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Was ist mit Mangos los?

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Exclamation Was ist mit Mangos los?

Hallo zusammen,

ich wollte auf um zu schauen wie weit es mit dem devs ist und meinen Server zu updaten und auch neue Bugs zu reporten.... leider geht diese Seite nicht mehr.
Ich habe recherchiert und dabei bin ich auf folgendes gestossen:
tl;dr; version - hacked, GitHub account (with all MaNGOS repos) stolen. They're blaming a fork made by a lot of long time, big name developers, and superficial evidence seems to say getmangos is knowingly lying.

Probably CMaNGOS is your new best bet for MaNGOS stuff.. though it's made by the same people MaNGOS always was so it's not like there's much of a difference.


See here.

mangos > the free, open source World of Warcraft server

Effective as of today, the mangos foundation will be closing the mangos forums.

Since the juvenile people @cmangos have decided to illegally take over one of our admin accounts, and remove acccess to all mangos repositories, we are calling it.

Copyright © 2005-2013 mangos foundation. All rights reserved. When in doubt, please ask.
As far as I can tell from lurking on the CMaNGOS IRC (this is all according to "ryan__", the person claiming responsibility for the hacks), the administrator "Salja" (who was an admin on and also owned the MaNGOS repositories on GitHub) reused the same password everywhere. A hacker broke into a server Salja used, and Salja accidentally typed his password at some point in the past.. so it was in .bash_history. The hacker promptly defaced and stole the MaNGOS repos (still not recovered as of 5/4/13).

MaNGOS is blaming a fork that quite a few (7 or so?) long-time developers made, CMaNGOS (found at CMaNGOS). This appears to be a lie from the getmangos side, based on what I'm reading in IRC (more below). The response from the CMaNGOS team (Vladimir, Schmoozerd, DasBlub, X-Savior, X-Furry, Cyberium, TOM_RUS, Dramacydal, among others. Many big names joined this project during the fork, so I'm inclined to believe them) can be found here.

Here are the IRC logs from the public #cmangos channel today. "Antz" is a MaNGOS team member, "ryan__" is the more or less confirmed hacker

[10:49] * Antz_ () has joined #cmangos
[10:50] <ryan__> Hello friend
[10:50] <Antz_> hope you guys are proud of what you have achieved !
[10:51] <ryan__> Using "you guys" in this context is kind of offensive
[10:51] <ryan__> towards everyone that's not me
[10:51] <ryan__> which is about 16 people
[10:51] <ryan__> hey Antz_ , mind transferring the getmangos domain to me?
[10:51] * DasBlub just joined. anyone wants to fill me in?
[10:51] <ryan__> DasBlub: I took over mangos github repos and they're kind of mad
[10:51] <DasBlub> ryan__, and who are you?
[10:52] <ryan__> I'm ryan
[10:52] <DasBlub> should i know you? like: are you part of our cmangos team?
[10:52] <ryan__> Nope
[10:52] <ryan__> Hence blaming cmangos for things I did is kind of mean
[10:53] <@Schmoozerd> which is - by the way - something i already clarified via pm to antz yesterday, but don't care about the truth when throwing accusations around..
[10:53] <Antz_> after the nasty stunt you pulled yesterday, i'm surprised these guys didn't step up
[10:54] <Antz_> maybe your planning on doing them over next
[10:54] <ryan__> u wot
[10:56] <Antz_> well, if your not part of the cmangos team - whats to stop you taking them out next
[10:56] <Antz_> or trinity
[10:56] <ryan__> lack of interest?
[10:57] <DasBlub> so, to get this straigt: you, a random stranger, somehow gain access to salja's github account and delete all getmangos repos? and then what?
[10:57] <ryan__> no I didn't delete anything
[10:57] <ryan__> I repossessed them
[10:57] <ryan__> liberated even
[10:57] <DasBlub> well, call it what you want.
[10:58] <DasBlub> the question is: why? how are you related to mangos/cmangos/getmangos/wow/blizzard/...?
[10:59] <ryan__> I'm just a random person
[11:00] <DasBlub> random persons usually don't just do this. they might (depending on personal interest) get access and post something funny/insulting to prove their point and then move on
[11:00] <Antz_> and why implicate cmangos, by slapping cmango's good name all over them
[11:01] <ryan__> I didn't implicate anyone, I'm just guiding everybody interested towards a project that's actually in development
[11:01] <Antz_> thats cmangos dogma, not the total truth
[11:02] <ryan__> It's not like you used them.
[11:02] <Antz_> go check the mangoswiki repo then
[11:03] <ryan__> You know
[11:03] <ryan__> documentation on a project that nobody a) uses b) develops, is kind of obsolete unless the project has reached the point where it no longer requires development
[11:03] * Xeross|AFK is now known as Xeross
[11:05] <Antz_> oh come on, based on a) and b) why is cmangos left standing then....
[11:05] <Antz_> or mangosR2
[11:05] <ryan__> because they are used and developed
[11:06] <Antz_> or trinitycore, so your saying that only one project deserves to be allowed to continue, because you decide so
[11:07] <ryan__> The fact that you are ignoring simple truths makes you appear somewhat dumb
[11:07] <ryan__> excuse my ad hominem
[11:07] <Antz_> what simple truths, the repos were being used or are you to dumb to look up the recent commits
[11:08] <ryan__> Lets go look
[11:08] <lynsky2> what did i miss Oo
[11:08] <DasBlub> ryan__, i don't know you. but why don't you just hand them their github orgs back over and let them do what they want to do? you've proven your point and we (this is just me speaking but i believe everyone else from cmangos will agree) don't care about their repos enough / don't hold enough of a grudge to have them taken down
[11:10] <ryan__> DasBlub: but this is funny
[11:11] <ryan__> Antz_: give me a picture of you with a shoe on your head and a sign saying "Ryan owns me"
[11:11] <ryan__> I'll give you the github account
[11:11] <ryan__> so you can keep on updating visual studio version numbers and adding new icons
[11:11] <Antz_> look in yesterday's 'the sun' newspaper - picture in there with shoe on head
[11:11] <ryan__> oh yeah Ialso want such a picture from salja
[11:11] <ryan__> don't read the sun
[11:12] <ryan__> minimum resolution 500x500
[11:12] * DasBlub wonders what ryan__ will be doing with those pictures. maybe hang them on a wall and then jerk off while looking at them and thinking about his 'great victories'?
[11:13] <Antz_> DasBlub - I appreciate the sentiment, but I think its almost too late now
[11:13] <ryan__> I'll leave them on my HDD and never bother looking at them again
[11:13] <Antz_> the damage he has done has severely hurt the mangos community as a whole
[11:15] <Antz_> it's idiots like him that turn people away from the mangos community for good..... Just because he wants to feel big, it's a shame
[11:20] <Antz_> you got your prize already ryan__ and so has cmangos... mangos foundation &mdash; the free, open source World of Warcraft server
[11:20] <Antz_> thats got to be worth more than a picture
[11:20] <ryan__> I'd still like the domain
[11:21] <Antz_> go try your best to steal it
[11:21] <Antz_> like you did the repos
[11:21] <ryan__> I don't think im bored enough to photoshop a passport for whoever owns the domain
[11:21] <ryan__> but we can get back to that later
[11:21] <Antz_> or brave enough
[11:22] <ryan__> You gotta be really brave to use photoshop
[11:22] <ryan__> shits dangerous
[11:22] <Antz_> i meant getting in contact with something official so that you can be tracked down
[11:22] <Antz_> - rather than hiding behind the internet
[11:23] <ryan__> `whois`
[11:23] <ryan__> there's your hiding
[11:24] <ryan__> And besides, emailing the domain registrar isn't really too "official"
[11:25] <Antz_> go for it then
[11:26] <Antz_> do your worst / best - whatever you want to call it and be happy that you have destroyed so many peoples work / effort
[11:27] <ryan__> ok
[11:27] <ryan__> You still haven't really pointed out what I have destroyed
[11:27] <ryan__> but ok
[11:28] <Antz_> how can i do any updates to the repo i've been working on for the last couple of months ?
[11:28] <ryan__> If that was really the problem you'd have forked it
[11:29] <Antz_> why should i can i had commit access
[11:29] <ryan__> Doesn't seem so anymore
[11:30] <Antz_> cmangos he's all yours.... nice company you keep !! - hope you are not his next target, if your not.... it does make it all look a bit dodgy
[11:30] <Antz_> bye
[11:31] * dafaq ( has joined #cmangos
[11:32] <DasBlub> Antz_, we don't know him. as far as i know, he's only here in the irc channel and is otherwise unrelated and we have no contact to him.
[11:33] * Antz_ has quit (Quit: Rizon webchat: )
[11:46] <@Schmoozerd> hmm, looks like antz went off - maybe again to "investigate" what has happened
[12:09] <dufernst> to be honest I think that if they really cared they would not let it die over something like this...
[12:20] <@Schmoozerd> well, one might think that getting back an "hacked" account should be faster+easier than filing a dmca takedown request..
[12:23] <ryan__> dufernst: yeah pretty much
Posted by The-Eradicator |

Weiter liest man sehr viel von cmangos und auch davon, dass cmangos und mangos sich lange in den Haaren lagen, bis mangos anscheinend gehackt und platt gemacht wurde.

Was ist denn da passiert und warum ließt man darüber nichts auf elitepvper (Wenn ich den Beitrag nicht gefunden habe, tut es mir leid). Also wenn einer der größten Emu's die Toren schließt, sollte man sich doch fragen warum?

Würde mich über mehr infos freuen.


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Hi brav3N,

Sorry mit deiner Antwort kann ich nichts anfangen.... bzw. ist das überhaupt eine Antwort auf meine Frage? Soweit ich das sehen konnte, nein...

Was ist denn da passiert und warum ließt man darüber nichts auf elitepvper (Wenn ich den Beitrag nicht gefunden habe, tut es mir leid). Also wenn einer der größten Emu's die Toren schließt, sollte man sich doch fragen warum?
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Er meint damit, dass es die Main-Section nicht interessiert, sondern wenn, die Private Server Section. Aber warum er die Hosting Section gepostet hat, kann ich dir nicht verraten.

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Arrow WoW Main - Discussions / Questions -> WoW Private Server


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closed, cmangos, gehackt, mangos, schließt

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