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PvP Server Suggestion...

Discussion on PvP Server Suggestion... within the CO2 Private Server forum part of the Conquer Online 2 category.

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PvP Server Suggestion...

Before I say my idea, I'll tell about myself. I'm only 14, a non-coder (but willing to learn), and I've been playing real CO and private servers and other mmorpgs long enough to know that the PVP system in Conquer is simply THE BEST. Though there could be fixes, and I'd like to have a say so in what I think would be great. This is my first post in years (I feel bad that I've been a really really young elitepvper [age 12-13!] and i didn't know how to contribute, sorry), and please give me a little respect and correct me politely if I say something wrong/dumb. Also these changes are all my opinions, and feel free to not agree. I know the CO crew made the classes the way they were fir a reason, but I would like to see a few changes. Thanks

- And beforehand, I wish to use a 5065 server that has added the +15 items. This makes trojans have 60k+ atk, warriors with 20k+ def, and fires with about 30k+ magic attack. PServers FirePheonix and NemesisWarlords have this if you want to see for yourself.

My Dream -
  1. Each Class WILL Be More Different - Each class is powerful in PVP in their own unique way - Enhanced skills, differentiated items, and unique abilities will rival other classes
  2. No Reborning - Sharing/Taking skills from other classes makes the statement above useless.
  3. Balance - Even with all these changes, I plan to make each class equal to each other under all circumstances.


Interface - Getting all the useless junk away on your screen

- No Path Finding Button
- No Item Lock Button
- No Mentor/Apprentice Button

Maps and Mobs -

- The ONLY maps would be Twin City, GW, Jail, and Mine Cave (for PKing.) No market is needed with +15 gears and no reborning. No other maps will be needed because why make an AC/DC/BI map when nobody PKs there?
- The monsters will challenge players, making them pot and use teamwork. The HP is enough to make each class able to level efficiently from 130 to 150, and the damage they give/receive will be not hard, and not too easy. Spawns will be large enough to support at least 10 players killing their own little groups, and they should stretch all over the map. A level would be at around 20 minutes worth of work.
- Level 132, 137, 142, and 147 monsters will replace the current monsters for leveling to gain an bp advantage over other players.
- 132 monster has...8k defense, 10-14k attack, 15% mag def, 80k hp
- 137 monster has...10k defense, 14-18k attack, 20% mag def, 120k hp
- 142 monster has...14k defense, 10k magic attack, 25% mag def, 160k hp
- 147 monster has...18k defense, 15k magic attack, 30% mag def, 200k hp

NPCs -

-There will be NPCs in birth village to choose out +15, 255 HP, SDG/SDG or SPG/SPG, -7 gears you will use and need. An NPC could give you -
  1. Ears, Coro, Helm, Cap, or Hat
  2. Necklace or Bag
  3. Ring, HeavyRing, or Bracelet
  4. 1 Handed Weapons, options for each one
  5. 2 Handed Weapons, options for each one
  6. Trojan Armor, Warrior Armor, Taoist Robe, or Archer Coat
  7. Boots
  8. A full set of rainbow/moon/violet gem gears, if desired.
- I think It would be smarter to clean the TC map out of all unnecessary NPCs. Why should we have NPCs that say useless things and give out useless things? So here's a list of who to keep -
  1. Pharmacist, for pots and scrolls
  2. Job NPCs in the Job Center, for skills
  3. Barber, Shopboy (armor tinter), and Beautician for player customization
  4. A Conductress to teleport to the Mine Cave and Guild War Arena, and back to Birth Village in case you've forgetten something
  5. TG dude, for leveling weapon prof and skills
  6. Warehouseman, for your storage needs
  7. The PKA Arena guy
  8. Jail dude
  9. Birth Village Teleporter and necessary NPCs there
  10. Pedler, for weapon skills and other class skills
  11. and I will edit this post if I've forgotten someone

Now for the PKing changes and the interesting stuff!

Some may wonder, "without rbing, there wouldnt be aps, and my hp will be low. plus, i cant reallot it!"
the server should give players 500 APs when they have a charater made. If I knew how to code, I would try to make a NPC that reallots non rb characters if possible to fix this...This will make all characters able to have 22-25k hp, and not get 1 hit in PvP, Correct me if I'm wrong =P

Trojans - stamina-based, highest attack, dominates warriors/waters/archers and helpless victims of fire taoists, melee waters, and other trojans
-Hercules takes 1/4 stamina (instead of 1/3), but does only 1/3 damage (instead of 1/2). This can make a fun Hercer and FB/SSer difference, and the damage decrease wouldn't hurt the other classes too bad)
-Cyclone gives a 10% attack boost to monsters and players (for ownage purposes)
-The 15% HP boost should be 20% to differentiate the Trojan further, yet still keep a little balance.
-Golem will be useful again, and it should give 75k HP, 25k def, and 50k attack when fixed. This will make the skill catch up and somewhat withstand to the +15 bonuses for PVP purposes
-SpiritHealing will heal 5k hp at fixed, so it may be useful again like Golem. When out of pots, it would be a life saver instead of the usual 1.3k!

The Trojan, hands down, is the king of PKing for its high attack and HP, but will finally be balanced. These enhanced abilities will help the Trojan become more efficient killers!

Warriors - mid-level melee pkers, highest defense, best tanks (but could be stronger), ultimately rapes archers (with shield), able to tank fire taoists (with ears+ shield), and gets raped by Trojans
-The maxed out defense is about 23k. I suggest about maybe about 7k-12k more? Think about it, Trojans have 60-70k attack (+15, remember), 2-handed guys have 30-60k attack, and when weapon skills go off, that defense wouldn't be able to take it all. Having around 25-35k defense would make tanking in PVP efficient.
-Roar gives teammates a 50% exp bar fill, than 20. Leveling with a teammate war would be useful.
-Flying moon blasts a 30k magic attack (rather than 5.2k), enough to shock 3-4k damage for a last-minute attempt.
-Dash should 3x (instead of 2x) damage, seeing how it is nearly impossible to hit a person to the wall in PVP action. It would be extremely great to use it against GW gate breakers or afk guys in the corner!
-If the defense of the warriors was increased like the suggestion above, the XP shield (that triples defense) will be reduced to doubling the defense, so they would still be able to be killed with the shield on.

With the increased defense, Warriors will prove to be better tanks and more persistent on the battlefield while giving medium damage back. The XP skills like Superman, 3x XP shield, Roar, 3x StarofAccuracy, and Flying Moon will help dominate PvE and PvP!

Fire Taoists - most powerful magic pkers, rapes trojans, gets raped by melee waters, warriors (with shields)
-Nado should hit 2-5k on other classes (maybe a little lower on taoists). With an average of 24k hp with the 500 AP points given to each char, it will take about 6-12 hits to kill one person, thats if they dont pot. That's balanced, I guess, since it takes about 2-3 hits to kill Fire Taos.
-Fire Meteor should be a fire's last-attempt arsenal. I think the damage given by FireMeteor should be increased, while taking up 2x more mana, and maxing out at a 50% chance to hit, rather than the fixed 75%.
-XP skills could use some more damage.
-I think this class doesn't need much change, I like it the way it is.

The Fire Taoist is the easiest and a fun way to PK, with its very high magic attack and barrage of deadly skills. Their magic abilities overwhelm their enemies and send them running.

Water Taoists - a great support class, obtains the most skills of all classes, powerful magic tanks, can be melee or magic, can possibly put up a fight with any class, but gets destroyed easily by Trojans
-Without reborning, the Stigma, StarOfAccuracy, and MagicShield skills are once again only belonging to this class now. The usefulness of this class would increase even more.
-Instead of a 15% mana boost, it would be changed to 20%
-WaterElf could be useful again as well, and be worth leveling up. At fixed, It could have 20k defense, 70k attack, and 30k hp, making it possible to PK with this skill.
-Divine Hair (fixed) has 10k hp, if a water ever needs to run away.
-Invisiblity makes you more transparent, if possible.
-Nectar cures 2k when fixed, and Advanced Cure heals 1.8k when fixed.

The Water Taoist is not made for PKing, unless it takes a step into becoming a Melee Water Taoist. With a large variety of skills, it makes leveling and PVPing easier. Having a Water Taoist by your side is a huge advantage to your victory.

Archers -A ranged class using a bow and arrows to fight, has high magic defense, can put up a long fight with other classes, and gets destroyed easily by Warriors and Trojans
-With the 129 boots, this class was made useless for PKing. With the +12s added, this class was made even more useless. The +15 values will have to lower a lot, and all boots will max out with about 95 dodge. An increase in bow attack should allow archers to hit 300-400 on other classes, increasing the power of archers.
-Intensify should be more intensified enough to take out 10k out of the average 24k hp of other chars.
-RapidFire should use half the stamina needed, so an archer can fly and use it once.
-Arrow Rain should have much stronger damage for an XP skill that comes by every few minutes.

With the new changes, Archers can be use as PKing machines. Though they are now able to kill players more efficiently, it will still be hard to take down characters, and it will take real skill to be a PKing archer.

Other PKing changes -

Two handed fighters, such as wand or spears users, should have a faster jump to make meleeing easier in the heat of combat.

Battle Power should be balanced more. The way it is now -
  • If you're at the same BP, your damage will not be reduced.
  • If you're 1 BP under, your damage will be reduced by about 30%. (Tested)
  • If you're 5 BP or under, your damage will be reduced by about 70%. (Tested)
If anyone knows how to edit it, I would suggest making it more fair like -
  • If you're 1 BP under, your damage will be reduced by 10%.
  • If you're 1 BP under, your damage will be reduced by 20%...
  • The pattern continues until you're BP or lower and your damage is reduced by 50%.

Warrior items give out much more defense. (Like above)

Boots will have a maximum of 95 dodge, (as stated above) (+15 would give +11 dodge)


A duel/tournament system, like the Arena from CO. To join, you talk to an NPC that is located in the neighboring building of the PKA. To win, you kill your opponent and advance to a higher level and wait until the other fights are done. You could watch the fight and be invisible to the fighters. The prize is a GoldCup.

An NPC in front the the TC Castle teleports you to a map like Dis City. You fight really tough monsters (maybe with 30k def, 40k attack, and 50k hp), until the amount of monsters decrease to a certain amount. Finally a boss-like monster with incredible HP, Def, Attack, and Magic Attack appears. It's a smart monster with the ability to jump, and switch from melee to magic attacks. The boss would be challenging and fun to work together and beat.

And my fingers hurt, but please give any feedback on my thoughts for a private server please! I appreciate it!

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I really don't have time to read all of that right now as I'm working on some stuff but the mere fact that you were willing to write all that does show that you are willing to put some work into this.


The very fact that you want to create something unique is all the indication you should need to stay the hell away from binaries. being a 'non coder' lemme explain to you a bit about why you shouldn't use them.

#1: Illegal. If you ever do get a good server up and running, binaries are illegal and therefor can get your server shut down so easily.

#2: They aren't a source! A source simply means the code used to run the server. Binaries were hacked from TQ a while ago and since then has had some editing done to it but for the most part is not something you can simply change around. for example, you can add simple functionality like npcs or changing rates via MySql databases but you can't really re-code any of the systems that control anything ingame.

#3 you will end up with a server unlike what you are wanting to do. Seeing as it can't be easily customized, you will not end up with what you sound like you want to create and therefor you've 'wasted' your time.

That being said I do have some more constructive advice.

#1: Don't let your age become an issue. You seem to be willing to put some real effort into this and that's what matters. There have been some INCREDIBLE coders around the world who are very young and put most of the older pros to shame on a regular basis. Age is NOT an issue, it's personality and willingness to work hard and learn.

#2: Choose a source to work with that reflects what you want to do. Being a new coder you won't be able to create your own custom source (ideal) but you can still choose amongst the released sources and use them to help create what you are looking for.

Personally, being the horribly predictable person I am I'd suggest going with 5095 CoEmu2 as it's a rather well coded source. BE WARNED, it is not 'complete' by any means. Things will have to be added to it (as with any source!) but it doesn't have nearly the same level of bugs as the new 5165 lotf source people are currently using (seriously.. that one is HORRIBLE!)

Anyways, I suppose I'm rambling a bit at this point so I should stop.. Be prepaired to put MANY hours of work into learning before you create anything worth while. My first few days of coding I spent somewhere around 15-18 hours PER DAY working on it (I had nothing better to do at the time lol) and I didn't get anything all that great out of it for a while (again, looking back my server did kinda suck but I put in the hours and things advanced incredibly quick).

So closing words, choose wisely, get to know some ppl who are willing to help on epvp (BUT DON'T RELY ON THEM! DO THINGS YOURSELF, IT'S HOW YOU LEARN!) and be willing to put the time in and you will be able to accomplish tons.

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i love how u dont have enough time to read his post but u have enough time to write that.. lol
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Well obviously I didn't plan on writing all of that :P I tend to rant... alot


Finished reading, seems interesting. While I don't really agree with alot of the ideas (what exactly is the point of items past +12 when you don't want players 1 hit killing eachother? Anything past +9 is not exactly useful as it makes people 1 hit each other anyways.) You do seem to have things thought through to an extent. I really hope you will stick with it and create something great.

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majorly based on calculations, from what i read. using binaries, it's harder to change all that. i would stay away from bins if i were you.
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Thanks for the tips, and I might wanna learn to code since I have nothing else to do. Where would I start?
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Well there are lots of good guides around the forum already so I'd suggest reading up on the very basics (so you can understand data types, what functions are and other stuff like that) and then just dive into a server and start working on learning to write npcs and slowly work your way up to new features and more advanced stuff.

If you are wanting to use CoEmu or CoFuture I have a guide in my siggy that you may find useful as it does deal with alot of that sort of stuff. You may wanna start with more basic stuff though such as googling data types or functions for C#. There are loads of tutorials.
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Thank you so much! I've plan on making a really old server to bring back the classical PKing style that doesn't have all these fancy features and such, but thanks
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If you want an old server, why don't you just go with the Conquer 1.0 version of CoFuture? It's a very nicely organized source without any really serious bugs and is surprisingly complete. It has some minor bugs and stuff but nothing in it is really 'missing'. Just needs work.
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I am trying to find that source right now haha, and i'm reading the very first lessons on coding. What kinda glitches does it have?
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Hmmm main bugs with it were that guild deps weren't saving properly (super easy fix, just had to have the database updated with the right value), aoe magic attacks were calculated using physical damage (just need to correct the area attack function to let you specify the attack type) and some other minor bugs like being able to hit the pole in gw even if your guild had it if you used aoe/indirect attacks like fastblade.

The slightly more major bugs were mostly just unfinished features or the lack of a proper conquer 1.0 item type (such as reborning ******* over your items)
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I'm at school right now. But could you post a link pro4never to that CoFuture 1.0 source. I'd like to look at it when i9 get home. If you dont post it ill look for it later. Thanks.
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It was posted here before but the database wasn't... you may still be able to find the database on 4botters if you searched. If not I MIGHT be willing to search for the database on my comp (not being a *****, just that I have so many database backups lying around)

Just search "4267 login sequence" or something similar and it's the 4th reply or something (it's on the first page, I remember that much)
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A little off topic and my apologies but why exactly are binaries illegal when you are still copywriting when using sources o.0? Surely it is the copywrite that TQ are going after rather than whether it is binary or source because theory states that even if you are using a source you are still in copywrite infringement?
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Binaries are considered as warez, which is illegal n forbidden on epvpers as far I'm aware.

Sources are self-made and usually publically released by their authors, that case, there's nothin' TQ, NetDragon or whatever is their comp. called, could've accuse epvpers for.

TQ up YOUR *** is just diffrent story =]

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