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Hydrus Online | Cap 100 | CH & EU |Innovative Game Play | Play2Win

Discussion on Hydrus Online | Cap 100 | CH & EU |Innovative Game Play | Play2Win within the SRO PServer Advertising forum part of the SRO Private Server category.

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Arrow Hydrus Online | Cap 100 | CH & EU |Innovative Game Play | Play2Win

It seems like we have kept you waiting for longer than we would ever have imagined! However, it is time. Hydrus - Generation Of War is our newest creation and is designed to bring you the most unique experience that no other server can provide. The terrifically emotional self-validating form of true excitement. Fun materialized, dragging you into the virtual world of Ownage! A historical look into the SRO scene How are we different from other servers? Great Question! We have a few systems that are exclusive to Hydrus: First and foremost we have several dungeons to test your skills in PVE. This breaks the monotony from just starting up Sbot and going away from keyboard all day.

  • Introduction

    Hydrus Online here bringing you some important updates! First and foremost, we would like to give you some background information about us: EON ONLINE is one of our SRO servers that we have improved and made it to test your skills and your abilities to score as many points as possible. We have been working for a while on Hydrus, also we did build up a team which stands against everything. This will ensure that we can handle every possible situation as professional as you wish. But let me explain further. Hydrus is a project which we did create out of heart and since then we've worked every single free second on it. After 3 months of hard work we're proud to present you our new Server. It is a free massively played MMORPG. A whole new history creation in SRO where you can fulfil your fantasy dreams and historical moments.We had serval servers and felt the mistakes on ourselves. To make them better we've looked even more precisely into our team members. We've looked around to search for team members which we have worked with and those who have enough experience to guarantee our words. We know our team as good as ourselves and even more important we can stand behind them and trust them. Corruption and wrongly handle situations won't happen. Also I want to leave a word about experience. Every Team member of us has enough experience. We all have felt success and failing in the SRO scene, that made it a lot easier for us to brainstorm and fix those problems we all had. You might be wondering why we do that.. Hydrus is a project which was created out of heart not to seek for money. We want to show you one of the best teams in the SRO community and bring you a place to stay, to play, to have fun and forget time This might seem as if that's enough for us, but it isn't we're also listening to you guys, to players and guilds. To the voices which keep the server a life.
    We're looking forward to work hand in hand as Team with the players. We hope that you give it a shot and we know you'll stay.

  • Purpose and Target

    We're one of the only servers where purpose and target meets in one place. We will make you happy, we will satisfy you, we will give you new hope in the SRO community. We've set that as target and won't slow down until we've reached the point of perfection. Even if we reach it we wont stop until we've shown that we are the best team in the SRO scene. Our goal is to provide the best game-play for SRO community which will ensure content longevity. It is not about reaching the end of the game or caping out the server. Our priority is you having fun while doing it. Our team is big enough for multiple points of view to clarify a situation, to get to our next phase on our way to reach our target. Our purpose will carry us trough this target. When we first thought of Hydrus, We had three certain thoughts in mind; Long-term, balance and team-work. Our concept is endgame through fun and challenging systems rather than endless botters. It is intended to have outstanding performance and actually be able to withhold large quantities of players. We have brought the project to perfection. Our professional team is at your disposal, we have set our perspective to shoot the right aim in providing something new for SRO warriors. Feel the Hydrus experience!

  • Our Crew

    Hydrus team consists of highly motivated and successful members in SRO scene. We have done amazing projects in the past and we are after perfection. Each and every one of our team has his own area of expertise. Our moderators have the authority to enforce such rules and act on behalf of you. With our team spread around the world, this provides our community with the most comprehensive contact that any server has provided their community. It wasn't easy to get a team which fits together, which we have worked with and which had experience. But it was the key for us to bring those three requirements under one hand. This will ensure that our players won't be disappointed. If you want to know something or have a problem, want to suggestion something, found a bug or anything else you can come up to one of our members. Starting up with the Supporters and they will lead you to the right position or help you out. If you don't like a person because you have bad experience with them it shouldn't be a big deal, we've picked multiple Supports for the most languages. If you want to know more about the Staff, for example the Developers or Game masters, don't hesitate to read their introduction.

  • Beta Phase

    Our doors will open at the 23.4.18 on 23th of April (Finished).
    Beta phase; To make sure everything is working properly. We would like to inform you that there will be beta for uncertain time. It will finish when we make sure every simple aspect of the server is tested and the system is as flawless. At this version, there will be several updates and server will go down to apply patches. Also there will be rewards to those who report bugs and help us making the server bug-free and completely smooth.

  • Grand Opening

    The most important part, the grand opening. 11.5.18 on 11th of May.
    Many servers fail at this one, but we wont. But why do they fail ? They don't show respect to the massive attention that is coming, to the massive amounts of data which is running to their server. They're simply not prepared for this and are underestimating it. Through our Beta we'll take a deep look into the statistics and if we're not sure if our server can stand the upcoming wave we'll upgrade it. There is enough time to do this.

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    1. Now you are probably saying, this is just another server with another team trying to make some money ?

      We are definitely not , Our server files began with a clean database and we have worked on it for long time, changed it to an astonishing rendition and breath-taking game. We have put our commitment, unwavering, diligent work and inspiration to construct the server.

    2. Is this server worth my time to play ?

      Of course it is ! Why else would we make it the most unique experiences you will have in any private server !

    3. Why should I play the beta ?

      The beta phase is designed to test our server’s systems, as well as stability. It’s here for our community to find any bugs in game or any visual glitches in game. Help us help you! The more feedback we get, the more work we can get done between the beta and the Grand opening of our server.

  • CAP

    Based on 100 with a brand new game-play promising to excite you. Game-play is not that far away from old school but we had to make some changes in order to offer a more interesting server.

  • RACE

    After careful consideration and listening to the input of the players, we have decided to go against our original plan, and make our server CH & EU.We hope this will attract more players. We are here to offer a completely unique server where all of you will be able to experience an original, exciting & fun game-play. Chinese And Europe, two classes for more interesting and more fun game-play, so we can represent a game will satisfy everyone, and we are not looking for anything more than we are looking for a satisfied community, hope you all having fun with what you have been waiting for.

  • Server Rates

    • CAP 100: (EU & CH)
    • EXP/SP: 20x
    • Party EXP/SP: 22x
    • Gold Drop: 5x
    • Item Drop: 10x
    • Mob Spawn Rate: HIGH
    • Alchemy Rate: 1x
    • Auto Events: YES + [EM]'s Events
    • IP Limit: UNLIMITED
    • PC Limit: 2

  • Guild & Union Limit

    Making sure fortress war and other activities will be competitive we've decreased guild & union limit to a fair value. After deep thinking, we decided to make the Guild limit 24 & Union Limit 3 . The more challengers you have, the good competition you get !

    Note: Guild Emblem is Working Fine

  • Union Chat For All

    It is really annoying that you aren't able as master to give union chat to all members and therefore you can't make them all happy? We've decided to make you able to give union chat to all guild members!

Free Silk / Play 2 Win (P2W)

  1. First 300 Achieve Level 100

    To ensure that you all have a competitive start, we've added rewards for the first 300 players to reach level 100.
    The rewards will be as following:

    • Player 1 to 100 which reaches 100 will earn 300 Silk.
    • Player 101 to 200 which reaches 100 will earn 200 Silk.
    • Player 201 to 300 which reaches 100 will earn 100 Silk.

    Make sure that you're playing as a party to reach level 100 as fast as possible.

  2. Events

    Events are an important part of the game. They provide variety and fun. But it sucks to time them or look at the homepage when the next events start. We wanted to give you the opportunity to see it in the game when the next event starts. We have added an event window that is basically the same as the title memory window, except that it contains information. Press the button, search for your event and close it again. Simple, isn't it?

    • PVP We also try to run many PVP events to see who is the best player. The reward is usually a nice title and a few silks.

    • Uniques can't be missing on a server. We'll do some every now and then to give new players a little help leveling and give old players a little fun killing. Sometimes we do higher events like challenges, how far we can go with the Uniques and sometimes we do some "Beginner Helper" events where the Uniques are not so difficult and will help the newcomers a lot. Please note that the help for these new players is highly appreciated. You can kill these Uniques anyway, why don't you invite them?

      Most of us are enjoying killing uniques but as we know INT Characters are too powerful , they doesn't give a STR Characters a chance to get the kill so we decided to to add STR & INT Uniques to satisfy all of the players.

    • GM Killer A GM will write a message where the place is called and the station. After that, any player can go to the location and try to kill him.

    • Hide & Seek has always been fun, Remember when you were a little kid, when you were used to playing with friends? Its back on our server and its the same amount of fun. If the person was not found, he will give you clues after a while. Please do not beg for clues, otherwise you could be disqualified. To win this event, you must trade the organizer.

    • Critical Shot A critical shot is a stroke of luck. After the event has started, you must organize a party called "Critical Shot Event". We'll recall you and when we're ready, we'll attack you. Don't attack back. Anyone who is criticized is thrown out. The last standing man wins the reward.

    • Discord has became more important. It gives us the option to communicate better with each others. Since we want to reward players which interact with us , we've planned a new Event. It is simple , just join our Discord and we will randomly reward the players with some Silks.

      How do we do it ?
      One of our Team member will PM you and ask you for your Character Name. After that we'll add the Silks to your account.

      When ?
      Every now and then will be a event period you'll automatically participate by joining our Discord.

    • Signature it's by far the simplest and most important. Its easy, put this piece of code into your signature and gain 50 silks. Don't forget to write a message to ( Menorhord ) with the Title "Signature Event" and the Text "Account ID".

      [URL=""][SIZE="2"][B]Facebook[/B][/SIZE][/URL] || [URL=""] [SIZE="2"][B]Discord[/B][/SIZE][/URL] || [URL=""] [SIZE="2"][B]You Tube[/B][/SIZE][/URL]

    • Facebook

      1st Share Event

      2nd Share Event

      3rd Share Event

    We also added a lot of automatic events and more that will follow soon. A complete list of car events and explanations can be found below.

    • Trivia for the quicker players. A question comes up and you have to pm the bot with the right answer.

    • Alchemy is pretty simple, the message comes up and you gotta plus the item to the plus the notice says. Read carfully, do not buy the wrong item!

    • Lucky Party Number is a challenge on itself. A Notice comes up and you gotta create the party number which is wanted.

    • Pvp / Job War sounds complicated. But its pretty simple. There are two events, one for job and one for PVP, which you can participate. You join into a special zone and start killing each others. The rewards are a bit split up. You can earn silks for killing other people, which is hard capped and you only can earn silks twice from the same character or you earn silks for being in the top union of the event. Means that if you are in a strong union and you will go with your union and your union has the most kills you all earn something. The PVP war is more simple and only the best killer, means no union reward, will get more silks.

  3. Top Ranking Players

    We've added some rewards to give you a reason to kill Uniques and to do your job. The best unique killer will gain 300 silk as reward. Also the best jobbers will gain 300 Silks. The rewards will be added at the end of the week on Friday, and it will be reset by then. This will give everyone a chance to get on the top lists.

  4. Zombie Land [ New Dungeon ]

    Yes, you read that right: Zombies! How does this dungeon work? I’ll tell you! First off, you have to buy a dimensional pillar from the NPC. Once the pillar is purchased you can activate it and teleport to the dungeon for a period of time. Be warned; the portal only lasts for 1 hour before it disappears. that's mean you have to finish the quest before the time expires. There are 3 missions in this area that are obtained from the NPC inside the dungeon ( make sure you take the quest before you venture on) You can only take this quests once per day, but you can re-enter the area and try again if you die, just remember the portal only lasts for 1 hour , so if you are in Zombie Land for over 1 hour, you will be teleported automatically to the town.

    The quests are as follows:

    • Quest 1: Destroy Statue of Zombies Lv1, you will be rewarded 5 silks.
    • Quest 2: Destroy Statue of Zombies Lv2, you will be rewarded 10 silks.
    • Quest 3: Destroy Statue of Zombies Lv3, you will be rewarded 15 silks.

    When you get into the dungeon you will find a Statue of Zombies Lv 1: This statue summons normal monsters every 2 minute so you have to destroy it as fast as you can. Just don't let the monsters kill you! When you successfully destroy the first statue, another Statue of Zombies will spawn, but this time Champion monsters are spawned every 2 minute. After the 2nd Statue of Zombies is destroyed, a third and final Statue of Zombies is spawned; this one is Lv3. The Statue of Zombies Lv3 spawns Elite monsters every 2 minute and is the most difficult to kill! Once the Statues are destroyed you can return to the NPC in the dungeon area and claim your rewards.

    Zombie Dungeon

Starter Pack

To ensure a greate start we've added a little Starter pack. It contains all important items to start which means simply create a character and you're ready to have fun.
  1. Start Items

    As a little preview we'll add a list of items that the Starter pack contains, but be aware.. we might have added a little surprise.

  2. Auto Equipment

    Farming gold in lower levels for some equipment wasn't fun at any time. That is a huge reason for us to add auto equipment. We've split it up in two parts, one from Degree 1 until Degree 8 and one in Degree 9. Degree 1 to Degree 8 will contain a SoS +5 full blue set and weapon. While Degree 9 is just a normal +5 Set and weapon. To get those Items you have to teleport. That will help you out to get started and have a bit more fun while leveling up.

    Important ! Now you don't have to get back to the town to get your new gear, just click reload button and it will teleport you at the same spot ! it may helps sometime specially to get your Auto Equipment while you're botting.

    Note: you won't be able to use while jobbing or fortress war.

    Starter Pack

OLD Alchemy & PVP Cap

We added a little oldschool feeling to our server. This should remind you of the old days, the fun we had on Cap 60, the old feelings. We added the old pvp capes and the old Alchemy window. We hope you enjoy the change.

OLD School

SOX Items
  • Seal of Star = Last Tier +1
  • Seal of Odin = Last Tier +2.5
  • Seal of Moon (Weapons Only) = Last Tier +4

We've decided to remove Seal of Sun items since they're simply too powerful and they might destroy the fun. To equilibrate the missing Sun items we've added "Seal of Odin", it's our own creation and they have a nice Effects. Seal of Odin is weaker than Seal of Moon but Stronger then Seal of Star. Also we've split up the way to gather Seal of Odin items.

  • Seal of Star You can obtain it from normal mobs, but the Hunterfield has a higher chance to drop those.

  • Seal of Odin (Weapon / Shield) can be obtained from Forgotten World. That means you have to run the Forgotten World dungeon to drop the Cards. Then you can exchange them for a Weapon of your choice.

  • Seal of Odin (Protector) can be obtained through an upgrade scroll. You can gather a full set (6/6 Pieces) which will give you a great power. It is the same system as EGY Set. If you're not familiar with it, that means that you get more and more power the more pieces of the set you have on yourself.
  • Seal of Odin (Accessory) can be obtained through Glossy Coin. You can gather a full accessory (4/4 Pieces) which will give you a great power. It is the same system as EGY accessory.

  • Seal of Moon (Weapon) There are Seal of Moon weapons only. Those are really hard to get and will be a target to aim for, if you want to be the best. You have to spend a lot of Gold, do jobbing to obtain Job Points and also you have to Quest for them. You will feel extremely good when you get your Seal of Moon weapon. Also we want to explain why we disabled the Seal of Moon Set and Accessory. On The Server we have both Races Chinese and Europe, it is simply too powerful. It would deny a lot of fun. Since fun is our target we had to disable it.

Ways to Obtain SOX Items
  • Jupiter Area (Mirror Dimension)

    Botting areas are a problem for almost every server. Either you have a good botting area that is overcrowded, or you have tons of bugs and nobody uses it. The Jangan Cave was a good idea, but it's bugged on every server and it takes so long to fix. So we decided to take the monsters from Jangan Cave to Jupiter Area to give you really good botting spots. We have doubled the spawning and drop rate. Also we have added an NPC that leads you to the four Unique rooms. As a little extra we have added a new NPC that will help you a lot.

  • HunterField [ New Dungeon ]

    Are basically reworked Dimensions. You can buy them at the Dimensions Shop. We have prepared two grades for you, if one is too easy go for the other. Trust me you won't be disappointed. They have a cooldown of 8 hours and it will lead you to a complete new experience. We've added some effects to all Monsters in the dungeon. Find them and kill them, but be carefull.. those effects are not just for appearance they'll hit you Hard. As little bonus we gave this monster a higher chance of dropping Seal of Star.

    NOTE: It's a Solo Dungeon which means that you cannot enter with your team.

  • Forgotten World - Shipwreck

    You will be having a great adventure there and you will be able to get talisman card, all you need to do is to hunt some Monsters/Unique's to get.

  • Upgrade System

    It gives you the ability to upgrade your Seal of Star items to Seal of Odin, You have to invest a high amount of Job Points and a lot of Gold. Then you can use the Scroll with a Seal of Star armor piece, which is at least plus 8, and get the armor Piece as Seal of Odin.

  • Glossy Coin

    There are two ways to earn this coin. First one is Battle Arena, You will get matched against enemies to prove yourself. Also if you don't like Capture the Flag it might be something for you. It is purely killing or get killed. Also you can prove yourself and show that you can beat anyone This is the yet another way to earn Glossy Coin , Earn them by Completing Jupiter Area Quests. There are 2 types of Quests for Seal of Odin Accessories.

    • Quest 1: You have to kill Uniques.
    • Quest 2: you have to Hunt some Monsters.

  • Moon Missions

    There is a mission is required to get the Seal of Moon Weapon, This mission is hunting some Uniques from Holy Water Temple (HWT). As we know how enjoyable Holy Water Temple is , it gives you some competitive experience to test your skills against powerful uniques. You will be able to join it by maximum 2 times per day.

    SOX Items

Skill Balance

Balancing Europe and Chinese Characters isn't an easy task and to be honest there is no server ever did find a good way to balance. But why is that Almost every Server gave up at a certain point, they looked at the Damage or which was played the most and gave it a little tweak. All that causes was frustration. Making a class weaker is the worst thing which actually can happen. Since we choose a class to play it.. But what happens if it isn't playable through the patch? We've found a way around it. We've got a huge team which allows us to cover a variety of builds and information. That's Means that we will keep trying during beta phase until we reach the point of equilibrium. For now we've set certain changes, which are listed below, but those are not the final results. We will start to tweak classes, builds and spells through the beta phase and we won't stop until we reach a good balance. It's your time now to try your favorite build !

  • Bicheon
    • Lightning Chain
      Increased debuff probability to 35% (from 20% to 35%)

    • Thousand Army Chain
      Increased debuff probability to 35% (from 20% to 35%)

    • (New Skill) Power Of Bicheon
      Increased physical/magical attack 15% | Increased debuff resistance probability 15%

  • Heuksal
    • Windless Spear
      Increased dull probability to 20% (from 10% to 20%)

    • Death Bringer Spear
      Increased dull probability to 20% (from 12% to 20%)

    • (New Skill) Power Of Bicheon
      Increased physical/magical attack 15% | Increased debuff resistance probability 15%
  • Pacheon
    • Anti Devil Bow - Strike
      Increased critical to 40 (from 35 to 40)

    • Anti Devil Bow - Annihilate
      Increased critical to 45 (from 40 to 45)

    • Strong Bow - Will
      Increased critical to 20 (from 15 to 20) | Increased stun probability to 35% (from 30% to 35%)

    • (New Skill) Power Of Bicheon
      Increased physical/magical attack 15% | Increased debuff resistance probability 15%

  • Cold
    • Snow Shield - Novice
      Added INT requirement (disabled for STR)

  • Light
    • Grass Walk - Speed
      Increased speed to 115% (from 77% to 115%)

  • Fire
    • Nothing changed

  • Force
    • Force Cure
      Sharing cooldown | Increased cooldown to 30 seconds (from 3 seconds to 30 seconds)

    • Cure Therapy
      Sharing cooldown | Increased cooldown to 30 seconds (from 3 seconds to 30 seconds)


  • Warrior
    • Sprint Assault
      Decreased knock-back probability to 50% (from 72% to 50%)

    • Turn Rising
      Decreased knock-down probability to 40% (from 50% to 40%)

    • Dare devil
      Decreased knock-back probability to 25% (from 30% to 25%)

    • Shield Trash
      Decreased knock-back probability to 40% (from 80% to 40%)

    • Shield Crush
      Decreased knock-back probability to 40% (from 80% to 40%)

  • Rouge
    • Crossbow Extreme
      Decreased physical damage to 65% (from 75% to 65%)

    • Dagger Desperate
      Decreased physical damage to 65% (from 75% to 65%)

  • Wizard
    • Nothing changed

  • Warlock
    • Reflect
      Decreased Physical/Magical damage return ratio to 75% (from 120% to 75%)

    • Physical Raze/Ravage
      Decreased probability to 50% (from 80% to 50%) | Increased cooldown to 20 seconds (from 1 second to 20 seconds)

    • Medical Raze/Ravage
      Decreased probability to 50% (from 80% to 50%) | Increased cooldown to 20 seconds (from 1 second to 20 seconds)

    • Combat Raze/Ravage
      Decreased probability to 50% (from 80% to 50%) | Increased cooldown to 20 seconds (from 1 second to 20 seconds)

    • Courage Raze/Ravage
      Decreased probability to 50% (from 80% to 50%) | Increased cooldown to 20 seconds (from 1 second to 20 seconds)

  • Bard
    • Nothing changed

  • Cleric
    • Healing / Healing Breath
      Sharing cooldown | Increased cooldown to 20 seconds (from 1 second to 20 seconds)

    • Innocent / Integrity
      Sharing cooldown | Increased cooldown to 20 seconds (from 7 second to 20 seconds)

    • Healing Cycle / Healing Orbit
      Sharing cooldown | Increased cooldown to 20 seconds (from 1 second to 20 seconds)

    • Group Healing / Group Healing Breath / Healing Division / Healing Favor
      Sharing cooldown | Increased cooldown to 20 seconds (from 3 second to 20 seconds)

    • Bless Spell
      Increased cooldown to 300 seconds (from 120 seconds to 300 seconds)

    • Recovery / Group Recovery / Holy Recovery / Group Holy Recovery
      Sharing cooldown | Increased cooldown to 20 seconds (from 5 second to 20 seconds)

    • Reverse Oblation / Reverse Immolation
      Decreased duration to 30 seconds (from 120 seconds to 30 seconds) | Increased cooldown to 120 seconds (from 1 second to 120 seconds)

    • Offering / Offering Pure
      Increased cooldown to 300 seconds (from 60 seconds to 300 seconds)

    • Holy Word / Holy Spell
      Decreased debuff resistance probability to 40%

Job Based

Now you may ask where you get Job points from?! Job points can be obtained by jobbing. For additional security we added an Anti-Cheat system which will make it nearly impossible to cheat, if you still find a way report it to us.

NOTE: Cheating will get punished.

  1. Trade Routes

    We've added a few new routes to make Jobbing more fun, flexible and to give you an option. There are basically Original and New Routes.

    • The original route is from Downhang to Jangan and the other way around.

    • New Routes (First): Short route where you will have to carry Goods from Jangan to the Short route seller and go back to town. Meaning that the Short route Seller does not have Goods. This route will give you double rewards compared to the original routes.

    • New Routes (Second): The longer way , you have to buy The goods from Jangan and carry them to the Long route seller. This will be extremely rewarding since it gives four times reward compared to the original routes.

    While your journey to sell the goods on new routes you will find some statues it may helps you or it may gets you down depends on your luck. But be aware ! There is a limit of 70 trades per week. After that you wont earn any job points until the weekly reset happened.

  2. Job Killing

    You only can gather rewards from the same player two times per day, Meaning that you can kill him more often but you won't get rewards after the second time till the next day. There is a limit of 210 kills per week. After that you wont earn any job points until the weekly reset happened.

  3. Job Temple

    Job Temple has been edited for CAP 100. Most players loves fighting and jobbing. Killing the other side is a good and satisfying feeling. But it gets even better when you're doing it with friends in a party. That gave us a good reason to relocate and add the Job Temple. We've combined pvp, questing and unique killing together. Its pretty simple.. You go into the Job Temple, which entrance location is near Hotan, accept a quest and start to killing Uniques. Everybody in the party of the unique killer gets the kill on the quest. But be aware, players of the other jobbing side will try to hunt you down to get the unique kill. Quest Rewards will be job points , you can do it once per day. Also the killer will get more Job Points.

    Note: You can't be able to join the temple if you aren't in the party.

  4. Job Suites

    We have added OLD & NEW job suits to satisfy all of the players.

  5. Honor Buffs

    we've changed the way the Honor system works. You now get Honor Points by job kills, trades and unique kills. To ensure that everyone has the same chance to get on the list we will reset it every Friday. Honor list will be refreshed every 6 hours. That means if you can't find yourself on the list, or you killed a unique and you didn't get the points, take a seat back and take a look in 6 hours again.

    Job Based

Custom NPC's

We've added serval NPCs at Hotan. Every NPC has it own stuff. Meaning that we've a NPC for titles, one for avatars, one for moon weapons and last but not least one for job goods. Those will get you started and you can find them near the Stable.

Guild Dungeon

A big surprise is coming up soon.

Fellow Pet [ The Innovative Feature ]

Fellow Pets have been around for a while, but they didn't had huge impact beside that you could ride them. We've taken them to a next level and gave them a proper reason to use them. There are three different types of Tiers.

  • Every pet is starting at Tier 1. That's means that they're just a normal pet, you can't even ride them and also they're a bit smaller then usually.

  • Tier 2 is bigger, about the normal size, and it has two new attack skills, also it has the ability to ride it.

  • Tier 3 is even bigger, it learns a Buff for itself, it gets slightly faster, about the speed of a 1 Silk pet and it gets a nice visual effect.

That way you'll always know which pet is Tier Three . But the best thing is that you have the choice to give your Pet a debuff skill. That means you can give your Pet the ability to debuff the enemies with Bleed, Dull , Decay or Weaken. it has a maximum of one debuff at a time and there is a remove scroll if you want to change your debuff later. Also we have decided to disable them at PvP and to enable them while Jobbing. We don't want to give the option to annoy other Players while they are pvping. Talking about tiers, how do you upgrade them? Its simple.. Feed it and buy a upgrade scroll. The upgrade scroll will cost a bit of Gold.

Note: We've fixed the berserker fellow pet bug which means that you won't get extra speed anymore when you ride a fellow pet and have berserker activated.

Fellow Pet

Magic Pop

Magic Pop was always a pay 2 win thing. We've reworked it. The cards now can be dropped by Jupiter Uniques. You can try your luck to get silk or another useful items

NOTE: Magic pop cards are no longer available at item mall to avoid pay2win.

Convert Elixirs

Plussing is always a hassle, some have luck some simply do not. To effect your luckrate atleast a bit we've added a special scroll which makes you able to convert 1000 elixiers of a kind to one special elixir. This special elixir has a higher chance of success while plussing a item. You can buy the scroll for Gold at the NPC.

Character Effect

Creating your character the way you want it has always been a fun thing. You could change your dress, add another title, change the degree of your weapon and so on. To give you a little more choice of what you can do, we've added character effects. These create a glow around your character and give it a unique appearance.

Model Switcher

Every player wants to have a nice look, to wear his favorite degree. So we decided to add Model Changers. Now you can give your character your favorite look. Since the most Servers don't know how to handle them properly we wanted to show it off. But what does that mean? It means that if you use the Model Changer you get teleported, but not back to the Town. You get teleported back to the position you where using it. If you're on the field, you get ported back to the field. Those Model Changers can only be used on D10 equipment.

Switch Items

Almost all have made the experience that you got a nice drop, but could not use it, because it was the wrong type of weapon or the wrong type of armor. We have added a scroll so that you can change your items. For example, you can change from garment to protector, from glavie to blade. But be careful, you cannot switch Chinese items to European items or the other way around. Also read the item description carefully to use the scroll correctly. This way it shouldn't be any problem to switch a Build and still having your hardly worked on weapon.

Remover Scrolls

Waiting for a penalty to run out, waiting for a lower premium to get over or having bought a item which has a lower Advanced Elixir used on it ? That shouldn't be a problem. We've added serval scrolls to fight against those problems. A scroll which removes your Guild penalty and also a scroll which removes the Job penalty. Also a scroll that removes Premium and a scroll which removes the Advanced Elixir on a item. But read the description carefully to use the scroll correctly. This will ensure that you can switch your Job or your Guild as fast as possible and to remove minor mistakes from a Item.

Luxury Global

Are considered as quite unique, they have a blue color and appear like a blue GM notice. We made those a bit more expensive since they 'll catch each players eye. Also we've disabled the useless blue Notices so that it is worth looking at them.

Title Storage

Titles are becoming increasingly important because they're fun. Sometimes they match your character, sometimes they are a tag and sometimes they are just fun. Many servers have recognized this and added a command to change your titles. But we have taken it to a new level. We have added a window where you can see all your titles, where you can change your titles in real time whenever you want to. You click on it and have your new title. It was very important to us avoiding losing your silks when you change your title and that you could also access the other titles, and we are pretty sure that we have reached our goal.

Anti Hack System

Security is not an easy subject, but we always try to fight against scammers and hackers. We cannot protect you from your own mistakes, which means that if you trust someone, you may be scammed or hacked. But we can protect you against attacks by third parties. We have devised a simple PIN system. During registration you must enter a secret code, which is your PIN. Please do not forget what you entered during registration. We do not want to force the player to secure himself. If you don't think you need it, don't use it. But for those who want security, we offer three options. These are explained below. We also thought about usability, often you have to use commands and who wants to remember commands, right? So we added a window.

  • Item Lock is a simple, single item lock tool. Open the window, select Item Lock, enter the item slot (counted from 1 upwards, the first line would be 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 etc.), your pin/secret code and your account password. Then simply press Lock and the item is locked.

  • Lock Inventory is even easier. You click on it, enter your pin / secret code and your account password and your entire inventory is blocked.

  • Blocked storage is equivalent to blocked stock. You click on it, enter your pin / secret code and your account password and your entire storage is locked.

While the items, inventory or store is locked, you cannot buy or sell items, add blues to your items, use globals, use guild stores, drop items or gold, use items or stones, accept the exchange - apply for or approve, open a stand. If you want to get rid of the item lock, open the window and click on "Item Lock", enter the slot ID to unlock an individual item, or if you have blocked your inventory / storage, please click Unlock inventory / storage.

Gallery 7

Team Members Online

Searching for help on our server? That 'll be easy since we've added a window where you can see all teammembers. This should give you a fairly easy way to contact someone of us. Also we're all english speaking. So please always contact us in the english language, after that we can figure out what language we'll be using to communicate.

Schedule Event Window

Events are an important part of the game. They provide variety and fun. But it sucks to time them or look at the homepage when the next events start. We wanted to give you the opportunity to see it in the game when the next event starts. We have added an event window that is basically the same as the title memory window, except that it contains information. Press the button, search for your event and close it again. Simple, isn't it?

  • Beta Patch #1

  • Beta Patch #2

  • Beta Patch #3

  • Beta Patch #4

Thanks for coming by and reading our Topic. We hope to see you on the server soon and have a blast. As we've promised you in the thread we'll always give our best to satisfy you. So if you're missing something don't be scared to speak it out and disguss it with us. See you on the Server. Shall the best one be rememberd.

Don't forget to press thanks if you liked it ��
Hydrus Crew

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Good luck Time to read the features!
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I will join
#reserve but the glow of moon is ugly
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Good Luck =)
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Good luck
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+1 indeed for glows, make it original plx
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Yes! I'm so happy to be a part of this amazing project! I'll do my best to prove myself as a Supporter here.
For any questions feel free to DM me on discord.
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I don't prefer chin/euro servers because no one can balance it no matter how hard you try, anyway best of luck seems interesting tho
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Nice Keep it Up
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Your website doesn't contain a backlink, you should consider adding it before you submit your thread.

#Closed (once it's added you can notify us)
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yeah, the backlink was added indeed

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Have taken a long break from sro. Now I feel like backing again - hopefully this server will get full!
Love good old times.
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Closed Thread

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