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Legend Online l Cap 100l Old School l Beta Open 25/06/2018 Join The Hype!

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Arrow Legend Online l Cap 100l Old School l Beta Phase 3 is Here! 07.010.2018

Legend Online Links!

Official Hompage

• Introduction.
For starters, I just wanted to say that this was the hardest part to write, since I had a lot of things going on my mind to the extent of not knowing where to start from. But here we go; Legend Online, unlike the other servers that you keep giving second chances to, is a place that’s going to feel like a second home to you, and that much I’m certain of! You’ll feel that the team is like your second family as well, since we’ll always be there supporting you and we’re friendlier than you can imagine.

• Simplistic Gameplay.
Don’t you all miss the old school days and how they were so cool? Then this is certainly the right place for you. We’ve made Legend Online in a simple way that anyone can understand, easy to get our system , it's not that hard to become a Legend!

• Team.
Our team consists of experienced players and developers that care about fun more than the donations!, and that's all i can say this is how we are ..
less talking , more action!

• Our Vission.
As we saw in many servers that is opening just to collect some money and then BOOM it's closed , We Decided to give you Legend Online!
Why?!, Because We're looking forward to figure out the best way to entertain you, by placing a good features a fair system as i mentioned before and a LONG TERM Server , a totally play - to - win server!, also we'll always be here waiting for your suggestions.

• Open Beta | 25.06.2018
A beta-phase is a must-do, starting a server without launching a beta-phase before it's g.o in my opinion it's called a big fail, that's why we decided to open beta in 3 phases and give u enough time to test our system and our features.

• Grand Opening 15.07.2018
we'll take our time in beta phases just to give u a smooth grand opening
without lags or any issues , Legend Online will be officially opened on

• System information
Capacity 5000
RaceCH Only
Party EXP15x
Auto Equipment Up To Lv 81
Drop iTems10x
Trade Gold10x
Max Plus 12
Guild Limit 24
Union Limit 2
PC Limit 2
Job Limit 1
Fortress JG For Now
Job Temple Activated
Arabian Dungeon Activated
FGW Activated
Auto Events Activated
Job Ranking Activated

• Starter Items
-1x EXP Helper
-1000x Hp
-1000x MP
-300x Arrow
-10x Special Return Scroll
-11x Reverse Scroll
-5x Horses
-1x Tuxcedo Hat
-1x Tuxcedo Dress
-1x Devil (7Days) 5%
-1x Monkey (7days)

Legend System & Edits.

• Legend Weapons
since everyone hates "Seal Of Sun" Weapons cuz they're op, we've decided not to place it in our server and we actually totally changed it and made you these types of Weapons : Seal Of Star , Seal Of Moon and Seal Of Legend!
and i'll tell you how to get 'em all and the differences between 'em, continue reading...

Seal Of Star
you can drop it from normal monsters that are Lv 100!
about sos drop rates, we fixed the rates to obtain a sos drop in 3 ~ 5 hours
of grinding and it all depends on how lucky you are , maybe less than that
we also made sure to balance the prices so don't worry, it's worth it to get a sos ..

Seal Of Moon
you can get the som weapon from the FGW talismans 8/8
as we all know that FGW is an important part of every server we made it a lil bit different here, you can actually drop some silk items in there instead of cards, depends on your luck the items are [ Globals , Reverse Scrolls , Gender Switch , Clocks ] and they're kinda rare!
also the cards drop rate, it's all about luck the rate is fair enough
for everyone , you can get rich so easy if you are lucky enough.

Seal Of Legend
that's the last tier weapon , the strongest one and i'm glad to say that we really made it very fair for everyone donators and non-donators to get this weapon , silks doesn't buy everything in Legend Online!
as we all knew about the donators are just using silks to get stuff faster than the players who's not donating , so we made it a lil bit hard to obtain this weapon especially .. you need to be active in Job and Hunting Uniques so u can get Job Points and about Uniques .. we made a special Unique that is dropping 1 Ticket that you'll need it to buy the Weapon from the Legend Shop , which is Legend Ticket .. this Ticket is really worth to keep , cuz without it u won't get the weapon .. so lets make it clear for everyone
Requirements for Seal Of Legend is:
Gold Coins 10 Units
Event Coins 500 Units
Job Points 2500 JP
Gold 5 B
Legend Ticket 1 Unit
Arena Coins 300 Units

• how to get the requirements

-Gold Coin > you can get 'em from the Legend Shop 1 = 1B
-Event Coin > you can get 'em from the Legend Events
-Job Points > you can get Job Points by doing Trades , Stealing Trades , Protecting Trades.
-Gold > you can make gold by selling items , doing trades , etc.
-Legend Ticket > you can drop it from 1 Special Unique that we created just for this Ticket . and this unique appears every 12 hours!

• Legend Set
there is only 3 tiers of set in Legend Online!
i didn't count the normal set because it's not listed as a last tier set
i'm talking about the Seal Of Star and the Seal Of Moon and the Seal Of Legend Sets we managed to balanced between the sets's phy deff, magic deff , etc. we have made a big difference between 'em so everyone can try harder to find the Seal Of Moon parts, and also try harder to collect the requirements for the Seal Of Legend parts, i'll tell ya guys how to get both of them.

Seal Of Star Set
you can easily drop it , cuz it's the same as the sos weapon, you can be able to drop it from normal monsters also normal uniques .. depends on how lucky you are.

Seal Of Moon Set
ofcourse the som set is better than sos , but we made it more better by editing the stats of the set .. we changed everything so the difference would be much better , we just want everyone to work hard to get this set, you can obtain the Seal Of Moon set by hunting the Legend Online Special Uniques, these Uniques will give you a 100% chance to drop 1 part every 12 hours!
and they're not easy to kill.
also you can drop it from normal monsters but with a very hard rate!

Seal Of Legend Set
the last tier set , the strongest and the same as the Seal Of Legend Weapons, you can buy them from the Legend Shop
and the requirements to buy them we are still discussing it , cuz we won't release it in the grand opening , after the 3rd update we will release the set prices so you guys could have some time collecting the other sets.

• Job System
we've created a fair stable job system for everyone ,we made the kills during job worth it , that will allow you to get the Legend Weapon a bit faster by killing People during Job Mode, 1 Kill gives 1 JP and you can't kill the same person and get 1 JP until 24 hour passed.
about the traders , hunters and thieves...
for example the Traders can get 5 JP every successful trade. i'll explain
-Traders get 5 Job Points every time he is selling a trade.
-Hunters get 5 Job Points every time he is in a party with more than 3 Traders.
-Thieves get 5 Job Points every time he steal a Trade and sell it.
about the profit we all know that traders are getting gold more than thieves but in Legend it's different thieves can get more profit when they're selling in a full party , which means if u sold alone u get for example 1 Mil < that's not the true profit but if u sold the stolen goods with a full party you will get 8 Mil. which means the profit increases with the party members numbers every 1 member you get more gold.

Legend New Features
-we know that everyone want to see something new , something that makes you look awesome in the game!, something that makes you look OP!
so we decided to create some new stuff and we hope that you guys like it!
i'll show you some pictures of our new Dresses and Char Effects and also the new Pets

• New Dresses

• New Pets

• New Character Effects
Notice: it's all about the look, nothing of these effects is giving a buff or anything it's just the look!

• Legend Shop

-we've made these shops to make it easier for everyone to get char effects instead of placing 'em in item mall , we've added there
[Legend Avatars , Char Effects , Emoji Buffs, Silk Scrolls and ofc. Seal Of Legend Weapons & Sets] Now i'll show you some of the NPCs pages.

Legend Online Shop
in this NPC you can find Legend Avatars , Emoji Buffs, Char Effects and Silk Scrolls.

Legend Items Shop
in this NPC you can find the last tier which is Seal Of Legend items & weapons, here are some pictures from the game.

• Legend Online Weapons Glows & Alchemy and Stats.

• Alchemy System

- we made sure to give you a fair alchemy system, the rates are fair enough to make a good weapon with less gold , silk , etc. whatever you're going to use to do some alchemy. and it's not that hard or not that easy , it's always about luck, so the method that some players are doing that is for example : closing the game right after they strengthen , lowering the graphics and etc. these won't help .. it's just about luck as i said it's fair enough for everyone

-Also we have placed an 2% Alchemy Luck Scroll
and it last for 30 mins increasing your lucky chances by 2%. and you can drop it from [ Job Uniques . Special Uniques & Normal Uniques]. in Normal uniques's case its a very low chance to obtain it.

• Legend Weapons Stats.
we've made a difference between all the weapons stats.
so everyone can try harder to obtain a better tier.
i will explain the differences between all the tiers.
so let's start , you better focus so you won't get lost

Weapon Tier PlusStats.
Normal 98 +1 Equaled To SOS +0
SOS 90 +1.5 Equaled To SOM +0
SOM 90 +3 Equaled To SOL +0
Notice: the same differences goes to sets and accessories! YES! we've changed them as well.
that's it .. as you can see it's simple and clear.
as i mentioned before, that in Legend Online ,even non-donators can be strong as donators , it's all about being active in the game guys!
so let's get to the next level > weapons glows

• Legend Weapons Glows SOM & SOL
we understand that everyone likes to look strong and cool so we've made
totally new glows effect starting with the Seal Of Moon Weapons & Shield Glows.
then we will head to Seal Of Legend Weapons & Shield Glows.

Seal Of Moon Glows

Seal Of Legend Glows

• Legend Pluses Glows

-we've changed the pluses glows to be different, the higher plus u achieve, the better look you get!
-time to show off!, these are the glows from +7 to +12, Enjoy

Legend Events

Auto Event Activated
H & S Event Activated
Job Event Activated
Trivia Event Activated
Race Event Activated
Unique Event Activated
Pvp Event Activated
Battle Arena Activated
Choice Event Activated
Lucky Staller Event Activated
Survival Event Activated
Lucky PT Nom.l Activated 
-yet we're still working on a schedule for the Legend Online special Event every week.
and ofc. there will be a very special rewards for this Event.
-the event is about Unique Rank i'll Explain ..
•Unique Weekly Rank [Legend Online Special Event]

-by hunting uniques daily, you are participating in this event.. how?
-well it's simple, i'll show you a screen shot and this one is the same for all uniques .... here it is

-how it works .. simply it's weekly ranking system , Top 3 will get extra Reward from collecting the highest points by killing uniques.
-Notice: The Special Uniques are giving more points!

•Legend Online Special Events.

-We've added New Events Specially for you!

1. Most Wanted Event
-by registering in this event, you're getting teleport to a special place
that we made for this event , the system will choose randomly a player
from the players who registered in this event and everyone else
will be able to attack the Most Wanted one that the system choosed
the killer win! and get the rewards!

2. Job Event

-you must be wearing the job suit so you can register in this event
-once you register you will get teleport to the Job Event Room
-Thieves Vs Hunters/Traders < the winner will stay in the room
after the event is done and the reward will be a Uniques Spam
for everyone who's staying .. No Time Limit , which means you will
have enough time to kill all the uniques appearing in there!

• Legend Online Events {Rewards}

-All The Legend Online Events Above Rewards is > Event Coins
-why ?!, cuz we wanna make it easier for those who can't be active 24/7!
-About [Silks] Rewards we're still discussing it , cuz we might create a special event only for silks rewards.

• Last but not Least
we're recruiting a support team , to help the players from different nationalities.
More info. about that, please make sure to join our discord channel, i've placed the link in the beginning of the thread.

Wish You The Best Guys , Hope To See You All In Beta & G.O
Legend Online Team ©.

Thank You.


•Beta Phase 2 Started!
- Legend Online Beta Phase 2 .. Starting Today!
- Everything From Phase 1
- Chars Will Be Lv 100 With Full Moon Set & Wep
[To Test The Uniques , FGW]

-■Coming On Phase 3 :
■ Stones Drop Rates Increased
■ Job System
■ Alchemy
■ Pvp Event
■ Unique System!

•Legend Online Signature.
just remove the spaces in the end of the link.
[URL=][IMG][/IMG ][/URL ]
Like & Follow our facebook page to get more infos. about the Share Events!

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**** system coin . bad.

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Nice Server
Good Luck!
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Originally Posted by StaRWarrioR_ View Post
**** system coin . bad.
sorry to hear that, but as i mentioned in the system it's not just coins system
maybe u didn't read it well , just re-read the thread and focus u'll see that it's not a coin system , thanks for your feedback

Originally Posted by Moustache! View Post
Nice Server
Good Luck!
thank you, we hope to see you there

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nice server !
any auto equipment?
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Originally Posted by xX_Scrubs_Xx View Post
nice server !
any auto equipment?
thanks for the feed back
and yes there is auto equipment Sos +3 until 9D Set & Wep
we hope to see you in the beta
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I am in

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Originally Posted by rigidstone View Post
I am in

thanks for the feedback

Welcome To Legend Online
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thx for info ! yes i am in !!
Originally Posted by falawkas View Post
thanks for the feed back
and yes there is auto equipment Sos +3 until 9D Set & Wep
we hope to see you in the beta
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Originally Posted by xX_Scrubs_Xx View Post
thx for info ! yes i am in !!
Welcome To Legend
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CAP 10 A7A
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Originally Posted by slaintrax200 View Post
CAP 10 A7A
thanks i really didn't noticed but i fixed it A7A Means ?
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Seems Good I like it <3
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Originally Posted by CyrL View Post
Seems Good I like it <3
thank you, we hope to see you in beta and g.o
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The way to obtain so sun is just way too easy... u should do something like this to get sun... kill Medusa 499 times+kill roc 599 times+kill babilion 799 time and hunt Tg iSy ly ds for coins...

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legend online, silkroad 100 cap, silkroad 100 cap pve, sro 100 cap, sro p server

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