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Discussion on XENIA UNREALESE BOSS INFO ONLY :) within the Grand Chase Philippines forum part of the Grand Chase category.

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sorry if i connot put the pic of it but i put some pic but i insure you this is informative



Lord Perseo is the God of Earth, Chaos, and Destruction. His form is a giant stone creature covered in red, with a knight's head and his body appears to have the veins of an Aegis Guardian, and a mouth-like belly.
Like Starkiln, he wasn't corrupted, but wasn't enraged like Starkiln. He just tests the Chase's power to their fullest extent.
Dark Slasher: Perseo swipes his claws twice, foward and upward.
Super Dash: Perseo will only use this attack if you are a considerable distance away from him. In an attempt to kill you, he will rapidly dash towards one side of the map(usually towards the player he's targeting), sending any players in his way flying.
Revival: As the battle rages on, Perseo will often use his revival skill to instantly revive all of his minions back to the battlefield, whether they have been destroyed or not. Perseo can spawn up to 4 Mistons. This skill is most effective when combined with Minion Absorption.
Earth Spike: Perseo stomps the ground, causing a shockwave of slabbed rocks to jut outward in front of him. At the end of the shockwave, a larger spiked rock juts out.
Chaos Breaker: This is one of his most deadly attacks if you're out in the open. he first shows some runes in his hand in front of him with a dark and purple color, after which he will continuously fling chaos orbs towards the player(s) location(s). These orbs will cause your character to flinch. This attack will last for 3-4 seconds as he continues flinging orbs. The orbs travel at an extremely fast speed.
Absorption Orbs: In this attack, he will show some runes in his hand in front of him for a second or two with a white and blueish color, then he will summon 5 blue orbs above his head that will automatically randomly target players and move quickly towards them. If a player is hit by these orbs, they will lose health and Perseo will regain health.
Minion Absorption: After taking some damage, Perseo will start absorbing his own minions in order to restore his health. In doing this, most of the time, his minions will completely die in order for perseo to restore a great amount of his own health. This skill is most effective when combined with Revival.

Additional Notes
Lord Perseo is like Yamini, having multiple terms for a God.
Lord Perseo is the only God/Goddess that has a Title in his name: "Lord".
Lord Perseo may have the lowest Vitality of his sibling Gods, but his healing abilities make up for it.
Because of his healing abilities, one must be experienced before taking down Lord Perseo, or he will constantly regain full health and lead to major frustration.
There are multiple pillars which can block off the incoming Orbs, but they act as obstacles (though in a Korean patch, they were removed from being "obstacles").
This is the only boss in the game currently who has a larger mini-boss/protector than the boss himself.

In Champion Mode, this Perseo will NOT have any powerups, however, he will act as if he has gotten bonus health/defense/attack


General Information
Rukkha is basically a "Holy Tree" who was subordinate to Gaia. It was then reconstructed by Thanatos, converting it into a monster. Rukkha is what gives the "Forest of Life" its nature. Upon transformation, it made everything living in the forest into pure evil.

Rukkha Branch Thrash: Rukkha has 4 additional parts to it's body when the fight starts, one in each corner of the map. Each of these head's attack independently of it's master. the 2 bottom heads will only strike directly infront of them in a horizontal motion, however, the top branches will strike anyone infront of them and below within a fan-like area. the top 2 heads, despite their massive range, will only show motions in a diagonal attack.
Rukkha has a magical shield defense while these Branches are active which heavily increases Rukkha's defense. In order to deal damage to the main body, atleast 1 head must be destroyed. for each additional head you destroy, you can deal up to 25% of his maximum hp more damage to the main body. (this means if 3 heads are destroyed, you can damage the main body for up to 75% of health bar damage.)
Barrier Screech: Rukkha's center head can screech in 1 of 3 directions. To the Left, Right, or in a circle around the center. The range of this attack is very large, so anyone NOT on the ground to the left or right of the head when it screeches in that direction will probably be hit. It's center attack is simply a remake of DK-MARK II's attack. you can jump to the other side of the head to avoid these attacks with ease as it attacks extremely slowly. This attack will often still remain active for a short amount of time after the animation ends.
Nature Spike: Rukkha can raise a single, lethal spike from the ground, similar to Viken's "Nature Frenzy" or Archer's "Trap Shot Lv 1". This attack is also used by the axe-wielding giant tree monsters that inhabit this dungeon.
Healing Portal: Rukkha spawns multiple Healing Portals on the map. If you get close enough to these, they heal you completely, but they also heal a decent amount of Rukkha's, Branches', and the Nunklemon's HP. Use these sparingly.
Spawn Poisonous Thorn Nunklemon: Rukkha starts and spawns up to 2 Poisonous Thorn Nunklemons.

Additional Notes
The boss has 2 vulnerable points: Its big head, and its belly.
The 4 Branches support Rukkha's Maximum HP, for each head you destroy, you can deal up to 25% damage to the main body's health bar.
Rukkha is not a God, but rather, a God's subordinate. Gaia herself is not fought (though technically she resides trapped in Rukkha's posession, though she doesn't do anything at all).


[COLOR="black"]Background Story
Explained in other events, Thanatos is the God that attempted to control other beings. He is often referred to as the "Voice of Darkness", however, further exploration of this "Voice" would indicate that it may not be Thanatos himself but possibly another entity either close to him or working for him.

As the journey through Xenia Continent continues, the other Deities assist the Grand Chase in their path. They each handed their "Essences" (or Power Orbs) to help them.
Samsara, God of Circulation (Energy) gave them Mana to substain.
Starklin, God of Flames gave them Strength.
Yamini, Goddess of Judgment gave them a 20% Stat Boost.
Perseo, God of Destruction allowed them to stun foes.
Lastly, Gaia, Goddess of Life gave them Health to substain.
With all these Power Orbs, they went on and used them to defeat Thanatos and his Army.

Finally after a long road, the Grand Chase have made it to Thanatos, and now an epic battle begins! Who will win?? The Mortal Grand Chases, or the God Thanatos??

After a long, grueling and painful battle, Thanatos has finally fallen on his knees. However, Ashtaroth comes in and steals his "Orb of Ascendency", and then leaves. Elesis says it doesn't matter, as only their friendship led them to this success (Arme wails that stealing the orb makes her "Orb Collection" incomplete, Ronan comments how "Cute" she is when she cries like that, and nothing more is said).

Although Thanatos has fallen, Ashtaroth did take his power. What could the future hold with a God's power in hand of another being?

General Information
Thanatos is the "Ascendant" God, or the God of Darkness. "Ascendant" means "control".
His greed of selfishness and dominance led him to this path.

Thanatos successfully possessed many beings, and many were loyal to him. Others tried to flee the corruption.

And now, the Grand Chase approach him to end his corruption. Will they succeed and our hopes be brought? Or will they fail and the corruption contin

Thanatos has three different forms. Each one has a different set of attacks

Control Form
Energy Burst: Thanatos will conjure up some energy and direct it towards the closest player, making the area beneath them explode upwards.
Energy Flower: Thanatos will hover, focusing his power, to summon up energy to envelop around him, extremely similar to Fighter's "White Flower Technique". Players will be thrown away when hit with this.
Energy Wave: Thanatos turns his body toward the screen (like hes facing towards you), motion his arm toward one direction, and throw off a massive wave, similar to Siren's "Scream". It has infinite vertical and horizontal range; tough to dodge.
Teleport: When his eyes flash, he teleports to his target and set off an energy flower in the process. He does not use this often.

Release Form
Chaos Breaker: Extremely similiar to the other Chaos Breaker attacks, Thanatos will shoot out 4 chaos orbs at decently high speed.
Dark Energy Rising: Thanatos concentrates his power, making it visible as it creates a circle of evil dark energy flowing upwards around him. This attack has a very wide range where it does not display any graphics and is very deadly.
Blood Leech: Thanatos will hold out his hand and create a swirling red vortex that will drain your hps as well as stunning you for roughly 3-5 seconds.
Death Skull: Thanatos will release a homing projectile in the shape of a skull that will follow around a player for a great deal of time. This skull can deal a MASSIVE amount of damage, and even kill. the best option is to run from it and keep running until it disappears.

True Form
Chaos Fusion: Thanatos will attempt to suck you into an enormous chaos ball he forms in his hands with an extremely strong gravity pump. He will then explode the ball, causing MASSIVE damage to anyone in it or around it. This attack often instantly kills anyone hit by it.
Perception of the Damned: Thanatos will release an aura over the entire map giving players the feeling of helplessness, making them stunned and unable to move for a large amount of time. This attack seems to be around equal to the seamus pet's stun time.
Flame Burst: First, Thanatos will make a couple gestures and reach out in front of him as if grasping at some unseen object, then he crushes it in his hand created a massive flame burst that hits front of him, as well as above and below his hand. This attack often instantly fatals anyone caught in it.
Spike Storm: This is Thanatos' basic attack. He will concentrate briefly, then raise his hands towards the air and release 4 spikes that will target a player and shoot down like missiles.
Shadow Tornado: Upon drawing his hand back behind himself, Thanatos will conjure up a large tornado made of shadows to damage anyone infront of him and remove all/any mp they might have. This attack is similar to the one that Victor uses.
Summon Gargoyles: Like the name suggests, Thanatos can summon gargoyles. How many he summons is currently unresearched, but it seems to be around 4-6.

Additional Notes
This boss has 3 forms, the first of it's kind. His Control form has 1 Dark Heirophants at his side and 2 Sataniel's Warriors on the bottom. When this boss changes to his 2nd form, 2 Heras will spawn on each side of the map.
He is one of the bosses who has a pet version, Thanny Boy, of his last form. Creation manuals for this pet drop on Champion Mode of Thanatos's dungeon.
Be HEAVILY prepared for this epic battle. Most of his attacks usually result 1 hit KOs and/or imminent death.
According to Iblis, she claims to be the "Goddess of Darkness", who is possibly in a relationship with Thanatos.
Like other gods, Thanatos drops an orb containing his power. However, at the end, Ashtaroth comes and takes the Orb of Ascendency, essentially ruining arme's "collection".


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@ TS please put spoiler in your post..
just an example..

Lord Perseo is the God of Earth, Chaos, and Destruction.
Additional Notes
In Champion Mode, this Perseo will NOT have any powerups, however, he will act as if he has gotten bonus health/defense/attack


General Information

put some spoiler.. its 2 long if you wont use 1..

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it will release soon!!
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Nc..Post.. But You need To Put spoiler Because Its To Long...Please Edit it...
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