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Roots SRO | 140 Cap | 14 Degree | System Silk | PVE

Discussion on Roots SRO | 140 Cap | 14 Degree | System Silk | PVE within the SRO PServer Advertising forum part of the SRO Private Server category.

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Roots SRO | 140 Cap | 14 Degree | System Silk | PVE


Are you ready for a new adventure and a new story?

Welcome to "Roots" world, prepared by Egypt most popular and most dynamic Silkroad Private Server platform LegiaOSro.
Now take a rest and be prepared to for a long-standing adventure. New story begins... First of all, we want to introduce RootsSro to new players who didn't yet enjoy playing on it.

We want to welcome dear old RootsSro family members and new members who will join us for the first time!

LegiaOSro, the leading Silkroad Private Server platform, is created in 2013. Since that time, we opened many great servers and hosted thousands of players. Now, we are glad to announce our newest server "Roots" which will be as successfull as the other ones.

As LegiaOSRO vision and mission is built on player happiness, in all of our servers, we put players opinions to the heart of all updates and improvements. We try to examine and evaluate every suggestions and complaints that are sent by our players to make the game as long-standing as we can. Since 2013, every server opened by LegiaOSro is called as "secure and long-life" by our members and now it's up to the newest one.

As you know, the leading Silkroad Private Server LegiaOSro does not have any similar or close competitor in local market. Also in global market, we are one of the most known gaming platform as a Silkroad Private Server. In all of our servers, players enjoy having real Silkroad experience owing to frequent updates and experienced GM staff. As an example, Hazar, our 110 CAP server which is opened in 2013 and keeps still the title to be the most long-standing and successfull server in global Silkroad Private Server market, is still active with thousands of players.

We want to thank every LegiaOSro family member who helped us earn many achievements and who were always with us playing in our every server. And now, all of you are invited and welcome to share with us the new adventure, the new story, our newest server, Roots, 140 CAP.

Now, let us introduce you our new adventure..

Roots, as 140 CAP server, is an alternative to LegiaOSro's other active servers and is made for a different gaming experience. Roots, designed by LegiaOSRO's experienced software engineers and staff, welcomes you to this exciting and adventurous world.

With 140 CAP, one of most legendary caps in Silkroad, you will enjoy the competitive battles with China & EURO race! In Roots, you will have to work hard, make new strategies and be patient to success! With 560 / 280 Mastery limit, you will rejoin China & EURO Race's legendary gameplay by your strategical moves!

The gameplay is based on item drops by killing mobs and it will be as hard as you can. You will try your best to make your character get the best place.

Now, It's time to share with you the detailed informations of LegiaOSro's newest server Roots..

You will see the main patterns of the adventure above. Without changing the main rules, we did some renovations to protect the thin line between classical and modern approach. In this new era, Roots, maybe the LegiaOSro's most innovative and modern server, you will see many improvements and visual changes..

In Roots, we think about the new players, and let them start with some starter packs.

Inventory (3 pages)
Global Chatting (3 units)
Reverse Return Scrolls (3 units)
Premium (5%)
Pick Pet Monkey (3 days)
Return Scrolls (20 units)
HP X-Large (500 units)
MP X-Large (500 units)
120% Speed Scroll 5hour's (10 units)
Devil spirit 15% (28 days)
Wedding Avatar (male&female)

Starter packs are designed to meet your minimal needs and to not disrupt the gameplay. They will be loaded into characters automatically.

Starter packs will be only loaded to one char in one ID. Starter packs and starter skill points will not be loaded any other character then the first one in same ID.

To make Roots based on players exertions, you will see the drop system in every section of the game. More you play hard, more you will have chance to have best items. The most important items, SOX items drop rates; Sos items normal difficulty , Moon items average difficulty, Sun items very hard difficulty . You will need to work more for better items.

Premium PLUS in Roots, compared to other servers, works without any problem and will let you enter the game without waiting(if it's full) as well as giving you the luck, +STR 20, +INT 20 +LUCKY 30%..

In Roots, we are aware of the importance of every second, that's why we prepared for you 2 Devil's Spirit that contains all your needs and that can be exchanged from Other players. The main difference in two packages are Devil and Angel spirits.

In Roots, we care much about trades, so to make the trades more secure, we added Silk Scrolls to Special (SHOP). You can trade these Silk Scrolls, give them to other players or transform them to Silks.

To make the trades practical, fast and secure, we added Gold Coupon to Special Shops. You can stack them but you will need separate and sell them Four by Four.

We changed Elixir views to increase your gaming taste and colour them.

To increase your gaming experience and let players concentrate on their main objective, we increased also stacks of many items.

In Roots, we activated New style CAP that is requested by our many players. Once you wear the cap, you can start the battle with the new view! You can also wear the cap from PvP module by pressing A button. Now, it's time for you to show your abilities!

The most exciting time in Silkroad Servers is without doubt the Fortress Wars. Roots server will have 1 fortresses active: Constantinople

As we want Roots server to be as long-standing as we can, we aim to balance in-game commerce keeping in touch income and outgoing of players. In order to do that and to control possible inflation, we fixed the fortress taxes. With this precaution, we aim to prevent a possible economical difference between the winner guilds of first fortress war and the others. Fortress wars will be made every Friday. We will announce the date of first fortress war later to make this adventure more exciting.

Battle Arena is a team war system that players can easily participate. This is a kind of PvP system that can be played by teams between 8-8 and 32-32. Players in this system are awarded with experience points and arena coins; with these arena coins, you can get Roots Coin.

You can also find Battle Arena hours from Battle Arena registration NPC.

We already mentioned about our aim to keep this adventure balanced and long-standing. In this scope, we allow only 100 Level characters to enter Battle Arena.

Loser teams in Battle Roots earn 0 coins, Winner teams in Battle Arena earn 5 coins. In case of draw, each team earn 1 coin.

We are aware of the fact that the primary income of Roots will be trade incomes. Therefore, to keep in-game economy balanced, we modified trade profits. You can check from above image how much profit you will earn from trades between towns.

In Roots, There is a voting system there are 5 links, each one of them gives 3 silk

Another important point that you can experience in Roots is Forgotten World which is a map that can be entered with Dimension Holes.

You can pass to Forgotten World from the doors opened by Dimension Holes. You can obtain collection elements named Awaken's by killing mysterious uniques or finding hidden treasure boxes. As soon as you find all Awaken's required , you can exchange them with 14DG Moon Items.

At the same time, we activated job cave and added special rewards to the unique monsters in the cave. You will only be able to get these rewards from these cave unique monsters and they will be strategically very important for you.

You can also create an alternative slot for yourself with the mobs in Job Cave! Job Temple enterances will be activated after 120 level. Drop ratio in Job Temple is made %50 higher than other regions to increase competition.

You Can Get [ JC - LC ] From Job Temple.

In order to experience a fluent and comfortable game, and also to prevent mob slot problems, we implemented new slots to Sky Temple in Roots. You can teleport directly to these special section from Jangan.

You Can Get [Seal Of NOVA] 14DG Items Drop From SkyTemple.

In Roots Temple Job, we have 3 new Unique monsters. Jupiter, Baal ve Yuno Appear in Roots Temple Job !

These unique monsters are 130 Level and will drop [Rc & Lucky Scroll 15% & Gold Coupon & 2x Scroll Dmg] which are quite valuable!

In Roots, we have 2 new Unique monsters Job. Zielkiaxe & The Earth each one Have Teleport. !

These unique monsters are 130 Level and will drop [Rc & Lucky Scroll 15% & Gold Coupon & 2x Scroll Dmg] which are quite valuable!

These unique monsters are 130 Level and will Link with Quest to Get Awaken's to made [ Seal Of Moon ] 14DG Items which are quite valuable! As these unique monsters will be spawned at 3 each inside Door in Roots Tree.

In Roots Tree, we have 3 new Unique monsters. Khulood, Karkadann ve Venefica will be spawned at locations below!

In Roots Arabian These uniques monster are 130 Level and Drop [ Roots Coin & Silk Pieces ] .

In Roots, Death Bone Roc Unique Drop Different Avatar (M & F).

In Roots, Thief Boss Unique Link With Quest Killing 3 Time and Collect 10 of each type ِAwaken's.

In Roots, Scroll Upgrade [ Seal Of Moon ] to [ Seal Of Sun ] How?
You need to Made [ Moon ] Max Plus then use Scroll, Item Will change with you to [ Sun ].

In Roots, one of our objectives is to make the trading and jobbing as important as we can. So, we integrated Wanted System to make the trading be more funny and to make the players be tied to the jobbing as much as they can. While the battles with job dresses, you will earn 1 point for each kill, will lose 2 points for each dead. You will try to earn as much point as you can to complete each week in top 5 of Job Ranking and get a corresponding buff according to your place in the ranking.

To see Hero mode effects completely, you will have to activate all effects in Graphics Settings. To do this; Esc > Option > Video > Graphic > Effect Quality > See All Effects

In Roots, Honor Rank Buff as 4 Buff Only [ Bronz - Silver - Gold - King ] You can Get Scroll Honor From Special shop for 200 Silk only 1 Scroll Gives 10 Point.

Survival Arena it is a new PVP system in Roots and it can accommodate at least 8 players or a maximum of 32 players and it can play individually or through a party, and it can only play the characters from level 130 to level 140 to participate in it and this Arena will have an evaluation for each period It will be added and renewed periodically

In Roots, Survival Arena The Team os Changing Reward to Roots Coin like Arena.

In Roots, Quest Silk About Hunts Reward 100 Silk Scroll.

In Roots Tree, Quest to Get Awaken's for Seal Of Moon. items.

In Roots, Quest Mini Godbless Helping New Players and Gives Wings Green & [ Attack Rate 65 Increase & Obtaining Berserk Gage 75% Increase & Parry rate 65 Increase & MaximumHp 1500 Increase & MaximumMp 1500 Increase & Moving Speed 100% Increase & Str 10 Increase & Int 10 Increase ]

In Roots, Forgotten World to Get Awaken Stone for Seal Of Moon items.

In Roots, Added Medusa Unique at Room Cave Jangan inside Teleport & Drop 200 Silk

In Roots, Strong Normal Uniques Gives High Point of Rank Uniques.

In Roots, Taishan Unique Drop Roots Coin

In Roots, Ganiazo Unique Drop Roots Coin

In Roots, Manho Unique Drop Roots Coin

In Roots, Tai-Sui Unique Drop Roots Coin

For tactical and visual reasons, we added new pets in Roots. You can buy Fellow and Grab Pets from Item Mall. You will have many tactical advantages with these fellow pets which can be used for attacking, riding or grabing purpose.

We made some arrangements and changes in weapon glow effects which are the main indicators of power and the main factor of challenge. Glow effect until is classical but between +10 and +16 plus levels you will see special glow effects that are chosen and designed one by one. You can see from the image above +16 Adv and above weapon glow effects.

Besides weapon glows according to plus levels, we also implemented 6 different glow effects which only affects your weapon's visuality and which can be bought from item mall. These glow effects will not help increase damage levels, they will only be used for visual effect purpose. We also added a Remove Scroll to item mall, it will be used to remove any glow effect from your weapon.

In Roots, Added Godbless Scrolls For Silk Giving you Wings Colors & [ Attack rate 110 Increase & Obtaining berserk Gage 150% & Parry rate 110 Increase & MaximumHp 3500 Increase & MaximumMP 3500 Increase & Moving Speed 200% Increase & Str 20 Increase & Int 20 Increase
Remaninig time: 27 Day

in Roots, we appreciate all our players opinions and contributions as our other servers, .

Roots; was opens its doors to all our valuable players Till now.

Adventure begins !

Now The Server is Online, but we will of course need your opinions and contributions.
Please enjoy.

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wrong section, post it here:
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how can i remove ? :S
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Arrow SRO Private Server -> SRO PServer Adver…

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100% true
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To my fellow silkroad player

you are all invited to join and play with us in Root's Sro for the new open sever you can find also new quest/event's et cetera that a player would feel the challenge cause the task is not easy anyway all those quest to complete to get SUN items and I hope we can play there and make some FUN and ENJOYMENT to ourselves.

Take care!
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chinese balance? player count?
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Originally Posted by vzlagfortune View Post
chinese balance? player count?
chinese balance yes. player count 50 Active
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that game online or not ?
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Originally Posted by tunahan09 View Post
that game online or not ?
Sure Online !
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nice server im in
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yes that's really a good server.
can only recommend him.
have a look yourself
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Originally Posted by Th3_ReveNGeR View Post
nice server im in
Welcome brother

Originally Posted by DarkTaiger View Post
yes that's really a good server.
can only recommend him.
have a look yourself
Thank you a lot And Welcome brother
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