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Project Nyx | Cap 80 | Advanced Alchemy | Not Over Edited Trash | G.O. 26/06

Discussion on Project Nyx | Cap 80 | Advanced Alchemy | Not Over Edited Trash | G.O. 26/06 within the SRO PServer Advertising forum part of the SRO Private Server category.

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Project Nyx | Cap 80 | Advanced Alchemy | Not Over Edited Trash | G.O. 26/06

Greetings, Silkroad Community. We are here today to announce our awaited upcoming server;
Project Nyx!

Nyx is the result of the extremely precise and focused work of six different team members, each one exceling in a skill that is unmatched by anyone else. Our team is very familiar with each other - working side by side for several year; however, we decided it was time to start our conquest and introduce Nyx to the world due to the fact that all
other servers just can't provide what we feel is adequate and should be provided to the players!

Nyx's system and design is impeccable; countless hours of planning and researching were spent to perfectly integrate every feature and make a system that we view as perfect. We engineered a server with a play style that reaches this "sweet spot" right in between old school iSRO rates and overedited failures. The system isn't easy, yet it is not too difficult either. You will be able to see our thoughts as you read through the thread - we hope that you will find that
the system is perfectly balanced "as all things should be.".

Nyx was created and dedicated to old-school and casual players to attempt to invoke a sweet feeling of nostalgia - bring back those amazing memories of 80 cap times. It seems like every server these days is all about either donating to be on top or tryharding all the time with a mass of bots and whatnot... its kind of depressing! Therefore; we made it easy enough for causal players to enjoy their time with limited donator advantages. Having fun and progressing at a stable and balanced rate is incredibly important to the core of Nyx and our team's beliefs that a server should be play2win, and not pay2win. We have several limitations in place to prevent "tryhards" from pushing
too hard and upsetting the balance.

Cap: 80

What cap comes to mind when you're looking for a nostalgic server with great old school memories? None other than 80 of course!

Main Town: Donwhang

A classic and popular town. Donwhang never gets old and will surely remind you of the days when the city was packed with players!

Race CH
Cap 80
Degree 8
Mastery 300
EXP Rate 14x
Party EXP Rate 18x
Item Drop Rate 8x
Gold Drop Rate 5x
Alchemy Rate Custom
Maximum Plus 10
Advanced Elixir DISABLED
Job Rate Custom
Fortress Hotan
IP Limit 4
HWID Limit 2

Academy Enabled
Battle Arena Enabled
CTF Enabled
Automatic Events Enabled
Survival Arena Enabled
FGW Enabled
Auto-Equip Enabled

Starter Items:

The original journey in Silkroad was treacherous and difficult for newcomers, and this is totally against the goal of our server. Of course everything is supposed to have a bit of challenge, but not be long and stressful! Every player should have fun playing the server and not have to worry about farming enough gold for potions and such, which is why we added a list of starting items to each player’s inventory as soon as their character is created!

In our choices of what towns/areas to make available, we took several aspects into consideration: grinding areas, mob distribution, and most important, nostalgic feelings.

Upon deliberation on all of these topics, here is the list of server regions that will be availabile in Nyx:

Regions Value
Jangan Enabled
Downhang Enabled
Hotan Enabled
Job Cave Enabled
Forgotten World Enabled (Flame Mountain)
Downhang Cave Enabled
The Rest Disabled

Our choice to close European regions may come as a surprise as they are great grinding areas. This is because these towns/areas were not available in the original 80 cap Silkroad, and we are looking to maintain a nostalgic vibe throughout the server. However, don't fear, because there will be sufficient grinding space for all players!

In order to better suit the players and make the server balanced and fair for everyone, we have modified several core features in order to reduce the gaps and inequalities between builds. If you ever have any additional suggestions, you are welcome to leave them in the comments of this thread or request a change on our Discord channel!

Here is the list of key changes we made in Nyx;
Damage Scrolls have been reduced to 5% (originally 10%).
Scrolls are a luxury item that promotes pay2win behavior (buying scrolls for silk). This is the adverse of our goal at Nyx; therefore, we applied this change to reduce the impact and importance of these scrolls in the server.

Vigors have been reduced to 7% HP/MP regeneration (originally 25%).
The original values of vigors make it very difficult for a player to be killed, especially if they are well equipped. With these changes, even a small group of weaker players can take down a well equipped older player.

HP/MP Increase Scrolls have been decreased to 1000 (originally 4100).
The original value of these scrolls are not suited to 80 cap, rather 110 cap +. Such a scroll would be incredibly overpowered at this cap. Therefore, we reduced the values to compensate for the lower cap (lower stats and damage).

Removed Seal of Sun items from Magic POP.
This is an obvious change. You will not be able to obtain any endgame (sun) items from Magic POP. You will need to obtain these items by following the game system that we designed (refer to SOX system section for more information).

Decreased Premium values to 5% (originally 10%).
Same reasoning as damage scrolls.

Removed Ressurection Scrolls.

Increased Gold Dragon Flag to +5 (originally +2).

Removed Lucky and Steady stones from mob drops.
This is to increase the value of the items. Refer to the Advanced Alchemy System section for more information.

Removed Angel's Spirit (only Devil's Spirit).
Nostalgic purposes.

No visual cancer like fucking Wings/Character effect/Obnoxious glows/Model switchers or anything else that would fall under that category (Excuse me if i got a little unprofessional but that shit pisses me off with all due respect to the players who like them and servers that implement them its just my personal opinion)

Several additional minor changes.

Every server has additions to make silk more valuable... each currency should be equally valuable, and, to be honest, we all know that the classic silk items just don't cut it! This is why we decided to add a few items for silk that will
make your journey in Nyx just a bit more convenient.

We have included

Guild Penalty Removers.
For those impatient people who do not want to wait to join a new faction and get back on the grind!

Job Penalty Removers.
For those people who love to trade, then rob trades, then protect trades all in the same day.

Skill / Stat Reset Scrolls.
For those people who can never decide between STR / INT or spear / blade or whatever combination they enjoy.

Silk Scrolls (50 / 100 / 500 / 1000).
Silk Scrolls were an obvious addition to the server; they are the easiest and fastest way to exchange silk!

Durability Red Stat Remover.
We've all been there... we forgot to put a steady stone on our item... don't fear though! With this scroll, you can remove your red stat!

Premium Remover.
That annoying yellow hand... why can't we just enable a new premium instantly? Well, with this scroll, you can!

Random Silk Scroll (Mini Lottery).
Gamblers and risk takers will love this item - a scroll that grants a random amount of silk, either higher, or lower than the price you purchase it for.

A classic flaw of the original Silkroad system is the lack of consideration for STR builds. It seems that only INT characters have a chance to kill uniques! Typical servers attempt to solve this issue by duplicating uniques and making STR and INT uniques. However, Nyx is far from ordinary! We believe that EVERY build should be able to go after a given unique, not have to wait for a STR or INT variant… we have balanced the defense and HP of uniques in order to make STR and INT builds do equal damage to most given uniques. This increases competition and activity for valued uniques on the server!!

Grinding is one of key aspects of any good SRO experince whether your grinding for EXP or for some cool items, Which is why we have adjusted the orginal areas with just the right mob level and right amount of mobs spawn and
added a new cool location

Regions Levels
Taklamakan 61~80
Downhang Cave 74~80
Job Cave 74~80

We all remember the old days, don't we? Getting so frustrated by the rates and needing to farm skillpoints to max your masteries and skills with gaps.. memories, right?! Here at Nyx, we believe this is a HUGE part of the old Silkroad nostalgia. However, this is a private server. It is not meant to be as difficult or annoying as ISRO was; therefore, we came up with a pretty cool balance. You will have enough skillpoints to adequately start, but the final tier of skills are SLIGHTLY INCREASED. This is nothing too difficult or lengthy.. just to push you, to make you feel like
you're working towards something. Not everything can come easy!But don't worry given our SP rate you will be Full Farm in no time

Jobbing; dare we say it is one of the most important features in the game? It is the core of most servers, Nyx is not different! Jobbing is an incredibly important part of the server, and you must actively do it to gain gold, achievement points, and much more. For your benefit, And we have added a modified version of the Job Temple to push the comptition level to the extreme!

- Jangan to Donwhang: Start (5m) --> 10m gold.
- Jangan to Hotan: Start (5m) --> 20m gold.
- Hotan to Donwhang: Start (5m) --> 11m gold.

- Since Hunters can have multiple traders in their party and they can get achievement points faster than Thieves/Traders we decided to stick the iSRO classic 10% share in each trade in his party

- 4.7m gold / 5*
These rates are open to change depending on the economic status of the server.

Magic POP is a very unappreciated system in Silkroad. Many people take it as a pay2win system and do not implement it. However, here at Nyx, we have repurposed the way you obtain the cards, and also the rewards that Magic POP can give. These changes are in a way that make the system fair for both donators and non-donators and have equal chances at obtaining the special items that are offered! From Magic POP, you can obtain:

Golden Dragon Flag (moderate success rate).

Rare Avatar (Low success Rate).

Steady/Lucky D8 stones (100% success rate).

SoS Items (Low success rate) (Disabled in the first week).

SoM Items (Low success rate) (Disabled in the first two weeks).

Alchemy…one of the most commonly used systems in the game. Whether you're strengthening your items, going for achievement points, having fun, or possibly all three at once, alchemy is a core system that has always revolved around botting for materials and/or donators buying those items very overpriced. At Nyx, we recognized this as a serious issue and did not want our server to have such a pay2win aspect. That's why, we made some incredibly important changes to the alchemy system to make it more fair for all players; donating, inactive, smart, etc.

We have the idea to "bottleneck" the supplies needed for alchemy, in order to make it an actual TASK rather than setting your bot and going AFK.

Some key changes to accomplish this:

Reduced Elixir droprate; low.
Methods to obtain:

From all mobs with low rate
(To prevent tryhards from gbotting 24/7 with multiple accounts and then selling these materials back to donators thus ruining the econemy and putting casual players at a disadvantage)

From FGW/Holy Water Temple/Uniques with moderate rate
(To ensure that Project Nyx has multiple activities you can do and you never get bored and rewarding active players not gbots)
Removed steady/lucky stone drops;
Methods to obtain:

From NPC for gold
((To ensure that our gold economy remains essential and stable in Project Nyx)

From Forgotten Word
(To ensure every activity is well rewarded we've added Lucky/Steady stones to FGW mobs/uniques drop)

Added a special lucky powder - "Blessed Powder." (Same function; increased rates; UNTRADEABLE).

Methods to obtain:
(Disabled till the 2nd week)

From all uniques with a very low rate.
(To prevent the over flow of Blessed Powder and making the alchemy system too easy)

Can be bought with Achievement points.
(Because not everyone likes to hunt uniques so we made sure that you can still get Blessed Lucky Powder by any other activity)

Nothing is too difficult to obtain, some might even debate that it is easy. The actual alchemy is quite easy, however, obtaining the elixirs is difficult and requires actual activity rather than just botting! The entire goal of these changes is to diversify the alchemy "process" and make people more conscious of their strengthening, rather than just leaving their bot to do it automatically. Overall, the economy will significantly benefit from these changes; as higher plus items are valuable for longer periods of time, rarer - and also normal/average plusses do not become "useless" or
"old." You will certainly need to be careful with alchemy with our system and rates!

Forgotten World is a personal favorite system of many of Nyx's team members, and it is also very underappreciated in most servers. At Nyx, we have improved, redesigned, and rebranded Forgotten World. Between increased rates, exclusive drops, and special rewards, it is essential to do FGW in Nyx if you want to complete your journey and collect endgame items! Flame Mountain will be the available FGW in the server.

The same as the original Flame Mountain FGW system, there are 4 grades. Each grade increases in difficulty (1 is the easiest, 4 is the hardest).

The droplist is as listed below.

Item FGW 1* Rate FGW 2* Rate FGW 3* Rate FGW 4* Rate
Elixir Weapon 25% 35% 55% 75%
~ Protector 50% 65% 70% 100%
~ Shield 75% 75% 100% 100%
~ Accessory 75% 75% 100% 100%
Lucky Stone 15% 25% 35% 55%
Steady ~ 30% 40% 50% 75%
Reverse Scroll 5% 10% 15% 20%
Global ~ 5% 10% 15% 20%
Gender Switch ~ 5% 10% 15% 20%

Uniques Drop1 Drop2 Drop3 Drop4 Drop5 Drop6 Drop7 Drop8
ALL Uniques inside FGW 1* 2x Pro Elixir 2x Elixir Weapon 2x ~ Shield 2x ~ Protector 2x ~ Accessory 2x Lucky Stones 2x Steady ~ 2x Arena Coins
ALL Uniques inside FGW 2* 4x Pro Elixir 4x Elixir Weapon 4x ~ Shield 4x ~ Protector 4x ~ Accessory 4x Lucky Stones 4x Steady ~ 4x Arena Coins
ALL Uniques inside FGW 3* 6x Pro Elixir 6x Elixir Weapon 6x ~ Shield 6x ~ Protector 6x ~ Accessory 6x Lucky Stones 6x Steady ~ 6x Arena Coins
ALL Uniques inside FGW 4* 8x Pro Elixir 8x Elixir Weapon 8x ~ Shield 8x ~ Protector 8x ~ Accessory 8x Lucky Stones 8x Steady ~ 8x Arena Coins
Final Boss Drop1 Drop2 Drop3
Extra drops for Final Unique FGW 1* 1x Immortal Stone 1x Golden Crate 
Extra drops for Final Unique FGW 2* 2x Immortal Stone 2x Golden Crate 
Extra drops for Final Unique FGW 3* 3x Immortal Stone 3x Golden Crate 
Extra drops for Final Unique FGW 4* 4x Immortal Stone 4x Golden Crate 1x Random SoStar Item

The seal system, how to obtain your weapons and gear... whether you're just joining on GO day, or you are a long time player fighting for endgame items, it's the most important part of a system, it's what you are working to obtain your entire journey in the server. Our team believes that for these reasons, designing the perfect SOX system is key to success. At Nyx, there are 3 different seals - star, moon, and sun. You can consider the three tiers of seals as three difficulty levels - star/easy, moon/medium, and sun/hard. Why did we include these three seals? The reasoning is simple: nostalgia! We all remember the times in iSRO when we would endlessly dream of obtaining a sun weapon and bragging to the entire server about your accomplishments. However, iSRO failed for a reason, and Nyx is most certainly not iSRO, in fact well beyond what they can offer. You will see remarkable, fair, and unique balance changes in each of the seals which makes them each useful, and each not much stronger than it's predecessor to avoid a donator advantage and newcomer disadvantage. You will also notice an abundance of changes in the ways to obtain
these items.

Talking about it WHY it's innovative and balanced and not WHAT it actually is, makes it useless - therefore, presenting: The Nyx SOX System.

1.) Seal of Star (equivalent to +1.5 last tier)(ALL items)

Star is the most basic and easiest of all of the seals to obtain. It is meant as a jumpstart to newcomers and to kick off your journey in game. Star is not meant to be valuable for long, which is why we decided to make it pretty easy to get. You can obtain STAR ITEMS three different ways:

⦁ Drops from level 72-80 normal monsters (at a rate of 1 item / 6 hours).
⦁ From "Silver Crates" (refer to Crates Section) at a 25% rate.
⦁ From Holy Water Temple (refer to the HWT Section).
2.) Seal of Moon (equivalent to +3 last tier) (Weapons and Set) and (Accessories)

Moon is the second tier of SOX in Nyx and is likely the tier that you will be using for the majority of your gameplay experience. Because moon items will be widely used and valued for a long duration of time, we decided to seperate sets/weapons and accessories, in order to have players experience every aspect and system of the server to be able to obtain these items. You can obtain MOON SETS/WEAPONS four different ways:

⦁ Drops from Job Temple uniques at a MEDIUM rate.
⦁ Forgotten World (boss uniques - refer to FGW section).
⦁ From "Golden Crates" (refer to Crates Section).
⦁ From Magic POP with a hard rate (temporarily disabled).
The second class of moon items are the accessories (ring, earring, necklace). Although there are some similarities in methods to obtain both the sets/weapons and accessories, you will mostly find yourself participating in different events and activities, using different currencies, etc. to purchase the different classes of moon items. The reasoning behind this is to encourage players to participate in all different types of activities and make the server more active and more fun for everyone! There are three different methods to obtain moon accessories:

⦁ Purchase directly from the "X" NPC for Arena Coins.
⦁ From Magic POP with a hard rate (temporarily disabled)
⦁ From "Flame Cow King" (boss unique in Flame Mountain FGW) (refer to Forgotten World section for more information.
3.) Seal of Sun (equivalent to +4.5 last tier) (Weapon) and (Shield)

Ah, we've made it. The endgame goal: sun items. Sun is the last, strongest, and most valuable SOX tier in Nyx and the overall goal of playing the server! This is the hardest and lengthiest class of items to obtain. There is only one way to obtain a Sun Weapon in Nyx; by purchasing it for achievement points. Achievement points are a type of currency that you will constantly be gaining throughout your journey in Nyx. Most activities provide these points.

IMPORTANT: The price (in points) of sun weapons will be 2000.

IMPORTANT: Sun items are NOT TRADEABLE; therefore you must obtain these points yourself!

You can gain achievement points with several in game actions and activities. Basically every core activity will provide you with achievement points to appeal to all people's playstyles - however; you will need to combine these methods in order to obtain enough points to purchase a sun weapon. You can obtain achievement points by:

⦁ Jobbing
Traders: (6) points per 5*.
Hunters: (4) points per 5*.
Thieves: (8) points per 5*.

⦁ Job Kills
Each job kill gives (1) point.

⦁ Hunting Uniques
(refer to the Uniques section to see which uniques give points and how many each does).

⦁ Plussing items
+7 to +8: (4) points.
+8 to +9: (6) points.
+9 to +10 (8) points.

⦁ Capture The Flag
Win: (10) points.
Loss: (4) points.

⦁ Battle Arena
Win: (10) points.
Loss: (4) points.

⦁ Weekly PvP Tournament

Win: (30) points.
(Its subject to change depending on the activities on the server and gap between casual players and donators, try-hards and such in order to prevent increasing the gap)

⦁ Fortress War:
Each kill: (1) point.
Winning the war: (50) points for each guild member.

⦁ Survival Arena
1st: (20) points.
2nd: (15) points.
3rd: (10) points.
Each Kill: (1) Arena Coin
[NOTE: You can only obtain 175 achievement points/day.]

You can also obtain a sun shield. Unlike the weapons, the shield is reliant on a moon-based system. There are
Two methods to obtain a sun shield:

⦁ From Job Temple uniques (very low rate).
⦁ From "Flame Cow King" (boss unique in Flame Mountain FGW) (refer to Forgotten World section for more information.

An important part of any server is unique hunting... it's one of the core systems that will always be available no matter the server population. Therefore, we decided to increase the importance and worth of uniques a bit; to encourage players to participate actively and also help newcomers.

Almost every unique in Nyx has a combination of silk items and achievement point drops.

Unique Drops from Nyx Uniques:

Holy Water Temple is one of the most under appreciated systems available for use in the private server scene. Many servers do not implement this system because they do not have the time or expertise to fix the deep odd bugs or no motivation to develop a system for it. However; here at Nyx - we are not lazy and not inexperienced. We go the extra mile for our community and our implementation of HWT just goes to further prove that. We added HWT as a fun dungeon system that gives valuable rewards that can be shared between all of the party members. We have enabled the use of all three dungeon difficulties; beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Each of these dungeons have harder hitting, higher defense, and higher HP uniques that give different rewards depending on the difficulty level you and your party choose.

There are five different uniques in the Holy Water Temple - Sphinx, Sekhmet, Nephthys, Horus, and Osiris. Each unique is slightly harder to kill than the one before it.
Each unique in the Beginner temple will drop:
⦁ 1-2 Silver Crates.
⦁ 50% chance to drop a Golden Crate.
⦁ 2x Arena Coins.

Each unique in the Intermediate temple will drop:
⦁ 2-3 Silver Crates.
⦁ 1 Golden Crate.
⦁ 4x Arena Coins.

Each unique in the Advanced Temple will drop:
⦁ 3-4 Silver Crates.
⦁ 2 Golden Crates.
⦁ 6x Arena Coins.
⦁ 1 Star Item (random).

As the old saying goes: old is gold. The same applies to Nyx's academy system. We did not want to complicate the system, and wanted to deliver a straightforward and simple system to obtain honor buffs to our players. Therefore, to obtain honor buffs, you will need to do them the old fashioned way: academy graduates.

Crates and boxes are often judged for being pay2win and a hassle, we agree! However, in Nyx, we have designed the system to be perfect for every type of player to obtain every type of crate!

Its easy to obtain and with a moderate rate to make it easier not just about the grind.

There are two different crates in Nyx:
⦁ Silver Crate: (Seal of Star items at a 25% rate).
Ways to obtain:

⦁ From Uniques
⦁ From NPC for gold.
⦁ From Holy Water Temple.
⦁ Golden Crate: (Seal of Moon items at a 20% rate)
Ways to obtain:

⦁ From Holy Water Temple
⦁ From Uniques
⦁ From Forgotten world

Arena Coins are a widely used and important currency in Nyx. From purchasing basic items to endgame gear, arena coins have a huge variety in use, and also have several ways to be obtained.

There are several ways to obtain arena coins, and they are as follows:

⦁ Capture The Flag (1 coin / kill).
⦁ Job Temple mobs (low rate).
⦁ Holy Water Temple uniques (rate dependant on temple difficulty).
⦁ Regular server uniques/boss server uniques (see Unique Drops section for more information).

Note: The rates at which arena coins can be obtained may be adjusted depending on the amount gained daily on the server. Monitoring the economy to ensure there is no currency that is too easy or too difficult to obtain is very important to the server health in order to keep a long term and stable gameplay environment.

To ensure that our beta phase would be just as exciting as the grandopening we have decided to make an action packed week with multiple events with BIG rewards so you enjoy our beta and win silks in the process to help you on our Grand-Opening

Action Packed Beta!

Our facebook 10k Silks share event!
to participate:

Our "250$" Razor Tron set giveaway:
Its time to announce our biggest giveaway and probably the biggest in the community so far which is a Razor Tron set worth 250$ for one lucky winner. The winner will be announced on the 2nd of July.

This giveaway will be hosted on Facebook and on Discord so you can participate twice! It will double your chances of winning.

to participate on Discord:
to participate on Facebook:

Signature Event
Show your support for Project Nyx for a chance to win 250 silks on our Grand-Opening

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let's go, this one gonna rock.
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Its REAL OLD SCHOOL , Good luck my friend!
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After reading this I needed no more. You are so right. I'll give your server a try.

"No visual cancer like ******* Wings/Character effect/Obnoxious glows/Model switchers or anything else that would fall under that category (Excuse me if i got a little unprofessional but that **** ****** me off with all due respect to the players who like them and servers that implement them its just my personal opinion)"
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Great Features i'am definetly In ! 80 cap best <3
#Ign Kenshiro
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Signature event
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nice server but do sos/moon/sun more hard then that its too easy >> and what about silk ? auto event ?
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Originally Posted by Emerald Garden SRO View Post
After reading this I needed no more. You are so right. I'll give your server a try.

"No visual cancer like fucking Wings/Character effect/Obnoxious glows/Model switchers or anything else that would fall under that category (Excuse me if i got a little unprofessional but that shit pisses me off with all due respect to the players who like them and servers that implement them its just my personal opinion)"
Haha, I just couldn't help myself i had to write it.

Originally Posted by Dizzy© View Post
In, Good luck.
Much appreciated krall

Originally Posted by xxleathxx View Post
nice server but do sos/moon/sun more hard then that its too easy >> and what about silk ? auto event ?
Auto event and surivial are working in the server however we didn't add them since they are standard features by now we wanted to make the thread as light as possible because some people don't like to read

The system is already carefully designed and we have tested it extremely well, Don't worry nothing is too hard or too easy its just right
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amazing , high quality good luck bud
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What have you done to **** off people that they have to DM me to get rid of you? I just want to be retired in peace.
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Originally Posted by WickedNite. View Post
What have you done to **** off people that they have to DM me to get rid of you? I just want to be retired in peace.
are u THE SRO Executor and we dont know ? i thought u only execute sql queries !
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Originally Posted by WickedNite. View Post
What have you done to **** off people that they have to DM me to get rid of you? I just want to be retired in peace.
Its "Not Over Edited Trash" isn't it? Oh well, idk why people are people are so sensitive about that. Lmao

We just said Not Over Edited Trash and everyone got offended kinda weird isn't it?
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Originally Posted by WickedNite. View Post
What have you done to **** off people that they have to DM me to get rid of you? I just want to be retired in peace.
nice meme
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Originally Posted by WickedNite. View Post
What have you done to **** off people that they have to DM me to get rid of you? I just want to be retired in peace.
Stay retired, you already took off the people that we do not like in sro scene. Thank you, WickedNite
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Server looks nice, can't join due to irl obligations but best of luck!
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silkroad 80 cap, sro, vsro 1.88

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09/19/2015 - Eve Online Trading - 3 Replies
44,4M Sp pilot actually flying a Nyx located in Dekklein lf buyer. Nyx travel fitted and able to discuss moving it to another region. Almost perfect support skills, carrier V, 3 weeks away from fbs as the only flaw. Lf Paypal/Skrill payment or CS:GO Skins (Skins preferred but nvm). You go first or, as I just registered in this site and might seem most logical, we deal through a safe middleman. Msg me here or add me on skype: eziyag I can send you an eveboard/skillsheet through mp or...
[Selling] Nyx Pilot 35m SP with Nyx or Not
11/25/2013 - Eve Online Trading - 9 Replies
WTS Nyx Pilot = 300$ Fighters lvl 5 Fighter Bomber will be Injected Soon Character = 300 usd Character + Nyx Ship = 650 USD Nyx Ship = 350usd
WTS NYX Toon with NYX
10/25/2011 - Eve Online Trading - 1 Replies
As Titel says i want to sell one of my NYX alts with super carrier. Toon has 40+m sp and owns a NYX. The toon has all NYX required skilled maxed (CAL V, Carrier V, Fighter bomber V) as well good amount of drone skills (above 12m) and all other required basic and advanced skills. The nyx is commander fitted combat gear and T2 Trimarked (core x tank corpum eanm's) The account has 90+ days gametime left. Is postive in wallet and positve sec status. Nothing illegal ever done with it. The...
WTS 66mil sp Super nyx pilot almost erebus pilot + NYX
09/11/2011 - Eve Online Trading - 1 Replies
WTS 66mil sp Super nyx pilot almost erebus pilot + NYX Highlights: Fighters 5 Fighter bombers 5 12.6milj in drones 12.2Mil In gunnery Also ready for moros ownage 16.8Mil In Spaceship command Including.... Gallente carrier 5 Capital ships 5 Thermodynamics 4 (3 day to 5lvl)

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