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Cabal Files, Sword Skills, Magic Skills, Buffs, and Weapons

Discussion on Cabal Files, Sword Skills, Magic Skills, Buffs, and Weapons within the Cabal Guides & Templates forum part of the Cabal Online category.

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Cabal Files, Sword Skills, Magic Skills, Buffs, and Weapons

New Discovered Files ^_^
These Files which i discovered came from other people but sword skill files are my works cause im a melee type character

Sword skills ^_^

For Force Bladders And Force Shileders FB /FS

skil_1h_001.efx - FlashDraw
skil_1h_002.efx - Impact Stab
skil_1h_005.efx - Force Stab (FB, FS)
skil_1h_009.efx - Illusion Stab (FB)
skil_1h_015.efx - Guillotine
skil_1h_017.efx - Force Slash
skil_1h_019.efx - Force break
skil_1h_021.efx - Force Drive
skil_1h_022.efx /skil_2h_022.efx - Rising Shot
skil_1h_025.efx/ skil_2h_025.efx - Soaring Shot
skil_1h_028.efx - Earth Divide
skil_1h_029.efx - Dance of Ruin
skil_1h_032.efx - Shield Charge
skil_1h_033.efx - Force Assault
skil_1h_036.efx - Shield Break
skil_1h_037.efx - Infernal Impact
skil_1h_038.efx - Round Cut
skil_1h_041.efx - Storm Crush
skil_1h_042.efx - Infernal Stigma
skil_1h_045.efx - Shield Ray
skil_1h_046.efx - Abyssal Crystal
skil_1h_053.efx - Shield Explosion
skil_1h_054.efx - Force Impact
skil_1h_057.efx - Shield Splinter
skil_1h_058.efx - Assassinate

FS and FB are 1 handed swordsman's their files are similar

For Bladders BL

skil_du_001.efx - FlashDraw
skil_du_002.efx - Impact Stab
skil_du_004.efx - Slash & Stab
skil_du_007.efx - Death Cross
skil_du_016.efx - Double Slash
skil_du_018.efx - Triple Slash
skil_du_020.efx - Hazing Dance
skil_du_022.efx - Rising Shot
skil_du_024.efx - Double Rising
skil_du_027.efx - Storm Grind
skil_du_031.efx - Assault
skil_du_035.efx - Blade Scud
skil_du_038.efx - Round Cut
skil_du_040.efx - Mirage Grind
skil_du_044.efx - Twin Moon Slash
skil_du_052.efx - Blade Cry
skil_du_056.efx - Lightening Slash
skil_du_070.efx - Vital Interfere

Note : DU means Dual so you cant get confused with it

For Warriors WA

skil_2h_001.efx - FlashDraw
skil_2h_002.efx - Impact Stab
skil_2h_003.efx - Power Stab
skil_2h_006.efx - Raging Thrust
skil_2h_010.efx - Heavy Slash
skil_2h_012.efx - Press Impact
skil_2h_014.efx - Rolling Crash
skil_2h_022.efx - Rising Shot
skil_2h_023.efx - Rising Blade
skil_2h_026.efx - Cascade Break
skil_2h_030.efx - Charge
skil_2h_034.efx - Whirlwind
skil_2h_038.efx - Spiral Cut
skil_2h_039.efx - Spiral Doom
skil_2h_043.efx - Sword Cannon
skil_2h_051.efx - Tera Break
skil_2h_055.efx - Seismic Wave

Tip : When Changing your skills to other class skills you must consider the nearest casting time when your old skill cast 3.0 sec you must find a skill that has a same casting time or nearest casting time

example : earth divide > Seismic Wave
Mirage Grind > Whirlwind
Guillotine > Seismic Wave

Try these baby's for size ^_^
happy experimenting and happy gaming

and oh there are some threads which i read earlier
i want to give them a big thank u who wrote the files on magic skills, buff skills and weapon models
below these are some samples by other people


C:\Program Files\OGPlanet\CABAL Online\Data\FX\EFX
mbuff_keep__229.efx wi greater heal? (big swirly red orb ontop)
mbuff_keep__230.efx health regen?(blue orb on top not as big and swirly)
mbuff_keep__231.efx bl dbuff? field of fear? red vertical lines streaming up
mbuff_keep__232.efx Wiz buff with the yellow and brushed metal lines around person? force increase?
mbuff_keep__236.efx bigger blue orb circling
mbuff_keep__237.efx red orb circleing
mbuff_keep__238.efx blue orb circling
mbuff_keep__239.efx dbuffy lokking orb circling counter clockwise
mbuff_keep__240.efx green orb circling
mbuff_keep__241.efx bl dbuff look alike with blue color scheme
mbuff_keep__242.efx Sharpness
mbuff_keep__243.efx shining blue lines, red orb circling
(NOTE: for these files, the orbs are the orbs that circle the character with buffs such as the FA's sharpness.
NOTE: Just because it says _keep__ that may not necessarily mean that the buff will show indefinitely.
NOTE: when changing files make sure you look at the underscore some use one "_" and sometimes it uses two "__"
NOTE: a trend is that "keep" usually mean a buff that visibly shows as long as youre buffed and "on" means the visual effects
that you see when you turn on your buff.)

mbuff_keep__244.efx blue orb cricling
mbuff_keep__246.efx vital regen
mbuff_keep__248.efx FS Crushing Blade
mbuff_keep__250.efx FS sheild harden
mbuff_keep__251.efx FS mortal bane
mbuff_keep__257.efx blue counterclock wise dbuff looking
mbuff_keep__260.efx evil dbuff portal over head
mbuff_keep__261.efx root/field root
mbuff_keep__268.efx fiery hell buff, ground is swirly red and character surrounded in red aura streaming up
mbuff_keep__271.efx root/field root
mbuff_keep__272.efx FA Thrusting Arrow
mbuff_keep__460.efx GM blessing buff (lots of love and hearts)
(NOTES: fs skills are tested and guaranteed because i play a fs. FA keep skills have also been confirmed. )

mbuff_keep__461.efx gm blessing (possible error)
mbuff_keep__462.efx gm blessing (possible error)
mbuff_keep__463.efx black skulls with provoke look alike (GM dbuff???)
sbuff_keep1h200.efx FS blade force (sword glows pale blue)
sbuff_keep1h201.efx FS blade aura (sword glows brighter bigger blue)
sbuff_keep1h202.efx looks like mighty wish buff with yellow glow bigger near base (basically, blade aura but in yellow)
sbuff_keep1h215.efx yellow version of mortal bane
sbuff_keep2h200.efx WA blade force (sword glows pale blue)
sbuff_keep2h201.efx WA blade aura (sword glows brighter bigger blue)
sbuff_keep2h202.efx looks like mighty wish buff with yellow glow bigger near base(basically, blade aura but in yellow and a
lot bigger)
sbuff_keep2h215.efx yellow version of mortal bane but alot bigger
sbuff_keep__203.efx blank???
(NOTES: i say 'possible error' for the gm blessing because it shows up 3 times and i wasnt sure if it was a human error. But
anyway, all 3 are the same.
i start to test sword buffs here, and if you see the 1h/2h/du, that probably means 1 hand and 2 hand and dual hand, or fs, wa,
and bl, respectively. These sword buffs will stay permanently because in the game, they are buffs and they show as long as you
are buffed. I even changed my forcium blade to look like the WA blade aura.)

sbuff_keep__204.efx iron skin
sbuff_keep__205.efx aura barrier
sbuff_keep__211.efx feet light up with blue swirls
sbuff_keep__221.efx head has a green vertical streaming lines with red white eyes (maybe some WA short)
sbuff_keepdu200.efx BL blade force (sword glows pale blue)
sbuff_keepdu201.efx BL blade aura (sword glows brighter bigger blue)
sbuff_keepdu202.efx looks like mighty wish buff with yellow glow bigger near base (basically, blade aura but in yellow and on
both hands)
sbuff_keepdu215.efx yellow version of mortal bane on both hands

mbuff_explo__227.efx black arrows shooting up
mbuff_explo__228.efx green arrows shooting up
mbuff_explo__235.efx red arrows shooting up
mbuff_explo__270.efx blue arrows shooting up
mbuff_explo__271.efx black again
mbuff_on__223.efx resist intension
mbuff_on__224.efx ss/aod
mbuff_on__225.efx ss/aod
mbuff_on__226.efx red sp buff?
mbuff_on__227.efx sp buff?
mbuff_on__228.efx red sp?
mbuff_on__229.efx over head greater heal thing
(NOTES: the arrows that shoot up are the party buffs that the WI has and the black ones prolly belong to the FB. If you know
what the party buffs look like then you know what I am talking about for the most part.)

mbuff_on__230.efx regeneration
mbuff_on__231.efx dbuff with down thing? (hard to describe) prolly a fb dbuff
mbuff_on__231.efx WI Force increase?
mbuff_on__235.efx blue sp buff?
mbuff_on__236.efx looks like crushing blade
mbuff_on__237.efx FS crushing blade?
mbuff_on__239.efx looks like crushing blade
mbuff_on__240.efx dbuff
mbuff_on__241.efx green crushing blade?
mbuff_on__241.efx blue dbuff with down thing? (hard to describe)
mbuff_on__242.efx FS crushing blade?
mbuff_on__243.efx FS shining crushing blade?

mbuff_on__244.efx regengeration?
mbuff_on__246.efx greater heal thing in green and blue
mbuff_on__248.efx FS crushing blade
mbuff_on__250.efx FS sheild harden
mbuff_on__251.efx FS mortal bane
mbuff_on__257.efx blue dbuff
mbuff_on__260.efx red portal dbuff
mbuff_on__261.efx FB character dbuff
mbuff_on__262.efx FB character dbuff
mbuff_on__263.efx FB character dbuff
mbuff_on__268.efx FB red character dbff
mbuff_on__269.efx FB character dbuff
(these parts are hard to describe, srry if i am not clear enough, but they all look the same.
you can try to guess what 'keep' skill goes with what 'on' skill by looking at the end numbers; i know it works for the FS
buffs because they are all in sequential order as well. try looking at the gm buffs and their numbers match up )

mbuff_on__270.efx FB character dbuff
mbuff_on__271.efx FB character dbuff
mbuff_on__272.efx FA thrusting bow?
mbuff_on__273.efx FA art of healing
mbuff_on__274.efx FA thrusting bow?
mbuff_on__460.efx gm blessing
mbuff_on__461.efx gm blessing
mbuff_on__462.efx gm blessing
mbuff_on__463.efx gm dbuff
--------------------------------------------------------------------------C:\Program Files\OGPlanet\CABAL Online\Data\FX\SRC\efx
black dust.efx small black smoke near feet (supposed to be part of bl grappler mode?)
crazy_laser_blue.efx blue white lights spinning around char @ bottom of feet (these are like 7 blue colored shield rays spinning
around at your feet, its pretty cool.)
explode_bomb4.efx explosion orb
fire_stream.efx fire stream up (your character is on fire, but imo doesnt look good)
hyper_hands.efx some wierd looking staff that reminds me of tiera gloriosa
lightninghand.efx ???
lightning_sword fb enchant lightning blade

bat2.efx bats
bat2_.efx bats
bat.efx bats fly around you and then go away, thats about it
bat_.efx bats
bat_atk.efx lots of bats
bat_atk_g.efx bats
bat_atk_solo2.efx bats
bat_atk_solo.efx bats
bats2.efx bats
bats.efx bats
batss.efx bats

batlearm_fs01.efx the fs bm2 special atk
beam_in.efx blue beam curves infront of char
blood_01.efx blood splatters really fast
chain_boom.efx little explosions near feet
demon_spear_spwn.efx spear spwns, kinda like the war staff
doyouw.efx lights @ feet
energy_in.efx engergy gets sucked in?
fs_firering_organ.efx explosion
fs_lightning_explo2.efx explosion
fs_lightning_explo.efx bigger explosion
g_ball_green.efx gravity ball
ghost-light_cros.efx lights in middle of character

guardian2_cap_backshoulder_m.efx circle thing that guardians wear
guardian2_cap_shield_m.efx guardian shield
ironskins2.efx yellow hex things on the ground
ironskins.efx blue hex things on the ground
laser_red.efx red laser at feet
meca_gun_firering.efx blue fast flash
missle_h.efx missle small,
missle_t.efx missle big
illu_fx_001.efx flash?
rebirth_shine.efx big globs of bright red,blue green lights around character
shield-a05+.efx aqua shield summoning
supersun6_black.efx black fast thing

laser.efx blue lightinig near feet
laser_1.erx rave lights @ feet
laser_blue_set.efx blue lighitnig wall
laser_inner_3.efx rafve lights @ feet
laser_lt1.efx ??
laser_lt2.efx ??
laser_lt.efx ??
laser_red_set.efx double red lighting wall
laser_set_bl.efx fast blue lithining?
laser_set_gr.efx ??
laser_set_shk.efx fast blue lithining
laser_yellow.efx yellow lightining
(NOTES: the "laser_set" ones you can use for weapons, they are permanent.)

And thats about all i have tested. Ill post some pics of my lightning character soon

1h_bld_06 | Osmium Blade
1h_bld_06+ | RedOsmium Blade
1h_bld_07 | Mithtil Blade ?(its Blue)
1h_brc_00 | Other Crude Orb
1h_brc_01 | Other red Orb
1h_brc_02 | Other Crude Crystal
1h_brc_03 | Other red Crystal
1h_cry_00 | Crude Crystal
1h_cry_01 | Red Crystal
1h_cry_02 | Coraleye Crystal
1h_cry_03 | Citrine Crystal
1h_cry_04 | Bluestine Crystal
1h_cry_05 | Pherstin Crystal
1h_cry_05+ | Aqua Crystal
1h_cry_06 | Lapis Crystal
1h_cry_06+ | Topaz Crystal
1h_cry_07 | Mithtil Crystal (Blue)
1h_cry_07+ | Mithril Crystal (Red and Blue)
1h_kat_06 | Osmium Katana
1h_kat_06+ | RedOsmium Katana
1h_kat_07 | Mithril Katana
1h_orb_00 | Crude Orb
1h_orb_01 | Red orb
1h_orb_02 | Coraleye Orb
1h_orb_03 | Citrine Orb
1h_orb_04 | Bluestin Orb
1h_orb_05 | Pherstin Orb
1h_orb_05+ | Aqua Orb
1h_orb_06 | Lapis Orp
1h_orb_06+ | Topaz Orb
1h_orb_07 | Mithril Orb?
1h_orb_07+ | Mithril Orb?
2h_bld_06 | Osmium Sword
2h_bld_06+ | Redosmium Sword
2h_bld_07 | Mithril Sword
2h_kat_06 | Osmium Daikatana
2h_kat_06+ | Redosmium Daikatana
2h_kat_07 | Mithril Daukatana
Aura_01_keep | AuraMode Earth
Aura_02_keep | AuraMode Water
Aura_03_keep | AuraMode Wind
Aura_04_keep | AuraMode Fire
Aura_05_keep | AuraMode Ice
Aura_06_keep | AuraMode Lightning
blade_shield-0 | Force Shielder Battlemode2
bow_00_keep | Crude Crystal
bow_01_keep | Red Crystal
bow_02_keep | Coraleye Crystal
bow_03_keep | Citrine Crystal
bow_04_keep | Bluestin Crystal
bow_05_keep | Pherystin Crystal
bow_05+_keep | Aqua Crystal
bow_06_keep | Lapis Crystal
bow_06+_keep | Topaz Crystal
bow_07_keep | Mithril Crystal? (Blue)
bow_07+_keep | Mithril Crystal? (Red and Blue)
charge_lamp-0_0 | Any effect
charge_lamp-0_1 | Any effect
charge_lamp-0_2 | Any effect
charge_lamp-0_3 | Any effect
charge_lamp-1_0 | Any effect
charge_lamp-1_1 | Any effect
charge_lamp-1_2 | Any effect
charge_lamp-1_3 | Any effect
charger-0 | Force Blader Battlemode2 Weapon1
charger-1 | Force Blader Battlemode2 Weapon2
claw-0 | Blader Battlemode2 Weapon
gauntlet-0 | Wizard Battlemode2 Weapon
lance-0 | Warrior Battlemode2 Weapon
shield_00_keep | Crude Crystal
shield_01_keep | Red Crystal
shield_02_keep | Coraleye Crystal
shield_03_keep | Citrine Crystal
shield_04_keep | Bluestin Crystal
shield_05_keep | Pherystin Crystal
shield_05+_keep | Aqua Crystal
shield_06_keep | Lapis Crystal
shield_06+_keep | Topaz Crystal
shield_07_keep | Mithril Crystal? (Blue)
shield_07+_keep | Mithril Crystal? (Red and Blue)
twin_pistol-0 | Force Archer Battlemode2 Weapon1
twin_pistol-1 | Force Archer Battlemode2 Weapon2

Thanks to Tormi14 for the magic skill list:
Originally Posted by Tormi14 View Post
Normal Magic:
magc_100.efx -- Magic Arrow
magc_101.efx -- Terra Arrow
magc_102.efx -- Aqua Arrow
magc_103.efx -- Wind Arrow
magc_104.efx -- Fire Arrow
magc_105.efx -- Freezing Arrow
magc_106.efx -- Lightning Arrow
magc_107.efx -- Magic Blast
magc_108.efx -- Stone Blast
magc_109.efx -- Aqua Blast
magc_110.efx -- Wind Blast
magc_111.efx -- Fire Blast
magc_112.efx -- Ice Blast
magc_113.efx -- Lightning Blast
magc_114.efx -- Magic Lance
magc_115.efx -- Terra Lance
magc_116.efx -- Aqua Lance
magc_117.efx -- Wind Lance
magc_118.efx -- Fire Lance
magc_119.efx -- Freezing Lance
magc_120.efx -- Lightning Lance
magc_121.efx -- Magic Cannon
magc_122.efx -- Stone Cannon
magc_123.efx -- Aqua Cannon
magc_124.efx -- Wind Cannon
magc_125.efx -- Fire Cannon
magc_126.efx -- Crystal Cannon
magc_127.efx -- Lightning Cannon

Wizard Magic:
magc_128.efx -- Burning Hand
magc_129.efx -- Freeze
magc_130.efx -- Dig Bomb
magc_131.efx -- Icicle Shower
magc_132.efx -- Wind Cutter
magc_133.efx -- Hydro Disc
magc_134.efx -- Lightning Strike
magc_135.efx -- Acid Trap
magc_136.efx -- Vaccuum
magc_137.efx -- Chain Explosion
magc_233.efx -- Energy Field
magc_138.efx -- Hailstorm
magc_139.efx -- Extreme Dual Cannon
magc_140.efx -- Artic Field
magc_141.efx -- WIZ Completer Skill

Force Archer Magic:
magc_148.efx -- Power Shot
magc_149.efx -- Critical Shot
magc_150.efx -- Explosion Shot
magc_151.efx -- Poison Arrow
magc_152.efx -- Shadow Shot
magc_153.efx -- Drilled Shot
magc_154.efx -- Prismatic Arrow
magc_155.efx -- Gravity Disortion
magc_156.efx -- FA Completer Skill

And i almost forgot try this link for you to see what i did on my character
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File swapping is so lame.
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New Discovered Files ^_^
New -_-?
Everything's in the .enc files for ages -_-.
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lawl ownd

though, +1 for effort
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can syer this file ..... who have pls give link .... cos i noob about change skill

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can you explayn how to change the skills i mean the method 10x
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Lets say you change burning hand with lightning cannon, just find
magc_128.efx -- Burning Hand then go find
magc_127.efx -- Lightning Cannon ,copy it to another folder, rename it to magc_128.efx and paste it over burning hand and replace.
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i try it and nothing happend
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busted !!!
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Me getting an infraction doesn't change the fact that you can't figure out how to swap files around.

P.S. Why so serious, Punk? :P
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Had to do it else the guy who reported you would go omg wtf why no infra ;p
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Is there a way to reactivate the buff fx of episode 1 with that ?
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I've actually been thinking about doing that for a looong time, now. I'm pretty sure it's just specified in one of the ENC files.
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Then try it. I don't have the know-how for it ^^
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i changed spiral doom with ww and yes it work but DMG is same just vis change
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magic skill files, sword skill files, weapon skins

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