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Spooktober on Elitepvpers 2019

Sep 30 - 21:28, by 生死'

Spooktober on Elitepvpers 2019 Recently there has been many ghosts flying around with their mates in our board masked as normal users and pronounced a curse.. "Work, work on every second day of the entire month" they sang.. They left a couple of tasks which we have to do until the end of October. Fortunately, we have got enough time to prepare of every time since they already announced every task. Let’s get it on! We can only win against those creatures if we are going to work together and as much users as possible. We need the help of everybody on our annual halloween event 2019. Our team is giving away many prices for those users who helped the most by the beginning of November. A new task every second day. Let’s do it and we will defeat them! Let us show them that humans are stronger than those scary creatures.

Your task

Spooktober is happening on elitepvpers. There will take place such called mini-events all over the month of October which you have to do. Collect points for every accomplished event. At the end of October, all your points will be added to a whole amount of points. You have got only two days for each event to participate in it. On 31st of October there will be the biggest of all events where you can gain the most points. Since you receive a special amount of points you will obtain presents for it.

  • (1. - 2.) In which country did halloween originate and why? Send us your answer here (1 point)

  • (3. - 4.) Record a podcast [minimum of 3 minutes], in which you are going to talk about any funny or scary halloween stories and post it in here (3 points)

  • (5. - 6.) What is the name of the time-travel machine in Assassin’s Creed? Let us know in here! (1 point)

  • (7. - 8.) Create any kind of a scary image and post it here (2 points)

  • (9. - 10.) Write a news or gaming article in User Submitted News (3 points)

  • (11. - 12.) Which game created an unique and nice change of the zombie-genre? Your solution has to go in here (1 point)

  • (13. - 14.) Record a game-review of your choice [minimum of 3 minutes] and post it in here (2 points)

  • (15. - 16.) It is dark and I am getting hungry again.. I am afraid of sunlight, I am leaving my room only at night.. What will be my meal today? Probably the same as every other day.. Hopefully I will not get sick again.. Who am I? (1 Point)

  • (17. - 18.) What is a traditional, Irish halloween dish? Put your answer in here (1 point)

  • (19. - 20.) Record a tech-review of your choice [minimum of 3 minutes] and post it in here (2 points)

  • (21. - 22.) Write a scary story using the blog function here (2 point)

  • (23. - 24.) When was the first time halloween got celebrated and what was its first name? Post your solution in here (1 point)

  • (25. - 26.) Show your best halloween screenshot of your favorite character or of your favorite game in here (2 points)

  • (27. - 28.) Which in-game character used to say the slogan "Show me your moves!"? Let us know the answer in here! (1 point)

  • (29. - 30.) Show us the most scariest decoration made by yourself and post a picture of it in here (2 points)

  • (31st of October) Let us have a look at your scariest or funniest self-made halloween pumpkins. Try as hard as possible because only the best ones will receive 5 points! As soon as your pumpkins are ready for showtime, post a picture of them in here. Please verify the photo by adding your username next to it. (5 points)

Presents for you
  • 4. Place: points: 19 - 21 -> 500 Elitegold
  • 3. Place: points: 22 - 24 -> 1000 Elitegold + 1 year premium membership
  • 2. Place: points: 25 - 27 -> 2500 Elitegold + 2 years premium membership
  • 1. Place: points: 28 - 30 -> 5000 Elitegold + 3 years premium membership + 3 months Elite membership + 20€ Amazon-Giftcard

Final words

More information and rules concerning the event can be find here. The criteria of evaluation will be quality, creativity and quantity as it will be always. There will be evaluations all over the months within the team so the winners of the event will be announced by the beginning of November. We wish you best of luck and happy halloween! :)

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