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elitepvpers gamescom Event 2017

Aug 14 - 14:55, by Krotus

elitepvpers gamescom Event 2017
Esteemed heroes and players of Elitepvpers,

Once again it's time for a traditional elitepvpers community event since a trade fair of a very special kind lies ahead of us: gamescom 2017 — an extraordinary event which requires a unique challenge. It's truly not easy to fulfill the high standards of the halls of cologne and their people. But we prepared an exciting quest for you this year!

As you may have already realized, there are not only regular visitors amongst the folks of gamescom but also cosplayers; ladies and gentlemen in costumes of their biggest fantasy heroes. Sometimes more than a thousand hours of intensive work have been put in, in order to slip in the role of a true hero, or a villain. And that's not even everything: Every year we witness many magical gamescom moments which will make your jaw drop. It might be a never ending queue, a large human grape or just one of the highlights at one of the many booths — something crazy will always happen. And these magical moments shall not be forgotten and have to be kept for future generations. And that's where you come into play.

[QUEST] Help Apparillio find the absolute best highlight of gamescom 2017!

Greetings my heroes!

I desperately need your help. Unfortunately, I broke my camera at a small mishap while I was consuming my fine drop of Koelsch. Now I am not able to take photos of the many great and unforgettable moments at the trade fair to determine the best one.

Therefore, I would be extremely thankful if you could undertake this task and create some pictures for me — the heroes with the best photograph will be well rewarded. I shall promise that!

Apparillio Photografi

Hopefully, your cameras didn't break! Only with your heroism, we can manage to find the best moments of gamescom 2017 and also only then we shall see who the best photographer is. Behold our epic rewards! But before you start looking for the challenge have this additional information:

Conditions for participation:
  • In any case you will need an elitepvpers user account to participate in the competition and also to send in your picture.
  • The quality of your camera should be good enough for considerable photos. Any modern smartphone should do though!
  • The picture with which you want to participate must be uploaded at epvpImg and then be posted as your submission in our participation thread. The picture has to be your own and you may only submit a single one!
  • If possible, please ask the persons you took the picture of if they agree with a publication on our social media channels should you win the contest.
  • The deadline for entries is the 02nd of September and the winner will be announced on the following day.

Fortunately, Apparillio Photografi is an honorable man who keeps his word. He was pulling his strings in the business world and could negotiate the following prices for you:

1st Place
  • The very best photographer among you shall be rewarded with this incredible price:
    • A Kinguin coupon worth 50€!

2nd Place
  • An intermediate hobby-photographer with an eye for details can rejoice this superb price:
    • A Kinguin coupon worth 25€!

3rd Place
  • The third place shall not be forgotten and will therefore obtain:
    • A Kinguin coupon worth 15€!

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