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Rappelz Vortex 7.2 ENG/AR/RU/DE

Discussion on Rappelz Vortex 7.2 ENG/AR/RU/DE within the Rappelz Private Server forum part of the Rappelz category.

Old 11/10/2021, 12:27   #31
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Tried for 3 times - still don't get any activation link on email.
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Old 11/11/2021, 07:02   #32
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Originally Posted by Tiestoo View Post
Tried for 3 times - still don't get any activation link on email.
Did you check your spam folder?
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Old 11/12/2021, 00:20   #33

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Originally Posted by ancient2020 View Post
The current and recently opened 7.2 servers (excpet Dom-RZ to an extent) are all custom and all of them are same!! NPCs selling p2w stuff and other things that you should level up and farm for. They speed up the game by increasing rates and applying unnecessary server buffs, some even do this even at lvl 1 imagine logging in as a new player with 4 rows of buffs to fight lvl 1 mobs!!! giving away pet scrolls, 200% potions, stuff, as if its an IPAD farm game XD.

And now this one is a 9.X with custom 7.2 features. if your client isnt original 7.2 you cant call it 7.2.

still waiting.....
i can tell you havent tried our server, or even looked at our discord, so i wont bother replying any further.

Originally Posted by Tiestoo View Post
Tried for 3 times - still don't get any activation link on email.
check your junk/spam folder, sometimes the activation email ends up in the junk/spam folder
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Old 11/12/2021, 13:39   #34
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Originally Posted by Vortex Rappelz View Post
i can tell you havent tried our server, or even looked at our discord, so i wont bother replying any further.
The players whom voice their concerns, such like the gentleman crying on your shoulder, is the type of a person whom, when behind, shreds tears because the rates are low, equipment and other items hardly reachable and a severe lack of boosting buffs. But, in the other hand, when ahead, floods the Sahara because everything is so easy to obtain and progression feels meaningless.

These are the types of players who want to be ahead of others with the minimum amount of effort. Most commonly heard sentence is "but this is a private server, I'm not here to put in an effort".
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Originally Posted by Vortex Rappelz View Post
i can tell you havent tried our server, or even looked at our discord, so i wont bother replying any further.
why should I see your discord when you mentioned all the server's features here on the first page? does it have information different from what is mentioned here? does the server implement features other than what you have said?!

once you mention increased/custom/new from the beginning, then thats it..
no need to see the rest
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Old 11/17/2021, 22:54   #36

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Fresh wipe on beta and official launch date/time has been set.

Official launch on Saturday 20th November at 10:00am GMT, please check discord for further information <3
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Old 11/19/2021, 07:21   #37
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I haven't seen a better 7.2 server in awhile

- the rates are very well tuned so that people won't rush to 155 and get bored
- new content with clean files
- the host is also pretty nice, no delay with my movement
- the classes are actually balanced for once, chaos mage is on par with assassin

quite a few other reasons too but definitely worth trying
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Old 11/19/2021, 09:59   #38
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I like the small changes they have made that make 7.2 more fun without breaking the overall 7.2 nostalgic immersion. From what i was able to see so far in beta makes me optimistic and excited for launch.

Some of the things that made me optimistic from checking out the beta are:

1) The server isnt rushed, beta testing was done over a period of 3 weeks of testing to make sure everything is smooth for launch and no major bugs or exploits exist.

2) Developers were more than willing to change some of the original ideas due to feedback from the players, so it feels like the server is player friendly and not some arrogant dev in his ivory tower dictating his own ideas to everyone.

3) Since so much effort is being put towards making the server sustainable and additions that give players a lot of room to grind and advance along with good previous reputation, it doesnt seem like one of those quickly put up servers that are just looking to exit scam week after launch.

4) In game systems and changes to the original game make the experience while playing more engaging with ability to hunt monsters that spawn around the whole map in order to receive a world buff, which is a fun way to explore rappelz world without it becoming Hori-HV-Dungeon sandbox experience rather makes the world more engaging and nostalgic.

5) Class Balance - I was able to witness first hand the amount of time and attention to detail that went into balancing every single class, not just by itself but every single combination was tested in PvP in order to make every class viable and skill being the only determinant for winning.

6) Quality of life changes - Mainly the inventory fix and and the use of modern UI solved a lot of issues we are used to in old 7.2, one click to convert all the essences, gear and cube not disappearing on every enhancements, wasd movement and many more

Finally, im glad that there are some changes to the original 7.2 which for the first time made me want to take it slow and learn new mechanics rather than rush to r7 and pvp. The changes are small but the effect they have on the whole world can be felt, all that without removing the nostalgia and that feeling of playing on a 7.2 server which we all love. There is more than 1 viable way to play the game, weather you want to kill monsters or gather flowers it feels like you have a choice while always knowing you are playing the 7.2.

These are some things that make me excited about trying out this server at launch, and i hope others join as ultimately its the players who make the server fun to play.
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Old 11/19/2021, 19:47   #39
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Tomorrow this server will launch and after a bunch of beta testing I can share some of my impressions of Vortex so far:

The Discord Server is very helpful to get quick information. There are separate en/ar/ru sections, which offers a platform for the whole player base on one discord.

Devs have been quite responsive and open minded, willing to adjust based on player feedback.

The Server itself is very clean with great visuals, tidy inventory, lots of neat stuff like e-pet and skill card stacking, enchanting with spacebar, Fast Sell NPC with many options, upgradable BuffScroll, AutoTab working flawlessly, lot of QoL things available like Dungeon Teleporter and many others.

BaseStats you get from JobLevels can be distributed manually, so e.g. Mages can chose to not take any Str at all and put those extra points somewhere else.

On their Forum they posted some useful Guides on how certain stuff works. For example, their own -- actually really dope - SpeedPotion System.

Every weekend there is an event active, randomly chosen from a pool of different ones.

The Devs' goal really seems to be to make any classes viable and none too strong edging out other playstyles. I liked that a lot personally. They spent a lot of time and effort on finding balances and I am certain they will keep balancing after launch if anything turns out underwhelming or overpowered.

My personal highlights from Beta are probably the "Iron Guards, Lv1 Field Monsters that are spread out over the whole continent, which drop one of several world buffs.
It was really cool exploring the map and discovering areas we had never have seen before and some players spent hours scouting every corner of the map because they enjoyed it so much.

Overall Vortex as a server and the community so far really made me feel comfortable and it was very enjoyable playing together with others.

Maybe you are interested and want to join the launch tomorrow, it for sure is more fun together.
See you there 😊
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Old 11/20/2021, 05:04   #40

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Vortex server launched and has over 120 active players daily. come join the fun guys
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Old 11/24/2021, 01:40   #41
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So far so good server . The staff is working hard , fixing problems really fast and also they are adding new things every day. There is a lot of future content comming up to us. I think this is the best pserver i have ever played (no they didn't pay me to say this).

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Old 11/24/2021, 10:21   #42
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Server is fun, but it's not a 7.2. Alot of added feature, soloing in dungeon is easy with buffs. Sadly cashshop is there, and what's in the shop IG is rather expensive.
This is not an old school experience but still worth a try.
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Old 11/25/2021, 19:34   #43
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Great server so far,good amount of ppl.Community is active in the discord channel and helps a lot with the development and progression of the server.The admins are always active testing/balancing stuff nonstop they always listen to the communities opinions. Most the items in the CS are cosmetic you can farm/find all the items you need while playing .The admin are currently working on new future content and npcs. Most of the custom stuff dont affect the game that much. We have new dungeon bosses + the old once, pvp is quite active, players with all kinds of levels so you can easily find like a duo/trio even a party and solo is also available but not that efficient.Come join us and bring new ideas to the further development of the server.Nobody is forcing you to play,come try it if you dont like it you can always leave, DONT forget to bring your friends along the ride

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Old 12/04/2021, 11:19   #44
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Month #1 Patch Notes

- increased SB pet's buffs time from 30 mins to 1 hour

- To get the Ursa points from the 1 hour active system , the character must be 50+

- Increased barbarian rage to 25 minute buff with a 20 minute base cooldown

- Reduced the price of r7 t1-t2 helmets

- increased kaia lake's mobs exp and drop rate.

- R5, R6 and R7 shards have been added to the Guild Shop NPC located in the Guild Zone

- Toa, Tols, Toe Hardmode dungeons monsters respawn time has been increased to 2 minutes

- Sanc and below Hardmode dungeons monsters respawn time has been increased to 3 minutes 30 seconds

- Ice maiden monster in kaia lake now has normal drops

- increased Dungeon cores and connectors HP massively

- PK can no longer be turned on in Moon, Lost mine, Crystal Valley, Palmir Plateau and Sanctuary Normal dungeons

- Christmas snowman event now spawns different monsters based on player base levels, this should allow low levels and high levels to find monsters

- Increased guild buff to 2h

- Anti Macro system reworked and made a little more lenient

- added advanced soul catalyst to lvl 2 guild shop

- Reduced lak needed to remove soulstone from item down to 50k lak

- Reduced the guild block reset price to 300mil

- Fixed most Deutsch/Russian empty strings

- reduced the cd of Shining Buster to 90 secs

- ss gives 500 stamina once used

- Added lvl 3 Barbarian rage skill to battle huna

- Blinding Shot : increased blind chance to 45%

- added weapon shards (+patk / matk) to the merchant..

- fixed issue with toa mobs hp and damage, back to default.

- added 50, 100 CS Cards to shop

- Fixed SH AOE bug, now correctly hits only 4 targets, damage returned back to full

- updated monster kill rewards, guide/information coming soon

- Fixed return scroll

- Unfortunately we have made Resurrection scroll default it caused too many issues and bugs

- New lak items being introduced this week, which allow you to transfer lak from warehouse back to necklace, and one that automatically transfers to warehouse when your necklace becomes filled

- custom titles created which will be given out in events to come

- r5/r6 drop in farming areas fixed

- added 5% attack speed and 5% cast speed to wings

- adjusted priest heals slight reduced healing

- added altered pieces (permanently available in the shop ) and gmfb to cs store.

- added gen point vendor

- reduced DoT damage of Piercing arrow

- reduced guild zone feature prices to 500m

- change starter cash from 5 mil to 1 mil

- Now you're able to hit the targets petrified by Druids' skils.

- Changed the pp Koala spawn points.

- reduced the pets' potion creation skills cast time by 50%

- Reduced the price of lucky pot , and the mirror and amplifier chip at npc

- Buffed octo Buff and Nerfed siren buff

- Increased touch of godess's cd 2 mins

- disabled field mobs debuffs (stun , fear ..etc)

- Increased Autoattack damage by 20% (PvE)

- increased physical skills dmg by 10% (PvE)

- Increased Archer , Champion , Evoker , Soldier PVE damage

- Adjusted the quest-exp bonus.

- Materia system added, kill bosses gain materia and trade for items

- Favoritism of BP: Cooldown will be reduced now by 4.5 seconds per Skilllevel instead of 10

- changed Pillar-Quest of Red Farm:
-> places are not skipable anymore
-> when "failing" at Sirens Island, you will only be warped one step back instead to red Farm

- changed the dual weapon passive, so their p.atk-boost is reduced, and accuracy is increased a bit

- gen point system added, players get a random amount between 5 - 50 gen points per hour

- Bloodthirst has been balanced, weaker at lower levels

- Buff scroll shows the level requirement needed to level scroll

- on level up rewards empty strings patched

- Energy bomb skill has been balanced

- shadow hunter dusk style and burning style now apply the correct buff

- reduced Wild stream dot

- reduced fireball dot

- added colossal int stone to the hori npc

- reworked altar drops

- Buffs from characters' durations has been increased to 1h , default time increases per skill level

- added Healthy Altered Piece,Rapid Altered Piece,Spiritual Altered Piece to main npc

- New deco available in deco merchant

- Dragon Bosses of ToA,ToLS,ToE now drop special sewing kits.

We still have so much planned for you guys, class balance wave #2 will be coming shortly as long as more PvP events and a new dungeon
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as far as i remember there was the only one knight in previous project this servers"community manager" "administrated" during beta only and it was called out broken class because of 9.1 sourcecode(with 9.1 source and removed masterclasses to assimilated 7.2 which wasnt any close).
from reading discord news i realise that people who said knight is broken can't actually play it somehow themselves nor anyone bothering to play the class itself(so the knight becomes not broken but completely useless class)?
strange assumption but i smell an incompetence towards experience of players you marked as competent and experience to take decisions, how ever watching some of their class representations i only realised they dont know what they're doing(this includes pve)-people are hesitating and keeps thinking when to press which skills or when to click skills shortkeys to play it right.
hesitation of when to use what and doubting your own abilities means players are incompetent to play it. so there is no reason of saying something is broken if you can't perform the same as someone did in minorities.
what i already saw done in updates of discord: 50% knight/soldier skill damage increase in both-pvp and pve(without changing damage multiplier), then people still complained they're incapable of using the class, now they want to boost it even further. whats the point, if they can't play the class, the just wont be able play it unless you made it broken completely(not to mention damage increase in knight soldier attack skills also holy warrior's was done during the beta phase-but they still werent performing well with the class in its possible peak numbers, the problem is the class beeing broken of the players who picks it and can't play)?
most of staff members/administrating team i can clearly see now are just in denial and completely self delusional and don't want to change that.
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rappelz, rappelz 7.2, rappelz 7.2 server, rappelz private, rappelz private server

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