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Slash Commands

Discussion on Slash Commands within the General Gaming Discussion forum part of the General Gaming category.

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Here is a full list of the elusive slash commands which are so difficult to find for EQ2.......keep in mind these are just the *known* commands thus far. For anyone who was on board for SWG knows, there are a TON of hidden commands out there just waiting for us to find them!


/shout ? Sends your message to everyone in the zone on the Shout Channel
/ooc ? Sends your message to everyone in the zone on the Out Of Character Channel
/auction ? Sends your message to everyone in the zone on the Auction Channel
/g or /gsay ? Sends your message to everyone in your Group Chat Channel
/r ? Sends your message to everyone in your Raid Chat Channel
/em (text) ? Creates a message that appears behind your name as an emote message
/brb ? Sends a message to your local chat channel saying you will be right back
/t or /tell (charname) (text) ? Sends your message to the character who?s name you input
/telltarget or /tt ? Sends your /tell to your target
/reply - Sends your message to the last person that sent you a /tell

Misc Slash Commands

/showhood ? Toggles the visibility of your headgear appearing to others
/bubble_fontsize n ? Changes the text size in chat bubbles to size n
/kill ? Commit suicide
/dis - Toggles your experience gain
/motd ? Shows you the game message of the day
/filter - Toggles the obscenity filter
/friend (name) ? Adds or removes the name from your friend list
/ignore (name) ? Adds or removes the name from your ignore list
/log ? Saves text to a .txt file
/played ? Shows you your character played time information
/time ? Shows you in-game and real life time
/mood (mood) ? Changes your mood to the selection. Moods remain constant until changed. Options include: afraid, happy, sad, tired,

angry, none
/sit ? Makes your character sit
/stand ? Makes your character stand
/camp, /exit, /quit ? Exits the game
/yell ? Breaks your encounter and yells for help
/con ? Considers target (same info as is portrayed by mouse cursor)
/random 1 100 - Random number between 1 and 100 (change numbers to whatever)
/target (name) - Selects target of choice

Group and Raid

/invite - Same as radial "invite to group"
/invite charname - Will invite char name to group Ctrl + I
/makeleader (name or target) - Gives leadership of group to selected target or character
/raidinvite - Same as radial "invite to raid"
/leavegroup, /leave - Same as radial "leave group"
/leaveraid - Same as radial "leave raid"
/kickfromgroup - Same as radial "kick from group"
/kickfromraid - Same as radial "kick from raid"
/disband - Will now disband the group member you have targeted. Ctrl + D
/follow ? Follows your target
/assist (char name - partial or full name) - You will target char name?s target
/assist ? You will target your target?s target (NPC or PC ok)
/target name - Targets name

Character Status Flags

/anon - Anonymous, hide class/level/etc
/role - Roleplaying flag
/afk [optional message to be returned to anyone who /tells you] - Returns the message you wish a player to see while you are away
/lfg - Adds you to the looking for group search results

Who Commands

/who - Will bring up a list of people currently in the same zone as you)
/who all - Can be many things (good, evil, roleplay, scout, bard, dirge, 30 40, 30, friends)
/who all GM - Will bring up a list of GMs (currently bugged and showing some non-gm players too)
/who all shaman 10 12 - Would bring up all shamans level 10 to 12
/who all 8 - Would bring up anyone level 8
/Whotarget - Will run a /who on your target


/tellchannel - Send message to room specified. Alias: /csay
/# - Tell command for channel number assignment (better than /tellchannel #)
/joinchannel - Enter a room (or create if doesn't exist)
/leavechannel - Leave a room (game/world rooms)
/leaveall - Exit all channels you are currently in
/channellist - Lists all channels currently in
/whochannel # - Lists all users in specified channel. (channelnumber is displayed next to name in chat window whenever receive message

regarding that channel (i.e "You tell channelname (1), "hello channel" "))


/guild create Guild Name ? Temporary method of guild creation
/guild invite - Target a player in the same zone and invite them to join your guild. You must be an officer to do this.
/guild kick - Used by officers to remove people from a guild - might work to target yourself and kick too.
/guild promote - Used to promote people to full member and officer
/who all guild - Lists whoever is on in guild at the moment
/gu or /guildsay - Sends message to all in guild channel
/guild motd message - Adds a message that all guild members will see when they log on. I am assuming if you just type /guild motd you

will see the message without changing it but have not tested it. Also I imagine only the leader or maybe officers can change it.


/pet attack - Pet will attack your current target
/pet backoff - Pet will cease attacking its target
/pet stayhere - Pet will stop following you and remain where it is
/pet followme - Pet will follow you
/pet report - Pet will announce his health in a percentage
/pet guardme - Pet will guard and follow you
/pet guardhere - Pet will guard its current location
/pet who -Pet will announce its master
/pet getlost - Pet will disappear

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