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Duping soulbounds

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Duping soulbounds

Hello guys, i copied an interesting post from a forum, dont know who really made this, i tried it, didnt work for me, i hope it serves you for something.
I'm sorry if its old/not good/reposted etc but i think someone may think of it and maybe find another way throughout this.
Ok first the credits AREN'T FOR ME (i will not tell you who maked the tutorial).

I tooked it from another forum becaouse some people asked me how can you dupe the Soolbounded and STACKS Items!

Here it is:

Originally Posted by phantominc
Correct way to dupe stackable items and soulbound items.

1. Download WPE edit.
2. After you've configured it to work with WoW, make a filter that in columns 7 and 8, for the search put FF 18, for the modify put FF 19.
3. Preferably you have already duped some items, if you have not dupe some items via the normal method.
4. Move the stack to a different place in your bag, now take however many of the soulbound/stacked items you want and put the stack of the original item in slot 1 in your bag. For example you've duped 240 arcanite rods, if you want to have 240 warglaives you would put 240 arcanite rods in that spot. Usually 2 would be fine unless it's an item like potions. Anyway the number of already duped items you put into bag slot 1 will determine how many duped soulbound items you will have.
5. In slot 2 in your bag put wrapping paper, quantity does not matter in this case.
6. In slot 3 put your item that is soulbound or a potion, etc. that you want to duplicate.
7. Make sure the filter is turned on in WPE!
8. Right-click the wrapping paper in slot 2, then wrap the already duped items in slot 1.
9. Enjoy your large number of the item you wanted!

Note that if it's a BOP item that you duplicate, as soon as you separate it from the stack it will Bind on Pickup, so here's how to get past that. You want to get the glaive to your other name. So you duplicate using this method, but you just duplicate 2, so you have 2 duped items in slot 1. Then you take the glaive and put it in slot 3, etc. and dupe it. Once you separate them the one that you place elsewhere in your bag will be soulbound, however the one that is still in the original spot is not soulbound! Now hurry to a mailbox and mail yourself the warglaive that is now in slot 1 in your bag! This is just for examples sake, it should work for other items as well. If you don't know how to dupe items read the other thread first so you can determine how many soulbound/stackable items you want to dupe.

Okay, a couple notes, when you do this you can trade off the extras. As soon as you unstack it becomes soulbound, but the one(s) left in the stack are not soulbound and can be traded. I cannot revise my post, so here's the best way, do everything the same as above except make 3. Unstack 1 for yourself and put it to the side. Then trade the stack of 2 to your friend. Have your friend unstack it. After your friend unstacks it on their end, one of them will say "gift from *name*" and the other will not have that. Make sure your friend equips the one that does not say "gift from *name*" or it will only work until your friend relogs. For some reason when you relog and have the one that says "gift from *name*" equipped it thinks that you have wrapping paper equipped in the slot of armor or as a weapon and the stats no longer work. So as long as your friend unstacks it like listed here it will work.

imo this worked on 2.2.3 ?! anyway maybe someone will find it usefull. Thanx Good luck

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Just found a new post...from 24-04-2008, MasterOfNether posted it. maybe on some servers it still works .. who knows :P

1. Open WPE pro, or if you have it, the modified version so you dont need to use permedit. If you have Vista, run it as administrator. If you dont have the modified version of WPE pro then run permedit and grant WPE pro system privileges.
2. Create a filter like this, and if you know how to just use a different because I know there are more ways to get an equal effect:
Apply the filter and check it. Activate the filter(s).
3. Open World of Warcaft and login. Switch back to Windows. Target wow.exe whit WPE pro. Now enter the world whit your character.
4. Empty your Backpack. Now the upper left slot of your Backpack will be the spot were you put the items you want to duplicate.
5.1 Duplicating Stacks
This is the easiest one. Not that the other way is much harder. Put the stack in the upper left slot of your Backpack. Now use Shift + Rightclick and split one item. Put that one item anywhere else in your Backpack. The stack of items you wanted to duplicate hasnt changed, while you have one extra item. But I have to warn you, these dublicted items cannot stack anymore, making it less efficient to duplicate stacks.
5.2 Dublicating Normal/Soulbound
This one is a little harder. Put the Normal/Soulbound item you want to dublicate in the upper left slot of your Backpack. Different from dublicating stacks, you now put a stack of any kind of stackable items anywhere into your Backpack (not in the upper left slot). Easiest to use is arrows or bullets or food, since these are easy to collect and cheap. Now use Shift + Rightclick and split one item from this stack of stackable items in your Backpack. Put that one item anywhere else in your Backpack. As you can see that item changes in to the item that is located in your upper left slot. This means you duplicated the item. The stack of stackable items in your Backpack has become gray. No worries, just get another stack of stackable items, put these anywhere else than in your Backpack, use Shift + Rightclick and split any number of items. Put those items on the gray stack of stackable items in your Backpack. Now the stack of stackable items in your Backpack have become normal again, and you have a duplicated item in your Backpack.
6. Thats it you have dublicated items. These dublicated items have some weird characteristics though. If you dupe items that are used to exchange for better items, like Tier 6 coins that are used on some servers to buy Tier 6 items (this mostly comes as a reward for donating or voting), these will all, instead of one, disappear when you buy such a Tier 6 item. The best thing you can do is duplicate a Tier 6 coin, then put the original in the Bank, buy a Tier 6 item, and get your coin back at the Bank.
7. Hadnt got much time yet to test what the duplicates do, although I took some time to type this message so they might have more side effects than I expected. Anyways, have fun duplicating items.

Works on

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sranje pickice nikad niste imali jebenu slavu niti cete je nikad imati
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doesnt work on WoWTrance (AspireCore)

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I did exactly what you guys said about the stacked items but for some reason when I try to seperate an item from the rest of the stack and click anywhere else in my bag slot it goes grey and for some reason the item doesn't show up where I clicked and I can't click on the stack of items I wanted to duplicate either so I have to relog everytime I try. I think I might be doing something wrong
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Kann mir wer Punkt 4 (vom ersten Post) auf deutsch erklären? Da hört mein Englisch auf
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Der Post ist uralt!
Der is eh gefixt.
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doesnt work on mangos 2.4.3

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