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anti scam tips

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anti scam tips

Anti-Scam Tips

These tips have been submitted by players to help protect others from scammers in RuneScape.


Anti-Scam Tips

A|Chronic24|lv119|A - To save yourself from keyloggers, download Ad-Aware, SpyBot S&D, Norton, and all the protection you can. Also use Mozilla FireFox instead of Internet Explorer. This will help save you against viruses, trojans, keyloggers, and other bad programs. But remember, this doesnt make you invincible. Never download autoers or third-party software.
Bojangles - I again stress on "do not get a boyfreind or girlfriend" tip above. I was just scammed because I gave her my password. Which was the stupidest thing I could have ever done, EVER!!! She got onto my account and changed my password so u couldn't get on. I wish that she would give it back. I had full mith and mith scimitar. OHHHH IT MAKES ME MAD!!!
Ukkopekka17 - Hello everyone. I have some tips to no scam.1. Never tell your password.No one need it except you!
2. Don't tell answers of recovery questions even to your friends. They could be scams.
3. If someone player in Runescape says he is working in Jagex, Don't believe. Do yoy really think the game-creators paly in there huh?
4.Don't believe this:''Oh, i could get your levels up if You tell your pass'' That's rubbish! He only cahnge your password! Ok, that's enough. But if you remember these, your acconut won't be scammed!
Erick Diaz - If you dont want to be scammed then you should first know what players can do and not do with items.1.Don't give armor to people who say that they will trim armor.Armor CANNOT be trimmed.2.Don't trade anything that is very valuable and the other player will be tempted to keep.3.Dont give armor to people that say that they need your armor for a quest because they can be lying and after 1 minute when you finally found out that you were scammed it will be too late you cant report the player.4.Don't scam yourself or..Well...You will get reported and banished.
Woofo7 - Hi Sal! Ur site rox! Anyway, my tip is that u should first do the knights sword quest to get up ur smithing and then work ur way up to lvl 33 in smithing so u can make iron pl8 bodys. Go and mine at least 1000 iron and smelt into iron bars. Then go and make 10 of each pl8skirts, pl8legs, pl8 bodys & full and medium helms. Then go up and sell female and male iron sets for 500gp each! You will rake up sales and u will get very rich in no time at all. U can also sell for more than 500gp to get more. Think about it, selling 10 sets for 500gp each means 5k!!!! If u choose this tip u get lots of cash plus lots of xp!!!! Good luck with ur smithing!!!!
Frankie - Anyone that claims they need your items/password to do something special, ex: trimming armour, free herb identifing, cutting gems. It is all scames!
Darkqueen66 - hii!!!! when if some guy ask ur password to become u a Member!!! do nottttt trust himmm he is TOTALY a scammer!!!!! one guy ask me my pass to do that....luckly i always ask my friend before i make deals....!!thanx to god!!! im lvl was in 46 in that friend was scammed in this way...PLZ BE CAREFULL
Nmon67 - yo sal! sweeeeeeeet site! anyway if someone asks for your password and they say they are jagex staff dont beleive them! the actual staff members have a little crown thingy next to their name. if someone justs adds u on friend and says they are a staff member and ask for your password,DON'T BELIEVE THEM!(jagex will never do that mainly because they already know your password)or it may be a friend playing tricks.
Dragon B Axe - hey again... i know this tip might sound wierd but never get a bf\gf on runescape. First of all, its not necessary, and usually its not a true relationship. What the bf\gf usuallt tryes to do is get items off of u. I had a gf nad she kept sayin i was mean since i wouldnt let her try my sara kite on, and i let her try my rune kite on and she dumped me keeping my rune kite.
Metatag - Always know what you're doing, for anything, and never hire a stranger to bodyguard you. I didn't know where the sewer key for Demon Slayer was, so I just jumped down the manhole, went the wrong way, told someone I'd give them 200 gp (never throw amounts like that around, either) if they would protect me from spiders and skellies, while leading me to the key. He said "Easy, follow me," led me into a group of red spiders and laughed just before I died. Luckily I put my good stuff in the bank.
Geogestium - everyone, please dont ever go to any websites offered when looking up runescape cheats because they are all none working and usually require your account and password to what they say as "work" but they are really scamming you. Also, never give your password to someone even if a name pops up like prizewin0, 1, or 2( those are real runescape scammers, they stole my name, snooppoop22).
Hawk11 - Hey everyone. My tip: don't trust people who say they will help you with a quest that involves you fighting something with a high level. For example, I was getting ready to do dragon slayer (i was level 49 then) and was in the maze to get the second map piece, and this high level (76 i think) guy was just hanging around and asked me if I needed help with the demon downstairs because it was level 70-something. (You have to get the second map piece after you kill him.) I said "okay, fine you can help me" and he followed me downstairs and then watched me die (wearing rune legs, rune chain, full rune helm, and r2h.) He didn't help me - he just watched me be killed by the demon and took my stuff. SO DON'T ALWAYS TRUST PEOPLE WHO SAY THEY WILL HELP YOU UNLESS THEY ARE SOMEONE YOU REALLY KNOW YOU CAN TRUST!!!
Huggable Bear - To prevent Scams upon u:
1.first off, always look at confirmation screen
2.if someone is selling or buying something at an extremely high/low price, it might be too good to be true.
3.If someone lvl 5 or lower want to trade u something rare, It is probably a scam, the main file makes a new file so they dont have to fear of being banned.
Me da bom 4 - hi sal here is a few things to watch out for in a trade people can switch items very fast. watch out for mith items in stead of rune if you are buying rune. bones in stead of big bones.
and triming amour.amour cannot be trimmed the only way to get it is buy doing a treasure trail.
and a tip to all tou scammers DONT SCAM its just another way to get you banned!
Bert - scamers are everywhere!!! if they say anything like "free aromor trimming" or "wilderness drop party", not beleave them!!! noone can trim armor and i sincerly doubt that a high lvl player that says drop party in wilderness will actually be telling the truth and not kill u.just trying to help.bye
Dragon b Axe - ok, here is the scam of how i lost my full sara armor. 1 guy came up to me and said, would u like 2 b in my clan??? i said, ok.(the guy had full zammy on) he said id have to pass a test. then a guy came with a santa hat on. the zammy guy said that the santa guy will do the test first. he said, ok, give me the santa. they traded, and then the zammy guiy showed me the santa. the 2 traded again, and he put the santa on. so he said to me, ok, give me ur full sara and ill give it back. i gave it 2 him.(i know, what was i thinking?) and he logged out. i bet the 2 were frends, and they got my sara. My advice-DO NOT GIVE PPL UR ARMOR!!!!!!!
Robwillemsen - Dont thrust people in the coblin camp when u need to follow them to the chaos temple. They will ask you to drink from the wine and increase your combat skills. what happens: you will lose a lot of ur combat skills, the door closes and all the monks start attacking you(especially dangerous for beginners, i lost a blackfull longsword there)
PinkFloydBoy - my first tip on the great site. thx for this sal.ok. here it goes. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS FREE TRIMMING! PPL WHO SAY THAT THEY WILL TRIM FOR FREE WILL TAKE UR ARMOUR AND LOG OFF! they r losers who don't play fair. i hope this helps all of u so u don't get scammed. the only way to get trimmed armour, is by doinng the treasure trail. u can't trim armour urself.
read all of the security tips, they help a lot. u may not think u need too, but they do. not only can ur account or armour get taken, but ur computer can get taken too.
Davef9 - Dont trust people saying that they need help killing stuff in the wildy. I lost full steel by trusting someone who said this
Obyenba - Watch out for "Kill me" scam in low-level wilderness areas. If someone of a similar level asks to be killed because they "Want to get to Lumby"....don't do it! They want you to get the skull over your head (so you'll lose ALL items) and then they'll hit you with a surprise attack that can kill you quick. I've seen this trick a couple times in the Edgeville dungeon while collecting herbs....
Ezar the God - Hi there. If anyone ever says oh, can I have your pass to see who hacked you, DONT GIVE IT TO THEM!! This happened to my bro and I. I was hacked, I gave my pass to this guy and I lost the file alltogether. and my bro almost lost his file from the same thing. Also, if your hacked, and you cant get your file back, you must do the secret questions. MAKE SURE YOU RIGHT THEM DOWN BEFORE HAND WHEN YOU MAKE THEM!! Whenever u change them right them down!! I didn't and couldn't remember them so I lost my file.
cheers, ezar.
Mooindogs900 - people try to get your password by saying you cant type it. its a trick when you type your password it pops up and they have your password and screename
Rooks - People that say "Free armour trimming!", don`t give your armour to them, you can`t trim armour! They try to steal your armour!
Knight 747 - Never trust any1 in the wild that says " do u want to be on my team"
Zantier - If you see someone offering a large amount of gp for something that clearly isnt worth it, be cautious. ALWAYS CHECK THE CONFORMATION OF THE TRADE!!!! Most people just click accept on it without looking but if you just look at what it says then that will save you from alot of possible scams.
Tyler - If someone asks you if you want to bring your lv. up by typing your password three times without spaces or in any other ways dont do it just report them
K0shi Rikd0 - Runescape players(espeacily high level people), should watch out fot this scam.During the game, someone will add u and say "hello, im a jagex staff member.....or Engish/French or somehtinhg like that. They will make up something u did like scamming or swearing and say to many ppl reported u, and that they need your name and password to see if u did,DONT TELL THEM!, jagex staff never askes for your password, its even on the website it says that.But these ppl usely go for ppl over lvl 60, ive known lots of ppl that feel for this scam, 1 lvl 86, and 1 with drag helm ,shield and B axe. So if this happens, report them imediantly.
Smily22 - If you are ever trading a player and they are trading with notes watch out! I payed 10k for a iron long sword by accident because i didn't examine the note. He said he was selling rune long.(they look the same on note)
Freakyvl - always double check at the second part of a trade. As note form items are blurry and hard-to-see, it can fool players. my frend was buying a rune b axe but got an iron one instead all cuz he didn't check. so check n b careful of those scammers
Nmon67 - well u see anybody sayin sellin dragonfire shields 1k each! do not i repeat do not trust them! 1. they are only worth like 10gp!
2. they kinda stink after all they stink against everything except dragons which is only for the fire breath!
if u ever see poeple say sellin bunny ears or scyth do not trust! they are not tradable. if they say they will drop it dont trust them it will never appear and even if they are stupid enough to drop it they will lose it because it will disappearfor them but then again they can get it back at thellissa in varrock. anyway never trust dropp trades of any kind what so ever! unless the person is in ur house and u see them dropp it except for scyth or bunny ear! and somone else might grab it so be qiuck!
Pie229 - NEVER FOLLOW ANY ONE IN TO THE WILDERNESS here is a list of things they might say:
1. i want to show you my team
2. i want to give you free gold and my favorite bank is out here
3. ill be your body guard
so remember dont follow pkers or any one else in to the wildy!
Cool - Never mistake a long sword with an other while they are in notes.this guy said he would trade rune long for addy legs!then he said no.then he said ok and i never thought to read the second warning thingy.and instead of haveing rune long,i had iron long.
Super Cool - Do not take advice of people of the game like how much does this item cost they lie then buy it of u then sell it twice the price
Don`t give you`re armour to people who say trimming armour it is not possible you can get it from tresure trails but you cannot do it yourself
Chronos Elf - NEVER trust people that say things like, free armor triming, free gem cutting, free axe fixing or something. i once trusted a guy to fix my rune axe, he took it and ran, i followed him and then he said he would give it back if i came with him, he took me into the wilderness and said he will get me an axe there, he killed me there and got my 21k and all my good items.
BlackHawk - Well guys yo becareful i bought a rune sword for 20k but i realised i couldnt sell i met this guy who would buy for a rune long but i was rushing to fast i didnt realise i was actually trading a rune sword for a iron long (*in a note which makes hard to tell differance*) so alwasy check what you getting in second screen plus always right click the item so you make sure
Imstillanoob - If you ever feel you cant advance a level and go on google looking for hacks, DONT!!! I did that and put my password and got hacked. I was a level 72 or 71. NEVER GIVE YOUR PASSWORD TO ANYONE OR SAY IT DURING THE GAME
Faychii - never trust people that want to see your account.They just want to hack you.Even if its a friend dont trust them.If they ask tell them that u don't wanna get hacked in a nice way.Today i got hacked by a friend.Never trust anyone on sharing accounts unless your friend says you can have there account.
Anorectic - If there's a guy who says " Free trimming" - DONT TRUST THAT GUY! never ever give your armor to those guys!
Rs Ranger - DO NOT beleive people who say they can trim armour for free or for a price they just take your armour and log out. (trust me its happened to me before) Also people say they can cut gems and really they cant! only give your gems to cut to people you trust!
Lord Salek01 - NEVER share an account. someday, you will work that person up to a higher level and your "freind" may steal your account so Dont Do It
Onniris - NEVER trust someone who offers to guard you when mining in da wildy! (i lost my full addy when my body guard killed me)
Ashish - dont get scammed rune scimmers are only around 30k to 35k
Sir Konfuzed - another thing is scammers...
if you are trading with someone and they offer a good price or item they can quickly take it away after you accept ( it must be some type of bug ) but when the final choise comes up make sure you double check what you want is there... i didnt do this and i lost a disk of returning... watch out!
Sangu - HEY: MITH LOOKS VERY SIMILAR TO RUNE IF U PUT IT IN NOTES. This is very important, and make sure u don't get scammed. i lost 14k buying a mith pic that i thought was a rune pic b/c they looked VERY similar. always double click it to make sure.
Red Kerrin - If you are new or been there for a long time remember when you see a person advertising free trimming. THERE IS NO SUCH THING!!! NONE so don't be fooled and don't get scammed.
Jewcrew92 - hey new players if any one says "if u drop any item or even money and the npress alt f4 it duplicates" don't try it because 1 alt f4 ato maticly logs out and if u drop a item the person will take it but the good thing jagex made is that it that when u drop an item it takes a while before another player can take it because only u ca nsee it no one else ca n so u could hopefully either log back on and write the guys account name and report him/her or get ur item back before he takes it good luck
Sum41Freeek - Unidentified herbs are bought by all potion makers. Some of them may ask you to give them the herbs so they can identify them, then tell you which ones they want to buy. 99.9% chance its a scam. Its rare to find someone nice enough to do that.
Jonno Wassup - If some one tries to sell you colored gloves for high prices dont buy it, its actuallly worth 640 gp in members world. WASSUP WASSUP LOL
Zane - If you see ppl offering high prices for a Santa or rune like 200k, try to do it but too notice the trade condition at the last step, if you don't you might be scammed in the trade...
If you got scammed in a trade, report it immediately in 60sec or you wont have a chances to see the person get banned.. this means he will get away with it...
Tim - In a Trade screen watch a large amount of money carefully there is a way that the other player can take a 0 off of an amount of money making it a less amount.
Bob f it - PASSWORDS NOT TO HAVE: "password" and "computer" are far too easy to guess for hackers. Try to have something completely random e.g. "poopscoop" or "bushonwmd" numbers and capitals are a big help too e.g. "sk8tER80Y"
Acue1 - if you wanted to buy a rune 2h and some guy said I sell rune 2h don't let them fool you into thinking your getting a rune 2h by offering a rune 2h then they click decline like 5 times and then they say ''I gtg hurry'' then they will offer you a mith 2h and u put up 45k and don't read what your getting and u lose 42k this happened to me when I was buying a Rune Scimmy this applies with any rune weapons or iron and steel
Pyro213 - if someone says that they can raise your skill lvl and ask for your password don't do it ok.
Ali - Remember, don't trust anyone, not even people you have became friends with in the game, don't give them your stuff!
Achiles X - Hey dudes! remember me? I'm Lord Oorick. I got hacked and is stuck with this dam lev 10 account. I'm here to tell u 1 method of not getting hacked: if a dude (or a gal) tellz u that Jagex aint let u say ur password anymore, its a lie! they expect u to say ur password to try it out.
Rider Casey - For new players, many guys will say they will lead u 2 3 caves with treasure up in the wilderness. Don't listen 2 them, unless u want 2 die like I did.
Paul - Recently some member items have become available on FTP, don't be scammed.
Green Dragon Armour is only 10k.
Oak Long Bow is only 50gp.
Steel and Iron arrows are 1.5 and 2 times the price of bronze, respectively.
Don't buy anything if you aren't sure your paying a reasonable price!
Dark Light A - If you're new to the game, don't trust anyone going too far north. They might be leading you into the wilderness to kill you!
One Big Tipper - If you want to stay away from hacking and other things of that nature then DO NOT try to download any auto miners stat duplicators, etc. You should also download an ad-aware a good website to get a free ad-aware download. it is download the free ad-aware blocker. (Keeps people from downloading something onto your computer so that they can get your password and other stuff).
aragorn-55: Don't be fooled by scammers! if they say change ur password, to allrune or summin don't! there are no cheats at all in RuneScape!
If someone says I have enchanter that will change all ur armour into rune! don't give ur armour to them they will still it! there is no such thing as an enchanter!
Tom: Never do a drop trade even if its for an item that cant be traded regularly (bunny ears , scythe, etc.) My friend lost his 500k like this: some guy made a good deal 500k for a scythe and he said pay first because you cant trade regular so my friend payed and never got the scythe. Thats a way not to get scammed.
AllStarPro2 - If someone ever asks you to join their clan, and they send you a toolkit, REJECT IT. They are sending you a Trojan virus, which allows other people to steal your password and eventually your whole account!
Hot Gothic - Some people will say do you want full rune or 100k or something stupid like that. They're gonna say "want full rune or something like 100k all you do is change your password to money or fullrune." DON'T! And then they say "ok now press alt and f4" DON'T it X's out of RS.
Nam Macs - if someone says they will give you money or anything by getting on your file say no! if they want to upgrade or enchant your armor, say no! if someone says to drop and item and press alt f4 or something like that, say no! these are all scams designed to make noobs lose money.
OneInsaneGuy - Work for your own, having other people do your work will just get your account taken. there are no such things as Stat Editors, Level Changer, Item Duplicator (etc.) so don't fall for scams. RuneScape also told you NOT to give out your password, some people will say "If you type your pw, it will turn up like this *****"
Dolfo - When you trade with someone after you click accept on what you are wanting, check what you are getting and think again if you really want this click accept an then Yey! You just got a bronze sword! (joke)
Sketchy1991 - oh yeah never download any auto programs they can steal your account and hack into your computer.

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