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CoV Mastermind Guide 2.0

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Mastermind Guide 2.0
Henchmen Powers
Each Mastermind powerset has three Henchmen powers, the first one is available at level 1, the second is available at level 12, and the last one is available at level 26.

The L1 Henchmen power can summon up to three Henchmen. You get one Henchman at level 1 to 5. At level 6 you get your second L1 Henchman, and at level 18 you get your third. When you get your second L1 Henchman, they are both summoned at 1 level below you. When you get your third L1 Henchman they are all summoned 2 levels below you. There is no option to summon less than those numbers.

The L2 Henchmen power can summon up to two Henchmen. You get the second L2 Henchman at level 24. These Henchmen tend to be ?support? Henchmen, for example the Protector Bot has a Force Field power and when upgraded gets a healing power.

The L3 Henchmen power summons one Henchman at your level. This is your most powerful Henchman.

When summoned your Henchmen will have your name under theirs. This is so you can tell whose Henchmen belong to whom. You can also name your Henchmen by right-clicking them and selecting ?Rename?. From that point forward that Henchman is going to be summoned with that name. You can rename your Henchmen at any time.

Here is a list of each power set adn what that get
(note: some still missing till i get some data if u know plz msg me )


Initial Abilities: Brawl / Burst / Resist Confuse, Lethal, Placate, Smashing
Equip Mercenary: Heavy Burst
Tactical Upgrade:

Initial Abilities:
Equip Mercenary:
Tactical Upgrade:

Spec Ops
Initial Abilities: Burst / Heavy Burst / Resist Confuse, Lethal, Placate, Smashing / Web Grenade
Equip Mercenary: Flashbang Grenade / Rifle Butt
Tactical Upgrade:

Initial Abilities:
Equip Mercenary:
Tactical Upgrade:


Initial Abilities: Resist Cold, Disorient, Fear, Negative Energy, Psionic, Sleep, Slow, Toxic / Zombie Brawl
Enchant Undead: Projectile Vomit (range) / Zombie Vomit (PB cone)
Dark Empowerment: Siphon Life

Grave Knights
Initial Abilities: Dark Blast / Hack / Slash
Enchant UnAdead: Gloom / Disembowel
Dark Empowerment:

Ghost (Spirit / Tormented Soul / Wraith)
Initial Abilities: Fly / Ghastly Blast / Life Drain / Necroplasmic Grasp / Resist Cold, Fear, Immobilize, Lethal, Negative, Sleep, Slow, Smashing, Toxic
(No upgrades)

Initial Abilities: Dark Blast / Resist Immobilize, Lethal, Negative Energy, Smashing / Torrent
Enchant Undead: Life Drain / Tenebrous Tentacles
Dark Empowerment:


Initial Abilities: Defense / Resist Confuse, Taunt / Shuriken / +Speed / Thunder Kick
Training: Snap Shot / Storm Kick
Kuji-In Zen:

Initial Abilities: Caltrops / Gambler's Cut / Sting of the Wasp / Super Jump
Training: Soaring Dragon / DOT Hand Crossbow / Hide
Kuji-In Zen:

Initial Abilities: Char, Fiery Katana #1, Fire Blast
Training: Fiery Katana #2, Fire Breath, Ring of Fire
Kuji-In Zen:


Battle Drones
Initial Abilities: Laser Burst / Resist Cold, Disorient, Fear, Lethal, Psionic, Sleep / Smash / Super Leap
Equip Robot: Heavy Laser Burst (sniper, knockback)
Upgrade Robot: Full Auto Laser

Protector Bots
Initial Abilities: Force Shield / Laser Burst / Resist Cold, Disorient, Fear, Lethal, Psionic, Sleep
Equip Robot: Heavy Laser Burst (sniper, knockback) / Repair
Upgrade Robot: Photon Grenade / Seeker Drones

Assault Bot
Initial Abilities: Laser Burst / Resist Cold, Disorient, Fear, Lethal, Psionic, Sleep

Equip Robot: Flamethrower
Upgrade Robot: Incendiary Missiles / Swarm Missiles


Masterminds have an inherent, unslottable, power called Supremacy. This power is an ?aura? power that increases the Accuracy and Damage of your Henchmen that are close to you. This ensures that Masterminds that want maximum effectiveness out of their Henchmen are somewhat at risk themselves of attack.

Pool Powers

Leadership powers like Tactics or Assault are applied to your Henchmen as well as your allies and your allies? Henchmen. The Leadership Pool is a perfect match for the aspiring Mastermind. Teleport Friend will work on your Henchman to summon him to you. Group Fly and Group Teleport will take all of your Henchmen with you.
Note: If you get to far from your Henchmen thay will Auto summon to you.

Henchmen can NOT travel across zone boundaries or into mission maps. You must resummon them on the new map. If you get too far away from your Henchmen on any given map, they will automatically resummon themselves near you (keeping any buffs they had).


Inspirations can be used on your Henchmen by dragging the Inspiration from your tray onto the name of the Henchman you want to inspire in your Pet Window. You can not use an Awaken Inspiration on your Henchmen, but they will gladly accept all other Inspirations and use them immediately.
You can also drag the Inspiration directly onto the Henchmen you wish to inspire.
Slotting Henchmen Powers

These Henchmen powers are all capable of having Enhancement Slots put in them. These slots affect the Henchman that are summoned. If you put Damage Enhancements into those slots, then the summoned Henchmen will do more damage. If you put Defense Buff Enhancements into those slots, your Henchmen will have better Defense. Henchmen powers can not take Recharge Reduction enhancements.
Most masterminds will use 6 slots in all there Henchmen powers, Here are some Ideas what to put
(note: all enhancments max out at 100%)
lower lvls: 6 dmg or 5 dmg + 1 Acc ( try to get all the dmg u can at lower lvls helps alot in lvling)
High lvls: Max Dmg 100% and Acc how you do this depends on what enhancment you use

Upgrading Your Henchmen

There are two Upgrade powers in each Mastermind Primary powerset. These add powers onto your Henchmen. The powers added vary by the Henchman being upgraded. For example, Zombies get a vomit-like ranged attack, and Battle Drones receive a Snipe attack with the first Upgrade power. Your Henchmen will use these new powers as part of his attack routine.

Henchmen AI

Henchmen either ?Prefer Ranged? or ?Prefer Melee?. This means the type of combat that they want to be fighting in the majority of the time. This does not mean that they will only use Ranged or Melee attacks. Robot Henchmen prefer ranged attacks, but will use their melee attack if the enemy is close enough. They will not back out of melee range just to use ranged attacks. Henchmen that can cast buffs will do so to ensure that you and all of your other Henchmen have the buff. Henchmen that heal will heal the most damaged legal target when the healing power is recharged. (Protector Bot healing can only heal other robots, not characters).


I find it best when hunting at lower levels to leave Henchmen in Aggressive mode when soloing and Defensive mode. Also use GoTo to send your pets where u need them in battles (ex in PvP a master mind can be flying or on a tall building comanding your pets fraom high up in total safty) also you would want to sent pets to Goto if u are stealthed and dont want AoE to hit you revaling your Pos. just dont get 2 far or your Henchmen will not get a boost in Dmg and acc Tho not much from what i can tell

Giving Your Henchmen Commands

When you start as a Mastermind, you have three pre-made Macros set up for you:

* Attack: This will send all your henchmen to attack your currently selected target, and then attack other targets within their aggro range.
* Hunt: This will make all your henchmen follow you and attack things that come within their aggro range (this is the default Pet behavior of City of Heroes).
* Heel: This will make all your henchmen return to you, follow you, and never, ever attack anything until given a new order.

You can switch the Henchmen interface to "Advanced mode" which gives you fine-tune control over your pets

Advanced Mode

Your Henchman interface lets you control two aspects of your Henchmen, their Disposition and their Commands. You can set these for each individual Henchman, or type of Henchman (L1, L12, or L26), or you can blanket set the same disposition and command for all your Henchmen at once.

There are three different Dispositions:

* Aggressive: Attack anything hostile that comes within detection range.
* Defensive: Attack anything that attacks me or my master.
* Passive: Don't attack anything.

They can also be given different Commands:

* Attack my Target: Attacks the thing you currently have targeted. When it is defeated, revert to Follow Me command.
* Goto: Goto a spot designated by the player. Stay there until given a different Command.
* Follow Me: Follow the player around.
* Stay: Stand still in this area, do not follow. (Stay is basically a "Goto the spot you are currently on")
* Dismiss: Destroys the Henchman.

These are used in combination. So "Aggressive/Follow Me" means "Follow me around, attacking anything that we get close enough to". Or "Passive/Attack My Target" means "Go attack this specific guy, and when you are done, don't attack anyone else."

"Attack my Target" is not "attack everything I tab to". AMT simply sends your Henchmen to attack your currently selected target.

The Disposition they are in (Aggressive/Defensive/Passive) is only relevant once that target is taken down. What happens then is the Henchman reverts to Follow Me orders, and what happens after that depends on the Disposition.

I have a spawn of Goldbrickers ahead. I target the Lieutenant and tell my Henchman to "Attack My Target". The Henchman then takes down the lieutenant. What happens next is is dependent on the Disposition the Henchman is in:

Aggressive: Checks to see if anything else is within aggro range. There is, so it starts targeting and attacking stuff in aggro range.
Defensive: Checks to see if it or its Master is under attack. If neither of those are true, go back to Master in Follow Me mode.
Passive: Ignore everything going on and return to Master in Follow Me mode.

Slash Commands :

The commands (which should show up with /cmdlist) are:
/petcom (your current pet)
/petcom_name (name matching pet)
/petcom_pow (power matching pet)
/petcom_all (all pets)

Each of the petcom commands can be followed by one stance and/or one command. That probably sounds complicated so here are some examples:
/petcom passive (tell current pet to be passive)
/petcom_name "zombie 2" dismiss (tell "zombie 2" to leave)
/petcom_pow Protector attack aggressive (tell all pets created by "Protector Bots" to attack your target and be aggressive)
/petcom_all goto defensive (tell all pets to goto a spot and be defensive)

Note: All of the words after the command, the game will search for a best match, so you don't have to type in the full words:
/bind mbutton petcom_name zom att def
That would bind a command to the middle mouse button to make all pets with name starting with "zom", in this case zombies, attack and be defensive.

The petsay commands work the same way, but will allow you to have your pet say something:
Some Fun Commands
/petsay_all <em praise>You are the greatest&#33;
/petsay_all <em picket>Down with slavery&#33;
/petsay_all <em torch>
/petsay_all <em laptop>Hacking is fun&#33;

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