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[Vote] Which epic you want to play?

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Epic 3

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i say epic 3 or 4, they were by far the best of them all. epic 3 was just so challenging and required good parties to succeed in getting anywhere, and sorcs were OP
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B epic 4 here

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epic 3 or epic 4
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e3 <3
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Epic 4! Best one ever
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Epic 3 / Epic 4 best times in rappelz
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epic 4
i die in nostalgia
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A) Epic 3
B) Epic 4
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Epic 3 is the best ever show the true pro from the noops players gived almost all classes the equality to prove them silves add to that the team work was importent to sucses in training not to mintion the pet was still have agreat deal if u have one <3
I HOPE I find Epic 3 server if anyone know one plz pm with the link
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Epic 3 most definitely but if you can't Epic 4 for sure.
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Currently epic4 is been working on, it will not be released anytime soon.

Hello kreminis, good to see you back!

yes, iam about to make one. but epic 4 - i dont like the epic 3 release notes :

New Content:
* Populated the Forgotten Portal with monsters. Monster levels will range from 26-44.
   -Added a new monster: "Frog"

* A new copy of each dungeon has been added. This brings the total number of dungeons up to 4. Each is a separate instance of the dungeon and has a separate entrance within the area.

* 2 more faces have been added to each race & sex.

Updated Mini-Map:
* The NPC icons on the mini-map will not display whether they have a quest.

* NPCs will be shown at the edge of the mini-map.

* If you mouse-over the name of the mini-map an expanded view of the area will appear as long as your mouse remains over the name.

* If you click on the mini-map an expanded view of the area will appear until you click on the mini-map again.

* User can now adjust the transparency of the mini-map.

New Chat System
* Removed the whisper chat box.
* Users will now be able to use the command "Name Message to send a whisper.

* Players can now click on other players names' in the chat window in order to send a private whisper.
* Users can use the up and down arrow keys to cycle through previously whispered characters.

Guild Rejoin Rules Changed:
* After leaving a "Normal" guild or a Dungeon owning guild; users can rejoin the previous guild immediately.
* After leaving a "Normal" guild; users can create a guild immediately.
* After leaving a "Normal" guild; users can join a Dungeon owning guild immediately.
* After leaving a Dungeon owning guild; users cannot rejoin another guild for 7 days after leaving the previous guild.
* Fixed a bug where users who left a guild could not create guilds after 7 days.

Gameplay Changes:
* Equippable and consumable Item Shop items are now tradable. Timed items such as the Hidden Village Pass are not tradable.

* The attack speed of all players have increased.
      -Attack speed of weapons has been increased.
      -Attack speed of monsters has been increased to balance the changes.

* Some skills have had their cast time reduced.

* Attack power of some weapons has been increased.

* Base Crit Rate increased from 3% to 6%.

* 3 Crit Rule added. After a player crits the next 2 attacks have a higher chance to crit.

* Prices of all weapons and armor has been lowered.
   -Upgrade prices by blacksmiths has been reduced.

* EXP and JP rates have been significantly increased.

* The character's attack animations have been changed. (This has already been implemented)

* Attack effects have been changed.

* The starting location and starting guides locations have been adjusted to make it easier for new players.

* The method to whisper has changed. You can now type: "name message in order to whisper to a player. You can also click on their name in the chat window to automatically whisper them.

* Users will no longer receive an HP/MP penalty by using the ! chat. Instead there will be a period where users cannot send messages.

* Drop rate of all quest items increased.

* Item drop rates have been increased.

* Changed the spear animation for Deva males.

* Number of monsters required to complete certains quests has been reduced.

* Trainee's island: The number of boss monsters has been lowered to complete quests.

User Interface Changes:
* Users may now only run 1 instance of Rappelz at a time.
* The loading screen images have changed.
* The Rappelz Logo has changed.
* Item names in the chat window will vary in color based upon their rank. (This has already been implemented.)
* Log-In and Character Select windows have been changed.
* Changed the UI so that 2 hotbars will be visible at all times.

Bug Fixes:
* New characters will no longer be teleported off of the Trainee Island upon reaching level 5.

* If a character is a guild leader he/she may not be deleted.
* If you log out with your pk tag on you will now log back in with the pk tag on.
* Boss monsters will now drop items during the Raid Time Attack.
* The cool down timers will now show in 2 units (Days & Minutes for example.)
* When a player logs out and logs back in the cool down guage for skills on the hotbar will be accurately displayed.
* If a user deletes a character, that character will leave any party or guild they might be in.
* Fixed some text concerning Godzilla.
* When a guild member's information changes, it will be updated in the guild window.
* Fixed creatures' passive skills.
* Quest details will be updated properly.
* Fixed some problems when your character has equipment that does not match the Recommended Level.
* Fixed a bug with equipping a creature card on your belt.
* Fixed a bug where battle parameters were not increased when raising some passive skills.
* Fixed some issues with the ATI Radeon X graphics card.
* Fixed a bug where users whose Rappelz crashed and were forced to close Rappelz via the Task Manager would get the "Your account already logged in" error.

Misc. Changes
* Boss Worm Piranha spawn time reduced to 1 minute.
* The models for the Crustalino and Likirus bosses have been improved.
* The model for the Taranida summon has changed.
* Rank 4 Asura Magician armor updated.
* Adjusted some skills cooldown timer.
* Modifications have been made to help prevent system performance lag.
* Reduced the number of trees in certain areas to help prevent system performance lag.
* Adjusted the graphics for the Asura Female dagger attacks.
* Misc changes to increase server stability
epic4 was a little bit more sorted out, and epic3 was kind-off a mess ^^

for the record here's the epic 4 release notes :

1. Updated the lobby
- Changed Server Select Screen
- Changed Character Selection Screen
- Changed Class Selection Screen

2. Updated the Trainee's Island.
- The geography has been changed
- The initial quests have been changed

3. Socketing System has been added.
- You can now socket Soul Stones into your equipment.
- Soul Stones add stats to your equipment.
- There are 3 grades of Soul Stones and multiple Ranks.
- You can not add two Soul Stones that effect the same stat to one piece of equipment.
- If the Soul Stone is too high of level then you do not get the bonus
- Socketed equipment uses up Soul Power and needs to be recharged with Lak

4. A Donation System has been added.
- There are alters at several locations across the world like near towns
- You can donate items at these alters
- Your Morality increases with donating items (ie reduces immorality)
- You can get buffs from the alters if your morality is high enough

5. New Jobchange has been added.

6. Skill trees have changed.
- Some skills have been removed
- You can no longer max out a skill the moment you get it, each level of a skill now has a job level requirement.
- Skill cards associated with some outdated skills have been replaced with new skill cards.

7. New Skill Screen Added.

8. Creatures Updated.
- Creatures rarity type has changed, meaning the old "common" cards will become much more common.
- Pets skill have changed and their previous skills have been unlearned.
- Pets now advance much faster than before.
- Pets are more powerful than before

9. Food/Drink Items have been added.

10. One-Handed Axe Items have been added.

11. Game Balance has been overhauled
- Previous classes have had their skill trees changed
- ALL Items have had their stats changed. The stat numbers are lower because each stat is more powerful than before. Items are just as powerful if not more powerful than before.
-What each stat does has been changed.
-Monsters have had their stats changed.
-Items' weight has been changed.

12. Combat with much lower level creatures changed.
-You now can take minimum damage from lower level creatures rather than always blocking.
-You now do not always dodge lower level creatures.

13. Weight Penalty Changed.
-The Regeneration penalty from carrying too much has been removed.

14. Bags have been added.
-Bags let you carry more items. There is a new slot for them.

15. Drops have changed.
-Drop lists have been changed in general.
-Some items that would not previously drop now drop.

16. Creature formation/Summoning Changed
-You can now form a creature anywhere!
-You can now summon a mount by double clicking on the card or by putting it in your hot-bar!

17. Consumables Changed.
-Higher ranked versions of some consumables have been added.
-NPC Prices for consumables have been changed

18. Guilds can now abandon dungeons they own.

19. Weapon glows have been changed

20. NPCs added to the Ruined City

21. Range of bows and crossbows have been tweaked.

22. Some Rank 1 costumes have been changed.

23. Some Bow Models have been changed.

24. Many quests have been added.

25. Enchantment system has been tweaked.

26. The geography of some areas has been changed.

27. You can now cancel some buffs by clicking on them.

28. Fixed some areas where you could move through walls or other barriers

29. Fixed several exploits and bugs

30. Respec Potion now resets your Job Level

31. If you resurrect through fairy bottles you no longer lose your buffs.

32. Pets move faster if they are far away from you, slower if they are near you.

33. Pet corpses last for 60 sec now.

34. Damage from reflect type effects is now shown.

35. A new graphical option to turn off other players/pets in towns has been added.

36. Monsters movement speeds have been tweaked.
Originally Posted by kreminis View Post
what I remember about epic 4:

Broken skills
Imbalanced skills
Mana problems for DM, Healers
crapy damage for dark magicians some DM started to use Dirks instead of staff for faster ks
HLP partys started to pop up which caused lots of noobs

I quit rappelz at epic 4 and came back few epics later

ask anyone who actually played epic 3 and later and my words will be proved

Broken skills - fixed
Imbalanced skills - fixed
Mana problems for DM, Healers - fixed
crapy damage for dark magicians some DM started to use Dirks instead of staff for faster ks - fixed
HLP partys started to pop up which caused lots of noobs -fixed (muhahaha, i made the HLP panelty bigger)
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Oh yes and I am curious to know how you modified the HLP Penalty, Sframe sided?

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