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Complete WoW Bot Walktrought Glider Installation + howto.

1. Introduction
1.1 What is wow glider
1.2 Why should i use wow glider
1.3 For and Against of using it
1.4 Risk Encountred and blizzard opinion on it
1.5 Explanation Of Technical Words
1.6 why should i pay 25$ for glider

2. Link and instalation
2.1 Precaution Before installing
2.2 Configurations
2.3 Last Config
2.4 All links

3. In Game related Information
3.1 Setting your key in your bar Correcly
3.2 Bar example
3.3 Starting Glider

4. Making your own and checking profiles
4.1 Downloading!
4.2 Exctract and then open pmap!
4.3 Pmap Options!
4.4 Playing with the options
4.5 Loading a profile

5. Using Addons in addition of Glider
5.1 Addons name!

6. An example of Keys.xml

7. Contact information
7.1 Email
7.2 Msn
7.3 AIM

1. Ok first of all you are probably a new user if you are looking at this guide. I will try to explain most of the advantage and disavantage of using wowglider.
If you need any furtur information i would suggest to look direcly on wowglider's forum located at .

1.1) I first though i would not have to explain what it is but anyway here it is. Wow glider is a "third party program*" that will play WorldofWarcraft for you when you are not at your keyboard.
Wow glider has been designed to reproduce a "Human-Like*" farming* plan, wich mean it will sometime jump, run around "waypoint*" and will NEVER make some bot like movement, well the chance it do it are reduced.

1.2) I always supported bot because they let you play and still have a social life*. We all know this "WoW*" is a no life* game people from around the word over play it, wich mean they play so many hours that they don't even
bother going outside or dating girls* or boys (Yeah girls are playing wow). You should buy glider if, you want to play wow and be able to have a life at the same time, you want ot get rich faster, you simply (like me) hate blizzard.
If you choose to use it be aware that blizzard policies against third party program are severe.

1.3) For And Against of using Wowglider or any third party bot.
1.3.1) Points Against You can get banned. You wont play and enjoy you char 100%. If you never had a 60 before i would not suggest to bot right away, you will not know how it is to play. If you are planning to raid and instances, you wont be attuned at 60 and will have to play. If the account you are using for gliding is not yours and you are a bit paranoid ... DO NOT USE IT!

1.3.2) Points For Wow glider is a human-like designed bot chance getting caught are reduced. wow glider have a big fun and helpful community so you don't have to search for hours to get your questions answered. A LOT of profiles are available for your bot noth aving to use common farming place (wich you should avoid). Wow glider is easy to use and you don't need a lot of memory to run it.

1.4) Risk encountred
1.4.1) Ban simply and horrible PERM ban ... yes you can get banned using any third party tool.
1.4.2) Suspention, 3Months, 3weeks, 3Days, are the possible "punishment" you could receive for using glider.
1.4.3) A simple warn, never heard they did this ... they usualy suspend or ban your account
1.4.4) All account Penalty can be found here
1.4.5) Third party and exploit policies can be found here

1.5) Technical Words
1.5.1) Dificult word for a newbie (no offense) Wowglider, wow glider is a third party program that you can download the demo for it @t Third Party Program, a third party program is any program that modify amplify or use the "world of warcraft" memory without blizzard authorisation. Human-Like, wich mean it act like a human .. should not look like something automated or anything. Wow, when i say Wow i mean WorldOfWarcraft wich is its diminutive word. Farming, farming come from the word Farm wich mean you kill mobs over and over for hours and hours to get some item, if i say i am farming tutle meat it mean i amd killing turtle for hours and hours while i am looting those meat. Alt, alternate character .. not your Main character wich mean you are not always playing on it (manualy) but only with the bot or some hours per weeks or days if your addict :P Waypoints, Ok heres an important word, waypoints are used to show the bot where to go from one point to another without stopping to it. You will see later how to do your own waypoints list. Life, joking on this you know what is a life .. well a no life is someone who DO NOT have a life .. got it ? Girls, Female Human .. not in wow of course but outside. Blizzard, the company who developped world of warcraft .. and they suck (Official website: Chinese Farmer, people who come from asi and that live from farming items and gold in world of warcraft and selling it to rich people over the internet (wich is illegal but ...) Levelup, to gain level. USD, United States Dollars Warden, the anti-cheat program that blizzard use.

1.6) Why you should pay
1.6.1) Because youll get your OWN personal key
1.6.2) Because to do so provide you a lot of support
1.6.3) Because i will show you some math i made for ya (these are example) Let say you buy a glider liscense 25$ ( plus a wow cd key with a free month 24.99 ( awesome service)
=49.99$ so it cost you 49.99$ to get a bot and a free month, let say you levelup your char up to 60 in 23days played time (you played 24/7) you will have still 7 days free on your account, heres the deal you can either Sell your account for 100$
on OR keep it and famr then sell gold to any gold website. Lets say you sold your first char. Glider license .. free you already have one Account sold 100$ so
=50.01$ you just made 50$ over one month for free ... yes itso nly 50$ but with this you can buy (2) wow account + you could buy another glider key and run 2 accounts then keep one for farming OR always sell them and make money!.

2.0 Link and installation
2.1) Before installing you have to keep in mind that Warden can scan almost anything on your computer so NEVER open anything related to glider when your wow is running, this is to lower the chance youll get caught. now create a faolder where you will
exctract the launchpad.exe, do not create something on your Desktop like GLIDER BOT INSIDE or something heres an exemple of what it should be! (ex: C:\Documents and Settings\AUTH\Bureau\Freakout\Econe\Promo\Herewego ) deeper is your program harder it is to see.
You will also need to install Framework 2 wich can be downloaded at too.
2.1.2) Once you downloaded Launchpad.exe @t put it in your folder, let say in "herewego" folder wich is what i did. []
2.1.3) You are now ready to Execute the Launchpad.exe and wait you will eventualy see this. []
2.1.4) Of course click yes []
2.1.5) Then your folder should look like this! []
2.1.6) Now click check your Launchpad Window! []
2.1.7) Make it look like this one (When clicking on the shadow square press yes to the popup) []

2.2) Configuration
2.2.1) Press on configuration button
2.2.2) In the general tab, Select the class of you bot.. we will have furtur information on this later just click on limits tab for now! (if you already bought glider enter your key)
2.2.3) Now make it looks like this (Do not forget that mana and health ar in % so 20 is not 20hp DAH!) :P []
2.2.4) Click on detection tab, make it look like this (i am NOT using folowers options ... ) its a waste of time []
2.2.5) Click on Keys Tab, make it look like mine! you can download keys on wowglider forum i actualy use my custom keys we will see how to make ours later on! []
2.2.6) Click on Resurrection tab, again make it look like mine ! 25 rez is enought ... you usualy die like 4 - 5 time while botting if you die more than 25 theres ap roblem you should jsut stop []
2.2.7) Open Chat tab, NEVER USE GM REPLY !!! NEVER anyway if you get pm by a gm .. you are fucked up anyway so ...
2.2.8) Party tab, it is useless eccept if you have 2 glider ... but youll lose xp and loot so .. just do not touch anything eccept if you know what you are doing! []
2.2.9) Miscellaneous, make it look like mine again .. if you are skinning, check the skinning box + the ninja skinning! you should be all set, use maximum time if you cant monitor the bo every ~ 5 houres + do not use stop when full! []
2.2.10) Invisible
2.2.11) Click on the INITIAL PROFILE SET button to set a profile that will load with your game since you're bot will be invisible!!
2.2.12) Should now have a browing windows ! select a profile (lot of profiles are available for free on forums! browse them to find one of your level)

2.3) Your wowglider is not all set up! well almost but grats
2.3.1) now clikc on and click "Sec check" youll see this popup []
2.3.2) Don't beleive the crap they say but beleive me your bot is now damn secure you son't get caught using it .. eccept if you get reported thats the only way youll get caught!.

2.4) All needed links
2.4.1) Launchpad.exe =
2.4.2) Microsoft Framework2 =

2.5) Thats it! Congratulations

3. In Game related Information
3.1) Setting your key in your bar Correcly
3.1.1) Ok now exit Launchpad.exe and re open it
3.1.2) Once its opened press Configure go in the keys tab.
3.1.3) Browse your glider folder, create a new .txt document in it (right click in folder New > notepad) now open it and put THIS(CHECK AT THE END OF THIS GUIDE) content in it, then save and rename to Keys.xml .
3.1.4) now in the Keys tab on lauchpad window click load!
3.1.5) press ok then press LAUNCH
3.1.6) Once in world of warcraft log into your account
3.2.7) Log onto your char!
3.2.8) Let say your char is a HUNTER
3.2.9) BAR 1 (Shift+1) is combat bar BAR 2 (Shift+2) is Rest bar (keep that in mind)
3.2.10) Pess Shift+2 Slot1 = Food Slot2 = Drink Slot6 = Your aspect (Hawk whatever) Slot7 = Feed pet macro (you have to make one) Slot8 = Call pet Slot9 = Revive Pet Slot5 = Mend Pet
3.2.11) Press Shift+1 check in the key list down in the guide ... at Keyname"HUNTER.Something" and ajust your key like we does for the rest bas but now it for combat!
3.3) Ok command to start the bot
3.3.1) Ctrl ctrl g ... do not hold CTRL just press in a row.
3.3.2) Before pressing the key be sure to be where your profile start .. the bot wont go there alone.
3.3.3) to see where exacly is your profile you will have to open the profile with Pmap!!! check at step 4. to see how to use it!

4. Making your own and checking profiles
4.1 First of all lets download Pmap AND BE SURE YOUR WOW IS CLOSED so reduce your chance being caught!
4.1.2) Then replace the exe by (Link:
4.2) Exctract and then open pmap!
4.2.1) You should now see this! []
4.3) Pmap Options!
4.3.1) Choose a zone Lets choose Ashenvale and press GO Ok now you should see something like this [] Make sure 0 Waypoints (the first one) is shown as on ! click on the map and make a circle! This will make the waypoint (the way your bot should folow ... like a line and order!) Now make the Second 0Waypoint On and start from the little cemetery thing up to your circle! This will make your ghost waypoints wich mean that when youll be dead your bot will run back up to your corpse folowing that way! On the side youll see theres otpion! MIN level of target MAX level of target! Blacklist Enabled, wont continues to try to fight mobs that is not able to engage! Natural Running, running "human-like" style Revers Waypoint, revers the waypoints traveling directions Skip waypoints, if running ahead to mobs, will continue to ahead waypoints Beach, wont engaged mobs far underneath character Wander, will stray from profile path if finding wandering mobs Run From avoids Stop After One Pass Ignore Atackers (used mostly for running form onep oint to another) Factions Factions are used to attack only profile related beast .. as an example Bloodsail buccaneers are faction 15 so if theres a crab glider wont attak it becaus its faction is NOT 15 How you can see whats the mob faction ? Just run Glider without the invisible option and atach it to the game once logged in, then target a mob and press Faction, its factions will be displayed in the little glider chat window Avoids Can be very usefull, lets say you are farming bloodsails and they have some minion, you write the word minion so the mob will not target the minions foist but only the bloodsails Advanced settings (DO NOT USE THEM) its too much for you guys if you are reading this Options to choose I always use [WANDER CIRCLE] [BLACKLIST ENABLED] [NATURAL RUNNING] [SKIP WAYPOINTS] [BEACH] I use them because they are the best and make my bot weiser and more "human-like"
4.3.2) Now you can use arrow to go more East South West North on the map, remember that you probably wont make your best farming "profile" the first time youll make one!
4.4) Now lets say you made some circle like we said before!
4.4.1) Change Default.xml to a long name (this is to reduce the chance youll get caught again!) don't forget to let the .xml at the end!
4.4.2) Press Compile! (The "profile" is now saved direcly in the folder where you installed Pmap!)
4.5) Loading a profile with pmap to see where your bot should be before starting it!
4.5.1) Press the broswe button Select the side of you map (WEST Continent or East Continent) Then clikc brose and open the profile you want!
4.5.2) It will load the map and show you where it is (you MAY have to more using the arrow to see exacly where it is!!)

5. Using Addons in addition of Glider
5.1 Addons name!
5.1.1) Loot Filter Download at In game type /lf and then Check the Gray and white item checkbox ! this will automaticly delete the gray and white items looted.. if however you want to keep one single gray item just type the exact name in the upper Text box and it will automaticly keep it This addons will save time and frustration of always full bot
5.1.2) i am only using this addons lot are available just check out at !!! all automated can help!

6. An example of Keys.xml
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<Key KeyName="Common.ApplyBandage" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="3" />
<Key KeyName="Common.Back" BarState="Indifferent" ShiftState="None" VK="Down" />
<Key KeyName="Common.BarCombat" BarState="Indifferent" ShiftState="Shift" Char="1" />
<Key KeyName="Common.BarRest" BarState="Indifferent" ShiftState="Shift" Char="2" />
<Key KeyName="Common.ClearTargetMacro" BarState="Indifferent" ShiftState="None" VK="F6" />
<Key KeyName="Common.Drink" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="2" />
<Key KeyName="Common.Eat" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="1" />
<Key KeyName="Common.Fish" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="-" />
<Key KeyName="Common.Forward" BarState="Indifferent" ShiftState="None" VK="Up" />
<Key KeyName="Common.Hearth" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="=" />
<Key KeyName="Common.Jump" BarState="Indifferent" ShiftState="None" Char=" " />
<Key KeyName="Common.LureSlot" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="9" />
<Key KeyName="Common.PetAttack" BarState="Indifferent" ShiftState="Ctrl" Char="1" />
<Key KeyName="Common.PetFollow" BarState="Indifferent" ShiftState="Ctrl" Char="2" />
<Key KeyName="Common.PostCombat" BarState="Indifferent" ShiftState="None" Char="Undefined" />
<Key KeyName="Common.PostLoot" BarState="Indifferent" ShiftState="None" Char="Undefined" />
<Key KeyName="Common.Potion" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="4" />
<Key KeyName="Common.PreCombat" BarState="Indifferent" ShiftState="None" Char="Undefined" />
<Key KeyName="Common.RotateLeft" BarState="Indifferent" ShiftState="None" VK="Left" />
<Key KeyName="Common.RotateRight" BarState="Indifferent" ShiftState="None" VK="Right" />
<Key KeyName="Common.Sit" BarState="Indifferent" ShiftState="None" Char="X" />
<Key KeyName="Common.StrafeLeft" BarState="Indifferent" ShiftState="None" Char="Q" />
<Key KeyName="Common.StrafeRight" BarState="Indifferent" ShiftState="None" Char="E" />
<Key KeyName="Common.Target" BarState="Indifferent" ShiftState="None" VK="Tab" />
<Key KeyName="Common.TargetLastHostile" BarState="Indifferent" ShiftState="None" Char="G" />
<Key KeyName="Common.TargetParty1" BarState="Indifferent" ShiftState="None" VK="F2" />
<Key KeyName="Common.TargetParty2" BarState="Indifferent" ShiftState="None" VK="F3" />
<Key KeyName="Common.TargetParty3" BarState="Indifferent" ShiftState="None" VK="F4" />
<Key KeyName="Common.TargetParty4" BarState="Indifferent" ShiftState="None" VK="F5" />
<Key KeyName="Common.TargetSelf" BarState="Indifferent" ShiftState="None" VK="F1" />
<Key KeyName="Common.Time1" BarState="Indifferent" ShiftState="None" Char="Undefined" />
<Key KeyName="Common.Time30" BarState="Indifferent" ShiftState="None" Char="Undefined" />
<Key KeyName="Common.Time5" BarState="Indifferent" ShiftState="None" Char="Undefined" />
<Key KeyName="Common.ToggleCombat" BarState="Indifferent" ShiftState="None" Char="T" />
<Key KeyName="Druid.Barkskin" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="9" />
<Key KeyName="Druid.Bash" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="5" />
<Key KeyName="Druid.BearForm" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="1" />
<Key KeyName="Druid.Bite" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="-" />
<Key KeyName="Druid.CatForm" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="2" />
<Key KeyName="Druid.Charge" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="0" />
<Key KeyName="Druid.Claw" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="0" />
<Key KeyName="Druid.Cure" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="Alt" Char="8" />
<Key KeyName="Druid.DemoRoar" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="6" />
<Key KeyName="Druid.Enrage" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="-" />
<Key KeyName="Druid.Faerie" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="3" />
<Key KeyName="Druid.Fury" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="6" />
<Key KeyName="Druid.HealingTouch" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="1" />
<Key KeyName="Druid.HealingTouchOther" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="Alt" Char="0" />
<Key KeyName="Druid.Mark" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="5" />
<Key KeyName="Druid.MarkOther" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="Alt" Char="8" />
<Key KeyName="Druid.Maul" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="7" />
<Key KeyName="Druid.Moonfire" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="2" />
<Key KeyName="Druid.NS" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="=" />
<Key KeyName="Druid.Prowl" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="5" />
<Key KeyName="Druid.Ravage" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="7" />
<Key KeyName="Druid.Regrowth" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="6" />
<Key KeyName="Druid.Rejuvenation" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="7" />
<Key KeyName="Druid.RejuvenationOther" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="Alt" Char="4" />
<Key KeyName="Druid.Rip" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="1" />
<Key KeyName="Druid.Starfire" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="1" />
<Key KeyName="Druid.Swipe" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="=" />
<Key KeyName="Druid.Thorns" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="8" />
<Key KeyName="Druid.ThornsOther" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="Alt" Char="2" />
<Key KeyName="Hunter.Aspect" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="6" />
<Key KeyName="Hunter.CallPet" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="8" />
<Key KeyName="Hunter.FeedPet" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="6" />
<Key KeyName="Hunter.FeedPetMacro" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="7" />
<Key KeyName="Hunter.FirstShot" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="1" />
<Key KeyName="Hunter.Intimidation" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="8" />
<Key KeyName="Hunter.Mark" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="=" />
<Key KeyName="Hunter.MendPet" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="5" />
<Key KeyName="Hunter.RaptorStrike" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="6" />
<Key KeyName="Hunter.RepeatShot" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="5" />
<Key KeyName="Hunter.RevivePet" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="9" />
<Key KeyName="Hunter.SecondShot" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="2" />
<Key KeyName="Hunter.Shoot" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="4" />
<Key KeyName="Hunter.Trap" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="-" />
<Key KeyName="Hunter.Wrath" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="9" />
<Key KeyName="Mage.ArcaneIntellect" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="Alt" Char="5" />
<Key KeyName="Mage.ArcaneIntellectOther" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="=" />
<Key KeyName="Mage.ArcaneMissiles" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="2" />
<Key KeyName="Mage.ConjureFood" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="3" />
<Key KeyName="Mage.ConjureWater" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="4" />
<Key KeyName="Mage.Counterspell" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="9" />
<Key KeyName="Mage.CreateManastone" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="0" />
<Key KeyName="Mage.DampenMagic" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="Alt" Char="7" />
<Key KeyName="Mage.Fireball" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="3" />
<Key KeyName="Mage.Fireblast" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="4" />
<Key KeyName="Mage.FrostArmor" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="6" />
<Key KeyName="Mage.Frostbolt" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="1" />
<Key KeyName="Mage.FrostNova" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="5" />
<Key KeyName="Mage.MeleeSpell" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="8" />
<Key KeyName="Mage.Poly" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="6" />
<Key KeyName="Mage.Scorch" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="7" />
<Key KeyName="Mage.UseManastone" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="0" />
<Key KeyName="Mage.Wand" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="=" />
<Key KeyName="Paladin.Aura" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="5" />
<Key KeyName="Paladin.Blessing" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="Alt" Char="6" />
<Key KeyName="Paladin.BlessingOther" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="6" />
<Key KeyName="Paladin.BlessingWisdomOther" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="7" />
<Key KeyName="Paladin.BOP" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="Alt" Char="9" />
<Key KeyName="Paladin.BOPOther" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="9" />
<Key KeyName="Paladin.DivineFavor" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="6" />
<Key KeyName="Paladin.DivineShield" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="5" />
<Key KeyName="Paladin.FastHeal" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="Alt" Char="4" />
<Key KeyName="Paladin.FastHealOther" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="4" />
<Key KeyName="Paladin.HammerJustice" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="2" />
<Key KeyName="Paladin.HammerWrath" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="8" />
<Key KeyName="Paladin.Heal" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="Alt" Char="3" />
<Key KeyName="Paladin.HealOther" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="3" />
<Key KeyName="Paladin.Judge" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="1" />
<Key KeyName="Paladin.LayHands" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="Alt" Char="7" />
<Key KeyName="Paladin.SealCommand" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="4" />
<Key KeyName="Paladin.SealCrusader" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="3" />
<Key KeyName="Priest.Dispel" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="Alt" Char="6" />
<Key KeyName="Priest.Fade" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="Alt" Char="8" />
<Key KeyName="Priest.FlashHeal" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="Alt" Char="7" />
<Key KeyName="Priest.FlashHealOther" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="7" />
<Key KeyName="Priest.InnerFire" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="4" />
<Key KeyName="Priest.MindBlast" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="3" />
<Key KeyName="Priest.MindFlay" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="2" />
<Key KeyName="Priest.PWFort" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="Alt" Char="3" />
<Key KeyName="Priest.PWFortOther" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="3" />
<Key KeyName="Priest.Renew" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="Alt" Char="6" />
<Key KeyName="Priest.RenewOther" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="6" />
<Key KeyName="Priest.RestHeal" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="Alt" Char="5" />
<Key KeyName="Priest.RestHealOther" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="5" />
<Key KeyName="Priest.Shadowform" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="9" />
<Key KeyName="Priest.Shield" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="Alt" Char="5" />
<Key KeyName="Priest.ShieldOther" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="5" />
<Key KeyName="Priest.SWPain" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="1" />
<Key KeyName="Priest.Vampiric" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="0" />
<Key KeyName="Priest.Wand" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="4" />
<Key KeyName="Rogue.AdrenalineRush" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="0" />
<Key KeyName="Rogue.Backstab" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="7" />
<Key KeyName="Rogue.BladeFlurry" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="9" />
<Key KeyName="Rogue.CheapShot" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="4" />
<Key KeyName="Rogue.ColdBlood" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="9" />
<Key KeyName="Rogue.Evasion" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="=" />
<Key KeyName="Rogue.Eviscerate" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="3" />
<Key KeyName="Rogue.Feint" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="7" />
<Key KeyName="Rogue.GhostlyStrike" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="9" />
<Key KeyName="Rogue.Gouge" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="5" />
<Key KeyName="Rogue.Kick" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="8" />
<Key KeyName="Rogue.KidneyShot" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="6" />
<Key KeyName="Rogue.Poison1" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="5" />
<Key KeyName="Rogue.Poison2" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="6" />
<Key KeyName="Rogue.Ranged" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="7" />
<Key KeyName="Rogue.Riposte" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="4" />
<Key KeyName="Rogue.Sinister" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="2" />
<Key KeyName="Rogue.Stealth" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="1" />
<Key KeyName="Rogue.Vanish" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="-" />
<Key KeyName="Shaman.Earthbind" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="6" />
<Key KeyName="Shaman.EarthShock" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="3" />
<Key KeyName="Shaman.Heal" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="7" />
<Key KeyName="Shaman.HealOther" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="6" />
<Key KeyName="Shaman.HealTotem" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="=" />
<Key KeyName="Shaman.LightningBolt" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="1" />
<Key KeyName="Shaman.LightningShield" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="-" />
<Key KeyName="Shaman.NS" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="7" />
<Key KeyName="Shaman.Rockbiter" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="0" />
<Key KeyName="Shaman.StartTotem" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="5" />
<Key KeyName="Warlock.Corruption" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="3" />
<Key KeyName="Warlock.CreateHealthstone" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="0" />
<Key KeyName="Warlock.Curse" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="2" />
<Key KeyName="Warlock.DarkPact" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="3" />
<Key KeyName="Warlock.Deathcoil" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="-" />
<Key KeyName="Warlock.DemonArmor" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="4" />
<Key KeyName="Warlock.DrainLife" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="5" />
<Key KeyName="Warlock.DrainSoul" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="6" />
<Key KeyName="Warlock.Fear" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="8" />
<Key KeyName="Warlock.HealthFunnel" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="7" />
<Key KeyName="Warlock.Immolate" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="4" />
<Key KeyName="Warlock.Lifetap" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="1" />
<Key KeyName="Warlock.Reckless" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="7" />
<Key KeyName="Warlock.Shadowbolt" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="9" />
<Key KeyName="Warlock.SoulLink" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="3" />
<Key KeyName="Warlock.SpellLock" BarState="Indifferent" ShiftState="Ctrl" Char="6" />
<Key KeyName="Warlock.Suffering" BarState="Indifferent" ShiftState="Ctrl" Char="7" />
<Key KeyName="Warlock.SummonFelhunter" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="8" />
<Key KeyName="Warlock.SummonImp" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="5" />
<Key KeyName="Warlock.SummonSuccubus" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="9" />
<Key KeyName="Warlock.SummonVoidie" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="6" />
<Key KeyName="Warlock.UseHealthstone" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="0" />
<Key KeyName="Warlock.VoidieSacrifice" BarState="Indifferent" ShiftState="Ctrl" Char="5" />
<Key KeyName="Warlock.Wand" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="=" />
<Key KeyName="Warrior.BattleShout" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="0" />
<Key KeyName="Warrior.Bloodrage" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="-" />
<Key KeyName="Warrior.Charge" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="1" />
<Key KeyName="Warrior.Cleave" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="4" />
<Key KeyName="Warrior.Concussion" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="3" />
<Key KeyName="Warrior.DemoShout" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="0" />
<Key KeyName="Warrior.Execute" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="3" />
<Key KeyName="Warrior.Hamstring" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="2" />
<Key KeyName="Warrior.HeroicStrike" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="4" />
<Key KeyName="Warrior.Overpower" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="5" />
<Key KeyName="Warrior.Ranged" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="1" />
<Key KeyName="Warrior.Rend" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="6" />
<Key KeyName="Warrior.ShieldBash" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="7" />
<Key KeyName="Warrior.SunderArmor" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="4" />
<Key KeyName="Warrior.Thunderclap" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="5" />

7. Contact information
7.1 Email =
7.2 Msn =

I hope you had fun reading this guide
I Hope it ill be usefull
Srry about the spelling error
Keep in mind that - Using one glider a day, keeps the Gms away

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7 Users
Old 11/13/2006, 10:27   #2
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Thank you &#33;


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Old 11/13/2006, 14:19   #3
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np you can delete my other guide i posted before.
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Old 01/17/2007, 00:14   #4
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Am I the only one having some trouble following this guide.
When I try to start the first time after using PMap, it says that I need to go 5000 feet in some direction. but I&#39;m standing excatly where I made the "route" start (in the corner of shimmering flats" .. which might not be a good idea.. dunno about that one.. ).

should I drop the PMap, and just see if I can make the waypoints with glider ?

(and how well does this work with mages.. I made it kill something.. meaning shooting a fireball, frost nova, and then just stand and get killed&#33

EDIT: Think I got it by now. was some things I missed in the guide

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Old 01/17/2007, 06:05   #5
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Old 01/22/2007, 19:57   #7
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critical error at windows vista? :x
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Old 01/24/2007, 05:11   #8
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Dunno about vista but hey if your reading think about giving me + karma
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Old 03/01/2007, 10:31   #9
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a to z lol wheres the bit about botting in bg.. plz can someone help me pvp is the only thing i have left to bot
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Old 03/01/2007, 10:48   #10
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Nice work&#33;
I used your first Guide when I set up Glider


PS: It&#39;s forbidden to ask for Karma in any way...
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Old 03/10/2007, 10:53   #11
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Hi, the link for pmap is down and I need really this pr0g
Can you help me please ?
See you

( Sorry for bad english )
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Old 04/09/2007, 20:22   #12
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Hello, i&#39;m french, so i don&#39;t speak very well English^^

So, I have a probleme, the spell of my warrior no function, but I have do load the keys of the Bot :s

Help me por favor ^^

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Old 04/18/2007, 05:07   #13
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might help for some people

PMap and other files
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Old 05/18/2007, 17:10   #14
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has anyone got ban using thism so far
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Old 05/25/2007, 03:03   #15
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I sold 31 account so far ... and still have 5 level 70 for sale .... on 40 accounts total ... so i lost 4 accounts ... thats it

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