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Barrows Guide

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Barrows Guide

This is MY STRATEGY for those of you who are more experienced in combat with the barrows mini game and are stronger than the average joe.


-Having completed the Myreque quests up to "In Aid Of The Myreque" and having completed "Nature Spirit" quest for a "so called quick and free prayer charge" NOTE: these are only recommendations.

-Runescape Membership is required.

~~*Food*~~, Sharks are the best bet if you can fish and cook them, otherwise buying them will seriously cut into your net profit. Tuna Potatoes are fine (very long time to make) and so are curry stews (get some spice from ardougne)

~~*Stats*~~- 55 Slayer:This is going to be your best friend in the barrows as the magic dart spell is quick, accurate, and effective against the barrows Brothers Armour. You dont even have to be in mage armour to do great damage and effectively.

55 Mage Higher: this is for casting the slayer dart spell. As stated above very useful. The higher your mage level the more damage inflicted.

Att, Def, Str- over 75 is optimal especially when we get into fighting the brothers without prayer.

50 Plus Prayer
~~*Weapons*~~ Abbysal whip, DDS, Slayer's Staff, 200 deaths and 4 minds for every death rune you take. This should be enough to get you through your run because it sure as hell works for me.

~~*Armour*~~ Believe it or not my armour is very cheap and i get through my runs very fast with a large profit. Back to topic...

Full Initiate or Proselyte armour for a great prayer bonus.

Helmet of Nietiznot- Gives good defence prayer and str bonus.

Torags Legs and Plate- Just for taking out Torag and possibly Guthan and for being able to take a hit after being jumped by a melee brother.

Dragon Hide- I use Blue D Hide Legs and Body, anything above should do wonders. This is strictly for killing Ahrim and defending his magic Attacks.

Boots- Climbing Boots is what i use because it gives a +2 str bonus and a little defence. Rune boots are very pricy but have a nice def bonus.

Gloves- i recommend Recipe for Disaster Gloves at least up to rune. Great defence bonus and great str bonus. MY rune Gloves give me a +6 Str Bonus.

Cape- Skill,Fire, Obby, God, Legends Capes are fine because they all have good def bonus and some give prayer and str bonuses.

Amulet- A fury, Glory are highly recommended for their att and def bonuses. Glory good for a quick emergency escape.

Ring- Berserker, Warrior, Wealth. Berserker and warrior are for those who want to inflict fast and alot of damage. However there are rumors going around that the wealth enhances your loot.

Shield- Obby shield for str bonus is what i use and decent def bonus, Dragon Square has awesome def bonus and a prayer book gives great prayer bonus and can help you in def or att or a balance of both.

Main thing to Understand: what i mean by "taking a sip of prayer pot" means taking 1 dose, in the tunnel or the chambers the only time you really want to use it is if you were stupidly caught off guard or this:

Take you dose only when the purple "face" that appears on your screen vanishes, this maximises the effectiveness of your dose instead of it being drained at a random time. This gives you some control over your battles and will improve your chances of living.
Time to stop beating around the bush and get to the total inventory that i myself find perfect and durable for many many runs.

~~*Wielding*~~ Any of the above listed armour sets. the helm of nietiznot must be on at all times to save space. (your rarely gonna take this off). Slayer Staff. Dont have on the shield unless its a zammy book as it will aid in your mage att bonus and prayer bonus. boots, cape, gloves, Ring, Amulet, Should all be on.

~~*Inventory*~~ your inventory should carry 2 prayer pots. i use 1 full regular and 1 half full with caviar mixed in it. this gives a small hp heal.
The two sets your not wearing in your inventory. Initiate legs and body and dragon hide legs and body NO VAMBS! 4 druid pouches. DDS, 200 deaths and 800 minds, you should have 4 minds for every death. And an Abbysal Whip. A Super attack or Strength potion to a regular att or str potion, or if you want to save more time just a combat potion.
13 sharks or food that heals around 20 hp ea. A SPADE IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY!!! After all this you should have 1 space of inventory left. this is for good measure as it should last for all brothers and getting out of tunnel with some even left to spare.
Ok so now to the strategy of killing The Brothers. Im going in the order of what my route is. Its made for effectiveness and smooth going. The route will go from the most dangerous 2 to the ones that my strategy will work best on.

~~*Dharok The Wretched*~~ #1 North-East Hill

Best way to Kill: Using the slayer dart through and through is best. Protect from prayer is absolutely neccesary as he can kill anyone with 2 hits. Wear initiate armour and you should be fine while casting slayer darts

Notes: Make sure you see him die and dissapear before exiting. If you exit before his death your gonna have to fight him again.
This man Is not to be underestimated under ANY circumstances. Many have died because they didnt want to take that last dose or thought he was dead and turned off there melee protect. His strength and max hit increases as you wound him. He'll max out at 57+ when you think hes just about done.

Why hes Enemy Number 1? using your full beginning prayer is best with full health. It relieves the stress of knowing when to take a dose and when not too. Using this route he shouldn't be any problem at all.

Tunnel Strategy: Keep your eyes peeled whenever you open a door and keep your mouse ready on a piece of food. If he pops up before opening the chest simply exit out the nearest door but make sure you dont get out of his line of sight as he will disappear. Regain your composure take the necessary steps and kill Dharok and claim your prize(s).

~~*Verac the Defiled*~~ #2 North-West Hill

Best way to kill: Use the remaining prayer left over from Dharok and kill him. Watch your hp levels and switch over to Torags if you prayer does run out. Slayer dart and initiate works wonders. Switch To Torags And eqiup your shield to weaken his attacks (somewhat)

Notes: This man Attacks through Prayer and Armour. He has moments when it comes to dealing damage. Keep your eyes on your HP at all times as he can kill you even with prayers on. He'll hit over 23 at times. not too often with protect from melee.

Why He's Number 2 Enemy? His attacks are significantly weakened with melee protections on. Even with with initiate on he might have some trouble hitting you. without prayer which should be 25 or over you will be scrambling between food and prayer doses. He should be number one, but the risk of prayer running out in the battle with Dharok and his notorious K.O. puts him at #2

Tunnel Strategy: Follow the Dharok Tunnel Strategy And you should be fine.

~~*Ahrim The Blighted*~~ #3 Middle Hill

Best way to kill: Use your Strength or Attack potions before entering while still wearing your initiate (maximizes the time you have your prayer activated). Once your prayer has run out of gas, dont panic. Wear your Dragon Hide Armour with your shield. DDS The hell out of him as soon as you see him then finish him with your trusty whip.

Notes: He'll lower your Strength And i think Attack Stats. He maxes out at 20 and he'll hit that or close to it very very often, you dont want to stay in a prolonged fight with him. Keep your eyes on your health at all times.

Why is he number 3? Your DDS Special has been itching to tear some mages apart and heres your chance to get rid of Ahrim quick.

Tunnel Strategy: Wear your Dragon Hide after opening every door and switch to initiate or torags (protects you from the monsters in the tunnels better). Once you see him exit out nearest door and take your pots then DDS him straight to hell and land the finishing move with your whip if necessary.

~~* Torag the Corrupted*~~ #4 South West Hill

Best way to kill? Equip your Torag and your defensive shield and use the Slayer Dart and go to town on his ass. He should be almost no problem but he can max out at 23. Keep your eyes on health as usual.

Notes: Torags Special Attack is next to useless. I frankly have never noticed it as he hits me once every few trips. However, he can at times land major damage so dont underestimate him as with all brothers.

Why Hes Number 4? You might be asking, "If he's so easy why is he number 4 and not number six?" the reason is that it's not because he's very easy but it gives you a chance to clear out a brother while charging up your special attack bonus. Bet you never thought of that as an excuse huh?

Tunnel Strategy: Wear torags and when he jumps you, move over to another door, set your dart to auto cast with your slayer staff equip your shield and kill him, eating whenever necessary.

~~*Guthan The Infested*~~ #5 South East Hill

Best way to kill: Im not sure about you guys but i do have some trouble with him at times. I take a dose wear my initiate and equip the slayer staff set my auto cast to magic dart, protect from melee and attack until your prayer runs out, dont waste a does just switch to your best armour and wear your shield. He may hit you But if he does it might be hard and a chance to heal the damage dealt to you.

Notes: His Special attack allows him to heal by the amount of damage dealt to you while his effect is activated. This can be very annoying and without that head start given to you by the prayer dose your in for a hell of a fight. He's hit me a 23 and healed on it i suggest you protect yourself.

Why is he Number 5? Again its only to charge your special bonus for karil, another reason is that he can be difficult at times so 1 dose should be enough to kill him and fill your bar making it easy to get to the killing.

Tunnel Strategy: Wear Best melee armour at your disposal, once he jumps you just head out set your spells, take your dose of prayer potion as soon as the prayer drain has worn off. Then mage him with your initiate
and switch off to your best melee and kill him while maging all the time.

~~*Karil the Tainted*~~ #6 South Of Ahrims Tomb

Best way to kill? Pot your attack and strength and wear your very best armour. DDS all your special and switch to abbysal Whip to finish him off.

Notes: Karil is dangerous no doubt, thats why taking him out quick is your best bet. He'll constantly hit his max and around it and drain your agility. Nothing special really.

Why is he Number 6? Because after your special Bar on your DDS is full its very easy to take him out. Just follow what you did with Ahrim exept you wear your best armour.

Tunnel Strategy: Once he pops out he'll hit you. only way to protect yourself is to go through a door and pot, use your DDS special to kill him then just use abbysal whip to take him out as usual.

Recommended Kill Count: 19
Makes Runs faster and easier, it is rumoured to give you a better chance for an item.

i am scoring a 70k average with just 19 kills. The Loot gets better and better the more runs you do. Using one dose makes me gain around 65k and since im self sufficient on food and i gain runes from the chest itself to cast the spells.
This guide is great for those of you dont feel like using 6 prayer pots a run. which amounts to 48-60k out of your profits :/ this might end up wasting your money instead of gaining it. If you haven't noticed a run using this guide only takes 1 dose. 2 doses at the minimum including the tunnel fights (you dont need to dose if you dont want to, just use your remaining food and dip once you get the loot). the only reason i recommend 6 doses to be carried of prayer pot is because of the slim possiblility of Dharok or Verac in your tunnel. If you happen to have them never let prayer fall below 15.

There is a way to take out verac or any melee brother besides Dharok(if your stupid enough to try it) and thats by trapping them behind a rock or your ladder. Not very convenient but it does work. i dont know if its been fixed or not.

I've made a few million from a few recent runs. Scroing a Verac Skirt and Dharok legs consecutively and gaining over 1.5m in runes in less than a week of barrow runs with the clan.

To recharge your prayer for free instead of chugging a prayer pot just take a long stroll over to the nature spirit altar. It gives 2 extra points when you charge your prayer there. Just dont bring food or bring 1-3 druid pouches to avoid Ghast Lost. For A resupply, having done the "In Aid of the Myreque" to the point where the bank is fixed will allow much much faster resupplys. the way to make it to The bank In Burgh De Rott i suggest you make an escape plan using the cardinal directions that the doors in the tunnels usually take you through. so your going N,W,E,S,E through the tunnel doors to the chest, just return the exact opposite way in reverse. making for quicker trips back to the barrows.
Credits to Emoroxas and his friend for some of the info, Just the Brothers names. This is his guide for those of you who like to be more cautious than usual or want to take a try a shot at it before comitting to this guide.
May you make millions from the barrows and good luck not dieing in the process. This guide is made to maximize your weapons attacks and your armours defence. The plus side is in case of an "accident" you wont lose as much as the next guy. I Hope you guys enjoy this guide.
If you Feel like there should be any changes made to this guide feel free to post it and i'll fix it right away.
Again another re-post of my prvious work with the lack of guides coming up.
Finnagon's Recommendation's and "Advice"
Recommended Equipment
- Full Ahrims with a Slayer Staff
- Mystic Boots
- Barrows Gloves
- Amulet of Glory
- Unholy Book
- 1000 Death Runes 4000 Mind Runes
- As much of your favourite food
- A Spade

To anyone who doesn't use Magic Dart, I suggest they should. It's the most effective way to dispose of the brothers. Ahrim the Blighted is a pussy anyway so you could bring a whip along to deal with him, since you're already in one of the best magical defence armour his damage will be greatly reduced.

I also recommend, If you're a noob, bring your best armour and go to barrows so when you die the professionals there can get some better loot and the pleasure of watching a fool get brutalised.

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