ShiftState="None" Char="Undefined" />
<Key KeyName="Common.ToggleCombat" BarState="Indifferent" ShiftState="None" Char="T" />
<Key KeyName="Druid.Barkskin" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="9" />
<Key KeyName="Druid.Bash" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="5" />
<Key KeyName="Druid.BearForm" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="1" />
<Key KeyName="Druid.Bite" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="-" />
<Key KeyName="Druid.CatForm" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="2" />
<Key KeyName="Druid.Charge" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="0" />
<Key KeyName="Druid.Claw" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="0" />
<Key KeyName="Druid.Cure" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="Alt" Char="8" />
<Key KeyName="Druid.DemoRoar" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="6" />
<Key KeyName="Druid.Enrage" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="-" />
<Key KeyName="Druid.Faerie" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="3" />
<Key KeyName="Druid.Fury" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="6" />
<Key KeyName="Druid.HealingTouch" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="1" />
<Key KeyName="Druid.HealingTouchOther" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="Alt" Char="0" />
<Key KeyName="Druid.Mark" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="5" />
<Key KeyName="Druid.MarkOther" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="Alt" Char="8" />
<Key KeyName="Druid.Maul" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="7" />
<Key KeyName="Druid.Moonfire" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="2" />
<Key KeyName="Druid.NS" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="=" />
<Key KeyName="Druid.Prowl" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="5" />
<Key KeyName="Druid.Ravage" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="7" />
<Key KeyName="Druid.Regrowth" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="6" />
<Key KeyName="Druid.Rejuvenation" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="7" />
<Key KeyName="Druid.RejuvenationOther" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="Alt" Char="4" />
<Key KeyName="Druid.Rip" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="1" />
<Key KeyName="Druid.Starfire" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="1" />
<Key KeyName="Druid.Swipe" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="=" />
<Key KeyName="Druid.Thorns" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="8" />
<Key KeyName="Druid.ThornsOther" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="Alt" Char="2" />
<Key KeyName="Hunter.Aspect" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="6" />
<Key KeyName="Hunter.CallPet" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="8" />
<Key KeyName="Hunter.FeedPet" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="6" />
<Key KeyName="Hunter.FeedPetMacro" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="7" />
<Key KeyName="Hunter.FirstShot" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="1" />
<Key KeyName="Hunter.Intimidation" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="8" />
<Key KeyName="Hunter.Mark" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="=" />
<Key KeyName="Hunter.MendPet" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="5" />
<Key KeyName="Hunter.RaptorStrike" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="6" />
<Key KeyName="Hunter.RepeatShot" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="5" />
<Key KeyName="Hunter.RevivePet" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="9" />
<Key KeyName="Hunter.SecondShot" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="2" />
<Key KeyName="Hunter.Shoot" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="4" />
<Key KeyName="Hunter.Trap" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="-" />
<Key KeyName="Hunter.Wrath" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="9" />
<Key KeyName="Mage.ArcaneIntellect" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="Alt" Char="5" />
<Key KeyName="Mage.ArcaneIntellectOther" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="=" />
<Key KeyName="Mage.ArcaneMissiles" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="2" />
<Key KeyName="Mage.ConjureFood" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="3" />
<Key KeyName="Mage.ConjureWater" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="4" />
<Key KeyName="Mage.Counterspell" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="9" />
<Key KeyName="Mage.CreateManastone" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="0" />
<Key KeyName="Mage.DampenMagic" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="Alt" Char="7" />
<Key KeyName="Mage.Fireball" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="3" />
<Key KeyName="Mage.Fireblast" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="4" />
<Key KeyName="Mage.FrostArmor" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="6" />
<Key KeyName="Mage.Frostbolt" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="1" />
<Key KeyName="Mage.FrostNova" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="5" />
<Key KeyName="Mage.MeleeSpell" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="8" />
<Key KeyName="Mage.Poly" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="6" />
<Key KeyName="Mage.Scorch" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="7" />
<Key KeyName="Mage.UseManastone" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="0" />
<Key KeyName="Mage.Wand" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="=" />
<Key KeyName="Paladin.Aura" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="5" />
<Key KeyName="Paladin.Blessing" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="Alt" Char="6" />
<Key KeyName="Paladin.BlessingOther" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="6" />
<Key KeyName="Paladin.BlessingWisdomOther" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="7" />
<Key KeyName="Paladin.BOP" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="Alt" Char="9" />
<Key KeyName="Paladin.BOPOther" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="9" />
<Key KeyName="Paladin.DivineFavor" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="6" />
<Key KeyName="Paladin.DivineShield" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="5" />
<Key KeyName="Paladin.FastHeal" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="Alt" Char="4" />
<Key KeyName="Paladin.FastHealOther" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="4" />
<Key KeyName="Paladin.HammerJustice" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="2" />
<Key KeyName="Paladin.HammerWrath" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="8" />
<Key KeyName="Paladin.Heal" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="Alt" Char="3" />
<Key KeyName="Paladin.HealOther" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="3" />
<Key KeyName="Paladin.Judge" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="1" />
<Key KeyName="Paladin.LayHands" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="Alt" Char="7" />
<Key KeyName="Paladin.SealCommand" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="4" />
<Key KeyName="Paladin.SealCrusader" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="3" />
<Key KeyName="Priest.Dispel" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="Alt" Char="6" />
<Key KeyName="Priest.Fade" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="Alt" Char="8" />
<Key KeyName="Priest.FlashHeal" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="Alt" Char="7" />
<Key KeyName="Priest.FlashHealOther" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="7" />
<Key KeyName="Priest.InnerFire" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="4" />
<Key KeyName="Priest.MindBlast" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="3" />
<Key KeyName="Priest.MindFlay" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="2" />
<Key KeyName="Priest.PWFort" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="Alt" Char="3" />
<Key KeyName="Priest.PWFortOther" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="3" />
<Key KeyName="Priest.Renew" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="Alt" Char="6" />
<Key KeyName="Priest.RenewOther" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="6" />
<Key KeyName="Priest.RestHeal" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="Alt" Char="5" />
<Key KeyName="Priest.RestHealOther" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="5" />
<Key KeyName="Priest.Shadowform" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="9" />
<Key KeyName="Priest.Shield" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="Alt" Char="5" />
<Key KeyName="Priest.ShieldOther" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="5" />
<Key KeyName="Priest.SWPain" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="1" />
<Key KeyName="Priest.Vampiric" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="0" />
<Key KeyName="Priest.Wand" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="4" />
<Key KeyName="Rogue.AdrenalineRush" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="0" />
<Key KeyName="Rogue.Backstab" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="7" />
<Key KeyName="Rogue.BladeFlurry" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="9" />
<Key KeyName="Rogue.CheapShot" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="4" />
<Key KeyName="Rogue.ColdBlood" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="9" />
<Key KeyName="Rogue.Evasion" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="=" />
<Key KeyName="Rogue.Eviscerate" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="3" />
<Key KeyName="Rogue.Feint" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="7" />
<Key KeyName="Rogue.GhostlyStrike" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="9" />
<Key KeyName="Rogue.Gouge" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="5" />
<Key KeyName="Rogue.Kick" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="8" />
<Key KeyName="Rogue.KidneyShot" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="6" />
<Key KeyName="Rogue.Poison1" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="5" />
<Key KeyName="Rogue.Poison2" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="6" />
<Key KeyName="Rogue.Ranged" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="7" />
<Key KeyName="Rogue.Riposte" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="4" />
<Key KeyName="Rogue.Sinister" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="2" />
<Key KeyName="Rogue.Stealth" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="1" />
<Key KeyName="Rogue.Vanish" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="-" />
<Key KeyName="Shaman.Earthbind" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="6" />
<Key KeyName="Shaman.EarthShock" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="3" />
<Key KeyName="Shaman.Heal" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="7" />
<Key KeyName="Shaman.HealOther" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="6" />
<Key KeyName="Shaman.HealTotem" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="=" />
<Key KeyName="Shaman.LightningBolt" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="1" />
<Key KeyName="Shaman.LightningShield" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="-" />
<Key KeyName="Shaman.NS" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="7" />
<Key KeyName="Shaman.Rockbiter" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="0" />
<Key KeyName="Shaman.StartTotem" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="5" />
<Key KeyName="Warlock.Corruption" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="3" />
<Key KeyName="Warlock.CreateHealthstone" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="0" />
<Key KeyName="Warlock.Curse" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="2" />
<Key KeyName="Warlock.DarkPact" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="3" />
<Key KeyName="Warlock.Deathcoil" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="-" />
<Key KeyName="Warlock.DemonArmor" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="4" />
<Key KeyName="Warlock.DrainLife" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="5" />
<Key KeyName="Warlock.DrainSoul" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="6" />
<Key KeyName="Warlock.Fear" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="8" />
<Key KeyName="Warlock.HealthFunnel" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="7" />
<Key KeyName="Warlock.Immolate" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="4" />
<Key KeyName="Warlock.Lifetap" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="1" />
<Key KeyName="Warlock.Reckless" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="7" />
<Key KeyName="Warlock.Shadowbolt" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="9" />
<Key KeyName="Warlock.SoulLink" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="3" />
<Key KeyName="Warlock.SpellLock" BarState="Indifferent" ShiftState="Ctrl" Char="6" />
<Key KeyName="Warlock.Suffering" BarState="Indifferent" ShiftState="Ctrl" Char="7" />
<Key KeyName="Warlock.SummonFelhunter" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="8" />
<Key KeyName="Warlock.SummonImp" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="5" />
<Key KeyName="Warlock.SummonSuccubus" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="9" />
<Key KeyName="Warlock.SummonVoidie" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="6" />
<Key KeyName="Warlock.UseHealthstone" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="0" />
<Key KeyName="Warlock.VoidieSacrifice" BarState="Indifferent" ShiftState="Ctrl" Char="5" />
<Key KeyName="Warlock.Wand" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="=" />
<Key KeyName="Warrior.BattleShout" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="0" />
<Key KeyName="Warrior.Bloodrage" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="-" />
<Key KeyName="Warrior.Charge" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="1" />
<Key KeyName="Warrior.Cleave" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="4" />
<Key KeyName="Warrior.Concussion" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="3" />
<Key KeyName="Warrior.DemoShout" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="0" />
<Key KeyName="Warrior.Execute" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="3" />
<Key KeyName="Warrior.Hamstring" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="2" />
<Key KeyName="Warrior.HeroicStrike" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="4" />
<Key KeyName="Warrior.Overpower" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="5" />
<Key KeyName="Warrior.Ranged" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="1" />
<Key KeyName="Warrior.Rend" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="6" />
<Key KeyName="Warrior.ShieldBash" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="7" />
<Key KeyName="Warrior.SunderArmor" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="4" />
<Key KeyName="Warrior.Thunderclap" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="5" />

THIS HAS BEEN POSTED BY Rathskellar @ Hsforum i do not take credit over them he did well all credit to him, original post =

copy the list up there paste it in a .txt doc then rename it to .xml .. thats it lol&#33;&#33; have fun.

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Settings I used:
Pull distance: 35 for the most part
Feed pet at: 70 happiness
Two shot pull
Approach on long pull
Use Intimidation
Use Bestial Wrath
Pet attack
Avoid melee when possible.

Talent Spec:
Beast Mastery is the way to go for gliding. It speeds up leveling 10 fold. Beastial Wrath is amazing. The temp i used is as follows:
Beast Mastery:

Edurance Training 5/5
Thick Hide 3/3
Improved Revive Pet 2/2
Beastial Swiftness 1/1
Unleashed Fury 5/5
Improved Mend Pet 1/2
Ferocity 5/5
Spirit Bond 2/2
Itimidation 1/1
Frenzy 5/5
Beastial Wrath 1/1 (AMAZING&#33;&#33;&#33

Efficiency 5/5
Improved Hunter&#39;s Mark 1/5
Lethal Shots 5/5
Aimed Shot 1/1
Hawk Eye 3/3
Mortal Shots 5/5

I actually played my hunter from time to time to get used to the playstyle. Some of the talents may seem iffy. Adjust them as you see fit. I used this spec and it worked fantastically.

First of all. I play on a heavily populated pve server. The hunter was my first char on the server. I started out with absolutely nothing. My hunter was a female NE. I did not use any of my own profiles, they were all public ones downloaded from here. I used loot filter, auto decline, and auto bag to move arrows from my bag to my quiver. I bought mageweave bags as soon as i was able to (not the biggest, but most bang for your buck on my server.) I ALWAYS filled up the quiver with arrows, and then another bag full of arrows. I let autobag do the rest. I went to the AH, and bought upgraded as much gear as I could every few levels. This included as much agillity gear as i could find.

It is important as a hunter to take skinning as an additional source of income. Rugged leather goes for 1g10s a stack on my server. This is huge as you end up with tons of it after an overnight glide. More money = better gear = faster and more productive leveling. I rely on my leather for cash as i found only a handfull of blues, and only 1 crappy epic while gliding.

I didnt bother with macros of any kind. I simply dragged the spell into the bar as the help file on glider directed me to. No need to complicate gliding IMO.

The beauty of hunters is that you can easily take on mobs higher than you with ease, and with almost no downtime.

Everytime I started a new profile, I watched my hunter&#39;s health and mana. If i was gliding on mobs higher than me and found he was using too much mana, I would put in a lower level of arcane shot or whatever sting i was using until i was higher. Using this method I consumed exactly 0 water and 0 food. Just a side note, I never took any water with me, and the only food i had on me was for my pet. My first aid at level 60 to date, is still 0

Make good friends with your local Auctioneer. You&#39;ll want to visit this place often for new gear every 2-4 levels. I usually picked at least one new piece of equipment up everytime I came to town to train. You generally want to get gear that ends in "of the monkey." This is agility and stamina gear, both of which are vital to your hunter.

At level 40 hunters gain the abillity to wear Chain. This, while being nice, is not that big of a deal for gliders. At 40, dont go blow all of your money on new chain gear. Most smart people know that hunters gain the ability to wear chain at 40, and as such they jack up the price of any decent level 40 hunter item. Buy one or two items of chain at 40, and come back every few levels to upgrade.

You might be thinking, why the hell wouldn&#39;t I upgrade to chain right away? The reason is, how often do you tank your self? You send your poor lil pet to get it&#39;s ass kicked first.

Cute and cuddly they may be, but vicious against your enemies. They&#39;ll grow up with ya, be your best friend, honor you, be loyal to you, and uh, kill whatever you ask em to. Now pets while looking different, may not be all that different at all. Cats attack quickly to interupt casters, bears tank well, raptors are in the middle, birds... dont know never used em. The point is it really doesnt matter what type of pet you use after level 30. I used a bear until this point, just because it&#39;s what I started with at level 10. Some may argue that pets make a huge difference, but i say meh, I&#39;m botting, as long as it kills stuff, im cool with it.

Where to bot:
All pubs, easy to find here on the forums, or make your own at the locations listed below.

Levels 1-10

Ran to the abby, used omw&#39;s 1-10 profile to hit 10. I didnt afk any of these levels. I found 3 bags by this time, so i could stock up on the loot and make a little gold. I trained every 2 levels.

At level 10 i hit the ah, and bought the best bow i could find. I went out, did my hunter pet quest, and grabbed a pet. At this point I would recommend a bear as it tanks the best.

Levels 10-19

Head to westfall from lvl 10 - ~ 18 or 19. I was lucky enough at this point to have a huge demand for linen on my server. I farmed linen at the insta defias spawn at westfall. I made ~ 50g selling 20 linen for 1g10s a pop. I bought the absolute best gear I could find on the AH. (omw pack 10-13 Westfall - The Jansen Stead, 10-14 Westfall -River Bank, 14-17 Westfall -River Bank, 15-18 Westfall -The Dagger Hills.) Train up, hit the AH, buy your gear.

Levels 19-33

Head to Darkshire make good friends with the general merchant, as they will be supplying you with a steady stream of arrows Hit the darkened bank near DS, stay there until ~ 24 or 25. After that, head to the ogre mound. You may die here a lil bit, so stay and monitor it for a level or two (sorry&#33; its what i did ) I stayed here until level 29. After this one Manor Mismantle is where you should be until 32 or 33 (omw pack 18-20 Duskwood - The Darkened Bank, 25-30 Duskwood - Vul Gol Ogre Mound, 28-30 Duskwood - Manor Mistmantle.) At this point, I hit STV, got my self a nice lil kitty, and trained him up with as much stamina as i could. upgraded my claw, and you should have been upping growl from the trainer all this time.

Levels 33-39

Hit the alterac mountains and kill your self some Yetis. I went from 33-39 here in about one day. (JJJ 33 - 39 Alterac Yetis)

Levels 39-43

Swamp of sorrows is the place to be next. Omw has a brilliant glide here, my absolute fav as i found a few enchant gloves herbalisms recepies which i sold for a good chunk of change. Glide to 40. Go get your mount, which you should easily be able to afford by now with all of the skinning and loot you have found. Stay here until 42 or 43. (merc&#39;s profile Misty Valley 38-42)

Levels 42-45

Stick around the swamp. Its a nice lil place to hang out. Wasn&#39;t too busy on my server. Only saw a few horde here. Now you will be slaughtering Tarantulas. I was here until 45. (40-41 Swamp of Sorrows - Tarantulas)

Levels 45-50

Head to azshara now. See those ghosts? They&#39;re eyeing you funny, better take them out and teach em a lession... You&#39;re killin ghosts here until you hit 50. (omw 45-47 Azshara - Haldarr (Ghosts)

Levels 50-56

At 50, you&#39;re headed to stv to a lil place called jaguero isle. You&#39;re going to be stuck here for 5-6 levels. Wicked good leather on this one, lotsa dough can be made. Its reletively dead here on my server. Live it up, get rich here. You&#39;re done at around 56.

Levels 56-60

The name of the game is WPL. You&#39;re here till you hit that lovely level 60. You will be killing spiders and bears. Good leather once again from the bears. (stev WPL 54-56)


Now while gliding, you would have amassed tons and tons of greens. Never sell these greens to the vendor without first posting them on the AH. You can for the most part get more from auctions than vendors. If your item doesnt sell, then vendor it.

Questions, comments, concerns? post here.

Thanks for reading.

We recommend using saftety glasses when using our product. Blinking is probably not a sufficent defence.

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Fist off i have to say mad props to PastorofMuppets for creating some of the greatest macros i have ever seen for a mage. Thanks to that there Evoc macro, my spec is even BETTER than his, lol. But really, if you don&#39;t like my ideas go lookat PastorofMuppets&#39;s posts, he does a great job. Now again, this is only helpfull if you are willing to read a bit so here goes.

Here is where we differ. Fire or Ice?

I choose Fire. Quite simply i do it for the added DMG and critical percent chance. Requirements for being Fire specced would simply be a very high mana pool since most spells do cost more than ice spec spells. However they kill faster. With the Evocation macro, you can tweak the settings however you see fit for your toon and be up and running very quickly.

Here&#39;s a small glance at my spec. I will post screenshots when i get back in the States to my home computer. But for now, this is a glance at the basic things needed to get great at gliding.

That&#39;s what it looked like at 38. Here&#39;s where it&#39;s heading.

Set Level:
Current: 51 (Of course if your not 51 do what you can [focus on fire]


Points Spent: 42
Remaining: 9
Arcane (reset): 2
Fire (reset): 30
Frost (reset): 10
Reset All
Print Template

Arcane Talents (2 points)

Arcane Subtlety (2/2)
- Reduces your target&#39;s resistance to all your spells by 10 and reduces threat of Arcane spells by 40%. [Nothing slows your glide more than when an enemy resists your attacks. As a mage i can fight higher level enemies as long as they get hit. This allows me to glide levels 3-4 higher than my own which = more xp]


Fire Talents (30 points)

Improved Fireball (5/5)
- Reduces the casting time of your Fireball by 0.5 seconds. [Since fireball will be replacing Arcane Missiles you will need it to be as fast as possible.]

Ignite (5/5)
- Your critical strikes from fire damage spells cause the target to burn for an additional 40% of your spell&#39;s damage over 4 seconds. [Because the bleed is over 4 seconds it will prove quite usefull (say you crit for 1000 your enemy will suffer 400 dmg over 4 seconds&#33 Great when there are runners in the mobs u fight]

Improved Fire Blast (2/3)
- Reduces the cooldown of your Fire Blast spell by 1 seconds. [Fire Blast is a great killing blow spell. It isn&#39;t suggested, but it is possible to set your Fire Blast spell in the Bar 5 Slot 9 spot. Not suggested becase of the cooldown]

Flame Throwing (2/2)
- Increases the range of your fire spells by 6 yards. [Not NEEDED but handy for the extra casting time while the target runs to you. It is almost the equivilent of a Frost bolt.]

Incinerate (2/2)
- Increases the critical strike chance of your Fire Blast and Scorch spells by 4%. [No brainer, crits = more dmg AND a pwrfull DOT now]

Pyroblast (1/1)
- 125 Mana
6 second cast
1 minute cooldown
35 yard range
Hurls an immense fiery boulder that causes 148 to 195 fire damage and an additional 56 damage over 12 seconds.

Level 24: 180 to 236 damage, 72 over 12 seconds
Level 30: 255 to 327 damage, 96 over 12 seconds
Level 36: 329 to 419 damage, 124 over 12 seconds
Level 42: 407 to 515 damage, 156 over 12 seconds
Level 54: 600 to 750 damage, 228 over 12 seconds
Level 60: 716 to 890 damage, 268 over 12 seconds
[A MUST HAVE&#33;&#33;&#33; For best results, replace Frost Bolt with Pyroblast and increase your attack range to 40 (By now it should have a 41 yrd range). This spell is HUGE on damage&#33; I willexplain more l8er]

Burning Soul (2/2)
- Gives your fire spells a 70% chance to not lose casting time when you take damage and reduces the threat caused by your Fire spells by 30%. [Unlikely, but just incase you do get hit]

Master of Elements (3/3)
- Your Fire and Frost spell criticals will refund 30% of the mana cost. [Mana is never a bad thing]

Critical Mass (3/3)
- Increases the critical strike chance of your fire spells by 6%. [Once again a no Brainer&#33; Now the crit chance for fire is very high&#33;]

Fire Power (5/5)
- Increases the damage done by your fire spells by 10%. [Duh, dmg=dead things (not u)]


Frost Talents (10 points)

Improved Frost Nova (2/2)
- Reduces the cooldown of your Frost Nova spell by 4 seconds. [Frost Nova is also a must have because it keeps mobs away from you&#33; Which allows you to cast 1-2 more spells b4 they release. By that time they are dead anyways.]

Permafrost (3/3)
- Increases the duration of your Chill effects by 3 sec and reduces the target&#39;s speed by an additional 10 %. [Not used often. Of course some people will not want to replace Frost Bolt with Pyroblast and in that case, this will be needed]

Frost Warding (2/2)
- Increases the armor and resistances given by your Frost Armor and Ice Armor spells by 30%. In addition, gives your Frost Ward a 20% chance to reflect Frost spells and effects while active. [Must have. Although you won&#39;t likely get hit at all, the added armor and such is nice&#33;]

Elemental Focus (3/3)
- Increases chance to hit with Fire and Frost spells by 6%. [Again, nothing is more detrimental to gliding that resists on mobs]

Ok Now to Speak on Pyroblast really quick. Pyroblast has a naturally high crit chance as well as a large amount of natural dmg. Put them together and you have a powerfull open to a fight&#33; With the added range, you will often have time to cast Pyroblast, Fireball, and Fire Blast b4 the target ever gets to you. If any one of those crit, your DOT will most likely finish them off b4 you even Frost Nova them. If none do, then Nova, step back Fireball and Fire Blast. End of enemy.

The reason i replace Frostbolt with Pyroblast is mostly because of the added dmg and range. It is also because Pyroblast cannot be cast during combat due to the 6 second casting time. Pulling with Pyro will usualy take 25-50% of your enemies health right away. + crits. Don&#39;t forget how often you crit as a fire mage.

Now, the Evocate Macro. Found here and posted by PastorofMuppets. Install it, it works great&#33;

Just a lil&#39; basic math here. 1 kill= about 10 seconds. A littler 0ver 10 kills/Mana bar. Then evocate (which i set to 20% since it will fully regen my bar). Then keep going&#33; With the added DPS/Crits/Enemy lvl/and now mana&#33; (thx again to Pastor) i get around 22000 xp/hr.

Another + This allows a lil wiggle room for other spells just for fun, such and Blast Wave and Improed Blizzard. Not to mention that this spec is ideal for PVP because of the added dmg.

Here&#39;s a glance at the bar setups before changing key.xml and a glance at my Int. @ lvl 38. You&#39;ll see that it&#39;s nothing amazing at all.

Having Pastor&#39;s Evoc macro will improve you gliding XP/hr astoundingly so here&#39;s the link.
Check it out and have fun with it.

My PVP bar is setup different from my gliding bar so that i have my Frost Bolt up. I do this because in PVP things are allready coming at you, whereas in PVE things wait to get hit.


This was requested to go along with the guide so there ya go&#33; Feel free to post any other requests (even other class guides if i feel i know enough to be of use). Happy Huntin
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You just have to know how to set it up. There are a few main things that you HAVE to do in order for your priest to be effective:

1. Spec: First max out Spirit Tap. This is the most useful talent for a successful glided priest. Second is Improved Wands, as your wand will make up most of your damage, max this out as it will increase your DPS drastically. Next is to get down to Shadow Weaving/Shadowform. These are the essentials for a good Glided Priest.

2. Wand:
Keeping a good and updated wand is one of the most important things to be successful. I will tell you a cheap route to go and still glide good.
Early levels Lesser and Greater Magical wands are far superior than any other wands, and they are cheap. Get these and use them until about lvl 19. At level 19, run through Deadmines and get Cookies Stiring rod. This is incredible for its level.
Now you have a few options... As you level your stiring rod will start to get weak. It is essential that you buy ONE blue wand, but one should be sufficient. At this point a bunch of good choices of BoE RARE wands are available, find a good priced one and buy it. I would suggest starfaller. This wand can last you until the next big step up in wands which is surprisingly only Uncommon.
At level 40, the best wand you can buy is an Umbral wand. Search the AH and you should be able to pick one up for cheap. The good thing about Umbral wand, is that it is Shadow Damage. Both shadowform, and shadoweaving increase the Shadow Damage from wands, so this makes this wand better than any other ones you can get at this lvl. This wand CAN last you until your final wand which is explained later.
At level 50 you can get a new priest quest (obtained at IF if you are alliance). One of the rewards is Woestave, a 51.3 DPS Shadow Damage wand. This wand will last you until you ding 60.
4. Armor:
Most people say, and I normally would agree, that stamina is the most important thing to have for Gliding. This stat is actually almost USELESS to a gliding priest. If you do everything I mention in this guide, you should almost never get hit while gliding. The most useful stat for the shadow priest, is Spirit, and intellect being close behind. Because of the talent Spirit Tap, priests with high spirit can glide to 60 barely, if at all, drinking water. (My xp/hour went up 5000 when I changed from stamina to Spirit).
5. Configuration:
The best configuration for Glider I found took in to account Mana management and killing efficiency. I was surprised to find out what the most XP efficient was.
Shadowform = True
PW Shield = 30-15 seconds (depending on the mobs)
Mind Blast = about 20 seconds
SW:P = whatever your cooldown is
Mindflay = Depending on your intellect/spirt either ON PULL AND after SW: P or just after SW: P.
Vampiric Embrace = FALSE (I never died with it off, so why waste the mana/time having it on?)
6. Mobs
On the most part the a Shadow Priest really only has to worry about two things when picking where to glide. 1. Are you going to be fighting more than 2 at a time. On the most part, glider is able to take 2 mobs at a time with ease, and can struggle through 3 (at or below your level). 2. Do the mobs stun? If the mobs you are fighting stun, watch your xp/hour drop by 6-7k an hour. Avoid stunners at ALL COSTS, they are your enemy. I would suggest most, of OMW 1-60 pack. (Of course making your own would be safer.)
7. Twink it a little. I didn&#39;t go 100% by this strategy, cause at certain times the configuration needed to be twinked some. Use this as a general rule and you should be fine.

With this I managed to get my priest from lvl 1-60 ONLY gliding besides the quests and items obtained to get the wands. My time played was 12 days 15 hours. I also on the side managed to level my enchanting to 300 and BG a little (so you could easily ding 60 in about 12 days.) Happy gliding and if you have any questions feel free to post.
Successful Priest Gliding Made Easy&#33;

Priests are by far the most efficient class to glide exp per hour wise, and if done correctly you can go from lvl 1-60 without spending a single copper on water, and with NO, thats right, NO downtime eating/drinking.

First 5 points to Shadow > Spirit Tap. This is critical because it allows you to regen an amazing amount of mana. Next 5 points to Discipline > Wand Spec. Your wand will account for 80% of your damage dealt. You will also want to put points in Improved SW:P, Blackout, Shadow Reach, Mind Flay, and Shadow Weaving. When you hit level 40, go unlearn your talents and make your way down the shadow tree to Shadowform, this will increase your DPS and reduce your damage taken significantly, then spend your next 5 points in Improved Wand again. At this point you can go where youd like, id advise the Discipline tree.

The following should be turned ON:
PW:S Always On, Wand between Mind Blasts, Extra Flay after DoT, Mind Flay runners, use ShadowForm, and Use Vampiric Embrace. PLEASE NOTE: As you learn the above abilites add them to the configuration list. Having them on before then will slow you down and SERIOUSLY hurt your DPS.
Pull Distance: 25 yards until you have points in Shadow Reach, then increase to 30.
Mind Blast Cooldown: 30 seconds (any less burns too much mana and doesnt increase your DPS enough to be worth stopping to drink.
SW:P Cooldown: 23 seconds (so its re-casts right as its wearing off)
PW:S cooldown: 23 seconds (so its not casting before it wears off)

Basically anywhere. Since priests pull instead of rushing in, adds are fairly uncommon and VERY controllable. I tried to stay in areas where the mobs were 1-2 levels higher than me and I averaged about 150 kills per 1 death. Humaniod camps typically have several mobs bunched together and can be difficult for the priest to handle. Stick to the flatter, lesser obstruction areas if possible, that is explained in Profile Configuration.
PLEASE NOTE: Stun, Silence, Interrupts are ALL very bad for DPS, and must be avoided. There are plenty of mobs out there to choose from that apply very little negative status. Braving these debuffs is DPS suicide.

Go for Spirit, Intellect, and Stamina in that order. Spirit is CRITICAL to maintain optimal mana regen. Also you want to update your wand every 4-5 levels so that you are putting out optimal DPS, and always lean towards shadow damage wands if possible, just remember DPS is whats most important.

Ok, PLEASE keep in mind this is NOT a requirement, do whatever you feel safest doing.
Natural Running, Skip waypoints, and *GASP* Wander, ON. The reason for the latter two are that by skipping waypoints and wandering the glider will kill more mobs in a shorter amount of time. IF you pick you gliding areas wisely, you will have little/no troubles with obstructions, and this method looks FAR more human, as it will NEVER run the same pattern twice.
ALWAYS MAKE YOUR OWN PROFILES, that way you know your waypoints dont circle mountains and go into valleys, and you wont wander off a cliff.

This guide was made to help people achieve NO DOWNTIME gliding with a priest, you should NEVER have to spend money on water. As far as exp per hour, ill put it this way. My priest at 46 currently glides for equal Exp per hour unrested as my shaman and mage did rested (when they were both 10 lvls higher too), no joke.

If anyone finds this guide helpful or has suggestions as to something I could do better, I&#39;d really appreciate the feedback. I hope everyone finds gliding a priest as quick and fun as I have.

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After reading some of the others posted here and the horrible choices made, rather than posting a chunk of text, I figured I&#39;d give it a go and write up a guide based on my own experiences with gliding rogues.

Firstly, what defines your talents and how to make the best of them is down to weapons. Maces, swords and yes even rarely daggers are all viable however I strongly suggest you stick to a primarily combat build, as glider isn&#39;t exactly intuitive enough to make full use of an assassination build (though I&#39;ve manually 1-60 a rogue and swear blindly that combat is vastly superior for leveling due to the masses of great weapons available compared to assassination).

Rule of thumb: Slow, high minimum damage mainhand, fast high DPS offhand.

Reasoning for this is that Blizzard nerfed offhand damage and also the miss % rate a few patches back. A rogues DPS comes from their instant attacks (SS/BS of course) and if you bother to read the tooltip on your skills its always "xxx% weapon damage + whatever" so the DPS on a weapon isn&#39;t as important as you would think. Generally the slower the weapon, the higher the damage, so higher damage = higher SS/BS which is NOT defined by weapon speed. Obviously you can&#39;t always pick up an ideal weapon and its not a hard and fast rule so just go with what you have. Almost always a green mace/sword with high damage and slow speed is superior to a fast dagger.

Enough about weapons, hopefully I&#39;ve managed to save any "ninja" wannabes from screwing their talent build/weapon choices before too much damage has been done.


As stated in the previous section, an efficient glider rogue build is primarily combat. But a mistake many people make is to go for things which have situational use. This is wrong for various reasons however the most important point to remember is that glider is a grind bot, its the same thing over and over and you want it as fast and as efficient as possible. So, please don&#39;t bother arguing my talent choices, I wouldn&#39;t dream of keeping them once I hit 60 so again its about efficiency.

The order in which you put your points in is entirely up to you, however think about where each point would make the most immediate impact on you and your glide speed. (I suggest imp SS/lightning reflexes first but thats just me.)

Talents are seperated by their "Tiers", ie: how far down the tree. I&#39;ve also included some optional points (marked) in the Subtlety tree. You can swap these for spec&#39;ing Sword or Mace spec in Combat depending on how often you want to respec to make the most of it or if you&#39;re using a grinding build at 60.

Assassination - 8 Talent points.

Improved Eviscerate 3/3 - Obvious reasons, +15% Evis = more damage per cp.
Malice 5/5 - Again an obvious choice, 5% more crit.

Murder 2/2 - Extra 2% damage. On every swing. It&#39;s like a nice permanent passive enchant.

Lethality 5/5 - Crit damage bonus +30%, im sure I needn&#39;t point out how many times a rogue crits, this just makes it hurt that 30% more.

Vile Poisons 5/5 - An extra 20% damage from your poisons most certainly doesn&#39;t hurt. They proc often and just increases effectiveness should you choose to use them.

Combat - 28 Talent points.

Improved Sinister Strike 2/2 - Less energy = more SS = more efficient.
Lightning Reflexes 5/5 - 5% dodge = less downtime = more efficient.

Deflection 5/5 - 5% more chance to parry = less damage taken, less downtime = more efficient. Also opens up riposte.
Precision 5/5 - With the hit % nerf, mainhand misses = offhand misses, so more hit % = more hits = more damage = higher efficiency. Also opens up DW spec/

Endurance 1/2 - Needed to burn a point to open a higher tier and since you either live or die due to evasion/vanish, it can&#39;t hurt.
Riposte 1/1 - 150% weapon damage for 10 energy? Based on that alone you&#39;d be nuts not to get it, not to mention disarm on humanoids.

Duel Wield Specialisation 5/5 - You&#39;re a rogue, you duel wield, this makes the most of it.

Blade Flurry 1/1 - Increased weapon speed by 20% and all attacks hit a nearby mob. A life saver if you have an add and you&#39;re grinding near the edge of your curve as glider responds slowly to adds. Also on a 2 minute timer.

Aggression 3/3 - SS and Evis damage +6%, self explanatory, coupled with Imp Evis and you have +21% extra damage on your eviscerate. More bang for your buck.
Weapon Expertise 2/2 - Increase sword/mace/dagger skill by 5, basically its +hit.

Adrenaline Rush 1/1 - a lifesaver for those occaisions where you get adds & need to drop them as fast as possible, used in conjunction with blade flurry, will stop anything.

Ideal grind mobs

In an ideal world, humanoids would be best, however humanoids also (for the most part) run when they get low, and when yoir evis doesn&#39;t take out the rest of their hp and a mob runs, things become unpredictable, and that&#39;s BAD&#33; Glider has control of your account when you&#39;re afk etc, so when a mob runs in a random direction and you chase it, you run the risk of pulling adds, getting stuck or whatever. I personally wouldn&#39;t touch humanoids but thats my opinion (and since im still here, I must be doing it right). Undead mobs are great, they don&#39;t run and have all the bonuses of humanoids. Beasts are great. Yes they aren&#39;t ideal (but in an ideal world we&#39;d all be banned) but they are effective. They generally don&#39;t have any special attacks of note, they generally are squishy and their loot stacks nicely. Combined with loot filter to get rid of the lower trash, beasts are a great money maker, especially with skinning. Spiders are one of my favorites, the stacks of silk VENDOR for 1g and sell for much more to tailors. A lot of people swear by turtles but I haven&#39;t gone near them since my first 1-60 glide. They have a lot of hp and high armour, slow kills and reduced overall efficiency. We&#39;re rogues remember, armour does matter. Location, spacing, non-agro etc are all ideal, however couple with the down sides and not to mention they are a favorite grind spot for many players and people who need the pearls and you are running unnecissary risks. My advice: stick with beasts or if you can find em, undead. Beasts are easy, predictable and plentiful.

Your gear

Stamina, stamina, stamina. Oh and toss in some agility/strength. Yes, other guide posters say stamina is a waste (one even said to get spirit..-_-&#39; ) but I disagree.. You want to kill a mob before they kill you. Stamina adds to your "buffer" and stacks the odds more in your favour. Sure, agility and strength increases your attack power/crit rate but its unpredictable. Stamina IS predictable, its a number right in your face. You wont be getting crit gear so the only way to actually make effective use of crit while leveling is A) either spec cookie cutter dagger build (which is stupid) or B) stack up a LOT of agility (nerfs stamina too heavily). Strength is a straight up attack power bonus but doesnt have the crit. So if possible go for stamina, failing that, stam/agil or failing that some more stam/str.

Your glider config

Now again in an ideal world, or ideal circumstances, open with cheap shot is best. However imo those cases are quite far between (not to mention you only get cheapshot quite a way into your grind). I swear blindly by pulling with range. Why? It&#39;s predictable. It hugs the glide path, you know exactly where it&#39;s going, and it pulls the mobs to YOU. With stealthing, you can very VERY easily get stuck (seen botters that got stuck, they draw quite a crowd if they&#39;re unlucky enough to be spotted by others). However stealth negates this for the most part, though it is quite slow and has the same problems I mentioned. So its essentially up to you how you choose to engage.

I&#39;ll brush over some of the more important skills, they&#39;re all very nicely typed up in the help file so if you want more information and it&#39;s not listed here then go find it there. I strongly suggest you gleam every bit of information you can from the help file before you start gliding else you wont be gliding as efficiently as you could be.

Your sinister strike cost value is here for those clever people who spec imp SS, so don&#39;t forget to change that down as you put points in.

Eviscerate multiplier, basically when it chooses to use evis. I leave it as standard 10, using a 3 point combo at 30%, 4 points at 40% and so on, most effective however for someone who&#39;s using a tweaked imp slice n dice glide they would more than likely want to set it differently to make the most of it. (and they more than likely know what they&#39;re doing so wont bother reading this&#33.

Here&#39;s the SnD macro pulled from later in the thread, untested by myself but the code looks good so should work. Change the target health to something higher if you want it to trigger earlier in the fight.

/script if (GetComboPoints()>=1) and (UnitHealth("target")>=85) then CastSpellByName("Slice and Dice") else CastSpellByName("Sinister Strike"); end;

Evasion cooldown, self explanatory. If you spec to lower it, change the value here else glider doesnt know and there&#39;s no point.

Poisons, again self explanatory, you want to use em, check these options. I wouldn&#39;t bother using offhand unless you have something fast, you&#39;ll be wasting it, but it can really increase efficiency if used properly. Remember that it is another thing you need to spend money on though if you choose to use it.

Stealth only on pull, basically drops you into stealth when you get close to a mob to open up with cheap shot, faster gliding than permanent stealth but of course you dont have the safety of being hidden if you get stuck.

Chase runners, a potential glider killer right here. Usually glider tries to used ranged to finish off a mob, however 90% of the time its not enough and it runs out of range after the first hit, meaning you then go off running ANYWAY. So, if you use crippling poison then this shouldnt be too bad but remember that mobs usually run to other mobs, which means adds, and adds are bad.

Use vanish, your last resort life saver. I would recommend this in almost all circumstances, however remember that you deviate from your glide path with this so the chance of becoming stuck is always there. Also, some mobs use poisons or faerie fire etc.

Use riposte, heres what the help file says about it "If you have the talent combat Riposte, enable this to allow your rogue to use it after a parry. This increases kill speed and lowers the damage you take when fighting armed opponents." Good enough for me, if you spec it, use it.

Opening with cheap shot, stealths to target and stuns. Obvious implications of deviating from the glide path, but depending on what you glide it can be a requirement. Best used on casters or ranged mobs, for obvious reasons.

General advice

An army marches on its stomach, and you are no different. To minimise downtime, always always have food. I recently saw a priest bot gliding without food or water and then sat down after every mob and regenned to full. This SCREAMS bot to anyone who looks twice. Obviously its also inefficient to glide without it, so its often worthwhile to harass a few mages to get 6+ stacks for a long glide session. Remember to be polite and they&#39;ll be happy to help again

Try stay on mobs a level or so below you. You hit like a truck as it is, but you&#39;ll burn through low yellows/greens and rake in a fair bit of loot too. Also lower chance of adds due to smaller agro range, and they make less of a dent in your health. As a rogue its easily possible to glide mobs higher than you but you&#39;ll only really see it pay off once you&#39;re higher than what you glide.

Try keep your weapons updated, they matter more than your armour but arent always vital. What matters more are your skills. Spec what you need and check thottbot etc for rogue skills and when you need to train them, saves trips back to the trainer to see that he has a new rank of ambush for you (woohoo.. like thats any use to a glider).

Editted for new rogue talents. Removed the entire subtlety line as shifting Camo to tier 2 makes any points in tier 1 a waste, also Initiative is tier 3, requiring at least 10 in the tree, making 15 points total, simply not efficient.

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Ok, people have asked for OMW to post a definitive guide to warlock gliding. I&#39;m not OMW, but I&#39;ve read enough of the material he&#39;s already posted and glided enough using his methods that I think what I have to say is pretty close if not spot on what he has to say on the subject.

1 - Configuration

Pull Distance - 30
Pet - Imp
Pet attack - Yes
Dark Pact - No? (unsure on this one)
Prevent runners - Yes
Farm Shards - Leave Blank
Shard on 1-Kill - Doesn&#39;t matter
Fear additional attackers - OMW says yes, I say NO&#33; For the love of God NO&#33;
Detect Nightfall - Yes (once you have the spell)
Use Death Coil - Yes (once you have the spell)
Use Wand - Yes
Use Immolate - Yes
Use Soul Link - (Unsure on this one)

2 - Action bars

The default action bars as described in the help file will work just fine, but I&#39;ve made some tweaks using macros to make things appear more &#39;human&#39; and to improve survivability. I&#39;ll only list the items I&#39;ve changed out with my macros, everything else is the same as the help file. For some of these to work you will need the add-on IsBuffActive, which I highly recommend for gliding the warlock class.

Main Combat Bar (Shift + 5)

2. Switch out Curse of Agony with this macro. This will randomly select either CoA or Corruption to cast first.

/script s={"Curse of Agony","Corruption"}; CastSpellByName(s[math.random(getn(s))])

3. Switch out Corruption with this macro. This will determine which DoT was cast by the previous macro and cast the other one.

/script if IsBuffActive("Curse of Agony", "target") then CastSpellByName("Corruption") else CastSpellByName("Curse of Agony"); end

4. Switch out Immolate with this macro. This will check your health and mana and cast Immolate if all is well or your mana is low, or it will cast Drain Life if your health is low and your mana is at an acceptable level. Drain life (if not interrupted) does roughly the same damage as Immolate in less time, so it&#39;s a good switch.

/script CN=CastSpellByName;if ((UnitMana("player")/UnitManaMax("player"))>.5) and ((UnitHealth("player")/UnitHealthMax("player"))<.75) then CN("Drain Life") else CN("Immolate") end;

=. If you want to check your health again before casting drain life use this macro. It does exactly the same thing as the above macro but shoots your wand instead of casting Immolate.

/script CN=CastSpellByName;if ((UnitMana("player")/UnitManaMax("player"))>.5) and ((UnitHealth("player")/UnitHealthMax("player"))<.75) then CN("Drain Life") else CN("Shoot") end;

3 - Gear

Gear is pretty simple. Try to stay within 5-7 levels of your toon using &#39;Of Stamina&#39; or &#39;Of The Eagle&#39; items. Stamina is of primary importance since you will generally need rest for health long before you need rest for mana. Also stay current with wands. The higher your DPS with your wand the faster stuff dies, the less you have to rest, and the less aggro your imp has to take.

4 - Talents Edited 01/24/2006

Below is the talent build which has worked best for me. It also happens to be almost verbatim the talent build previously posted by OMW. You should go for the talents which will increase your DPS the fastest first, which means less casting time and lower interrupt potential, then direct damage.

Affliction Talents - 20 points
? Improved Corruption - rank 5/5
? Improved Drain Life - rank 5/5
? Fel Concentration - rank 5/5
? Nightfall - rank 2/2
? Improved Curse of Agony - rank 3/3

Demonology Talents - 15 points
? Improved Healthstone - rank 2/2
? Improved Imp - rank 3/3
? Fel Intellect - rank 5/5
? Fel Stamina - Rank 5/5

Destruction Talents - 12 points
? Improved Shadow Bolt - rank 5/5
? Bane - rank 5/5
? Improved Firebolt - rank 2/2

As far as order, I would suggest going with this:

10-14 Improved Corruption
15-17 Improved Imp
18-22 Improved Drain Life
23-27 Fel Concentration
28-29 Improved Healthstone
30-32 Improved Curse of Agony
33-34 Nightfall
35-39 Improved Shadowbolt
40-44 Bane
45-49 Fel Intellect
50-54 Fel Stamina
55-56 Improved Firebolt

5 - Pet Edited 01/30/2006

Use the Imp&#33; He does great DPS and gives you a huge boost in health. He should NOT be taking the majority of the aggro, you should. Hence the high health and DPS being desirable. The more health you have and the less time it takes for you to kill, the less you have to rest (See section on gear).

If you are having problems with the Imp running out of Mana, turn off Fire Shield and Phase Shift (unless in a congested zone, in which case you probably shouldn&#39;t be gliding). This will save your imp a great deal of mana and allow him to blast longer.

If you are having problems with your pet summoning over, and over, and over again (which seems to be common these days) try replacing your summon spell with this macro. This will check to see if you have a pet summoned, and if not it will summon the imp:

/script if (UnitExists("pet")) then else CastSpellByName("Summon Imp"); end

6 - Combat Sequence

Here&#39;s the way combat should go down almost every time:

Imp starts firebolt, I cast Curse of Agony or Corruption (random, using macro)

My spell gets there first, mob runs toward/attacks me.

Imp&#39;s firebolt hits, mob turns attention to him as I&#39;m casting my second DoT (CoA or Corruption, whichever wasn&#39;t cast the first time)

I cast either Drain Life (if health is less than 75%) or Immolate. At this point the mob ALWAYS turns back to me and I hold his aggro for the rest of combat.

Wand, Wand, Wand, Wand

if they&#39;re not dead by the fourth or fifth wand I re-start the DoT&#39;s usually, but I don&#39;t think I&#39;ve had more than 20 mobs make it that far unless they were healers...

And there you go&#33; Now get out there and kick ass with your &#39;locks&#33;

EDIT 01/24/2006: Corrected talents
EDIT 01/30/2006: Added to pets section
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Etwas unübersichtlich weils soviel is aber für die die Glider ham sicher nützlich. +K
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You mean its unclear ? hmmm ill try to fix that
danke Freund, den ich versuche, es zu redigieren und zu ändern, also ist es freier

Google traductor FTW :P
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i cant injoin why ?

unable to retrieve offsets from wowglider server, status = failed
too many gliders logged in no this key.

need key plzzzzzzzzz
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you cant get a key eccept if you buy one ... din&#39;t knew there was a maximum of user per Demo key .... r u sure the word demo is in the Reg key square ?? ... this should solve your problem.

Where is the reg key square ?? ... open your launchpad.exe&#33; clikc on configure .. thats the first page
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yes you can see look
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help plz
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not bad the triple post but :P ok the only reason i see its that the demo key is overused &#33;&#33;&#33; thats it ... there must be a maximum of user at one time using that key also ... i&#39;m srry buddy but if you would jsut sped 25&#036; you would be fixed&#33; your own personal key or just keep trying ... Sat night is a peak houre ... so people go out in club so they start their bot ... thats what i am doing ... in fact my bot are running 24/7 hehe so anyway keep trying man&#33;

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