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elitepvpers Newsletter April 2021

May 02 - 20:13, by Kim

elitepvpers Newsletter April 2021
Dear Community,

even if times are still complicated, we hope that you had a nice april and this message reaches you in the best of health.
There were some changes in our forums last month, which we would not like to withhold from you.

If you have suggestions and feedback yourself, feel free to post them in our Suggestions & Feedback forum as usual. Did you know, that you can look up all the old suggestions and feedbacks? You can check them out in our Suggestions & Feedback Archive.

Should you have missed the first edition of our newsletter and are wondering what this fuzz is all about, you can find the first issue here.

The following users got promoted to administrator during the last month:

The following users got promoted to community manager during the last month:

The following moderators have left our team during the last month:

You also want to be a part of our team?
Take your chance now and apply to the vacancies in the Call of Duty and Valorant section.
More information about the vacancies can be found here.

The following forums have been added during the last month:

Since the POTM#36 was cancelled due to the lack of participation we want to point to the AOTM#85.

The topic for this month is: Steam Punk and the submission deadline is the 22th of May.
Be creative and take the chance to win up to 600 elite*gold!

You can find all further information here.

When browsing through our board, you stumbled for sure across some users with a "Event-Planner" or an "Editor" badge below their names. Those users are part of our Content-Team. They are planning new events for our community, or they write about actual News in our Gaming-News Forum. We want to give you a little insight now about what this two teams are doing, so if you are interested you might join them.

Our Editor-Team currently has 10 members, while one of them is our Editor in Chief and is taking care of the whole crew. The editors responsibilites are similar to those of a normal journalist, they write news and report about recent events. Usually those news are related to gaming, but they don't have to be. If our editors want to write about anything non-gaming related, they will post it in In Other News. Editors don't have a fixed topic what they need to write about, you can freely choose.

If you are interested in joining the editor-team, thats great! Please submit a small application in the Content Team Applications forum. Best case would be if you already did submit some news in the User Submitted News forum. But even if you did not, no worries. After you have posted your application, the team will ask you to write some reference articles and post them there. This articles should be written with a good focus on grammer and spelling. They should also contain at least 120 words and be formatted in a nice way. If you need some examples, just check out the Gaming News - EN forum. If you are interested to join the team, we are already looking forward for your application!

Our Event-Planner team currently has 3 members, with one team-leader. He is responsible for planning and the execution of each event. But the whole team is planning the events together, and they are also split the execution part. Events do not occur monthly, they happen base on special occasions. Last year we had for example an easter-event, a summer olympic, a halloween-event and an advent-event. During the events you had to chance to win great prizes and we are looking forward for more amazing events this year.

If you are interested to become an event-planner, you can also apply in the Content Team Applications forum. Some of the responsibilities would include the creation of graphics for th event, support for th event, organizational part of the win distribution and a few more, based on your roles and interests. In best case you already post a small example-event in your application so we can already see your strenghts and weak points. The example event does not need to be related to gaming and be about anything you did like, be creative.

You can find an even more accurate description about the two roles in this thread. We are looking forward for your applications.

You don't want to be notified about our news? What a bummer!
Notifications can be deactivated here.

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