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Extreme Guide To Botting World of Warcraft

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Extreme Guide To Botting World of Warcraft


Before we begin it should be noted that this guide is a working progress and more bots will be added as we go along.
If you are an experienced botter most likely a lot of things in this thread won't be anything new.

Section A: Rules of botting
Section B: Glider
Section C: Openbot
Section D: WoWMimic
Section E: Zolo Fighter
Section F: Farmer John Bot



Rule Numero 1: Read the following rules!

Rule Numero 2: By playing World of Warcraft you agree to follow the ToU set down by blizzard. When you bot you are breaking the ToS and therefore if you are caught botting you will most likely be suspended/permanently banned (it's usually the second option )

Rule Numero 3: You are NOT invincible. By this I mean you need to bot sensibly.
Don't bot endlessly AFK at a spot that is highly populated as you will most likely be noticed by other players and reported. Now I'm not going to say bot 1 hour a day take a 20 hour break then start again because it annoys me very much when I see people say that sort of thing. Personally I have botted 2 days straight without a ban, but don't do it excessively!

Rule Numero 4: No bot is ever going to look exactly human, some may get close but they are all going to have their faults so if you do grind in a populated spot AFK then there is a high chance that the people around
you will not think:

"Oh look that human was here yesterday doing the exact same thing, although his fingers must have a funny twitch from playing too long because he moves very jerkily. I feel sorry for him lets leave him alone."

They will more likely think something along the lines of:
"Lol what a nub bot, let's constantly get him killed and report him."

Solution to this: Don't bot in overly populated spots AFK and if you do only do it for a short amount of time, or watch a movie or do h/w (if you're good enough not to be distracted) and check up on your bot.

Rule Numero 5: This one is my opinion (and the majority of other peoples) Don't report other botters! Yes they may be hogging your grinding area but there are other places you can go, this applies with d/cing as well however there is an exception to this rule, for me anyway. If you see people publically talking about a fellow botter, send the botter lots of pm's and party invites. Reason being lots of people set their bot to log out after x amount of pop ups or pm's.

Rule Numero 6: Unless otherwise agreed upon (not likely) do not expect/demand or even ask for a refund if you are banned. Being banned is a risk that you take when you begin botting and it is not the responsibility of the person who develops the bot if you are banned!

Rule Numero 7: If you've read all the rules so far you are epic. Sorry we're nearly done!

Rule Numero 8: When joining a botting community make sure you read the forum rules (if there are any) and abide by them. This will make the community and everyone in it a better place/happier!

Rule Numero 9: When banned please go about informing those within your botting community through a helpful thread unless otherwise stated.
By helpful thread I mean stating how long you had botted for, profiles used, where you botted etc. You get the general idea

Rule Numero 10: Google won't search for Chuck Norris because it knows you don't find Chuck Norris, he finds you. (type find chuck norris then click i'm feeling lucky )

Rule Numero 11: That last rule was pointless.

Rule Numero 12: Shit happens and so do banwaves, the last one as of 17/9/08 was May this year I think, so does DS and Cush.

Rule Numero 13: That's a lot of rules and i'm sure I missed a hell of a lot! Please let me know if you think i've missed one by either posting here, or pming me and i'll consider adding it.



Alrighty so here we go up to the stuff you really want to read.

Background info: Glider is a bot written in C# and is developed by Mercury and Hamut (I think that's right )

General info:
The initial cost for the base version of Glider is $25 this includes all classes in
WoW, all updates made to the bot and lasts forever.
Glider Elite is an optional (but highly recommended) addon to Glider. It allows the use of Custom Classes, background mode (being able to minimize World of Warcraft and do other things at the same time), PPather (Explained later) and probly a lot more

The website at which Glider can be purchased is:

and the forums are:

In order to access the majority of the forum, the classes and profiles of Glider you must attach your glider key to your forum account. A thread on how to do that can be found here:

Glider Botting info - general:
Glider uses Waypoints in order to navigate it's way around the land of Azeroth. Waypoints are pretty much just places you mark out or have already been marked out by someone else, that Glider records and remembers how to get to.
You also can choose what monsters are to be attacked etc and which ones to go for more often. All of this put together is a profile. There are tonnes of profiles put up on the glider forums for all those with glider to use. Once these profiles are downloaded All one must do is click the load button, select their profile and press go!
Glider uses classes for each class in WoW for its fighting logic. Each class generally has a lot of settings that affect the way in which your character fights.
There are also general settings for Glider for e.g. whether to skin corpses, what hp/mana to eat or drink, use of potions etc. etc. There is a lot more!

Glider Elite brings to the table a whole lot more and increases the performance of Glider by 10 fold. Glider elite enables the user to use custom classes, background mode, PPather, BG bot and more

Custom Classes:
These are classes written by fellow gliders and are generally a hell of a lot better than the default ones that come with Glider. These custom classes generally contain better logic for your class and have a lot more options that can be configured, they are also constantly updated.

Background mode:
As previously stated this allows you to minimize WoW and have the bot still running. This also allows for mutliple bots to run at one time. There are various ways in which you can minimize your bot, one is just plain old minimizing, another is it will actually hide the game from the task bar and the other is to make it into a small window.

PPather is a custom class that is really quite remarkable. No pathing is required for the bot to figure out how to get to a place, instead give it a place to go to and it will figure out its own way there. To be honest I don't know how it does this but it just does it and it works another great thing about this is it learns about its environment as it goes and will remember the fastest way to get to places. It also improves a lot of the features that elite tried to have but failed at, e.g. selling to vendors, mailing to alts collecting quests etc. This allows for things called task files which are pretty much profiles but they generally run better and many have made 1-70 task files which in theory are a one click experience that takes you straight from 1-70 (doesn't always work out that way)
Oh btw PPather is completely free if you have Glider elite, as it's just a custom class.

BG botting:
Honestly this is where Glider fails the most. Glider itself has little to no support for BG's whatsoever however there are tools like ankhBG that will auto join resurrect etc. for you but I have never actually been able to get glider to use any of my skills in a BG (probably just me).

Pros and Cons:
- In terms of PvE Glider is awesome especially with custom classes.
- It has a huge userbase which means there are a lot of profiles for you to use and you can also create your own profiles
- PPather <----say no more
- Pretty much everyone on the forum is willing to help you out.
- Well protected from Warden (the thing that USUALLY bans you.) However the last ban was because of client editting not Warden.
- Glider without elite pretty much sucks balls
- PvP is pretty fail, yes most people agree with this.
- because there are so many users public profiles can be used a lot by other people therefore blizzard and other players begin to recognize hotspots for places where people are botting
- Such a big user-base that it is definately the most targeted bot by blizzard.
- Quite costly, more so with elite.
Further Glider reading:

Most of those guides (except the ******* ones) require you to already have bought Glider, I will most likely make my own when I have the time, for now this shall do!

Final thoughts:
Glider truly is a magnificent and popular bot and should fulfill most botters needs, however if you're mainly wanting to AFK pvp I suggest you go elsewhere or if you want a smaller bot that has less chance of being in a banwave I also suggest moving elsewhere as I guarantee that if there is another banwave again that Glider will almost certainly be hit.



Background info:
Openbot is a completely open source and free bot. It uses ISXWoW to interact with the WoW client and is protected by ISXWarden which are both completely free as well. ISXWoW requires Innerspace to run however, and Innerspace has a subscription fee of $10 for ever 3 months or something.


Innerspace can be viewed as an operating system for bots and can pretty much be used as a starting point for creating bots for any game using directx. Openbot is not in any way related to Innerspace apart from the fact that it relies on other programs that rely on IS.

I'm a bit shady on this topic and someone please correct me if i'm wrong, but ISXWoW uses Innerspace to gather it's information about WoW (for e.g. players hp, interaction with NPC's etc.) and I think it does this through memory reading?! (help me out here peoples!)
The sad thing about this is that at this current point in time (18/9/08) ISXWoW has pretty much gone private and unless you have a lot of money to toss around and know the right people, or you're an important person in the IS community you won't be getting access to it for a while. *Note* I am not either of these two types of people

Oh another thing that should be noted is ISXWoW is completely free and therefore you do not have any right to plead, beg or demand this program thingy (that sentence was badly structured )

Once again free product developed by Lax (I think ISXWoW used to be dev'd by him as well but he handed the project over to other people) that was used to mask ISXWoW's actions. No one, except the top knotch important people really know how this worked.
However once again, just like ISXWoW this has pretty much gone private at the time of writing this (18/9/08). /extreme sad face
The reason for the privateness from what I can gather was because ISXWoW and ISXWarden were being released free to the public, Blizzard was getting a hold of it and reverse engineering it, so then they knew exactly how it worked and could easily track it.

Oh boy what a bot this is, it's like PPather on steroids and slightly different mapping (it uses hotspots) but it also owns at PvP. Sadly as all the programs it requires to run have gone private (at the time of me writing this) only people with lots of money and who know the right people, or people who write their own ISXWoW and Warden or people who have good connections can use this, so I won't be going into this bot at all really until it becomes useable by the public. If you want more info go to the links provided below or search around on here.

Pros and Cons:
- Open source ftw and completely free
- Just all round kicks ass

- At this point in time unuseable for botting by the public.

Communites for Openbot and anything related:



Background info:

There really isn't a lot of background info out there for Mimic. From what I can tell Mimic is a company that currently has developed bots World of Warcraft, AoC and LotrOnline. It is developed in visual C++ and wowmimic appears to use waypoints in order to move around.
Pricing is as follows:
WOWMimic Elite 100 points (200 hours) - USD 8.99
WOWMimic Elite Monthly Card USD - 15.99
WOWmimic PVPadvance point card (200 hours) - USD 7.99
WOWmimic PVPadvance monthly card - USD 13.99
WOWMimic100 points (200 hours) USD 6.99
WOWMimic Monthly Card - USD 12.99
WOWMimic Quarterly card - USD 29.99

Havn't used this yet but read this, should give you all you need to know:

As previous:

Now this one I have used This bot is probably the most decent working pvp bot i've used (not including OB). This bot auto queues for the bg's you want it to and has preferences of which bg's to choose over the others. e.g. you want to do AV the most but if AV isn't ready yet you want it to do AB, it will join AB until AV has popped up. pvpAdvanced comes with its own classes that are actually pretty decent, although I have only used the warrior one, which still has some things that need improvement. The thing I love about this bot is it just works, and is very easy to setup, you quite literally just press go.

Pros and Cons:
- Judging from what I've used this bot is very easy to use and setup
- Website comes with tutorials
- Classes it comes with are good
- Pricing: this could kinda be a con too depending on how much you bot. Reason I say this is you buy in terms of hours, and they don't expire for 12 months. However 200 hours is the basic one and i've seen some people say they don't even use 200 hours in a month so it's very good value. However there monthly payments is in fact 720 hours, which if you botted 24/7 would last for 30 days. However most people would not bot 24 hours every single day, so i can imagine this lasting for 2 months easily.
- Minimizes

- Has some trouble if it runs into a big object it won't be able to get around it and will most likely just run into it until you stop, works fine with small objects like trees etc.
- Pricing - refer to previous
- Dev's are Chinese, or something like that, either way their English is pretty bad!
- Classes still need more work on them IMO
- At this point in time it's one key per bot you want to run - very expensive!

WoWMimic does have a free trial which comes with all features and lasts 4 hours! Now to obtain one of these you have to add their support staff or service staff to MSN and ask for one. Thing is they don't seem to record who they give it to and the download is open to the public, so just ask them for a key and bot away, if your happy with your bot only lasting 4 hours. As i've only been pvp botting i'm more than happy with 4 hours and just keep using that whenever i want to bot. I've used 6 trial keys in less than a week and they still havn't noticed what i'm doing, so if you're a cheapo do it!

Mimic links and further reading:



Background info:
ZoloFighter is a bot developed by wowpanda and is completely free. This bot is yet to be tested by me but is the next one I will be trying out.

Further reading and links:


Farmer John Bot

Background info:
Farmer John bot is a bot developed by korknob. It is very much like a 1-70 task file that you'd find with glider however it is completely independant and it also comes with hacks, like remove objects so you can walk through them etc.

General info:
Alrighty, Farmer John Bot (FJB) is a bot developed by korknob and is written in C++. The official website is and a demo version of the bot can be obtained here:

It is purely a command line bot meaning no Graphical user interface as such, it is all just outputted to a window e.g:

Trust me this is a good thing as it adds to the speediness/simplicity of the bot. Farmer John Bot costs $25 for a lifetime key. At this moment in time there is no other payment options and only one account can be botted at a time as your key is attached to your account. However you may request to attach the account the key is attached to at any time. However if you have multiple keys you can bot multiple accounts at the same time.

First off this is as simple a bot as you are going to get! This bot has no fancy Graphical User Interface, just a command line interface. If you want to run this bot all you do is boot up wow, open up farmer john, select which mode you want to use by pressing F8 and then enable/disable with F5. It's no harder than that! From there your bot will level, sell, repair, PvP all by itself, it even changes grind spot so it gets the most xp it can for your level. Obviously this has its downsides in that this bot is absolutely NOT customizable. So you are stuck with the classes that come with the bot and you can't make your own places to grind etc.

Action bars/Spell casting:
FJB scans the user ActionBars automatically and uses them. So there is still no specific alignment to the acionbars needed. The bot uses /commands only when it died to go to the graveyard and when he wants to retrieve the characters corpse.


Hands down the best thing about this bot is that it has a very small user-base. Why is this good you ask? Well I shall tell you At this point in time there is roughly 20-30 users meaning blizzard most likely isn't even going to bother with trying to detect it. However the bot doesn't solely rely on this for anti-detection methods, it also hides all dll's injected into the wow process and it is highly suggested that you run WoW in guest mode as it is most likely that this restricts the warden as to what it can and can't do.

Another feature used for anti detection is the "caption" command which we'll go into in a second but now for:

Running WoW in guest mode:
Alright first things first, we're gonna enable guest account I am using windows xp so this may be different if you're not using XP.

1) Go to "Control Panel"
2) Open up "User Accounts" (easiest to find in classic view of control panel)
3) Click on guest account and turn it on
*Note* We're not finished yet! As a precaution we'll add a password to your guest account
4) Click Start->Run->Type cmd and click OK.
5) Input the following command and press Enter:

Net user guest password

6) Go back to control panel, click guest account and change password.
7) Now to run WoW in guest mode open up notepad.
8) Type in:

runas /u:guest "WoW.exe path here e.g. C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Wow.exe" (Make sure you leave the quotation marks in for the wow path)

9) Go File>Save As and save it as run.bat and make sure file type is on "All Files"
10) Once it's saved you should be able to just double click on it, it will ask you to enter your password you set for the guest account, enter it, if you didn't set one leave it blank and press enter. WoW should then launch

"Caption" command:
This set of steps will rename the window title and process name of your program.
1) Assuming you've got Farmer John Bot installed find the "timmay.exe" file and rename it to something like "firefox" or something.
2) run timmay.exe which should now be renamed as something else (if you did the previous step) and press "~" this should allow you to type in commands.
3) Type in the command:

caption whatyourenamedyourprogramhere

and press enter.
If you did it right your window title should be renamed to what you made it and the process name should be different as well.

PvP bot:
FJB has built in support for all BG's, it runs around and will fight back when attacked, it runs very smoothly atm, better than most bots and no setup is required at all really. Simply make sure you have WoW open and logged into your character which is near the battlemasters and press F8 until you get to PVP Mode. Press F5 and it should ask you which BG you want to do just press the number that is next to the Battle ground you want to do and press enter, for e.g. for AV you'd press 3.

If you want to change the places it runs to within the BG refer to the custom waypoints section of this guide, it works just the same in battlegrounds as it does outside BG's.

Extra features

An interesting thing about FJB is that it makes great use of some very small hacks. Firstly when clicking a dead body to loot or an NPC to talk to it will bring it to the centre of the screen so it doesn't have to search for the body/NPC. This is client side so no one else will see you do it/notice. The other thing which is completely awesome is when you press F1 it hides all objects which means you can run straight through them. This is fantastic for AFK botting as no longer shall you wake up to a bot that's been running into a fence for 12 hours.

Fishing bot:
FJB comes with a fish bot that works fantastically from what i've heard, and it runs completely and utterly in the background. More to be added later

Once again this bot uses waypoints and has 1-70 already preset for horde and alliance has some levels but is still being developed. This bot also allows for custom waypoints to be added using "Insert" to make a wp and "delete" to make a road. name waypoints "<level> <mob type>" Hit "Home" to save wp's and "page up" to reload.

I highly suggest you read my Farmer John Bot guide if you want a more detailed explanation on creating waypoints. Found

Future Development
- The bot is most likely always going to be command line. It's meant to be simple and just a "press go and walk away" sort of thing.
- In a future release this bot should also mine nodes, collect herbs and skin corpses if you have the required skills.
- Another planned hack is "security camera" - Description straight from korknob:
"secruity camera" mode is one i thought up of where you teleport client side to different waypoints that are set up, and you go next/previous, and you set them like at base entrances in pvp so that you jump through all the different places and watch every entrance at once. It gives illusion of security cameras. like for WSG to sit in flag room and switch between watching tunnel and other entrances.
- There are many more exciting features to come but these are classified!

Farmer John Bot has an official website and forums.

Pros and cons:
- Soooo simple and easy to run
- Comes with lots of extra features
- Great support service!
- No action bar fiddling
- Background mode
- Small userbase - not likely that it will be detected

- At this stage only one account can be run at one time on one key. This is planned to change however.
- No GUI - not really needed though
- Walking can be jerky
- Still a fair few bugs that need ironing out, but they get ironed out very quickly
- No customization as of yet.

All in all Farmer John looks to be a very promising bot and at this stage the majority of it works very well. Hopefully a forum is added though and the bot starts to become customisable or at least have more tasks it can choose from. I am strongly looking forward to the future stages of this bot and I do recommend people purchase it while they can! I'm secretly hoping it will go private soon though Oh ye and the keys issue needs to change IMO but we'll see.

Further reading and links:

If you're interested in FJB I highly recommend this thread as it covers absolutely everything.

Updates to come!

All feedback is highly appreciated and can be given through posting here or pming me.


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das ist jetz aber WIRKLICH mal n guter guide, thanks dafür (auch, wenn ich hier leider kein wow "spielen" kann)

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hmm wär super wenn das jemand übersetzen könnte
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WoW I love this Guide. Thanks and thanks

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Naja ist nur C&P,
indem Text sind noch diverse Links zu anderen Foren, die auf Blacklist stehen. =)
= Link is not working
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Farmer John Bot

- Your bot key is attached to your World of Warcraft account, meaning if your WoW account gets banned you will have to purchase a new key, this may hopefully change in the future
Customers can freely ask for an update of their account attachment. So if you wish to transfer your licence to another WoWaccount for what ever reason you can do that. I have tried it myself and after a single day I used the bot with another WoWaccount without spending a cent.

Action bars/Spell casting
FJB scans the user ActionBars automatically and uses them. So there is still no specific alignment to the acionbars needed. The bot uses /commands only when it died to go to the graveyard and when he wants to retrieve the characters corpse.

@oddzor: please update your thread
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lol wtf, I got a sticky at a community I never come to, alright time to update this baby. Thanks for the sticky

By the way don't post in German please if you're trying to speak to me, cos I don't sprekker de Deutch or however it's said
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Farmer John bot demo is a virus. Dont download it!!!
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no it's not. The method it uses to hide from the warden is detected as a virus by most AV's. There are lots of people using that bot it's not a virus...
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Originally Posted by oddzor View Post
no it's not. The method it uses to hide from the warden is detected as a virus by most AV's. There are lots of people using that bot it's not a virus...
Do what u want but im not downlaoding any of the **** he linked ^^
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Originally Posted by nilu View Post
Do what u want but im not downlaoding any of the **** he linked ^^
You do realise that glider is detected as a virus by pretty much every anti virus, this is because of its methods it uses to hide from Warden. Glider has over 100,000 users obviously the program is not a virus.

Farmer John is exactly the same, it uses methods to hide from the warden that AV's detect as virus' but it's completely harmless, do your research before flaming...
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pff i downloaded it from the other website and it doesnt detect is as a virus
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get an antivirus software.. n00b

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